A Glimpse of Evil (Psychic Eye Mystery, #8)
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A Glimpse of Evil (Psychic Eye Mystery #8)

4.11 of 5 stars 4.11  ·  rating details  ·  2,695 ratings  ·  158 reviews
Professional psychic Abigail Cooper is about to discover that some cold cases are better off dead...
As the FBI's newest Civilian Profiler, Abby Cooper is using her powers of intuition to help solve a backlog of the bureau's cold cases. But when she's the only one who's convinced that several separate cold cases are related, she'll have to call on every intuitive bone in...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published July 6th 2010 by New American Library (first published May 26th 2010)
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Abby Cooper and her boyfriend Dutch Rivers have both taken jobs with the FBI and moved to Austin, Texas. As a psychic Abby's new job involves her looking at cold cases and using her powers of intuition to try and solve them - something that doesn't thrill the other FBI investigators. Abby’s not one to back away from a challenge and soon solves several cold cases. But trouble seems to follow Abby around, and soon she's in trouble with the FBI. Not only that, but she's convinced several cold cases...more
I absolutely adore Ms Victoria Laurie's books! This highly anticipated 8th installment was by far one of the best ones to date. I devoured it in only a few sittings.

Abbey and the gang: Dutch (her sweetie) Candice (her BFF and Private investegator) and Brice (Dutch's boss) Have all packed up and moved to Austin, TX where Abbey has joined the newest chapter of the FBI called CCS or Cold Case Squad. Abby is put behind a desk and instructed to use her abilities to locate lost clues and help resolve...more
Nathan Burgoine
Another good entry in the "Psychic Eye" mystery series, I liked how much Laurie 'shook up' the characters by shifting the setting - and heroine - to Texas.

The mystery itself is a bit less linear than in the past few books (not a bad thing at all, just different) and there's more from the secondary characters here than in most of the books (also not a bad thing at all, just different.)

I did stumble with one scene where suddenly Abby seemed preachy and pushy - it struck a discordant note with me...more
I really enjoyed this book. The last couple of have not been quite a hit with me, but Ms Laurie has definitely stepped up her game with this book.

I do not know if you actually have to read these books in order, but to understand the character development of Abby Cooper and her friends, it might be a good idea to start at the beginning.

Moving from Boston to Austin, Texas, Abby is following the love of her life, Dutch, to his new job and the two of them will now be members of the newly formed col...more
The first of the Psychic Eye series that took place somewhere other than Michigan. With the economy plummetting in Michigan, Abby and Dutch decide to move to Texas. Dutch gets a huge promotion, becoming the ASAC of a new FBI division devoted to solving cold cases. Abby is hired on as a civilian profiler. Of course, that doesn't last too long before she's suspended pending an IA investigation. Which doesn't exactly stop her from investigating. Between trying to find the man who killed three young...more
I enjoyed this book and will definitely read the next when it comes out, but I just didn't feel like this one had the same Oomph as the rest. For one thing, it was like Laverne & Shirley moving to California from Milwaukee - all the characters moved with the main character, so it was basically the same show in a different setting - and the setting really didn't matter much. Why the need to move locales? It didn't take anything away from the story, but it didn't add anything either.

I also fel...more
Paula Oliver
In this book I have heard others say they have a hard time picturing all the characters of Michigan moving to Texas, but my guess is that in a perfect world we would take our friends with us if we could. We find Dutch, Abby, Dave, Candice, Brice, and lastly Milo all in Texas working in a newly developed branch of the FBI known as CCS. Abby has recently joined up with the FBI as a new agent. She has trouble juggling her abilities without burning out. Abby investigates cases in her own way and aft...more
Lori Whitwam
Some books in this series were 5-stars. This, in my opinion, is the weakest of the bunch. There were no interesting new characters, no compelling central plot (it kind of moved around from subplot to subplot, and none really took center stage), and some of the "lingo" referring to Abby's psychic process that was used heavily in early books just vanished. Seemed odd. It ended with the setup for book 9, so we'll see if that puts the series back on track.
This was okay at best. I liked the previous books in this series but this one was too far fetched to be believable. I seriously doubt that the FBI would allow Abby's boyfriend to be her supervisor. And how convenient that the boyfriend's boss is dating Abby's best friend. And they all move from Michigan to Texas. Together. And her former handyman and the boyfriend's former partner are also moving to Texas??? Right. Way too cheesy for me.
"A Glimpse of Evil" is the eighth book in the Abby Cooper Psychic Eye Series by Victoria Laurie. Abby and Dutch move from Royal Oak, Michigan to Austin, Texas to work for the FBI in the new Cold Case Squad office. This brings Abby and Dutch back together with their friends Candice and Brice along with Dave the builder. Abby uses her psychic talents as a civilian profiler to see which cold cases are solvable and to meet the quota of 8 solvable cases. She comes across a pattern that a serial kille...more
Really liked this one! Abby seemed to get herself into more trouble than usual, but all the romantic stuff going on between her & Dutch, and Candice & Brice was a nice diversion from that. I didn't care much for the one before this, but this one was back on the mark. I'll be ready for the next one.
Lightweight but fun to read and fast moving. I wonder where Victoria Laurie gets her details about how the FBI works. I know where she gets her details about psychics--she is herself a professional psychic. In this story, Abby is hired by the FBI as a civilian profiler, assigned along with FBI boyfriend Dutch to a group working on cold case files. She also is supposed to give them some lectures about developing their intuitive senses, which was quite interesting. She talks with them about develo...more
This deserves a bit more than four stars, 4 ¼-4 ½.

Abby and Dutch make their way down to Austin in A Glimpse of Evil, joining Abby’s best friend Candice and Dutch’s boss at the CIA, who is also Candice’s boyfriend, Brice. Aside from the usual drama brought about by whatever crimes this group is working on, there’s tons more supplied by Candice (who I didn’t remember having had an affair with a married man, which they discuss very casually, yuck) and Brice, who are trying to decide if, after a sh...more
I have to say that I just love Victoria Laurie's mystery series, both Ghost Hunter and Psychic Eye! And A Glimpse of Evil is another great addition to the latter.

Abby and Dutch move to Texas for the new division of the FBI specializing in cold cases. The perfect job for Abby, yet it's nowhere near as perfect as she would think. First off most of the other detectives treat her with hostility and disdain. She doesn't score many points for being Dutch's girlfriend and friend of Brice, the "boss". B...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Dharia Scarab
I actually like this series more and more as I get farther along. Some books have been better than others, but books 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have been the best.

Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...

1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.

2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author...more
Shirley Worley
Instead of facing a single skeptic, psychic eye Abby faces a room full of hard-nosed FBI skeptics when she and Dutch move to Texas to join the newly organized Cold Case Squad (CCS). Brice Harrison has moved to lead the new division and brought along his girlfriend Candice, Abby's BFF. Abby's new job puts her psychic talents to work to help solve a backlog of cold cases, which is difficult considering the frosty atmosphere (and we're not speaking about the weather) and the fact that she is not us...more
3.5 stars
his book sets in Austin, as Abby moves there along with his live-in boyfriend, Dutch, to join FBI's Cold Case Division. Soon enough, Abby finds herself in a different investigation when she and her friend, Candice, work together to find answers on there girls that have been murdered

The only cozy mystery series that I still follow, I enjoy this new book. It's so funny when Abby (who must come to Anger Management class) tries to be creative when inventing swearing words. I also like the f...more
The best Abby Cooper book to date! My favorite thing about this series, besides the great characters, well-thought out plots and general hilarity, is that it is not static. Abby, and Miss Laurie for that matter, are not afraid to change and grow. We meet Abby in a Detroit suburb with her own psychic reading business. Now, eight or so books down the road, she is an FBI civilian profiler living in Austin, TX with the man of her dreams. It makes the series interesting that Miss Laurie did not get t...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I am really cooking through these and not getting much sleep. I really enjoy these cozy mysteries. Abby is at her new job with the FBI cold case squad. She works with Dutch and Agent Harrison, now Candace's boyfriend. There is a lot of emotional relationship baggage floating around in this one..but I really enjoyed the cases that they followed. Again I picked up her clues faster than she did and new one of the killer's before he was revealed. The other killer I had no clue about. That was a good...more
I have really enjoyed reading this series by Victoria Laurie. In this installment Abby and most of the gang have all relocated to Texas.Abby, Dutch and Brice begin work at the FBIs new cold case branch and the adventure gets on its way, well at least its suppose to. Something about this book seemed a little lacking. There was definately adventure like when Abby goes out in the field with Agent Rodriguez and also out investigating with Candice, but it seemed rushed. It never felt like the cases p...more
Abby Cooper, FBI's newest civilian profiler, and Dutch River, FBI agent, have moved to Texas.
Working in the FBI office is not easy, most of the other detectives treat her with hostility and disdain. She doesn't score many points for being Dutch's girlfriend and friend of Brice, the "boss". Also she and Dutch work threw a box of cold cases in the first day, picking out cases Abby knows can be solved.
Solving one case and checking fact on another with Agent Rodriguez sends both of them to an intern...more
In this 8th book of the Psychic Eye series, Abby and her beau move to Austin, Texas, where Dutch will work with the cold case department of the FBI along with Abby. Abby's best friend and PI, Candice moved to Austin two months earlier and Abby is looking forward to getting together like old times. As luck will have it, her handyman Dave moved to the Austin area earlier too - so it will seem like a big reunion when Abby and Dutch get there.

It isn't long till Abby is finding herself in trouble, as...more
In this book we find Abby and Dutch working together in a new office in Austin. Interestingly enough it seems that the whole "crew" is relocating to Austin as well...which I find both strange and comforting in a way. Getting back to Dutch and Abby they along with other investigators are working cold cases. Every now and then Abby strikes gold, but there are a couple of cases that just don't sit well with Abby, and she has a strong feeling that they are connected.

Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye ser...more
Jeannie and Louis Rigod
This book surprised me. First off, I love the entire series and treasure the character of Abby. So, honestly, I opened this book knowing I would enjoy it. What I didn't know is that Abby was going on a new venture and it was going to be more edgy and more police procedural in a way. It works!

All the familiar characters are there and they remain true to their values which we have grown to know. The mysteries were stronger and Abby, herself, becomes even more confident.

As I understand it, the Aut...more
So, yeah, I'm a bit ashamed that I've now read 8 of these books....but sometimes a little fluff reading is a good break from reality. I like parts of these books, but some parts infuriate me.

Things I like:
I enjoy the concept - a psychic helps solve crimes: fun!
I think the crimes are well thought out and aren't too silly.
It's interesting when she talks about the intuitive process.

Things I hate:
The cheesiness. I enjoy, light and fun, but some of it gets ridiculous.
I would like to see a little mor...more
I'm really enjoying this series, and this was yet another fun mystery.

I loved the scenery change to Austin, though I did laugh at Abby and Candice driving back and forth to Dallas like it was nothing. That's 6 hours of driving with no traffic, and yet they would head there in the morning, hang out for hours, and still make it back to Austin in time to pick up Dutch from work at 5. Yeah, in what universe?

I can't wait for the next book - Abby working for the FBI should provide a lot of entertain...more
Another great addition to the Psychic Eye mysteries. I loved re-familiarizing myself with Abby and her world. This time, as a civilian profiler for the FBI's CCS division (Cold Case Squad), Abby's role in helping to solve some cases is major, which also serves to land her in more and more trouble. I like that we get to revisit some characters from the past few books and it's nice to see Abby and Dutch's relationship progress even further. Each installment in this series never bores me, nor does...more
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Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of 26 books and counting. Victoria divides her time between her two adult mystery series, (The Psychic Eye Mysteries, and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries), and a Y/A thriller, When (Formerly titled Death Date), to be released in early January of 2015.

As a professional psychic, Victoria's protagonists - psychic Abigail Cooper, and spiritual medium...more
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