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The Killer (Victor the Assassin #1)

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The hunter has become the hunted

Victor is a freelancer, a professional, a killer---the best there is. He’s ice cold, methodical, and deadly. He lives alone. He operates alone. No one knows his background, or even his name. For him, business is a straight transaction. He’s given a job; he takes out the target; he gets paid.

He’s in Paris to perform a standard kill and collec...more
ebook, 336 pages
Published April 13th 2010 by Thomas Dunne Books
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Mike (the Paladin)
This was to me a surprisingly good and addictive read. The author takes what might have been a sort of "been there done that" action adventure and turned it into a thoughtful interesting read with some pretty original twists...

And saying it has a couple of fairly original twists is a big deal in what is at heart a political techno type thriller. I was at least mildly surprised on one occasion which doesn't happen all that often any more.

We start out with the story of a professional killer (he ha...more
Liz Wilkins
Meet Victor. He’s an assassin – a man with no past and no surname. But when a Paris job goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents, accompanied by a woman too beautiful to trust, pursued by enemies too powerful to escape.

Well, talk about a rollercoaster ride. A sheer thrill of a read with fast paced action that does not compromise on character development or plot and is truly edge of the seat stuff.

I’m a bit funny when it comes to reading Thrillers...more
Jacob Peled
As I started the book, I was sure it's going to be yet another 5 star book (to my taste). Tom Wood definitely knows how to write a vivid livable story. When describing something, you actually get all details in all angels as if you are there.
Well, it starts with a multiple killing, which was described very vividly. But… As the story tag along, you realized that we are dealing here with a Super – Duper Hero. It is getting to a point where it becomes unbelievable. How come that someone is taking...more
Victor is a paid assassin. No one knows his name, no one has his picture, and no one knows where he lives. But Victor's nasty life is going to get a serious jolt after his latest job.

As the novel starts, he is finishing up a job to retrieve a computer memory stick from his latest victim, by returning to his hotel, where he discovers that someone has sent an eight man kill squad to kill him. But things do not go as planned for the kill squad and Victor makes it home, where he is again attacked.

Forget James Bond. Forget Jason Bourne. Forget Jack Bauer. Meet Victor. Truer words have never been spoken! I'd even go as far as to say it's time for John Rain (Barry Eisler) to move over. There is a new sheriff in town. Mind you, the sheriff being a freelance killer. However, make no mistake - you'll be rooting for the bad guy!

A Paris job gone wrong leaves Victor running for his life. How often have I used the words suspenseful or action-packed in a review? It must have been lots of times. So...more
This book is a prime example of why group reads are so great. This is not a book I would normally have picked up. The genre isn't one of my favorites - and with a huge pile of books I need to read I don't normally read books if they aren't in my favorite genres.

Then there was group read. I thought I'd give it a go, the story sounded promising.

And I am so glad I did!!

This is a story that is well written and with loads of action! The author has described the scenes really well, while still keeping...more
Jim A
One of those books were the potential purchaser needs to be careful.

The Killer, by Tom Wood, is the same book as The Hunter (UK title), also written by Tom Wood. The Killer, written by Tom Hinshelwood is again the same book.
This is a book that as I was reading it I knew that I would enjoy it more on any other reading - but for some reason this time around just didn't seem to click as well as it could have. How I know I don't know, but it is one of those feelings you get about books; this is a good one. I feel that if I had read it on a better 'set of days' I may have given it four stars, but as I read it now I can honestly only give it Three Stars

The plot, while certainly not cliché, was not overly original. Howeve...more
If you like fast paced thrillers that offer non-stop action, this one is for you. It takes off from the very first page and barely lets up until the end. There is negligible character development, the array of exotic backdrops all seem fairly interchangeable and the plot itself contains several well worn cliches. Nevertheless the rapid pace allows you to disregard a lot of these flaws. The book's first quarter is one of the best I've read in this genre, and while it falls away slightly after tha...more
Jake Hardman
Synopsis: The Hunter of the title is Victor, a hired assassin. Following a hit that goes wrong, he ceases to be the hunter and becomes the hunted. The story moves from France, where the hit took place, to Germany and Russia as Victor goes in search of the people who set him up. Scenes at the CIA Head Quarters in Langley, Virginia, inform the reader that there’s a deeper, hidden plot afoot. Victor’s pursuers have inside information on his movements, and track him down even in supposedly safe hous...more
Barbara Elsborg
Almost 5 stars. I really enjoyed this. I can't remember when I last read a book with so much action - well written action. The pace was fast and furious, it was really hard to put down. In fact, I didn't last night and kept reading until I'd finished it. It had an - oh no, don't do that - moment but I'd sort of seen it coming.
Victor - what a great name - though it likely isn't his, is an assassin. A very good one but not infalliable. The story starts with an amazing altercation between Victor a...more

In the spy/military thriller genre, the two countries which dominate the genre are the UK and the USA. Over the years, the class of protagonist has become a bit stale. In Britain, the most common protagonist is the lone Special Forces soldier, always getting the short end of the stick from the treacherous snakes in Vauxhall Cross and Whitehall. In America, the “independent minded” CIA officer or Tier One operator, normally with a conservative world view and hatred of the spineless “L...more
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Victor is the consummate assassin who has been hired to kill someone and retrieve a thumbnail drive. After the job, he realizes that he has also been targeted by a group of assassins and now he's on the run trying to discover who sanctioned him and why.

The CIA is also interested because the man Victor killed was supposed to turn the drive over to them. It contained the coordinates of a Russian ship that had foundered at sea and sank with some highly advanced cruise missiles. The CIA would love...more
I liked this book, alot. The action is fast paced and well written. Things move along at a fast pace, and the action takes place over several continents. I liked the fact that although Victor is at the top of his game, he does get injured, he does get hurt...which to me is a good thing. He is human after all.

The story of Sumner and Victor is interesting and offers a change of pace from the fast paced action the rest of the book provides. The interaction between the two is enjoyable, and adds to...more
A hit man kills his target on behalf of an unknown client. He returns to his hotel and finds a seven-person hit squad waiting to kill him. They fail, all dying in the attempt, but he is forced to go on the run. Among theworld of the handful of writers who specialize in hit men (Lawrence Block, for one), Hinshelwood's first novel stands out. Among the writers who have delivered great chase novels (Thomas Perry, Geoffrey Household, for instance), Wood ranks very high indeed.

Note: His second ("The...more
Tightly constructed debut thriller of a robotic hit-man on the run in Paris from unknown assassins in this non stop, action adventure. I found his detailed trade craft somewhat tedious but overall it was a fast, entertaining read.
Katarina Pisarova
I always approach the back cover summary in somewhat sceptic mindset. After all they are the for the sole purpose to make you interested enough in the book to spend your money on it and is often exaggerated compared to the contents. I did that this time as well. The cover told you to forget Bond, Borne and Bauer. To meet Victor.
"Too flashy" i thought.
MAN was i ever wrong. Victor might be the "bad guy" but you just cant help but cheer for him.
If you like espionage and assassin stories even a tiny...more
Seyram Butame
Over the decades, the introduction of James Bond into our social consciousness through film, has done some disservice to Ian Fleming’s seminal fictional creation. Bond’s portrayals in film particularly the through the 80s and 90s appear to have made us forget that Bond is/ was a professional killer. The 007 designation, is an indicator of his role as a cold-blooded, executioner of men and women, deemed by the British Government as deserving of inhumation. Because of this inaccurate portrayal, I...more
Gopal Iyer
Great Debut!!! Tom Wood has set his protagonist as an Assasin a typical villan and the antagonist as CIA Agency.

The basic plot premise is imaginable, the chase sequences are exciting, but it is the insight and the view into the life of an assasin that scores Tom Wood an additional star from me.

I liked the book and am looking forward the read the follow-up short story and the next book set in the series.
I enjoyed this book very much until around page 240. 20 page car chases and knife fights don't do it for me. The book was very well written hence the four star rating, but I think this new author is much to good to have 40-50 pages of filler in the middle of a novel. As I said. Very well written, so give it a shot you could do far worse.
New Author, Tom Wood has written a top notch first book, and the main Character'Victor' has all the qualities of a long running Assasin, with acres of room for Character developement in any follow-up books. Good twists to plot, and real world ending to the story which smacks of reality in this Genre' for a change.
Dylan Edwards
Certainly a roller-coaster of a novel ...but leaves believability on the shelf , that being said i loved rooting for Victor . Will read the sequel when it comes out ...just to see how Victor continues with his accumulated death-toll !
T. Justin
I'm usually not an anti-hero kind of guy, but Victor the Assassin is a very well-fleshed-out character who, in spite of his somewhat callous nature, easily grabs the audience as a fascinating protagonist. If you like spy thrillers, Brian Haig, Stephen Hunter, or similar authors, I highly recommend Tom Wood's books.

The action is exciting, but seems very down-to-earth. The author's concept of combat, both hand-to-hand and firearm, seems gritty and realistic. His understanding of the world of para...more
Also called "The Killer" - i read a paperback - harder to read then a hard cover book and both harder than ebook on Kindle app.

Great book!! Love Victor character and the writing of Tom Wood. Will read the rest of the series. Also the titles of which have been changed since they were written. Victor is a loner and yet he was forced to work with a women who was his handler on a couple of projects when she discovered that her bosses were cleaning house and trying to kill her and Victor - so she rea...more
Christine bonner
Victor is a assassin that does the dirty work of clearing up other people mess. He is in Paris to do a job. he does the job but than finds he is being hunted down and has to get out of Paris quick, people want him dead and the the information he got from the Paris job. he goes across 4 different continents along with a women. another assassin has been hired to hunt Victor and kill him and clear up the mess that the Paris job had done people are dying all over the place. You have the Russian SVR,...more
Bob Mulder
The opening scenes leave you gasping for breath.
Tom Hinshelwood's first novel is a winner. This is an old-fashioned spy thriller that truly does remind me of early Robert Ludlum, as Publisher's Weekly noted, it even has the same short-comings. Ludlum could create a thrill a minute plot and pace it at a dead run start to finish, but other than Jason Bourne, he couldn't create memorable characters. That's the same problem here, and what kept the book from 5*. It also keeps it from the list of Best First Thriller, which is still held by Rain Fal...more
I love books
Victor è un sicario dannatamente bravo, capace di portare a termine qualsiasi incarico in maniera pulita, senza lasciare alcuna traccia del suo passaggio; l’ultimo bersaglio indicatogli non fa eccezione e va ad aggiungersi rapidamente all’elenco di successi conseguiti. Eppure questa volta Victor nota qualcosa di diverso: al suo ritorno in albergo si accorge della presenza di alcuni individui sospetti che cercano di mimetizzarsi tra i turisti, non riuscendo però ad ingannare l’esperienza del sica...more
Don Sparrow
If I could I would give this book 4.5 stars..Its ( Brit )Hinshelwood's debut novel and I must say its the best book I have read in the last six months.It may have a little too much violence for some and if this is you , you may want to take a pass on this book. I found it an exciting action packed story.Believe it or not the hero is an ultimate assassin who is totally ruthless and kills with cool and calculating efficiency showing no feelings whatsoever.Victor (a.k.a. Tesseract) is an extremely...more
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