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Fourteen-year-old Zach Harriman can feel the changes. The sharpening of his senses. The incredible strength. The speed, as though he can textmessage himself across miles. The confidence and the strange need to patrol Central Park at night. His dad had been a hero, a savior to America and a confidante of the president. Then he died, and the changes began in Zach. What Zach...more
Hardcover, 304 pages
Published November 2nd 2010 by Philomel (first published October 25th 2010)
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Jacque M
Feb 01, 2011 Jacque M rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: None
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There were elements that I did not like about the book and elements I found interesting. First off, the two elements that I did not like in the book were the tons of sports references and lack of character introduction. I am not much of a sports fan to fully understand the references that were made in the book. e.g. David Wright on the Mets team. I do not know who they are but I do find out that Mets is a baseball team. Another example is the basketball team , Knicks. David Lee was said to be on...more
A Kentucky Bluegrass Award nominee; our YA2. Zach Harriman is a wealthy, but fairly ordinary 14-year-old living in a swank, Manhattan high rise apartment with his mother and several staff. Zach's father has just died when the small plane he was piloting crashed near Long Island. Zach's father had traveled extensively for his job as "special assistant to the President," and now his death prompts Zach to find out more about his dad's life and work. Zach is especially suspicious about the cause of...more
Maddie D

I am currently reading Hero by: Mike Lupica. So far this book is about a young 14 year old named Zach. His father dies in an airplane crash delivering the “Rat,” (a bad guy,) to someone who’s been looking for him for a long time. Zach comes home one day and his entire family that lives in his location, is at his house with sad and serious faces. Right then Zack knows he will never be seeing his father again. His school friend, Kate, father has already died also. She knows how to han...more
Catherine C
So far I really like the book Hero by Mike Lupica because it does not start our boring like most books. It starts out suspenseful. It is about a man named Tom Harriman who works for the president of the United States. He is on a mission to get a bad guy. on the way back his plane crashes. Now his son Zach wants to find out how his plane crashes. I think that this is a good book for people who like suspense and fantasy. I think Lupica did a good job describing Zach's feelings because I can feel w...more
Stevie D
I am finishing up Hero by Mike Lupica. The book tells a story of a fourteen year boy who has lost his farther to a plane crash over the ocean. His father was a very successful man. When Zach is walking along the beach thinking about his father death's, he meets a man who tells him that Zach has magic. Later in the book Zach is almost kidnapped by a tall stranger. Zach's uncle John saves him from the stranger. I enjoyed the excitement in this book. I can't wait to read the ending.
Nana S.
Coooooooooooooooooool! Book
Feb 05, 2014 Blake added it

“Hero” by Mike Lupica is a fictional chapter book. It begins with a secret agent, Tom Harriman, who is the President’s secret assistant. He obtained his job as an assistant because he has special powers, like a sixth sense. He is sent out on a mission to find a bad guy named The Rat. He finds him and takes him to a getaway plane, after he figures out he is being followed. From that point on, the reader only knows that the plane had crashed and Tom has passed away. He left behind his wife and fou...more
I picked this book up somewhat half-heartedly sincemy son needed to write a book report about it and I thought I should have a basic idea of what the book was about. But instead of skimming, I found myself totally drawn in and read the entire book, word-for-word, in a day. Lupica has found a great character in Zach Harriman. Zach is the only son of a famous family. His father is a special advisor to the president. His mother is the daughter of another famous political family. The story starts wi...more
The first chapter is told in first person by Tom Harriman, a secret agent with secret powers and a sixth sense on a secret mission to capture a bad guy known as the Rat. He easily defeats four guards and their backups. Then bullets pass right through him (or he's able to dodge around them) as he lugs his unconscious prisoner to the get-away plane. As he's flying away, he sees someone with white hair on the runway who was supposed to be on the other side of the world. This unexpected encounter ki...more
Clare Cannon
Aug 04, 2011 Clare Cannon rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 8-10 years (boys)
Shelves: 08-12yrs
Hero is like an extremely mild version of Alex Rider: the young protagonist is 14-year-old Zach who spends more time finding out what he can and ought to do than actually doing anything. There is much less violence: a plotted plane crash resulting in the death of its occupants, one assassination attempt, and a couple of gang-ups/beat-ups which leave Zach hurt but not too badly, and which were only part of his training anyway.

Most of the story is built on trying to figure out who he can trust. Bo...more
Zach A.
They Killed His Father, and Now They’re Coming For Him.
What if I told you that you could become the world’s greatest superhero, but your father would have to die? Zach Harriman a 13-year-old New Yorker is faced with this terrible predicament, when his father, Tom Harriman dies. Zach soon starts to notice that he has unexplainable powers that can only be described as super powers. A family friend tells Zach that his dad was a superhero and that when he died, Zach became a superhero. At firs...more
Kelly J.
Mike Lupica
289 pages

Hero is about a boy named Zach who's father dies in a plane crash. Now Zach's dad who was a spy or secret service man and he was coming home from a trip when his plane crashed. Everyone thinks it was an accident accept Zach. Zach thinks it was not an accident because of his dad's job. So Zach tries to find out if it is or isn't by researching it and going to the crash sight. Zach's mom tries to make Zach forget about it all and move on but Zach doesn't give up. Wh...more
Zach is the son of a rich man who is apparently a diplomat by day and a superhero by night, acting as a troubleshooter for the President of the U.S. in both capacities. Zach doesn't know about the superhero part, but suddenly the father dies, and mysterious figures show up, trying to guide Zach in unspecified directions. A mysterious old man shows up, apparently trying to test Zach's own abilities and resolve, as Zach finds out that he, too, may not be entirely normal. Also, something about the...more
Daniel  O
Feb 07, 2013 Daniel O marked it as to-read
I am currently the book Hero, by Mike Lupica tells about a young boy named Zach Harriman, who realizes he has special powers and that there are people out in the world trying to make him turn over to the bad side, the people that use their powers for harm and not for the good cause. Zach's father, Tom Harriman, died a few months before Zach knew he was unlike others. His father worked as a special agent to the, doing secret operations for the President. His father was killed in a plane crash, an...more
KayLee J.
I recently finished Hero by Mike Lupcia. It starts off with Zach a typical boy with a not so typical dad. But after his dad dies in a plane crash, his life changes forever. Past the first few chapters in the book my head was already spinning. With plenty different events and characters coming in questions began to form. My first one was: which characters are going to really tie in the story? And what happens that changes him in the next couple chapters? When going out to the crash sight Zach get...more
Lori Holbein-Gutierrez
14 year old, Zach Harriman has just received the worst news any kid could get… his dad was killed in an airplane crash. Knowing his father’s dangerous line of work, Zach is determined it was no accident. He sets out with his best friend, Kate, to find out how it happened. Along the way, Zach finds out more information about his dad and himself. Apparently, Zach and his dad are not like everyone else. They have special powers and Zach plans to put them to use in order to find out who killed his f...more
Burt Gesner
For my second Goodreads book I picked an action packed thriller; Hero by Mike Lupica. The book tells the story of thirteen-year old Zach Harriman discovering things he never knew about himself after his Dad's mysterious death.

Zach, just a kid who thought he knew everything about his father in just a short time finds out that there is another world in which he would soon enter. Zach's father was thought to be an advisor to the President, but he really was a Hero secretly protecting his country....more

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, because I didn’t understand it and it was confusing. I also didn’t like it, because it was more of a fantasy book.

My first reason, why I didn’t like is because It wasn’t what I expected. Mike Lupia usually writes sports books and this one were completely off topic, about superpowers. My first quote was on page 121. Mr. Hebert said, “Don’t be afraid boy, you have magic too,” this quote was from when Zach figured out he had superpowers. I found this confusing...more
Disappointed. Maybe I just got the rough draft?

I have loved his books in the past which is why this dive into the superhero/fantasy genre is such a disappointment.

The book is oddly paced. Young Billy and his soulmate/girl friend Kate just didn't ring true. The adults in the story are flat out weird but NOT in a quirky, charming way.

The Story line:
Billy's father dies in a plane crash while on a special mission. This is very sad because Billy adored his father who was "special" in more ways than...more
Meg Finlay
Overall I enjoyed Mike Lupica's book Hero. I found it to be a little different from some of the other books he has written. There is less focus on the sports aspect of his writing; however, the main character Zach does play basketball. I loved the mystery and suspense the Lupica adds to the plot, because it made it very hard to put the book down. I would finish a chapter and then I would be forced to keep reading in order to find out what happened. So, if you are looking for a quick, light read...more
Bryce Rhone
The book Hero, by Mike Lupica, was a 3 star book. It was well written, but the plot and action were boring and lacked originality. I basically could have predicted the book, with a boy having a tragedy, getting super powers, and not knowing who to trust. He hardly used them also, and when he did it was for a second or two. I personally wanted it to get more interesting. Lupica should have included a challenge or mission other than getting beat up by a big guy. In other words, read Mike Lupica fo...more
Ian Rhines
This was my favorite book I have ever read! I read this book for school for a book club that we are doing this term. I recommend this book for people who enjoy adventure and excitement.
KidsFiction Teton County Library
TLC Call #: J Lupica M

Chris’s Rating: 3 Stars
Zach knows his father is always busy working for the US government. He knows that his dad often breaks promises of being there for him, having important matters to attend to. He doesn’t know that his dad has super-human powers and is constantly trying to right wrongs. But then his father dies and Zach is certain the plane crash was no accident. Zach begins to develop a sixth sense, defeats a few thugs as he inherits his father’s super-powers. He also...more
Ivan Sanchez

Feb 05, 2014Blake added it

“Hero” by Mike Lupica is a fictional chapter book. It begins with a secret agent, Tom Harriman, who is the President’s secret assistant. He obtained his job as an assistant because he has special powers, like a sixth sense. He is sent out on a mission to find a bad guy named The Rat. He finds him and takes him to a getaway plane, after he figures out he is being followed. From that point on, the reader only knows that the plane had crashed and Tom has passed away. He l...more
Cam Rosenthal
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Andrew Abrahamson
In the story “Hero” There a young boy at the age of 14,His name is Zach Harriman who lives by central park of New york city of New york. Zach’s father Tom works for the president but nobody really knows what he does, Tom is constantly going on these long trips and Zach asks him where are you going? Tom would always say im going to go fight the “bads” Zach wasn't sure what he meant, until one day the bads caught Tom, he died in a plane crash. Zach was distraught and wasn't sure how to feel, he wa...more
George Snyder
This isn't a book that I would have picked up myself, but I am happy that I read through it or else I would have missed this. It was definitely worth the read.

Zach doesn't know it, but his dad was a superhero. Not the average my-dad-is-a-hero thing. The fights-bad-guys type of superhero. The real kind of superhero. Zach has no idea. All he knows is that when his dad’s plane crashes, it was no accident, and he will find out what happened. He also knows that things seem to be changing.

Then all of...more
This book was great. I can't describe it any other way. There is plenty of action and confrontations in it. There are lies told by loved ones, discovering unknown family uncovering the truth about everything that has happened, and evil plans trying to succeed. And one boy, Zach Harriman, must stop all of it because he has been given the powers his dad had before he died. I liked this book and i would recommend it to a friend.
Hero Mike Lupica Action
Zach Harriman was a fourteen year old who at the beginning of the book had a bad feeling and had to get home. He was right. His father had died in a plane crash and Zach thought it was no accident because of his dangerous job. He was a very famous person for stopping bad people. Zach is all depressed and his mother sends him to therapy classes. Meanwhile each day he gets in his computer and investigates the case of his father's death. Zach tells his best friend Kate and at...more
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