Hearts on a String: A Novel
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Hearts on a String: A Novel

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Bestselling author Kris Radish delves deeply into the emotions of five very different women who are thrown together by chance—only to discover that they have more in common than they ever could have imagined.

Holly Blandeen has always cherished the story her grandmother told her about the thread that connects all women, tying them forever in sisterhood. It’s a beautiful ide...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published May 25th 2010 by Bantam (first published 2010)
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I was prepared to be somewhat disappointed in this book, because there are so many negative reviews. I have to say that I, once again, love Radish. Granted, with two absolutely stellar books (IMO - Annie Freeman, and Elegant Gathering)we are bound to like some of her work a little less. And yes, some of this was a stretch, but it's FICTION, it's reading for PLEASURE. If I wanted a dose of depressing reality, I'd watch the news.
There were a couple places I was disappointed, primarily when, inste...more
From My Blog...[return][return]An endearing novel showing how women are inter-connected, Hearts on a String by Kris Radish begins with a woman explaining to her young great-granddaughter that a string connects all women, some women instinctively know and others eventually find this out. Flash forward almost thirty years to a bathroom, across from a bar in the Tampa International Airport, where investment banker Nan Telvid drops her iPhone into the toilet and soon four women, Patti, Cathy, Margo,...more
I received my pre-publication copy of "Hearts on a String" from the Goodreads contest and was very impressed with the speed of delivery. I got the e-mail on Tuesday and had my book on Friday.
Five stranded women sharing a hotel room during a storm sounded like a fun light read but I felt led astray when I actually read it. There were 5 women with multiple layers to their lives and personalities. The characters were too complex and involved for my liking for a chick lit style book that I thought...more
This is a Firstreads giveaway book I won today, 6/16/10.

When I registered to win this book, I thought it would be a positive female bonding among new friends, not a bunch of women who are arguing, hostile, drinking and using inappropriate language. The first chapter was so funny that I was looking forward to reading the entire book. However, I was so disappointed that I found myself, about half-way through, skimming the pages, looking for something that might catch my attention. It lacked the ex...more
I received this book as a first-read from goodreads, and I was so excited to read it, but unfortunately, it was not a great read.
In the beginning of the book, I had to keep trying to remember who each character was, because as each character develops, there is always dialogue and actions from all five of the woman characters.
The five women meet by chance in the bathroom of an airport during a major storm. The book takes alot of twists and has some surprises, but seems to lose the reader several...more
I won this book in the Goodreads giveaway. I had a hard time getting through it. I felt the characters were poorly developed and inconsistent in their behaviors. One thing that also bothered me was that a lot of the metaphors were over the top and seemed almost cheesy. It was mentioned several times how crazy the women felt it was that they had stayed in the hotel with each other, yet they did it. Also, the whole fbi thing was a little unbelievable. Overall, I did not develop an attachment to th...more
This is a book I won from the Goodreads book give-away. Having never read a "pre-edited" book before, I have to say the typos and errors are annoying and distracting.

On to the story. In this story you will find: female bonding, psychics, murder, embezzlement, adultery, stalking, self-esteem issues, working mom issues, adult-child of alcoholic issues, lonliness and a storm. All wrapped up in a Florida beach resort. There is something for everyone.....but for me, there is too much.

I love the fema...more
I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I really, really, really wanted to like this book. So much so that I tried 4 different times to pick it back up. I finally MADE myself finish it because I'm one of those people that can't leave books unfinished. I was very disappointed. I'm probably being generous with 2 stars....It was that disappointing.

I realize that it was an advanced copy, but many of the typos were just plain distracting. I can't believe some of the obvious errors weren't fixed be...more
I won this book on the Goodreads book give-away. This is the first time I have read a pre-edited version of a book and at first it was a little distracting. I wanted to get out my red pen and proofread as I was going. Don't these typesetters know about spell check? Now I have that out of my system, I can get on with the story itself.

The story was a little bizarre and unrealistic, but that kind of added to the fun. I had a little trouble getting into it in the beginning, but I just had to keep r...more
A group of women meet for the very first time in an airport bathroom in Florida. They seem to come together while helping one of the women retrieve her cell phone that has fallen into the toilet. Just as soon as the phone is saved an announcement shocks them all. The airport is closing due to a freak storm. No flights are going anywhere. Their choices are few, camp out in the airport with hundreds/thousands of other people for God knows how long or share a luxury hotel suite. They choose the hot...more
I won this book from the goodreads giveaway and couldn't wait to start reading it.

After five women meet randomly in an airport bathroom they find out there is a big storm warning and their departures have been canceled until further notice. These five women do not know each other but they all decide to go and share a room at a fancy hotel. All five women have their doubts, secrets, and worries plus all of them know what they are doing is crazy. Although they know the idea of sharing a room with...more
Megan Palasik
I won this book as a first-reads giveaway winner.

I liked this book a lot more than I originally thought I would. This is the story of 5 women who meet in an airport restroom and form a bond over the following 4 days. They didn't always get along and they didn't always like each other, but in the end, they formed a wonderful bond.

This is a wonderful story of womanhood, strength, companionship, and adventure. It's not just a fluff-filled women knitting and drinking tea story. There is a surprisin...more
What happens when five women who are strangers meet in an airport bathroom, and after being stranded by a surprise storm, decide to get a suite together in a five-star hotel?

Well it could have been a fun story, full of women finding out how much they have in common, laughing at each others stories, reveling in their womanhood, motherhood and sisterhood.

Instead the majority of the story wound up being a bunch of nagging and nit-picking women constantly griping at one another, rolling their eyes,...more
The book was so boring in the begining I probably would not have finished it had it not been this month's book club book read. I have to admit, it got better. Not a whole lot, but enough to keep it interesting. There were some funny parts that I actually laughed out loud. One was when 4 of the woman in the hotel elevator with their weapons; a rat-tail comb, a can of hair spray, and two butter knives. The were looking for the 5th woman and they meant business. Trouble is they looked it too and sc...more
Aug 01, 2010 Mystique rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommended to Mystique by: Mother In Law
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
First off, let me say that this is not my typical read. I usually avoid "chick lit" as it generally strikes me as sappy, not very well written and manipulative.

That said, I did read this one through to the end and not toss it aside in favor of something else in my stack.

I did find it pretty unbelievable, although the characters (at least to me) were more fully developed than I expected after reading other reviews.

I continue to be dismayed by the language. Really. I don't know any women who tal...more
I really didn't care for this book. The premise that five women who are strangers and stranded at the airport and decide to get a hotel room together where through the time spent together and experiences shared they become friends sounded like it could be interesting. However, for a good portion of the book, the reader is reminded of how uncomfortable they feel, how the environment is hostile, and how they wonder if it would have been better sleeping in the airport for three days. A good deal of...more
I feel kind of confused after reading this book. The cover and title made me think it would be somewhat of a chick-lit book, as did the first 3/5 of the book. But then suddenly it turned into a mystery and fantasy story and went downhill from there. I really liked the premise of 5 complete strangers waiting out a storm in a hotel room together, and that's why I enjoyed reading the first half of the book. I even laughed out loud a few times. But then everything got turned around and I lost track...more
I received this book as one of the giveaways. It took me awhile to finally read it but it was worth the wait. I really enjoyed it. Some of the reviews say the book is unrealistic and that the author is too wordy. Maybe the premise of 5 women sharing a hotel suite during a storm is a little unrealistic, but I looked at it as something that could maybe happen with my co-workers during a blizzard or some natural catastrophe. People staying in close quarters, even best friends, are bound to get on e...more
Somewhat implausible, but entertaining, story about 5 women who meet in a airport restroom. One of the women, Nan, has dropped her iphone into the toilet. The other women help her remove it, when she promptly stomps it with her foot. The women are Patti, a club singer, Cathy, an executive at Wendy's who is having an affair with Nan's husband, Holly, a hairstylist who finds she is a psychic, and Margo, a woman who appears to be a housewife and mother, but is also an FBI agent.

Nan's husband has be...more
while it may not be "great literature" ... it is a wonderfully entertaining and heartwarming novel ... filled with interesting women and a grand gathering of spirits ... I really enjoy the way the author writes of the rituals and connections women create and share. A good read when you want something to make you feel happy.
Definitely chick lit. It was a little hard to get into this book but somehow it kept me wanting to read further. The writing was a little hard to follow but the ending was good. Somehow I had hoped that there would be more like the last chapter throughout the book.
When 5 random women get stranded in a Tampa airport, they spend time together and discover things about each other and themselves that they never knew.

This book is pretty realistic and I enjoyed it. It goes to show you that people hide a lot of things and people aren't always as they seem, but not necessarily in a bad way.

My one complaint is that the author didn't do a full "6 months later" or "one year later" scenario with the women, although Radish did address it somewhat with the text message...more
Kathleen Smith
I am a fan of Kris Radish and was so excited to receive Hearts on a String from Early Reviewers. The concept of women meeting randomly in a restroom was enticeing, however less believable that the plots in earlier books ( The Elegant Gathering of White Snows) (Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral). I was still excited! This ended by the time these women were riding to the fancy hotel that one of the woman paid for and did not regain my interest until I got to the Texting at the End. What h...more
I won an advance reader copy of this book and was anxious to get started. The book started off really slow. All of the characters were introduced at once and it was really hard to remember who was who and hard to get to know them as a result. I was probably 70 pages into the book before I began to easily identify each character and remember who they were. One thing I found disconcerting throughout the book is that I didn't feel connected to any of the characters.

The story got better as the book...more
Five women meet by chance in an airport bathroom just as a storm shuts down all the airports they were flying to. Stranded in Florida, they agree to share the last hotel suite available. All five are suffering from extreme stress induced by the melt-downs of their personal lives and aggravated by the storm. Added to this, the hotel is hosting a convention of mind-readers who pass out leaflets warning of a rapist and murderer nearby, possibly in the hotel.

Kris Radish sets a fiery pace as the demo...more
it was good. she always has a great combination of interesting women. for me nothing will ever compare to Annie Freeman's traveling funeral.
For the first 3/4 of the book, I hated most of these characters - which was a surprise because I have enjoyed many of Kris Radish's other books. Perhaps it was because she kept harping on how they all hated each other and wondered why the hell they stuck together. It felt too forced.

I did, however, keep reading through to the end, just to find out what happened. I found a lot of the plot weird and slightly hokey. FBI psychics? A random rapist/murderer? It seemed there would be more realistic pro...more
I really wanted to like this book, as it was a Goodreads first-read book, but I found it very disappointing. The whole premise of the book felt very forced, as did the writing. The characters were underdeveloped and not likable. A few parts were comical, but for the most part it just felt forced.

I think I would have liked it more if it were written with each chapter from a different character's perspective, similar to how My Sister's Keeper and The Poisonwood Bible were written. That would have...more
Gisele Courville
Mar 25, 2010 Gisele Courville rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: no one
I won an Advanced Readers' Copy of this book through Goodreads. I don't know why I read the whole book. I wanted to quit so many times and that is a very rare thing for me. I wanted to like it but just could not. There was nothing special about the characters. I never felt like the characters formed a bond even though it is implied that they did. And the whole storm thing didn't make sense either. It seemed to be similar to a hurricane (I live in the south in hurricane land) yet they never lost...more
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Kris started writing the moment she could hold a pencil. She grew up in Wisconsin, graduted from the University of Wisconsin with a journalism degree and hit the ground running. Her father calls her "the tornado". She worked as a newspaper reporter, bureau chief, nationally syndicated columnist, magazine writer, university lecturer, bartender, waitress, worm harvester, window washer....to name a f...more
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