My Teacher is an Alien (My Teacher is an Alien, #1)
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My Teacher is an Alien (My Teacher is an Alien #1)

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Sixth grade is just out of this world!

Susan Simmons can tell that her new substitute teacher is really weird. But she doesn't know how weird until she catches him peeling off his face -- and realizes that "Mr. Smith" is really an alien!

At first no one will believe her except Peter Thompson, the class brain. When Peter and Susan discover Mr. Smith's horrible plans for the

Paperback, 128 pages
Published July 1st 2005 by Aladdin (first published 1989)
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I remember I literally couldn't put this book down. I read it at school. My sixth grade teacher noticed and borrowed it as one of her read out loud to the class books. The whole class loved it and after it was over they carried me around the class on their shoulders. Okay maybe the last part didn't happen but I was seriously popular for weeks cause kids wanted spoilers.
Mike Kalmbach
Dec 20, 2011 Mike Kalmbach rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: middle grade students, especially those who have ever felt like an outcast
Recommended to Mike by: Steve Juhas
This book single-handedly made me fall in love with science fiction when I was in fourth grade (thanks, Mr. Juhas!). I reread this book dozens of times as a kid, but reread it for the first time in more than a decade over the last couple of nights.

One of the things I'd forgotten was that this book is written from the perspective of a sixth grade girl named Susan. In my opinion, her gender wasn't all that important to the story, but it's interesting to note that Coville chose to write from a gir...more
Jan 10, 2010 Becky rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: kids
What is there to even say? Bruce Coville is the reason I love reading, and the reason I love sf/f in particular. This was the most formative series of my childhood. The first book is pretty light and silly (the end of the series is quite a bit heavier), and utterly delightful.
This was one of my favorite books as a kid and I’m pleased to see students continue to check it out, as well as Coville’s newer books. It held up on re-read much better than expected – it’s really a suspenseful and well crafted story. Good use of the evil teacher trope. Mr. Smith has some very creepy standoffs with Susan as he stays in character as their teacher. Trying to balance supernatural threat with the pressure of daily life is always a great lens for the experience of being young - I lik...more
So I really didn't have much of a life as a kid, but I remember ploughing through these one summer, probably when I had a twisted ankle and was couch-bound. Looks like he kept writing beyond the years I read him, but these were essential readings at the time. Miss you Scholastic!
Loved this book!!! I discovered this book when I was in middle school. This is how I figured out that books contain adventures between their pages. Then I was hooked. This book is the reason why I read. Thanks B.C.
I have had a rough week, and yesterday was a particularly bad day in said rough week. Don't worry, this won't be a blogreads post I just needed to get that out as a reason to get up at 1am and read this and My Teacher Fried My Brains. Coville, like many of the great authors of my childhood, is delicious delicious junk food. These books especially are like the Sour Patch Kids my brother and I would devour until our tongues bled. They're awesome, but you can't taste anything for a week or so after...more
Andrew Foster
Grade Level: 6th to 8th

This science fiction book is about an alien that comes to Earth, poses as a teacher, and has a plan to abduct students for study. The main character, Susan, discovers he is an alien and the book unfolds with her attempting to foil the aliens plan. The book is not very long, but very easy to read. The dialogue includes internal monologue from the main character.

This book can be used to discuss unlikely friends (Peter and Susan), the possibility of aliens, or the process of...more
Nafi Camara
1.I love this book. It`s very interesting. for example, on page 93. When Duncan,Peter and Susan was spying on Mr.Smith. Duncan went in a room and saw a breif case. He opened it and he started to scream very loud because an alien head poped up and started to talk in a weird language. Another is that on page 51. When Peter and Susan was in the middle of the attic. They saw Ms.Schwartz frozen in a rectangular see through box.
2. I would reccommend this book to my brother Mohamed. I would reccommend...more
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When Mr. John Smith starts teaching the sixth grade, Susan Simmons assumes that Ms. Schwartz was fired for her radical teaching methods. Mr. Smith is anything but radical. He brings back the standard reader, vetoes the annual class play, refuses to read a fun book aloud, and hates music. When he unknowingly picks up a nasty note Susan writes, she tries to get it back during recess. This doesn't work so she follows Mr. Smith home. Hearing what sounds like a cat in a blender and finding the door u...more
Unique Carranza
The book i have read was,"My Teacher is an Alien".It was a very interesting book that was about students wanting to find there teacher that was nowhere to be found.And they had gotten a new teacher his name was,"Mr.Smith".They did not like him and they would go to his house and they would get information about him being an alien,also they would get information about there missing teacher,"Mrs.Schwarts".So they just kept going to see Mrs.Schwarts and take pictures of alien things so they can have...more
Carrie Slager
If I had to define my childhood by one series other than Harry Potter, Bruce Coville’s My Teacher books would be it. Just ask my mother, who read the whole series aloud to me at least twice in one year. It was probably a good thing she enjoyed them as well or she would have been driven insane.

Looking back now, My Teacher is an Alien is pretty predictable, but there is a nice surprise ending and it won’t feel predictable to its target age group, kids ages 8-12. To tell you the truth, even now I r...more
Devon Flaherty
Coville is a prolific writer of children’s science fiction and fantasy, with over 80 titles (plus short stories and anthologies), although My Teacher Is an Alien is one of his most famous titles (with the Sixth Grade Alien and Space Brat series). (I remember seeing copy of Alien way back from my own junior high experience.) Alien is number one in a short series that includes My Teacher Fried My Brain, My Teacher Glows In the Dark, and My Teacher Flunked the Planet. I didn’t expect much from the...more
Susan knows there is something fishy about her teacher Mr. Smith, but she doesn't know what.When she was alone at the school,she hears a noise. She follows it down an empty hallway into a bathroom. Then she saw him peel the skin off his face and reveal his alien scales! Then,there was a flashing light in the mirror;an alien face shows in the mirror. The alien started to talk to "Mr. Smith" in their language about "getting the kids." How was she going to escape without him hearing or seeing her,...more
***Spoiler Alert***
What would you do if your teacher would be an alien? Would you run or discovered what your teacher is up too, just like Susan. Science fiction is the genre of this book because there's a surprise when the teacher supously retired and then the teacher that is the alien takes her place and also, because this can happen in the future to us. I liked this book because it is interesting and fun book to read.

The setting of this book takes it mostly on the house of Mr. Smith and sch...more
Another nostalgic childhood read that I might have been better off not reading as an adult. It didn't live up to my fond memories (few childhood books do, unfortunately), but it was a very quick read and I found myself enjoying it.

The book is quite dated, and there were numerous times as I was reading it to my husband that we would exchange eye rolls at a particularly corny part. Also, I'm not sure that a kid picking this up today, after having read more recent kid lit, would like it. This book...more
It's been...I don't know...over 20 years since I read this? I read a lot of books in middle school, and this was one of my favorites, and it's one of the few I still very clearly remember. I also remember the feeling of pure EXHILARATION reading it; it was definitely one of the first to so completely and utterly grab me the way it did. I loved this series then, as a middle-schooler, the way I love Dune, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Patrick O'Brien now.

Perhaps most importantly, this book...more
Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
Classic childhood favorite. Always remembered the cover but for some reason forgotten the title. And one quote I did remember was when Duncan complained and asked about Peter being a bookworm and why he read a lot. I don't know, I guess that quote stuck with me growing up. Years later, looked up the series again and finally read the other books. Series is actually really good.
Scott Houston
This is a fun book I read when I was young, and I think it would appeal to any student who likes the idea of aliens or science fiction. Students often react strangely when they have a substitute teacher, but this could be a fun read as the two protagonists try to prove to everyone else that their new strange teacher is not from this world. After Susan and Peter follow him one night and see their weird sub take of his human face! Students could relate to this book since they often have older peop...more
Tiffany Williams
I read this book with fourth graders and it is a slightly humorous book to the readers due to it's unrealistic problems, such as their teacher being an alien. The story line really makes you not want to put the book down because you want to know if the teacher is an alien or not and all the clues that the kids in the book are finding are suspenseful.
This is another of those books that I think kids will like more than I do. It involves 6th graders, and I'd say 6th grade is the upper end of the range of most interested readers. It's an easy read, with short chapters, lots of repetition and a plot that is not too complex. Struggling readers may appreciate this. Susan Simmons and Peter are interesting characters, and even the school bully, Duncan, is not as flat as some. That's one of the more interesting themes of the book: defining people acc...more
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To be clear, I think this is a good science fiction book. It's just a bit elementary for my personal taste.

I read this book because I had my students read it. We needed something light from a different genre (we've been heavy into realistic modern fiction lately).

It's been a hit in class. The students are passing the quizzes related to it. Many of them went on to complete the book on their own, even knowing we'd continue reading aloud in class. One student even went to the library to pick up a...more
A fun take on knowing more about people before you label them. This would be fun to use in class, not only to talk about issues of bullying, honesty, and friendship, but also -- because it's a little dated -- to talk about how things, especially technology, have changed and how that's affected our lives.

The narration on this one is not so great. Liza Ross does a great job with the adults, particularly men, but her voicing of Susan is really cloying and Peter sounds like a jerk, not the smartest...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Nola Decker
Mar 22, 2014 Nola Decker rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: MG readers and writers
Recommended to Nola by: Peggy Anderson King
I'm always looking for good MG fiction to read and recommend. I liked this short book. The characters were likable and real. The dialogue felt natural and the action was fun. I'm looking forward to reading more adventures about these characters.
Peter and Susan knew that there was something suspicious about their new teacher Mr. Smith. When they did an investigation by following their teacher home. Eventually they found out that their teacher is an alien and planning to kidnap a certain number of kids in the class that he is teaching. So they find a way to reveal the true identity of Mr. Smith in front of the whole school. So Susan plays the trumpet to make the alien suffer from one of aliens' most hated noises. After a while, Mr. Smith...more
The first "encounter" har har, I had with this book was in my fourth grade class. It was read to the entire class by our teacher. It's the story of a few kids discovering their substitute teacher, Mr. Smith har har, is and alien from outer space who has their original teacher locked in a force field in the attic of the house he's renting. It's a young adult book. Just a fun read. There are three sequels to it that lead up to the kids helping the aliens races decide what to do with the seemingly...more
My Teacher Is An Alien
By Bruce Coville

This is the first of the 'My Teacher Is An Alien' series. I actually read this one second after 'My teacher fried my brains' . So this made the second book make a bit more sence.

This story kept me interested thoughout most of the book. I liked how this book was written in the perspective of a sixthed grade girl names Susan. Susan soon descovers the secret of her new teacher Ms Smith. Its a good book and a good series, and i would encourage others to read th...more
I remember reading this as a kid and really liking it. Last week I had a kid come in for a short fifth grade book for a book report that was due yesterday (yesterday as in the day before he came into the library not yesterday the day I started listening to it. I decided that I should give it a listen for old times sake.

This is still a fun book. Susan and Peter are still really smart and spunky kids. I really didn't notice the lack of cell phones and computers. There's no way the kids would get a...more
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