Shooter: The Autobiography of the Top-Ranked Marine Sniper
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Shooter: The Autobiography of the Top-Ranked Marine Sniper

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  2,475 ratings  ·  131 reviews
Jack Coughlin is the Marine Corps’ top-ranked sniper, the man who personally brings America’s military muscle to the enemy’s front door. In twenty years of active service, he has accumulated one of the most impressive records in the Corps, ranging through many of the world’s hot spots. During Operation Iraqi Freedom alone, he recorded at least thirty-six kills, thirteen of...more
ebook, 320 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by St. Martin's Press (first published May 1st 2005)
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So that one guy was Marine sniper 93 confirmed kills. This dude has fewer but he still manages to spill blood all over the desert. One thing is for sure, there is no lack of confidence in the snipers of the world. I just like these books because it reminds me that things are not always as they appear. Lots of political insight...from the Marine perspective and frankly a lot of information and feeling that has been lacking in the Iraq news coverage. I think stuff like this and say...a good Justin...more
Coughlin et al. present an interesting presentation of the life of a sniper, particularly as it relates to the War in Iraq. Insight, some of which directly from the point of view of the soldier, helps to flesh out the time in the Middle East and the day-to-day happenings not reported by media outlets. They bring the reality of the war, and an angle of war as means of employment, to the forefront. For men paid to kill within the military system, it is an eye-opener and one that the reader may fin...more
Ryan Irish

Shooter was number one on the list of New York Times Bestseller in 2005. Shooter is an autobiography of the top ranked marine sniper in the Iraq war in 1993. Gunnery Sargent Jack Coughlin performed the world's farthest sniper shot. He carried a bolt action .50 caliber sniper rifle with a "magical" scope. His mission was Operation Iraqi Freedom. As he ran through blistering hot desserts and bizarre battlefields killing his targets one by one he has over sixty confirmed kills. in the book...more
Feb 18, 2008 Amanda rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Adults and teens, regardless of their political views
Recommended to Amanda by: Frank (father-in-law)
While I don't think this book is for everyone, I do think it deserves 5 stars (though it should have spent more time with the copy-editor, as there are some obvious errors). It was a fascinating, first-hand, account of the war in Iraq from the perspective of a Marine sniper. It was written very honestly and bluntly, a style that typifies most military men, yet Jack was able to infuse the book with humor and emotion.

It was truly amazing to hear this story told from a first-hand, military perspec...more
This book probably has a very narrow audience, and will probably fall into the "like it or hate it" catagory for most people. It is a first hand account of a little know military specialty. More importantly, it gives a good insight into how a lot of our military approach their jobs as soldiers and defenders of our nation. For those of us "on the outside", it seems almost crazy to acutally be enthusiastic to go to war. But we fail to keep in mind, that's what these people train for. We aren't sur...more
I'm keeping my two star rating - I finished the book this weekend, really could have been one chapter - that goes like this...

"I am the best Marine in the sniper world, I have a crappy relationship with my wife, I go to training and change the entire system for the snipers, we go to war, I am the only sniper the commander above me wants on the battle field, commander Bob is a dweeb so I disobey him and go to the war front to kill bad guys, I come home and the marriage is over, I am the best Mari...more
Josh Cline
Book Review for "Shooter" By Jack Coughlin and Casey Kuhlman

This book, for me, was one of the greatest war stories ever to be told. It was so in depth, and used so many little details to really paint a picture. You should definitely read this if you're into very detailed books about war.

Jack Coughlin was a staff sergeant over in Somalia. He was one of the best snipers there. Since looking through the scope, he could really see and describe the things he saw, which really came out in his writi...more
I wanted to read something about what it's like to look through the scope of a sniper rifle in wartime, and this book delivers a straightforward, sometimes blunt, easily readable account of just that. It's the story of Jack Coughlin and Casey Kuhlman's experiences on the March to Baghdad. I had not read anything on the Iraq War, and after reading this book feel that was an oversight. All Americans were involved in this, we all put these guys on the ground, and to hear about their experiences onl...more
There was a part of me that wanted to like this book very much.

It is clear from this book and others like it (ie. Ambush Alley) that the Marine Corps has evolved
greatly from my days of service (1960-1964) and the technology and combat training
is certainly superior to that of my time.

I found it hard to feel much affinity with GySgt Coughlin as he seemed to come across
as egotistic and arrogant in pursuing a course of action that others had rejected (mostly
his superiors).

On the other hand, he came...more
I borrowed this from my friend, because it seemed like an interesting read, especially for someone who occasionally dabbles in military-related books. It was my first book dealing with Iraq, so I wasn't sure quite what to expect. I think it could've been better.

The pros:
The book is well written, and the the events happen in the correct chronology.
I especially liked the ProMet part and how Jack Coughlin was able to establish a new, mobile way of sniping.
It has several fast paced parts where I r...more
A fairly unbiased and true account of the second Iraq war. While the book has several gung-ho moments Coughlin does a great job of explaining how warriors must put their emotions on hold in order to complete their missions. While he does reveal how he handles his demons from his actions he mostly describes how the standard sniper doctrine is outdated and how he and his team contributed to a more modern tactic that places the sniper on a constantly moving battlefield.

A very engaging novel with a...more
A quite readable, well-written account by a Marine sniper/sergeant in the vanguard of the Iraqi invasion by the Coalition forces. He describes his grim experiences as a sniper and his clever innovations to boost the snipers' military effectiveness as mobile warriors used in urban war zones like the Iraqi cities. He was there at the famous toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in the city square in Baghdad. If you want to read the fighting soldier's view of the invasion, this is a good source. So...more
Malik Jordan
Feb 09, 2014 Malik Jordan rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Army, Marines, Veterans, war lover
Recommended to Malik by: Litt Teacher
Shooter was a very stale book to me and i didn't like this book. It was very hard to get into not only was it stale,but there were points in story that was filled with action. Shooter is really a book for men and women that are in the Army,Marines, or vets. If u really are into to war stories it for, if your not into war and are just a casual reader, or care about how many pages are in the book DON'T read this book.
Shooter was book about events in the Iraq war. It a autobiography about a top ran...more
Although the story is written with a classic republican and somewhat of a redneck attitude, it is still quite admirable to listen to some of the hardships soldiers are exposed to, even in a war so one sided. However this book also brings to light what it takes to be sniper.
Jeff Yoak
This is a well-told autobiography of a Marine Corps sniper. The subject is generally interesting, but yet my attention started to wander and I lost interest. If you are particularly interested in the subject matter, I'd recommend the book.
Larry Bassett
In politics in 2012 there is a lot of talk about the lack of compromise, the hardening and inflexibility of positions. As a person predominantly on the left for most of my adult life, I have experienced that inflexibility in my own life. I have opposed all war. I have boycotted grapes and lettuce and Wal-Mart. I have voted for third parties and donated money to radical causes like the War Resisters League and Planned Parenthood. (Just so you aren’t confused, where I live now Planned Parenthood i...more
Andrew Miller
The book "Shooter" was about a marine snipers first hand account of his Iraq tour after 9/11. He talks about all of his difficulties both in the army and in his personal life back home. It goes into details on training they had previously to 9/11 and then all the little battles and towns they went through on their way to Baghdad. Throughout the story he keeps track of his kills and details like what was going through his head during the time of the shot. He also talks about how he is trying to...more
James Walton
When I was reading Shooter I found out that my favorite character is SGT. Jack Cougnlin. The reason I picked him is that he is a very skilled sniper and that he doesn’t take crap from anyone. While I was reading my least favorite character was started to be Capt. Casey Kuhlman. He would talk trash to all the snipers and would disagree with them. I will give him credit of how good he can fight but he is my least favorite character. While reading this book it made me happy and a little sad. The r...more
Rennie Heza
Aug 21, 2013 Rennie Heza rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Those who can handle gore
Recommended to Rennie by: Kobo
Shooter is an autobiography describing a top ranked marine sniper’s deployment in Afghanistan during Operation Desert Storm. Coughlin not only discusses the physical aspect of war, but also focuses on his thoughts towards the war against the Taliban and the effects of his troubled past as a highly trained killer. In this gripping account from the battlefield, Coughlin tells the story of war from his own perspective, ranging from unexpected shootouts to stealthy, slowly-developing long range kill...more
Book review I have read a book called Shooter
I enjoy this book because of all the action and adventure; it’s a book that can teach you about self defense. I have read this book three times! There’s explosives, heavy guns, terrorist, and it’s just about the same that’s happening in the middle east. So if you like weapons of mass destruction this is your book!
This book is all about C.I.A (government) chasing an elite marine who got framed, he traveled from South America to Africa to Middle East...more
Will teichman
Book Review
I read a book over summer break Called Shooter; the book is a journal by Jack Coughlin in the Iraq-Afghanistan war. He trained in the Marine, when he hit the firing range in training he found out that shooting is easy for him. Soon he became the top scoring shooting in his platoon. When he was deployed to Iraq he rode with his platoon, the ¾ platoons or “The Bull” for short. His commanding chief was nicknamed Officer Bob, because he had no back bone and pulled Jack to the rear with t...more
Shooter is an autobiography in which a top ranked marine sniper deployed in Afghanistan focuses on his thoughts toward the war against the Taliban and his troubled past a highly trained killer. The author, Jack Coughlin, does a beautiful job describing the events that occurred during his years in the Marines. Jack made me feel like I was actually in Afghanistan fighting the enemy that he made me so strongly hate. I loved how the author gave me a very vivid sense of change in the book. In the beg...more
I loved this book, very well written and very insightful. It's very moving and very personal. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jack Coughlin's experiences and his own thoughts about everything that he went through during the war in Iraq. There is not a lot about Jack Coughlin's life before the Iraq war, but through the commentary you can piece together a lot of his motives and part of his backstory.
The short chapters made the book easy to read, but the publisher did an awful job of proof-reading and formatting the book. The book is an interesting look into the life of a marine sniper that focuses his experiences during the Iraq war. His vivid account of his daily engagements were graphic at times, but overall it was a good read to see what the war in Iraq looked like through the eyes of a "middle manager" who had to balance his desire to be on the front lines with his soldiers with his ord...more
My cousin was an Army Ranger. He was on 4 tours and was a sniper. He doesn't discuss things that happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this book gave me a slight idea as to what he'd been through. I was genuinely interested in the narrative, and I must say that I am pretty picky. I would recommend it to most, but like people always say "to each his own".
Jack Hansen
The Iraq War through the eyes of Marine sniper, Jack Coughlin, reveals an honest, autobiographical view of modern-day warfare with its stressors that challenge a soldier in every aspect of his life. Coughlin explains what is going on inside the man as he maintains a rugged veneer of a stoic, cold demeanor that earns him the reputation as a bad-ass. The skill he demonstrates throughout the book is worthy of praise and glory, both of which he does not desire. A career Marine who would not change a...more
I gave this book three stars because I like it, but it was not as exciting as I had expected. There were a couple of really good chapters but the rest of the book was not as interesting of a read as I had hoped. The one thing that I really didn’t like about the book was a lot of the terminology I couldn’t understand. Just giving a specific name of a weapon is enough for some people but I would have really liked it if they were to give a bit of a description. Because of my lack of knowledge of wa...more
anthony Bergeron
Awesome book. Being an Iraqi and Afghanistan war veteran it certainly gives great explanation of how an "old style" sniper system has been integrated in today's fast paced style of war. Mr. Couphlin also gives us a peek into his personal life and the sacrifice he had given for his country outside of war.
Jerry Peterson
A must-read if you are interested in military matters, particularly if you were a Marine or Army infantryman.

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jack Coughlin was the Corps' top sniper before he retired. He and his captain, Casey Kuhlman, set out to create a new battle tactic in the second Iraq war -- move your snipers up behind the advancing front line to kill the opponent's snipers and unit commanders before they can do harm to your troops.

They made it work in the drive on and capture of Baghdad, Coughlin...more
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Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin’s autobiography, Shooter, describes his experiences as the top-ranked marine sniper in the Iraq War.

Coughlin is also the author, with Donald A. Davis, of the Kyle Swanson Sniper Novels: Kill Zone, Dead Shot, Clean Kill, and An Act of Treason.

Coughlin grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts, and joined the Marines when he was 19. He served with the Marines during the drive to...more
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