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Morning Girl
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Morning Girl

3.29 of 5 stars 3.29  ·  rating details  ·  827 ratings  ·  230 reviews
The award-winning author of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water presents a tale based on an entry in the diary of Christopher Columbus that tells of a native family living in a vibrant community striving to coexist with the natural world.
Paperback, 80 pages
Published May 18th 1999 by Disney-Hyperion (first published September 1st 1990)
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Ying Ying Z
The book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris was about a family that lived on a Bahamian island in 1492. The characters Star Boy and Morning Girl are siblings and they are the foils of each other. This book has all the five literary elements and many evidences to support each element. This book has many conflicts unlike other books that only have one main conflict and it didn‘t follow the format of a story plot. Overall, this book was a unique and descriptive book.

The author's development of characte
Amani Nijem
"In the book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris, one of the main characters, Morning Girl talks about her relationship with her younger brother Star Boy. The novella contains the five literary elements, characters, diction, setting, conflict, and moral. The book overall is well written and is a satisfactory book.

The characters of the novella are very detailed and are easy to visualize. Throughout the book the main characters, Star Boy and Morning Girl, alternate in writing the chapters of the book.
Evonne Z
The novel, Morning Girl is rather uninteresting. It’s not very clear and has a bunch of things that are a bit too difficult to comprehend, especially for the fact that this book is for ages 9 and up. Even so, it is welcomed for people of all ages to read this.
A positive literary element this novel shows is of the characters. According to the novel, ‘What I don’t like is nothing. I don’t mean I like everything because I don’t.’ (Page 8) This quote explains that Star Boy is very picky, but he is
Winnie Zeng
In the book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris, it shows how there are two sides of the book. It shows how siblings can have rivals but still get along. It has unique character traits and this book is meant for ages 9 and up. The diction of this book is poorly for young readers. Overall, the book can be recommend to older readers.

The author’s development of character and setting is strong. Michael Dorris writes in a way that Morning Girl and Star Boy can be realistic. They show character traits a
Lok Ting
A historical fiction novel, "Morning Girl" by Michael Dorris is a very character based book. The morals are encouraging and for young readers. The chapters are alternating perspectives between the main character Morning Girl and her younger brother, Star Boy. This book has many simple wording, but has a complex plot.

In every book there are both good and bad points. This book doesn't get a five star rating because there are morals for each chapter, which makes the book more complexed. The diction
Andy Lau
The book, Morning Girl, is about a young girl and her younger brother. The book is meant to be for young audiences. The book is pretty boring and confusing. The characters are un-inspiring. The setting is unknown. The diction is childish. The theme was unclear.

The book wasn't meant for teenagers. It was made for 12 years olds to 9 year olds. The conflict wasn't very big too. The biggest problem in the story was probably the miscarriage that the mother had. The diction was suppose to be "age app
Louis Cai
In the historical fiction book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris, Morning Girl and her brother Star Boy had problems together. As things start to happen, they start to get along. The author presents us with 5 elements of a story to present us the book. Morning Girl was a mediocre book.

The author's development of character and setting was thorough. He uses "He messed up the niceness of me, just being himself, he was too loud;making jokes when he should be serious, talking when he should listen, ru
Amanda Zheng
In a novel, Morning Girl by Michael Dorris is about these two siblings, Starboy and Morning Girl. This book is for ages 9 and up.At first, Morning Girl and Starboy's relationships were bad. As the story continues on, their relationship begins to grow. Every chapter has its' own problems and solutions. The story takes place in Bahamian Island.
Michael describes the characters very specific. Every little things, Michael can describe it in a paragraph explaining what he is trying to tell the readers
Alicia Feller
Title: Morning Girl
Author: Michael Dorris
Illustrator: N/A
Genre: Historical Fiction
Subgenre: N/A
Date of publication: 1992
Publishing company: Hyperion
ISBN Number: 9780786813582
Award(s): Scott O'Dell Award (1993), Booklist Editors' Choice, Horn Book Fanfare, New York Times Book Review Notable Book of (1992)
Themes: Community; Exploration and Discovery; Native Americans; Change
Primary characters:
Morning Girl
Star Boy
Secondary characters:
Morning Girl is so named because she loves
Sydney R.
in the book morning girl, morning girl and star boy are brothers and sisters. They are like any other family but instead of names they use tag names. They all go through a lot they went from a miscarriage to a really big storm. Star boy and morning girl have a relationship like any other siblings they fight, they are always in competition, and disagree a lot but they still love each other. The book was uninteresting because it lacked setting, conflict, and moral but had a good amount of charact ...more
William Uhm
This novel "Morning Girl" is by Michael Dorris. This novel is about a girl named Morning Girl and boy named Star Boy having some dramatic situations in their lives. They seem that they're not getting along together as well in the story. Overall, this novel was boring and repetitive.
The author's development of character was kind of vague because the character in the story was unspecific about themselves and their situations. Also, the development of setting was pretty strong because at the midd
Mingming Mai
In the novel Morning girl writtin by Michael Dorris is for young childern at the age nine and up. Morning Girl and Star boy are alternating chapters in the book. Morning Girl is the older sister and Star Boy is the younger brother.This book is very unintriguing because there isnt much action. The author makes it so there is two sides of the story. With every chapter changing points of views the book isnt competely terrible because it has some unusual writing techniques.

Michael Dorris uses some l
Jennifer Santamaria
The novel Morning Girl by Michael Dorris is told in the alternating point of views of the two main characters, Starboy and Morning Girl. The book was originally intended for a younger audience, mainly for ages 9 and up, but the messages being portrayed are understandable for any age. this novel tells about morning Girl, a twelve-year-old Taino and her younger brother Starboy. Their relationship isn't the strongest, but throughout the plot, their relationship changes for the better. Overall, Morn ...more
Georgie G.
The book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris is a mediocre book. The settings are constantly changing and they can cause confusion to the reader. There are a couple of hidden messages though in every story and that is what makes this book interesting. For example, the messages of growing up, becoming a young adult and having to give up on our childhood.

Most of the messages portrayed in the book Morning Girl are hard to realize but if you read the book carefully and go through every setting of the s
Sami C
Morning Girl by Michael Dorris, the book recommended to 9 and up according to the back cover. The problems between Morning girl and her younger brother, Star Boy experience things that not many children notice or realize today. They have problems very similar to those children who have a sibling of another age. This novella however is not suitable for children 9 and up; the character, setting, conflict and moral/ theme is very difficult to those of 9- 12 year, especially the diction.

The charac
Grace Gao
The book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris was about an older sister named Morning Girl and her younger brother named Star Boy. They experience many things and are always learning something new. They live in an island called Bahamian in 1492. This book contains all five literary elements. Morning Girl was a very unique book because its format was different from other books.

The character, diction, and conflict were very powerful. The author’s development of diction is very powerful because she doe
Natalieee :D
Reading the book Morning Girl is really touching in different ways. It’s a historical fiction story taken place during the 1400s. The protagonist Morning Girl and her younger brother Starboy are complete opposites. They always disagree, they think and live differently and they don't get along easily. They talk about their life they are living with the family with problems and situations. Throughout the book, Starboy grows as a character. He and his sister, start to understand more about themsel ...more
Diana K
The book MORNING GIRL is written by Michael Dorris. It was the winner of the Scott O’Dell award for historical fiction. MORNING GIRL takes place on an island, where the book revolves around two very different siblings. Those two siblings are called Morning Girl and Star Boy. The book progresses on about how the two siblings see the world. The book is recommended for young adults, preferably for ages twelve and up.

The author’s development of the characters is thorough. Throughout the novel both
Morning Girl by Michael Dorris is generally a puzzling book. Morning Girl was the winner of the Scott O’Dell award for Historical Fiction. The main characters and narrators are, Morning Girl and Star Boy. They are siblings that live on an island. The audience of the book is recommended for ages nine and up. Morning Girl would be hard to understand for young readers.

The characters and moral/theme in Morning Girl is relevant and valuable. The progress of the characters in the story is efficient b
Michelle Veliz
Morning Girl by Michael Dorris is about a tribal girl named Morning girl and her brother Star boy living on an island. Morning Girl and Star boy alternate point of views throughout the chapters in the book. Morning Girl and Star boy are very different from each other. For example, Morning Girl likes going to sleep early and waking up early in the morning. On the other hand, Star Boy likes the night because he stares at the stars. The book should read by ages nine and up. This book may of won the ...more
Elizabeth Yong
Morning Girl is a novella by Michael Dorris. This book was meant for people ages nine and up, but it will be very confusing and vague for a young reader to understand. It’s about two siblings, Star Boy and Morning Girl, living in an island having family problems. Morning Girl doesn’t feel that her brother is part of the family since he’s so different and Star Boy doesn’t want to agree and be like his sister.

The development of Morning Girl is very relatable and the characters are actually real.
Erica Lei
The book Morning Girl, written by Dorris, is an uninteresting but life lessoned story. This book is unclear and difficult to understand so the ratings shouldn’t be 9 and up. Even though this book is dull there are some positive and negative things about it.

This book is somewhat positive because of the literary elements, characters and morals/themes. The characters are relatable and they teach us life lessons. Based on the quote, “If something isn’t too much or too little, I don’t pay attention…
Yuris Ng
MORNING GIRL is a relatable but uninspiring historical fiction book, where Morning Girl, a twelve years old Taino and her younger brother, Star Boy, recreates a vivid life on the Bahamian Island in 1492. They recreated a life full of conflicts about family and life. MORNING GIRL is a book for young audiences who are nine years old or older. This book is meant to teach children and teenagers about the conflict of life and siblings rivals. The author, Michael Dorris used the five literary elements ...more
Wai Wing
The book MORNING GIRL, is a historical fiction novella (short novel) that is intended for young children of the age 9 and above. Michael Dorris, the author, descriptively paints a wondrous scenery around his novella but misses the structure historical fiction and a plot so twisted, it seems to circumlocate with no point.

The character development is well and thorough for Dorris clearly illustrates the view of his characters. Then he develops a beautifully painted setting of the late 1400's beac
This book is a beautifully imagined example of walking in someone else’s moccasins. Michael Dorris, a mixed blood Modoc and head of Dartmouth’s Native American Studies program (until his death in 1997), tells the story of the first encounter of the Tainos with the men from Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas. It is based on the journal entries of Columbus himself, but told through the alternating narratives of Morning Girl and her pesty brother, Star Boy. It is devastating to imagine wh ...more
This short fiction packs a wallop. Morning Girl, who loves the day, and her younger brother Star Boy, who loves the night, take turns describing their life on an island in pre-Columbian America. Their world is so vivid and humane, that when in Morning Girl's last narrative, she witnesses the arrival of the first Europeans to her world, it is devastating for the reader who realizes that this event marks the light at the beginning of the tunnel. The excerpt from Columbus' journals at the very end ...more
"Morning Girl" made me appreciate the simple things in life, especially the beauty of nature. It made me admire life by the ocean, with the blue waters and sea shells found on the sand. The theme is about a sister and a brother living with their parents on the Bahamian islands in 1492. The book is written from the sister and the brother's point of views, rotating each chapter back and forth. It sounds like they experienced a rain storm that took away their home; there is also a little tension be ...more
I started reading this book back when I was 8 years old, but didn't finish it because it didn't capture my interest. I thought that it was beyond my reach, and later on, when I was 17 or so, I picked up the book again to try reading. I didn't finish it then either, but that was mostly due to other obligations in my life at the time. But now, at 21, I've realized that I was never interested in this book at all.

Honestly, I don't understand how this book got an award. It is so uninteresting and
It was a true blessing to listen to this book on audio CD. I have to agree with the copy on the set we were able to inter-library loan: "Beautifully painted in words by Michael Dorris, and performed with great sensitivity by sister/brother voices Eliza and Reilly Duggan, this exceptional recording will find its place in the hearts of listeners of all ages."

While we could have read it aloud, hearing the text in the children's voices created a vivid experience.

Dorris' text captures the simple wor
Because of her love for the early morning hours was Morning Girl given her name. As much as she loves her mornings, so does her brother, Star Boy, love his nights. Together they dwell on the island with their Father and Mother among the unbroken shells and palm trees. They are happy under the stars which Star Boy calls the islands of the sky.

They are happy but not always are they tranquil. Great winds sweep through their island and destroy their hut; they are faced with the hardship of Mother’s
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Michael Dorris was a novelist, short story writer, nonfiction writer, and author of books for children

The first member of his family to attend college, Dorris graduated from Georgetown with honors in English and received his graduate degree in anthropology from Yale. Dorris worked as a professor of English and anthropology at Dartmouth College.

Dorris was part-Native American through the lineage o
More about Michael Dorris...
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