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The Case Book Of Sherlock Holmes
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The Case Book Of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes #9)

4.19 of 5 stars 4.19  ·  rating details  ·  8,592 ratings  ·  319 reviews
When even Sherlock Holmes is threatened, it seems that no one can escape the death and dread that blight Victorian England

Republished by Rupa Publications
Paperback, 285 pages
Published July 1st 2002 by House of Stratus (first published January 1st 1925)
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This is the final Sherlock Holmes book, and while it is enjoyable, I think "Casebook" is the weakest collection of Sherlock stories. Having gone through all nine books this summer, it really seems like Doyle was so tired of the character that he was phoning it in by the 1920s.

But I did have some favorites in the bunch: "The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone," in which Holmes uses that wacky new gizmo called a phonograph to fool some criminals; "The Problem of Thor Bridge" has an ingenious method o
K.D. Absolutely
My edition of this book has a nice Preface by the author himself, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He explained that he had written enough about Holmes and Watson so he said goodbye to them. However, he hoped that his readers will remember those characters for a long time. There were some readers who advised him not to end the series as it had formed part of their boyhood. Well, I was already in my middle age when I finally read this but still I appreciated it and for 10 months became part of my daily re ...more
As usual some of the short stories were a tad predictable but overall they were all quite entertaining. I liked the more modern setting of the early 1900s compared to the late 1800s of earlier stories, it made things seem a bit more refreshing.

One thing that I really disliked about the series was Sherlock's claim that more or less every case was the most complex or most interesting he'd ever come across, it just made me roll my eyes. Also, the repetition of words throughout was irritating to re
Jan 20, 2009 Daniel rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Daniel by: Rose
Shelves: 2009
By the time Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the dozen stories that make up "The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes," from 1921 to 1927, he had clearly tired of the character. He had already tried to kill off the sleuth once, after all, and was forced by fans to bring him back. By the '20s, he obviously wasn't putting the same effort into the tales he once had, and turned to entertaining himself, seemingly, by experimenting with the Sherlock Holmes format.

While the bulk of the Holmes canon is told from Watson
Don't read this if:
1. You have not read the book yet
2. You have no sense of humour
“The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes“ is the final collection of Sherlock Holmes stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle.
The collection I have has 10 stories:
1. "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client"
2. "The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier"
3. "The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone"
4. "The Adventure of the Three Gables"
5. "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire"
6. "The Adventure of the Creeping
Shayantani Das
And with this I finish reading the Sherlock Canon. Although some of the stories in this collection have the classical characteristics – Holmes being a prick and using his deductive and acting skills to solve mystery, Watson with his modesty and loyalty and a range of queer cases; yet mostly this novel is rather disappointing. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was rather tired of this character by the time he wrote this book. He had almost killed him off in some previous part and the lack of enthusiasm is r ...more
russell barnes
Despite the title previous Holmes compendium being called His Last Bow and the fact his brother Mycroft killed him before that, this is the last last Holmes novel by arthur conan doyle.

Anyway, in keeping with my last Holmes and Watson review I offer the following:

"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson went on a camping trip. After sharing a good meal and a bottle of Petrie wine, they retire to their tent for the night.

At about 3 AM, Holmes nudges Watson and asks, "Watson, look up into the sky an
Adam Graham
This book is the proverbial mixed bag. There are some stories in the book that are essential reading for Holmes fans (The Problem at Thor Bridge and the Sussex Vampire), and then there are some of the weakest stories in the Canon (The Lion's Mane, the Blanched Soldier, and the Veiled Lodger), and then others that range between average to fairly good.

The Problem at Thor Bridge is simply one of Holmes best cases. There's so much in the story and the solution is classic. The same thing goes for th
Well, I've now read the nine books in the Sherlock Holmes canon, and what a ride! After the initial two disappointing novels came three very good short story collections, a great novel, a better-than-average novel and a slightly-better-than-average short story collection. To finish off the series, "The Case-Book" is... well, not that great. On the one hand, Conan Doyle's prose skills have developed considerably from the early days of A Study in Scarlet and his handling of both atmosphere and the ...more
Peter Dunn
So I have now finished the very last Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story collection entitled ' The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes ' as I work through a one volume complete collection of the all the novel s and stories (so ignore the random ' The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes ' book cover I have chosen for this review).
In this very last collection of the original Sherlock Holmes stories you can clearly see that Conan Doyle is running out of steam. He does try and play with the format by having two st
By finishing this book, I not only finish "just a book", I have also arrived at the final stop of a journey. The journey of mr. Holmes and dr. Watson. So I would like to recap for just a moment on that journey through over fifty short stories and four novels. It's been a fun journey, I've seen a writer grow and employ his skills better and better. I've seen the stories grow more and more interesting, more exciting. I'm actually quite sad knowing there's nothing new in store for me, the journey h ...more
Wonderful as ever. I enjoyed that this book had some stories that were told from Holmes' perspective in contrast to Watson's. One of the things I had lamented in the other stories I'd read so far was the lack of "relationship" between Holmes and Watson. It's very clear that they work well together and like each other a lot, but it's only Watson's deep affection for his friend that the reader was able to see--both because most stories are from his perspective and because Holmes' character is to a ...more
Steve Mitchell
The ninth and final volume of the Sherlock Holmes canon is once again a collection of short stories; the fifth collection. Although some of the stories are actually really good, by this stage Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has become formulaic in his approach and there is a distinct much-of-a-muchness about the stories; which is a shame. The short story that gave the previous collection its title – His Last Bow – is the last of all the stories in terms of chronology and would have made a fitting finale ...more
Thomas Strömquist
I thought that the final Holmes short story collection was the weakest of the lot - perhaps one as a reader is a bit satiated even with these great stories when one has gotten this far, or it may be true that the author was thoroughly fed up with his hero by here. Anyway, does not matter much, the rating is still a (possibly rounded up) 4-star and this is well worth your time.
Annelise L'Estrange
I think this is the... Fourth Sherlock book that i read.
I don't have to say that the cases are incredible and that Sherlock's methods dazzles me everytime, since the man is a freaking genius!

What I really enjoy on the books is Sherlock and Watson's relationship. I freak out over the simply stuff, like their routine. The frienship and the care that they have for each other it's so beautiful and innocent... I just go nuts! hauhuahuauha

Ignoring my excentricities, it's a really good book, like the o
A couple of stories written by Holmes himself are the stand out of this collection, even if they are not as successfully written as the standard formula. There is also a preface which is quite amusing. Doyle states in it that the popularity of the Holmes stories may have undermined his more serious literary work. I found this a little hard to believe. I mean, it is not as if an author is necessarily like an actor - in the way it would have been hard for Don Adams to play someone other than Maxwe ...more
For me, Sherlock Holmes will always be about this one line:
"I see no more than you, but I have trained myself to notice what I see."

Oh, and also this one:
"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
John Yelverton
Arthur Conan Doyle adds yet another fantastic novel to his mystery book series.
The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes has 12 cases. Some are great cases, some are not so great.

The Adventure of the Illustrious Client was not really a mysterious case at all, in fact I found it as a waste of Holmes’s talent. He was asked to help preventing a young girl from marrying one of the worst men in Europe. Basically, they way I see it, the case was only about finding the mistakes of the man…this didn’t need extreme deduction at all, it was a bit dull. The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier w
Sir Conan Doyle Holmes' swansong?: Should have left it where he kills Sherlock Holmes. Like the last scene in The Sopranos....blank- and that's it. Doyle decides to quell the masses' discontent of Holmes' death by writing a few more cases. Does a so-so job with this last book, where I'm left wondering, is this it?- not really a completion. More of a whimper than a swan song. This approach ends up with short cases where readers already figure out the results from the beginning. Strange cases invo ...more
Terry Bonner
By the time this anthology was assembled and published in 1927, Conan Doyle's creative flame was waning to an occasional spark. He cannot be faulted. As he expressed so frankly in the preface, "His (Holmes') career has been a long one—though it is possible to exaggerate it; decrepit gentlemen who approach me and declare that his adventures formed the reading of their boyhood do not meet the response from me which they seem to expect." Conan Doyle desperately wanted to be a major player in the Vi ...more
Would it be wrong if I said I loved this collection unrepentantly? The stories are ridiculous but so entertaining. All of Sherlock Holmes - especially post-The Final Problem - is (weary) fanservice, but here ACD isn't even bothering to hide it. XD My experience of Casebook is less about the actual cases and more about the relationship between Holmes and Watson. It's hilarious. I love it. Holmes really is a bit of a bitch, half the time I want to grab Watson by the shoulders and tell him he deser ...more
Brennan Kumitch
I had read this novel through an ebook on Kobo which had Sir Arthur Canon Doyle's introduction about why this would be the last time he would write about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. I felt like this added to the closure of the character quite nicely. As for the stories themselves they where up and down some being must reads for anyone who likes mysteries or books in general, some being mehhh and others just generally lacking. Unfortunately most of the stories in the Case-book are cas ...more
Gravest issues may depend upon the smallest things.

The casebook of Sherlock Holmes ist erneut eine Kurzgeschichtensammlung mit 12 Geschichten um Sherlock Holmes, die zwischen 1921–1927 erschienen.

1. The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone (1921)
Sommer 1903: Die britische Regierung geht wirklich sorglos mit ihrem Schätzen um. Schon wieder muss der Premierminister Holmes um Hilfe bitten. Diesmal ist ein Krondiamant verschwunden. Da diese Angelegenheit sehr gefährlich zu werden verspricht, hat Holmes si
Ana Mardoll
Case Book of Sherlock Holmes / 0-425-04822-5

This collection contains the following short stories:

- The Adventure of the Illustrious Client
- The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier
- The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone
- The Adventure of the Three Gables
- The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire
- The Adventure of the Three Garridebs
- The Problem of Thor Bridge
- The Adventure of the Creeping Man
- The Adventure of the Lion's Mane
- The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger
- The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place
- The
Nicholas Whyte[return][return]The last of the four collections of Doyle's stories about the great detective, published in 1927, but mostly set in 1900-1902, "around the time of the Boer War". It's an odd selection, not the best of the Holmes stories; there are several tales turning on freaks of nature (monkey gland injections, a disease almost like leprosy and a killer jellyfish) and several where Holmes doesn't actually solve anything but is more a kind of deliverer of a ...more
Well, that's the end of my HOlmes marathon - and by the end it really felt like a marathon too. However - given its reputation - I wasn't looking forward to this last collection, but I actually believe it to be my favourite of the short story collections. The main reason for this is that it has far more variety than the others. I've long grown to dislike Conan Doyle's formula of having Holmes and Watson sitting in the sitting room, there's a knock on the door and a flustered client arrives and p ...more
Les Archives sur Sherlock Holmes sont une série de nouvelles très variées où l'on suit Holmes et Watson dans une grosse dizaine d'enquêtes. La lecture est très agréable et les solutions des mystères souvent intéressantes. Mais les textes et les personnages manquent de profondeurs. Du coup on survol les textes avec plaisir, mais impossible de s'y perdre et de vivre l'aventure au côté du détective. Certes sur du Holmes, le lecteur garde une position d'observateur que lui confère la vision de Watso ...more
I haven't read any Sherlock Holmes before, and this collection was on the Kindle that I borrowed from someone at work. (We now interrupt this review to bring you an advisory warning that I covet the Kindle in a most unholy way.) Anyway, the stories were delightful, though not, you know, deep or cathartic in any way. Pure entertainment--which is fine by me--they excelled in this purpose. They also weren't terribly varied between one another in length, complexity, theme, or character; a bit of var ...more
I read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and quite enjoyed it.

This book, however, was not as exciting to me as the previous collection of short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

According to the preface, this is among the last Sherlock Holmes stories that Sir ACD wrote. He intimated that the public demand was what prompted these short stories, and it can be seen throughout the novel. The short stories are less exciting, and the last 5 mysteries solved themselves. Holmes did lite
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Arthur Conan Doyle was born the third of ten siblings on 22 May 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His father, Charles Altamont Doyle, was born in England of Irish descent, and his mother, born Mary Foley, was Irish. They were married in 1855.

Although he is now referred to as "Conan Doyle", the origin of this compound surname (if that is how he meant it to be understood) is uncertain. His baptism record
More about Arthur Conan Doyle...

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