Litha's Constant Whim (Green's Hill, #1)
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Litha's Constant Whim (Green's Hill #1)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  476 ratings  ·  70 reviews
Whim believes himself to be the least powerful sidhe at Green's Hill: he is as constant as a bumblebee in a hurricane and as faithful as a stray breeze. Whim's prince believes there is more to him than that and on Litha, the night of the summer solstice, sends Whim into the mortal world where he strives to give a piece of himself to others. It is on Litha that Whim meets C...more
ebook, 106 pages
Published June 23rd 2010 by Dreamspinner Press LLC
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OMG!!! Someone bitch slap me! I can't stop crying!!!

So beautiful!! OMG this book is so wonderful, and the end??? Is more than a HEA, it's a burst of joy that made me cry like a crazy!

BTW, my hubby is not funny... He saw me and ask me if I was checking my credit card bill

Anyway... my review...

Few words just to tell some important aspects of this book:

1)It's an independent story. I know Amy Lane wrote more books with the Green Hill theme, but I didn't read them. The only book of this writer I r...more
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This book was recommended to me by someone who said “it’s a great series!” Well this is the first book I’ve read and no doubt it’s a good series. This is clearly meant to be a tie in to an ongoing series about the area, Green Hill. The other books seem to be m/m/f/m or some variation of that, yes *gasp* there is a chick but you don’t have to read those books to follow this one. Litha’s Constant Whim is set nicely in the atmosphere but skims over the issues and events likely highlighted in the ot...more
Grammy 1
Jun 23, 2010 Grammy 1 rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Grammy by:
Whim lives on Greens Hill, in the Little Goddess fantasy world that Amy Lane has painted to all she has enchanted with this “place’ tucked away in the foothills of Northern California…For those who are impressed by what wonderful stories Ms Lane pens, this will certainly not disappoint.

Whim is described by the author as Constant a bumblebee in a hurricane and as faithful as a stray breeze .We find Whim with Adrian his Prince who wants Whim to see the outside world away from the hill. Whim is a S...more
Lex Chase
I waltzed into Litha's Constant Whim on a well... whim and didn't know what to expect. I wasn't forewarned or even told in copy that there was more to the world of Green Hill. I read it for what it was.

That said, the worldbuilding is massive but in this book it reads like a rough summary. It's kind of like Whim or Charlie is standing off to the side with the reader and saying 'Okay. Here's what you missed and this is what's going on.' Kind of like the opening to a TV show like say Glee and one o...more
I love Amy Lane! Just needed to get that off my chest before starting the review.

Took a few pages for me to get into this, but these served to outline the world of Green's Hill to me - helpful, as I haven't read any of the previous Goddess series (m/f). It is, though, a stand-alone read, so don't worry if you haven't read them either.

It is beautifully written, full of emotion, sweet, with endearing characters who prove enduring love is possible.

Have a tissue handy; no, have a box of tissues hand...more
Vivian Archer
Magical tale of love and constancy even in those for whom the word had no place.

His hair, which hung (like most of the immortal sidhe’s) down to his waist, tended to change color according to his mood, like one big silky mood ring, and he tended to have the attention span of one of the lower fey, but that was why he was named “Whim.”

Sweet, beautiful yearning and sacrifice. I'm not a martyr and honestly, a bit too selfish to find this completely appealing, but it was a pleasure.
Carole Cummings
Really *really* liked this. The writing is wonderful, and the characters just kind of walk into your heart and drag you into their world(s). The style in which it's written--almost fairytale-style; whimsical, to borrow from the story itself--makes it that much more engaging, sometimes juxtaposing the atmosphere with laugh-out-loud irreverence while not backing down on some of the more unpleasant happenings. A very talented author and a very satisfying read.
Amy Lane has written a number of m/f and m/f/m fantasy books set in the faery world of Green’s Hill, a place governed by a sidhe, Green, and populated by faery folk, shifters and vampires. This story fits in and around the events of those other books. I haven’t read any of the other Green’s Hill books and it isn’t really necessary to have read them to understand the events of this book.

The story follows sidhe, or elf, Whim. He lives on Green’s Hill along with his brother Bracken. Whim’s name is...more
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
4.5 stars.

This is such a beautiful story!

Whim is sidhe with a very short attention span. On Litha he goes to the mortal world where he meets men and women, seduces them, gives them a night of love and magic, takes what they have to offer and goes back to his hill.

During one of Litha's nights he meets Charlie, a young man who feels he is trapped in a life from where there's no way out. Both Charlie and Whim can't see what's good in themselves, but they can see what good there's in the other and t...more
Cherie Noel
There needs to be a 5stars + more button for this one. It literally took my breath away. Beautiful, poignant, both bitter and sweet... Faulkner dreamed of illuminating his characters as well as Amy Lane does. Read this book. Read it now. And then get your hands on every other Amy Lane book you can find, and make time to read them all. Because the sheer poetry of her words is capable of healing every thing within you that life may have broken...if only you allow it.
I picked this one up because after reading Rampant, I wanted more of the Little Goddess world. I loved this novella. I am not a huge fan of M/M romance but Lane's writing is beautiful and she makes you care deeply for her characters no matter their sexual preferences. The story is so swwet, I didn't want it to end. If you love Lane's Little Goddess series, you must read this.
Cole Riann
Wow I haven't put anything in the favorites shelf in a long time.

This story was utterly bewitching and played my emotions like a master fiddler on his long familiar instrument. As soon as I finished it, I thought, "damn, that was well-crafted" -- just as if it all came together and I had the experience I was meant to have in reading it.

MsMiz (Tina)
When I first started this book I automatically started the star counter at 2 maybe 3. I thought it was going to be another flaky fae story about Whim. And it did start that way....but it did not stay that way. Watching Whim and Charlie over the years was beautiful, sad, endearing and fun.
This was hard to rate; in part I'd say "4" and in part I'd say "2". Some scenes that moved me, but a lot of it felt like the outline of a story and what felt like references to other books were superfluous and confusing.
I just adore Amy Lane. Amy's writing is just amazing!!! I read this book and just loved it!!!!! Whim and Charlie were just tearing up my heart!!! Great read.
Kimberly Be
Oct 28, 2011 Kimberly Be rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kimberly Be by: Amanda Sings Cassandra 2011Q4GB
The aptly named elf Whim leaves his home -- sanctuary for all kinds of fae, vampires, werewolves, etc -- only once a year, on Litha, Midsummer's Night, to bring joy to a mortal in need. One year he meets Charlie, a young man with great potential but no self-confidence. The two spend the night together, talking, and Whim gives Charlie the boost he needs to keep living another year, and to explore his artistic talents and reach out to others, provided that Whim promises to met him again next year....more
Powerful Emotions in a Small Package
As unique and magically peculiar as the sidhe are, none are quite like Whim. Flighty, forgetful, adorably but perpetually inconsistent, Whim isn't a very powerful sidhe. Power struggles, dominance displays, and general strife just don't hold his attention. Nothing does, really. He's the freest of all free spirits.

Nudged by his prince to step beyond his Green's Hill home, Whim passes into the mortal realm on Litha, the night of the summer solstice. Whim had no...more
Deja Dei
This is an absolutely lovely story that I enjoyed immensely. It's one of the best things I've read in quite a while. Whim as a character is a real treat as he ventures out on Litha to learn about the world. He meets Charlie, who he instantly wants to form a bond with, but he can't steal Charlie's life from him, and he wants Charlie to have the opportunity to experience life and become a man. So, for the next several years, Whim and Charlie meet only once a year, while they look forward to the ti...more
It's not you, Green's Hill, it's me.

I love Amy's angsty stuff, I love Amy's funny stuff, but these Green's Hill books (this is the second I've read) mostly kinda make me wanna barf. Well, that's overstating it a bit, but in any case they and I are just not quite simpatico. I don't know if they are too sappy, or too sugary, or too smug, or too oh-so-sincere....hmmmm, I think perhaps sugary and oh-so-sincere come the closest I can think of right now...but in any case, they tend to set my teeth on...more
Jessie Potts
Whim is a type of Fae. He's inconsistent, his mind wanders and he blows from one thing to the next not really understanding. On the night of the summer solstice, Whim decides he's going to do one good thing, bring peace (or a piece of himself) to a mortal in need of help. That mortal in question is Charlie, a human boy who was planning on taking his own life. One kiss later and the two meet every year to exchange a night of laughter, passion and fun. Thirteen years later, and it turns bitterswee...more
...I thought I reviewed this, but I guess not...

This book really is amazing. It actually made me look at the world in a different way. What Whim said to Charlie in the beginning about how his whole life was still set out in front of him...that was profound, man. Profound.

And the rest of it...the emotions are present, amazingly worked. It's incredibly poignant and profound and thought-inducing.

I reread it a while ago and I still liked it.

(Note: I have not read any of the other books nor am I inte...more
This is the first story I've read of Amy Lane's Little Goddess universe, and I will be happily hunting up the others at some point. I enjoy fantasy, but I really enjoy the rich and vivid world she's created, and I know I've barely scratched the surface of it.

Whim's character is creatively expressed by his name: his mind, his hair, and his eyes all change constantly. That is until Charlie anchors him, and then you begin to see the change in Whim from flighty to focused. Though their first meeting...more
I debated for a while what to rate this. I really didn't get into the book. There just seemed to be something missing for me. I don't know what but the story didn't grab me which is unusual for an Amy Lane book. I loved the premise of the story. The length of Whim's wait seemed longer than I expected. They both seemed to want to be together and I understand the initial wait until he got older and had more experience. I just didn't get why so long. It just seemed an unnecessarily lengthy wait. I...more
Not my thing.

Way Way Way too graphic and not much plot either. It says it's the first in a series but it's obvious that it's part of a much larger series of series because there are background characters referred to and you know they're meant to be important but there's nothing to really make you care about them in the text.

This felt like PWP and it wasn't even characters I already knew so it fell very flat.

The writing was very amateurish at best, you are told things like "and then he grew up...more
Litha's Constant Whim is a sweet, often sad story about the power and persistence of love. The plot is pretty uncomplicated, revolving around Whim, the least powerful sidhe in Green's Hill, Charlie, the young human man he falls for, and the romance they share one night a year despite circumstances in each of their worlds conspiring to keep them apart. At the end of the day it is a very sexy and unapologetically romantic fairytale that takes place on the periphery of a much larger world -- a worl...more
Magical and lovely story!

Only, I kept feeling like there was something I was missing about the story, while reading. It pulled me out of the story to wonder about it, a couple of times. Now that I've browsed through other people's reviews, I understand Green's hill has a bigger universe and a series of books about it. :) It really explains why Whim's world felt so much fuller and larger.

I really wish this story had been longer... it was a very sweet story.
Wendy (wluvsbooks)
Well, damn, another Amy Lane book that brought a tear to my eye! This was a very different kind of love story – non-traditional in multiple ways, but oh so sweet and satisfying due to the depth of connection and love between Whim and Charlie. It was painful to read about the obstacles in their path and the extended period of time that preceded them fully being able to come together, but again, well worth the journey. Can’t wait to read more of this series!
Eon Beaumont
This was a beautiful and enjoyable story. The characters were well done and believable. The romance was sweet, sincere and strong. The only thing that kept this from 5 stars for me was the fact that I felt like I was missing a bit of the story. I realize that this isn't the first book in the series and now I'm super curious to find out what was going on outside of this story. The cover is fantastic too. I would definitely recommend this book.
Zazu Lee
I bought this book after loving "Truth in the Dark." The premise sounded fine, but I quickly found myself both bored and unengaged with the characters and their problems. It probably didn't help that I hadn't read any other books from this 'verse, but the most offputting part for me was the focus on many minor characters. With intense editing this book could be good, but I do not recommend this version.
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Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book. She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and more than its share of fancy and weirdness. Feel free to visit her at, where she will ride the buzz of receiving your e-mail u...more
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