The Irish Warrior
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The Irish Warrior

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  312 ratings  ·  57 reviews
As his men are slaughtered around him, legendary Irish warrior Finian O'Melaghlin is held captive by the despised English Lord Rardove. Struggling to break free, Finian finds aid from an unlikely source: the beautiful Senna de Valery, who is also trying to escape Rardove's bloodthirsty grasp. Risking both their lives, Senna releases Finian from his shackles so they can bot...more
Kindle Edition, 401 pages
Published June 1st 2010 by Zebra
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Emery Lee
This was quite differrent from my "normal" choices in historical romance. The setting is Medieval Ireland, and the plot has elements of fantasy centered around a supposed legend of the Wishme mollusks that can be made into a dye with both camoflauging and explosive qualities.

The heroine of the story is Senna de Valery, a wool merchant and daughter of a "dye-witch", and believed to be the only living person who knows the secrets of the Wishme mollusks. In the story, several factions are battling...more
Mary B.
The characters in this book were quite exaggerated and annoying, and I felt there was very little chemistry between the hero and heroine. The heroine at first seemed like one of those tough, brash, 'doesn't take crap from anybody' types, but she came off as more sarcastic and silly. The hero was pretty typical, but he had virtually no personality. And I know this is personal preference of writing style - but I really hate when a character's dialogue is written with a thick accent, and this hero'...more
Another excellent story. Great story telling. Kennedy is a very talented author who is capable of verbally illustrating almost tangible settings and characters. Finian was a bit of heaven on earth, really liked his style. Good character chemistry with enough build up pace to keep it interesting but not so fast it was typical love at first sight ploy. Senna was crafted wonderfully, with depth and heart. The entire story was a swift current of action and adventure, and some fairly steamy love scen...more
Victoria Vane
This was quite differrent from my "normal" choices in historical romance. The setting is Medieval Ireland, and the plot has elements of fantasy centered around a supposed legend of the Wishme mollusks that can be made into a dye with both camoflauging and explosive qualities.

The heroine of the story is Senna de Valery, a wool merchant and daughter of a "dye-witch", and believed to be the only living person who knows the secrets of the Wishme mollusks. In the story, several factions are battling...more
I became a Kris Kennedy fan when I read her debut book, The Conqueror. Her second book, The Irish Warrior, offers the same multi-dimensional characters, genuine sense of period history, and lucid prose that made me, a doubting Thomasina when it comes to Medieval romances, add The Conquerorto my keepers. It will be joined by The Irish Warrior.

Kennedy makes Medieval Ireland more than a mere backdrop in this compelling story. It is a vital presence in the book, skillfully integrated into plot and c...more
Sonya Lano
Alright, I'm just going to wing it with this review so excuse any possible ramblings or disorder to it!

I started off loving this book. I loved the writing, the character of Senna was drawn really well, and the premise caught my interest - the slight mystery of the dyes, Senna's link to them, and her mother's disappearance. Rardove, too, was an excellently drawn character and actually he was my favorite person in the whole book - yes, call me wicked, call me messed up, call me whatever, but the v...more
It is close to St. Patrick's Day so I wanted to indulge my inner Irish and my love for reading so I randomly chose this one based on the blurb. It sounded exciting talking about a romantic adventure in medieval Ireland.

And did it live up to expectation? Oh yes! And then some. It is definitely a historical romance, but there was also a slight fantasy twist and a large dose of intrigue. As I advanced through the book, mysteries were answered as more were revealed. People were not always what they...more
Senna de Valery is an English woman who has journeyed to Ireland to make a business deal with Lord Rardove. She’s there to sell her prized sheep for their high quality wool, but Lord Rardove has other plans for Senna. He wants her for the recipe to make the legendary dye. To keep her at his side and do as she is told, Rardove plans on marrying her against her will.

Finian O’Melaghlin is an important emissary to the king of Ireland. He is being held in Rardove’s dungeon. Senna comes up with a pla...more
Free Kindle download. I was pleasantly surprised by this book -- I liked the characters and the writing. I fear it may veer more towards the mythical or fantastical rather than the historical with all the references to the cloth dying, but it's a premise I haven't seen yet and actually liked.

I liked that the characters are both strong-willed and independent, and I liked how they met and came together. Those first scenes were like watching a movie for me. The lovemaking in the face of danger was...more
Caitlin Darrell
One of those instances where I had to ignore the cover to get into the book, but I'm actually really glad I did. I'm not sure why I've been reading a string of romances (especially historical romances) lately - possibly due to the heavy material I'm forced to read for classes - and The Irish Warrior was definitely one of the better I've read. Senna was a really spirited, assertive heroine, and though his overbearing pride annoyed me quite a bit, Finian was a good match for her.

Overall, an addic...more
Mollie *scoutrmom*
This was another free ebook from for the Kindle for PC application.

This story is an improbable jaunt through medieval Ireland. I liked the characters and the setting, but the author has a lot to learn about crafting a believable plot. Perhaps readers who are not very familiar with history might enjoy it more than I did.
Last year Kris Kennedy blew me away with her debut medieval, The Conqueror. I'm happy to report she's penned another winner with The Irish Warrior.

I adored the Irish setting and rich characterizations. Another stellar release.
These were the first three things I typed about this book: Oh my god I love this book (had read 6 paragraphs), Finian is awesome, and the fight in Senna is glorious. These were pretty much my feelings throughout this whole story.
Right away the chemistry and word play between Finian and Senna scorches the pages and pulls the reader in. Because of the by play between these two characters I will now read any book Kris Kennedy writes.
This being a romance book there is of course the requisite "We can...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jill Dunlop
Senna de Valery, an English woman who has journeyed to Ireland to make a business deal with Lord Rardove, finds herself in a terrible situation. She believed that she would be selling her prized sheep for their high quality wool, but instead she finds that the man intends to marry her and have her make the recipe for a legendary dye. Meanwhile deep in the dungeons of Rardove's castle he has imprisoned Finian O'Melaghlin an important emissary to the king of Ireland and a great warrior. Senna help...more
I'd grabbed this book from the library based on a review of it that I read somewhere. I can no longer find said review so I don't recall what it was that attracted me to this book.

It took me a while to get through it. I didn't particularly like either the hero or the heroine. The story didn't quite work for me, especially the part during the middle where the hero and heroine conveniently sit around and share their issues.

But the number one deal breaker for me is the fact that dogs die in this bo...more
Very poor book. It started ok even if similar with other books but then it got really nasty. The heroine is one of the poorest that I have ever "met" in a book. I mean really, with an army at 2m from you the only thing that you can do is chat and have sex....? While the author appears to want to create a true "intelligent" woman the only thing that I have notice is that she has no common sense and is not able to keep her mouth shut to which we add murder. I mean really...
The hero is OK, nothing...more
dang I missed the 'erotica' label on the side...kinda ruined my mood cuz I was enjoying the banter between these two but it got a little to crazy for my taste... I tried not to let that factor into my rating too much.. I did think it was bad taste to have a little s&m episode when they were within range of enemy camp...I mean really was that necessary?

The heroine was sometimes funny, sometimes childish, sometimes just downright weird. The hero was typical tough highlander who was sometimes c...more
Okay so I finished this one last night. I enjoyed it. A lot more than I thought I might. :) That said, There is a point toward the back half of the book where Senna's brother suddenly switches from being Will/William to being Liam. O_o Huh? I found it very annoying and proof of some poor editing. Finally, there was the sex scene in the deer blind. I imagine there will be some people who will be quite scandalized by it. I will be interested to read other reviews of this book. :D All in all, I enj...more
Cookie cutter romance novel.

Strong female character....

In this book a tale of intrigue is spun around a so called legend of a blue indigo die. Everyone is fighting to figure out how to make it from mollusk shells. They- the Irish/ Scotts/ English- need the receipe and a dye witch. She is a dye witch but is a successful wool merchant. She wants nothing to do with the dye business becasue she believes it destroyed her family.

In the end... nothing is as it seems.... the dye is not just dye- the wo...more
Kelly Gay
I loved Kris Kennedy's first novel, and this second is no exception. Senna is a great heroine. Driven. Independent. Smart. And her profession is so unique. I found her to be a very fresh and intriguing character, one that I was rooting for and cared about. Pair her with Finian and you've got major fireworks. He is the perfect foil for Senna and I found their sparring to be highly entertaining. A very satisfying read!
Mary:   Harry Dresden's Love Slave
I liked this a lot. It's an entertaining read. But then I am not really looking for a history lesson when I pick up a historical romance. I do have a pet peeve about it though and that was that the heroine's hair kept changing color. One time she's described as having yellow-red hair, another time it was dark read hair, another time it was brown hair. Inconsistancies like that annoy me. But overall it was a good fun read.
Great book. Some people complained it was over the top, the hero was a bit too alpha growly, the heroine a bit too beautiful, but these things didn't bother me at all. Very steamy book and I felt like the hero and heroine had perfect chemistry. Overall, loved it.

One real complaint I have about Kennedy's books is that they are very historical, so much so, I doubt I doubt a HEA....but this book is definitly worth the read.
Lacy♪ ♫Movements of a Demigod ♪ ♫
I found this to be an enjoyable read. It was a bit hard to follow with the name changes (William/Liam) and trying to figure out how everything is connected. I really enjoyed the relationchip between Ian and Senna. I was nice to have a strong female character that won't back down, instead of the typical wilting violet. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes historical romances.
Erica Anderson
Wow, I am loving this book so far, and I'm usually not a big fan of Scottish/Irish historicals (author attempts to do dialect tend to annoy me). But there's great repartee between the hero and heroine, and Finian is . . . ohhhh so swoon-worthy. I'll definitely be looking for The Conqueror and am crossing my fingers that Kris Kennedy will be writing Will's story next.
Robin Covington
I am not a frequent reader of historical romance. I do love romance - I love to read hot, sensual romance with characters who captivate me and compel me to turn the page because I just can't stand to not know what happens next.

This is one of those books.

Finian is sexy, alpha, and funny. Senna is brave, beautiful, and smart.

Read this book.
Mary Mccall
I got this book the day it came out and stayed up for two night. It was so good that when I reached the end, I turned back to page one and started it again. This is a top-notch read and a definite bust the charts novel. Kris Kennedy should move up the lists and she proven her ability to take risks and not write the same old medieval romance story.
This is a Grand Adventure with spies and kings, a dangerous landscape, a mad villain, and political intrigue. The leads are wonderful bigger-than-life characters -- a potential king and a witch in possession of a world-altering secret.

The prose is lovely, the romance heart-clutching. Grabbed me in exactly the right spot. I loved it!
Nicole Laverdure
I really love Ms. Kennedy's second novel. I love of her style of writing! Lots of action and intrigue between strong and sexy Finian and smart and beautiful Senna. Ms. Kennedy really knows of to write steamy love scenes. Lots of historical details. If you love medieval romance stories, then I suggest "The Irish Warrior"
Oh my. Kris Kennedy has a beautiful style of writing. She literally took my breath away in some of the scenes. Anyone who loves Highlanders, historical romance, or epic fantasy should read The Irish Warrior. It was an amazing story with intrigue, love, steamy romance, a bit of mystery and magic plus witty banter.
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