Artichoke's Heart
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Artichoke's Heart

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It?s not so easy being Rosemary Goode and tipping the scales at almost two hundred pounds? especially when your mother runs the most successful (and gossipiest!) beauty shop in town. After a spectacularly disastrous Christmas break when the scale reaches an all-time high?Rosemary realizes that things need to change. (A certain basketball player, Kyle Cox, might have someth...more
Kindle Edition, 300 pages
Published (first published June 12th 2008)
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for

Rosemary Goode is smart, funny, and sassy, but no one seems to notice. All anyone sees is her weight - all 200 pounds of it. She doesn't fit in at school, she finds herself getting made fun of by the popular Bluebirds, and the only boyfriend she'll ever have is Mr. Hershey, or Mr. M&M.

At the start of a new year, Rosemary finds herself disappointed. Santa just brought her an unwanted treadmill for Christmas and her Aunt Mar...more
Okay, so this book was just really good.

In case you think this is another boring fat-girl book, it’s not. I’m not overweight, but I have my little things (procrastination…) that make me really horrible when I “indulge”, and so this book was still very relatable to me.

I loved every character and every moment of this book. Her mother’s personality was so realistic, and the dynamics of the aunt-mother-daughter relationship was so well presented. Also Kyle was completely perfect and a good example o...more
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I liked this book but in the end it just made me sad and made me a tad bit sad about myself.

It just seemed to me though that at the end, she didn't save herself from her insecurities. In fact, it seemed to me that she grew worse. I wanted her to revel at her achievement, so I could feel good too as a reader; but she turned a little bit obsessed and it happened at the end, where I don't know what would happen next.

I got the message of the story. However, the execution is not something I would say...more
Though there is a lot of sadness in this book (Rosemary's self-esteem is in the toilet because she is overweight, and her mom has cancer) there is also a lot of humor that made me keep cackling throughout the book.
*Spoiler alert*
I really love some of Rosemary's awesome comebacks to the snotty Bluebirds and love that she gets a boyfriend who loves her the way she is. There should be more Kyles in the world.
I don't love that she is dieting in a way that is dangerous and risky, consuming nothing b...more
Gwen the Librarian
Rosemary is just about to turn sixteen and she has been fat all her life. Her mom and her aunt are always needling her and gave her a treadmill for Christmas! It’s her life; why do they care what she looks like? But when her mom is diagnosed with cancer and a good friend has a heart-attack because of her weight, Rosemary realizes that she has to make a change. With the help of a Walgreen’s clerk, a shunned cheerleader, and the boy of her dreams, Rosemary gets herself on track and learns that the...more
Rosemary Goode is an overweight and unpopular teenager with no friends. She never really cared or thought about losing weight, until one day an incident happened that opened her eyes, and made her realise that she needs to change her life around. We also get to see the rocky relationship Rosemary has with her mum and her aunt, who continuously nag her about losing weight. The storyline goes on about her journey to lose weight, build her self-confidence, work on her relationship with her family,...more
I liked this book, because it was real (down to earth). Suzanne Supplee wrote this book in a way, where the reader could relate, sympathize, and understand the situation the main character was coming from. I normally read books that help me to escape, for the love of entertainment, or just the love of reading. So, it was nice to read a book where I related to the main protagonist. I don't struggle with weight, but there were so many aspects of this book that anyone could grab a hold onto and see...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The reason I love this YA book so much is because even though the plot is about a girl who is overweight, you can relate with her no matter what size you are. This truly is a great comfort book, it gives you all the mushy feelings of romance and the joy of hearing how the protagonist, Rosemary Goode, loses and gains control of her life. This book was actually a relatively realistic for a YA book, it wasn’t too perfect and by end of the book, Rose hasn’t all of a sudden gone popular and gotten to...more
Jasmine Drayton
This book is about a girl named rosemary but she goes by Rosie. Rosie is very overweight and she doesn't have self confidence or friends. When Kyle, a handsome basketball player, takes interest in her she thinks it is all a joke. But he convinces her it's very real and their feelings for each other are very real no matter what her weight is. Throughs her journey with Kyle Rosie starts losing weight and finding new friends.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance book and social status...more
Haley Curl
This book is about a girl named Rosemary who has been dealing with obesity all her life. Her mom owns a popular hair salon and her aunt is very judgmental. At school she has a huge crush on a football player who she thinks would never like her. Rosemary decides to do something about her weight by dieting, eating healthy, and running with her popular new friend. As the story goes on, Rosemary must deal with her mother's newly found cancer, trying to impress the boy if her dreams, and lose the wei...more
Artichoke's Heart is about an overweight teenager named Rosemary Goode who lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Her mom works at a beauty salon where everyone gossips. Rosie helps out at her mother's shop and she doesn't have friends to hang out with outside of work. Rosie's mother also has cancer that makes Rosie even more stressed. She tries to ease her depression by eating a lot and now she is overweight. Rosie decides to try to lose weight after she finds out she can't fit into some of her clot...more
What a hot mess. I don't even know where to start with this. First of all, the characters are unbelievable and annoying. The main character's family is absolutely abusive to her over her weight, but that is all forgotten when her mom gets plot device... I mean cancer.... and Rosemary drops 50 lbs and suddenly all her problems are solved. Not only is her rapid weight loss completely unbelievable, but it is unbelievable the the author thought that this was a good message to put out there. "People...more
From the first chapter you fall in love with Rosie. We're first introduced to Rosie as she tells us about her very dissapointing christmas and we soon find out that Rosie has just reached an all time high in weight gain. If that isn't bad enough, her mother owns a popular salon where people won't just let Rosie be and she has one heck of a nosy Aunt.
When she was small, Rosie was dubbed Artichoke one fateful day when she wore a green winter jacket to school. That name stuck with her and she stil...more
Taran  Winkler
This book is absolutely Amazing... The story of a young teenage girl facing boy problems, weight insecurity, and a horrid aunt was something i could completely connect with... I am a little chubby and am still to this day harrased about my weight and sometimes i feel like a complete loser when i stand next to these gorgeouse skinny girls at my school but i just cant seem to imgaine life without a candy bar in hand and the boy thing, well all i have to say on the matter is god bless the woman tha...more
Jessica Lawlor
Artichoke’s Heart by Suzanne Supplee tells the story of Rosemary Goode, an overweight teenager from the South. Rosemary is not comfortable in her own skin and has a serious love affair with all things chocolate. Rosemary gets through her days by working in her mother’s hair salon and looking forward to the next time she can indulge in junk food.

After Christmas break, everything changes. Rosemary’s Aunt Mary, who constantly harrasses her about her weight buys her a weight loss book and her mother...more
Andrea thebusybibliophile
Nov 10, 2011 Andrea thebusybibliophile rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Andrea by: Walking through bookstore, the cover caught my eye.
Shelves: kindle
I loved this book. It was so fun and quirky. As someone who has always had an issue with weight, I lost count of the number of times I would read something and think, “that’s exactly what happened to me!” or “I remember feeling that way.” Suzanne Supplee really knows how to get to the bottom of how a ‘fat girl’ feels.
I thought about how, if you’re skinny, walking across the library probably isn’t a big deal. In fact, if you’re cute and petite like Kay-Kay Reese, it’s probably even fun—all that s
Angelica Gonzalez
Rosie had a lot issues involving her weight, her mom, and her new crush. This story went by really fast, it's easy to follow along, once you start reading it you won't want to put it down. I really liked how i could connect to her story because most people are not that confident and it shows how she overcame her obstacles and proved to everyone that anybody can do it you just never give up.One of my favorite characters was Rosie she's the main character of the story and she's really down to eart...more
Katie Boehmer
Artichoke's Heart is a good book about the life of a high schooler. Rosemary Goode has never fit in at school. She has always been one of the biggest girls at her school and one day when she worn a green jumpsuit to school, everyone called her artichoke. Rosemary's mom on the other hand is one of the most famous people in their city. She is the owner of a beauty shop and all of the popular girls from Rosemary's school go there to get their hair done. As the summer comes to an end and it is time...more
What a great read!

This is the story every overweight girl (and woman) wants to be able to tell - the year her life changed...she lost weight, found a boyfriend and a girl friend, and stopped allowing the nasty girls to control her. (OK - so an overweight woman's goals may be a bit different...)

Yes, it's a bit of a fairy tale. But, it's told so sweetly and so honestly that it is ok.

Rosemary is facing the worst Christmas ever, her skinny mom gave her a treadmill and her skinny aunt gave her ticket...more
Toni Tortorello-Allaway
I really liked this book. I was enthusiastically engaged in it from beginning to end. It's an empowering story of fighting teenage obesity and teenaged bullying. I love how Rosie found herself in this book. It wasn't cheesy or corny as many teenaged stories can be.

I loved how poignantly the author captured a teenager's weight-loss struggle. This path is all too familiar to me. Maybe that's why I identified with it so closely. I love the relationship between Kay-Kay and Rosie. Sometimes all it t...more

Im fascinated by this book by reminded me of the days when as a young adult, i have had "self-esteem" issues (even though i already know for a fact that there are qualities/traits more substantial than physical attributes). I believe that all of us, at certain times in our adolescent lives, had to go through a stage when we were so much concerned about our value as a person, if we're loved and accepted by others, or if we can ever find our own special place in the world, or fit in t...more
I picked this book up initially for its cover art and bought it for its blurb.

Rosemary Goode is in high school and struggling with weight. Her mother and aunt are both naturally thin, which plagues Rose more than her own weight. As she works in her mother's salon, she sees how much differently the beauticians treat the "popular" girls, which tends to drive her even more toward her one comfort - food. When her weight exceeds 200 pounds, she becomes determined to do something about it, one step a...more
Overall I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I expected this to be a toss up because novels that try to capture the "fat girl experience" hardly ever live up to what I think is "fat girl reality." This book really does, I think, portray a realistic situation where a girl is overweight (not by a ton) and she is mocked so she has self-confidence issues but the conflict is deeper than that because Rosie's family dynamic (her single mom ad her mom's Type-A, bossy, nosy sister) is partly t...more
Bonnie Anderson
I really wanted to like this book more. What I liked most about it was the perspective of the girl who had self-image and food issues who worked through some significant relationships with people in her life, including herself. The storytelling was not great, and I felt obligated to finish the book because I wanted more to happen with it by the end. It seemed more of a mashup of high school memories without a lot of direction. Some of it was meant to be very heartfelt, but fell flat because it l...more

Artichoke’s Heart is about a teenage girl names Rosemary Goode. She is an overweight teenager who reached her maximum weight of 203 pounds. Along with always criticizing herself Rosemary’s mother and her Aunt Mary criticize her all the time with her weight. Throughout the book Rosemary fights a battle with losing the weight. Another great thing that happened in the book is Rosemary gains the self confidence she’s always desired with some help from her new best friend and her new boyfriend, and...more
Bobbie B
Artichoke’s Heart
Artichoke’s Heart by Suzanne Supplee is about a girl named Rosemary who is overweight. Everyone at school calls her Artichoke. It doesn’t get any better at home either. With her aunt and her mom getting on her all the time to try out her new treadmill or eating better. At school she has been eyeing this one guy named Kyle. She just fantasizes, she thinks for a fact that a jock like Kyle would never want to date a girl weighing in at 200 pounds. A little later into her life she...more
Bailey Ba
I loved Artichoke’s Heart by Suzanne Supplee and I read it in a few hours. It was so good!
Rosemary Goode wants to lose weight after Christmas break, when she finds she weighs the most she ever has in her life. It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially since people are constantly criticizing her, even her Aunt Mary. She turns to only drinking Pounds-Away shakes and eating nothing else to help lose weight.
Not only does Rosemary have to worry about constant scrunity from everyone around her, bu...more
Ms. Awesome Editor gave me a galley copy of this. Just started it.

Added: Finished it over the weekend. Rosemary is an overweight teen who must deal with family problems, self-esteem issues, and navigate the world of high school relationships. A strong debut novel.
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Suzanne Supplee is the author of When Irish Guys Are Smiling, a Students Across the Seven Seas series book, and Artichoke’s Heart. Currently, Suzanne is working on her third book, untitled as of yet, but due out in the spring of 2010.
Suzanne is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, and she earned a masters degree in creative writing from Towson University in Maryland. For a number of years,...more
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