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El esclavo
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El esclavo

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  1,505 ratings  ·  131 reviews
Asurvivor of the 1648 slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine, Jacob now lives as a slave in a Polish village. Splitting his solitary days between duties as a shepherd and regular prayers, he struggles to subdue his burning desire for Wanda, the gentile daughter of his owner. When even freedom and relocation do not calm his passion, Jacob abandons his new life and departs on ...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published January 1st 2007 by Ediciones B (first published 1962)
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الكاتب هو يهودي بولندي حاز على نوبل 1978 .
أنا بحب أقرأ عن المجتمع اليهودي , وبتسحرني الأعمال اللى أبطالها بيكونوا من اليهود , والكاتب مؤمن شديد التدين , متمعن فى ديانته , فتظهر أعماله بشكل متناسق له بريق العمل المؤمن به صاحبه.
ببساطة : الرواية تدور فى بولندا فى القرن ال17 أثناء تمزق شديد طال المجتمع البولندي واضطهاد شديد للطائفة اليهودية .
يعقوب : اليهودي المتدين شديد الورع يقظ الضمير فى مواجهة بدائية وفجر مجتمع ساء حظه بأن وقع عبد لفرد منه.
واندا : الأرملة الجميلة البولندية , التي تمنت يعقوب وتمن
Što napisati o romanu koji me je oduševio ? Čitajući ga sa 17 godina, duboko sam proživljavala sve što je u djelu napisano, sve što su proživljavali glavni likovi, a i sporedni ), sve što je rečeno bilo mi je začuđujuće dobro. I onda se odlučih prošle godine ponovo ga čitati. Nisam ništa očekivala. Zapravo sam mislila da me se neće tako dojmiti kao prije, jer sam dosta skeptična kada neko djelo čitam drugi put. Rijetko koje mi ponovo „legne“ Ovaj put sam se prevarila, jer začudo, nije bilo tako. ...more
Ana Ruiz
I realize that this is a love story. What I found charming about this particular love story is that I couldn't understand why it was called one. That is, until the end. The end is beautiful. I've read so many endings; endings that end with a sigh, with a cry, or with a laugh. But this one was perfect. I must admit I was sleepy when I read that last sentence, but I don't think I could've reacted to the finish of this book anyways. It was perfect.

Like I said, for me, this was mostly a ...moreI re
Kate S
Another time and place with which I was not previously familiar. 17th century Poland, the Jewish population is treated horrendously. They are displaced, murdered, sold into slavery. Not only has Jacob been subjected to this treatment by others, his relationship with a Gentile woman gets him into hot water with his own Peoples. There are many, many questions about faith and what it means to be faithful and to have a relationship with God.

The writing was beautiful and I found myself struggling to
هذه هى المرة الثانية التى أقراء فيها لأسحق سنجر أحد أعمدة الأدب اليهودى اليديشى و أتمنى ألا تكون الأخيرة
القصة تدور فى القرن السابع عشر فى بولندا أى فى أواخر العصور الوسطى حيث مازال الأقطاع قويا جدا و النبلاء يعينون الملك و يعزلونه و يعيشون فى حالة من الفساد المهول و اللامسئولية ويسوقون رعيتهم كل صنوف الظلم و الأستغلال , فى ظل هذا يثور القوزاق الأوكرانيون بقياد كبيرهم خيملينسكى و ينتقمون من بولندا الدولة المستعمرة و بالتحديد من يهودها( أذناب المستعمر) شر أنتقام, فتقع المذابح و الأغتصابات و يجبر ك
This is another of Casey's books for school this next year. I loved it! I wish I could be a fly in the wall to hear the discussions they will have in class about the book. It is the story of Jacob who is a Jew, is sold as a slave after the massacres of Chmielnicki in the 17th Century. Jacob's wife and children and most of his family were murdered. He is kept as a slave for five years on a mountainside in Poland. Here he falls in love with Wanda, his owner's daughter, who is a widow herself. And, ...more
I really enjoyed this book. I have read the Bible, so I understood some of the references made, but I didn't understand all of them, since the Torah was mentioned and I'm not Jewish. I hated finding references I didn't understand, although I learned more because of them.

Great book. The writing was brilliant and I loved it.

I found some amazing quotes in this book that I have to share.

" Jacob looked about him, he saw that the community observed the laws and customs involving the Almighty, but
Once again Isaac Bashevis Singer' storytelling has arrested and spellbound me. I found this an intensely beautiful book.

Four years after the Chmielnicki massacres of the seventeenth century, Jacob, a Jewish slave and cowherd in a Polish village high in the mountains, falls in love with Wanda, his gentile master's daughter. Jacob is ransomed, and freed from his years of enforced slavery only to find it succeeded by another sort of slavery that would last as long as he lived. He is stunned by the
Ana Luković
It was quite interesting, certainly different from what I usually read. I prefer the Wanda part, for obvious reasons. The religious talk bothered me more than I expected it to. Personally, I have nothing against religion. But, I don`t think religion should stand in the way of happiness. All that self restraining, god fearing, I-will-punish-myself-for-my-sins behavior doesn`t sit well with me. Their lives would have been so much easier if they had not been so devoted. Now, some might agree with m ...more
روايه جميله جدااااا..

أكثر جزء عجبني ..ألاول .."واندا"

الست الي أتمنيت اكون مكانها ..الي بقت ف الجزء التاني"ٍسارة "
بعد ما تزوجت يعقوب وأعتنقت اليهوديه ف السر و مثلت أنها خرساء ..لآن العقيدة اليهوديه بتمنع تحول حد الي اليهوديه .

والجزء التاني أثر فيا جدا ..وبالذات وهي بتولد ..

الجزء الاخير .."العودة" لما راح يجيب عظمها من القبر عشان يدفنه ف الارض المقدسه ..ويجهز لنفسه قبر جنبها ..والرحله مكملتش ف أتدفن هو جنبها ف بلتيزك .

وسعت من الكاتب شويه موضوع العظم الي متحللش بعد 20 سنه .

الكتاب مليان معلومات عن
Ibrahim Elsayed
" العبد هو عبد نفسه فقط "
الرواية وجودية بإمتياز تذّكرنى بأعمال سارتر الأدبية .. الرواية تناقش أسئلة وجودية كبرى ولكنها تتطرح أسئلة ولا تعطى إجابة لكن سنجر أفرد صفحات مطولة يستعرض فيها المشاعر الإنسانية من الغضب والحب والشهوة والذنب والندم واليأس والأمل والإيمان والشك ..
هل حقاً الإنسان يملك حرية الإرداة وهل يملك أمره تماماً وهل يتحمل عبء تصرفاته كاملة ؟!!
كل تلك الأسئلة يُلقى بها سنجر فى وجوهنا ويتركنا نحن أيضاً فى نفس الحيرة ..
أعجبتنى كثيراً نهاية الرواية وبكيت فى مقطع معين لأنى شعرت بما شعر
Wow. Brutal descriptions of peasant life in 1600's Poland, plus pogroms and their effect on the Jewish community. The line from here to Auschwitz is straight and clear. Slams those who choose to practice the insignificant pieces of religion but leave out the critical stuff - like love, respect and charity. Woven into the hardships is a touching and romantic interfaith love story.
Intense and beautiful, this book is equal parts love story and critique of religion and society. It is written in such a way that it's true nature and message isn't fully apparent until the final chapters. Though based in 16th century Poland and written almost 50 years ago, it carries strong messages for life today. I am very happy to have read this.
Jo Tsamaidis
Beautifully written and absorbing novel. It is so rich in detail and yet nothing is superfluous; it is a story that deals with the real fundamentals of life -faith, hope and love.

Jacob is committed to God. Even as a slave, he tries to observe all of the Jewish laws and customs. He is committed to his eternal life despite all manner of distractions: brutal living conditions, pagan influence and sexual desire. I was struck by the contrast between the pagans who were also considered Gentiles and t
Zeny May Dy Recidoro
I've read so many novels and short stories revolving around Love that I've convinced myself that the subject matter can no longer be written in new ways. But I.B. Singer's "The Slave" proved me wrong. Despite knowing that there is much pain and sorrow in between the pages I kept on reading because, somehow, I knew that there would be a happy ending well earned. It isn't the kind of love story wherein the couple exists within their own small world. In between the pages are lessons and insights on ...more
I'm not really a love story type of person but this one was simple, straight-forward, and sweet set against an interesting historical, cultural, and religious background. The theme of the book to me was the intense love between an unlikely pair during a time when love wasn't valued and was definitely not a prerequisite for marriage. The fictional couple was forced to avoid many a suspenseful obstacle in order to make their love work - quintessential romance. The simplicity of the plot surprising ...more
I was really gripped by this book and thoroughly enjoyed the writing and subject.
Gilgamesh Nabeel
The Slave العبد
Isaac Bashevis Singerإسحق باشيفيس سنجر
USA - Poland الولايات المتّحدة الأميركية - بولندا
first published in 1962
I finished it on 22th of September 2013

هذه هي الرواية الثانية التي أقرأها للكاتب الأميركي البولندي المولد الحائز على جائزة نوبل إسحق باشيفيس سنجر، والرواية - كما عودنا- قويّة وذات حبكة رصينة ولغة سلسة تشدّنا وتحثّنا على المواصلة حتّى النهاية ومفعمة بالقصص التوراتيّة التي يجد فيها الكاتب دائما صدى لما يواجه شخصيّاته الرئيسيّة من أحداث وما واجهه الأنبياء وأبطال قصص الكتا
Simone Cook
The Slave
The Slave is a story centered on the idea of forbidden love. Essentially, what one would do for another when they are in love. However, I didn’t find it to be at all like any of the typical love stories I have read in the past. A small summary of the book is Jacob, the protagonist is kept as a slave for five years, in this time he falls in love with his master’s daughter, Wanda, even though it is prohibited for a Jew and a Gentile to have relations. When he is finally freed as a slave
that cute little red-eyed kitten
Beautiful. I love it when I look through my bookshelves and find a book I didn't know I had, a book I never really noticed, but realize I really want to read. My copy of this book is an old library book I must have picked up for next to no money many years ago, probably before I ever heard of the author. And then, years later, this book just looks back at me when I stare stupidly at my shelves and says "hello, here I am, don't you want to read me" and I think "oh but hello, little darling" and c ...more
I read this book many years ago during my time in a chassidic religious school. Because we were not permitted to read novels, or indeed anything not related to our religious studies, I read it secretly, in bathrooms and other places I would not be discovered. The illicit manner of reading, the illicitness of the material, on top of a great narrative, made the whole experience very thrilling.
La Polonia a metà del XVII secolo è un luogo di tragedia e superstizioni, un paese disumanizzato e devastato dai continui saccheggi e invasioni.
Il libro inizia quando sono passati appena due anni dai feroci massacri degli ebrei da parte dei cosacchi di Chmielnicki.
Il protagonista del romanzo, Jacob, è riuscito a sopravvivere all’eccidio della sua gente, durante il quale ha perso la moglie e i figli. Catturato dai cosacchi è stato venduto come schiavo ad un contadino di un piccolo villaggio sper
لولا مسحةٌ من أفكارٍ صهيونيّة .. لنصحتُ الجميع بقراءتها..

روايةٌ إنسانيّةٌ تعتصرُ النفس..

تحاول الإجابة على السؤال الأبدي: لماذا بعث الله الأنبياء .. وإلام ينظر الله؟


إِنّ اللَّه لا يَنظرُ إِلَى أَجسَادِكم وَلا إِلَى صُوَركُمْ ، ولَكن يَنظرُ إِلَى قُلوبكم ، التَّقْوَى هَا هُنَا .. وَأَشَارَ إِلَى صَدرِهِ
Leah Cripps
This was a beautifully written book about Jacob, a Jew living in 17th century Poland. His entire family is murdered by the Cossacks, and he is then sold as a slave to a mixture of pagan and orthodox Polish villagers who despise him except Wanda. The story then becomes a mixture of love and guilt as he falls in love and ultimately marries Wanda, a Gentile. They escape and return to a Jewish community where Wanda pretends to be deaf and mute Sarah, because if they are caught together they will be ...more
I had not expected to enjoy this book as much as I did. There was something about the world Isaac Singer created -- one of in which moral strictures and barbarism are two sides of the same coin -- that I found very compelling.
Sam Quinones
A beautiful fable of the kind Singer is so good at of a Polish Jew taken as slave and who falls in love with the daughter of his peasant owner. He is then freed but returns for his beloved and both are then doomed as they cannot live in either society of their births, both of which are degraded by the rigid meanness of apartheid toward the Jews in Poland.

A wonderful rumination on, among other things, the practice of religion, and what is more important: the public practices and rites performed t
Me intrigó la pequeña reseña en la contraportada del libro: la historia de un judío vendido como esclavo en el siglo XVI en Polonia y que se enamora de una mujer cristiana. Esta novela es más que una historia de amor: es la historia de un hombre que debe enfrentar un cambio abrupto de todo lo que conocía en el mundo y, en ese cambio, reencontrarse a sí mismo. Leyendo la biografía del autor, es evidente que en esta historia -y en otras tantas- Singer reflejó las dudas que a él, como judío, lo ase ...more
Janith Pathirage
I've no doubt in my mind about the greatness of this book but I don't like this theme much. It's just not my type. However I enjoyed reading the book. Didn't feel much for Jacob and Wanda, maybe coz they also didn't show much emotions to the sufferings they went through. These guys were so resistant to physical and mental pain. And where they lived in should be the worst place anybody could ever live in, surrounded by superstitious and pitiless people. The ending was really god and sad. Overall, ...more
Apr 24, 2010 A.U.C. rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to A.U.C. by: Ethel
Shelves: read-in-2010
I realize that this is a love story. What I found charming about this particular love story is that I couldn't understand why it was called one. That is, until the end. The end is beautiful. I've read so many endings; endings that end with a sigh, with a cry, or with a laugh. But this one was perfect. I must admit I was sleepy when I read that last sentence, but I don't think I could've reacted to the finish of this book anyways. It was perfect.

Like I said, for me, this was mostly a story on hum
"The Slave" is a love story that takes place in seventeenth century Russia, in a god forsaken mountain village and in a Jewish Shtetl. Jacob, the central character, is a scholar, a slave, and a lover. Jacob's devotion to God is remarkable. True, it is born more of fear than love, but it is unquestionably wholehearted. The story might be more about the love between Jacob and God than Jacob and Wanda, his master's daughter.
Maybe because it is forbidden, maybe because it is the only brightness in
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Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish American author of Jewish descent, noted for his short stories. He was one of the leading figures in the Yiddish literary movement, and received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978.
His memoir, "A Day Of Pleasure: Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw", won the U.S. National Book Award in Children's Literature in 1970, while his collection "A Crown of Feathers
More about Isaac Bashevis Singer...
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