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Good Night Sleep Tight: The Sleep Ladys Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Happy
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Good Night Sleep Tight: The Sleep Ladys Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Happy

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  710 ratings  ·  160 reviews
Kim West has worked one-on-one with thousands of people in more than ten years of private practice. Her amazing success with getting kids to sleep has led her clients to dub her The Sleep Lady. Good Night, Sleep Tight outlines Kim’s proven two-week technique in easy-to-follow language, featuring case studies that give readers real-life examples of the sleep roadblocks chil ...more
Paperback, 368 pages
Published January 10th 2006 by Vanguard Press (first published 2005)
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Jun 17, 2011 Hannah rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Caroline!
People, all I need to say is: my baby has been sleeping glorious 8-9 hour stretches and putting himself to sleep in ten minutes without me even needing to be in the room AND without our family having to suffer through a cry-it-out technique. Thanks, Sleep Lady!

This book was listed on a handout from our pediatrician as a gentle alternative for giant hippies like us who can't hack the Ferber or Mindell methods, and I really appreciated how much time West spent reassuring parents about how her appr
After reading "Baby Whisperer" and "Baby Wise" and having no success getting my child to sleep on his own, I finally went to the library and found this book. BEST BOOK EVER. It helped me to get my 15 month old to go to sleep on his own, and the best part was that I didn't have to walk out of his room and let him cry. I hated that part. I always felt so mean and guilty. In this book, it gives you "The Sleep Lady Shuffle." It allows you to stay in the room and to be with your child as he/she cries ...more
AJ started sleeping a lot better when I returned this book to the library.
Jul 29, 2010 Neligh rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: baby
This book is made of 3 parts. The first (p. 1- 50) is the foundation of her system, excerpts of which can be found below. The second, (p. 53-236), is age specific advice and solutions which are organized as follows: Newborn to Five Months, Six to Eight Months, Nine to Twelve Months, Thirteen to Eighteen Months, One and a Half to Two and Half Years Old, and Two and a Half to Five Years Old. The third (p. 239-334) discusses Co-sleeping and the Family Bed; Twins and Siblings; Nightmares Sleepwalkin ...more
Any book that gets my baby to go from waking to eat 3-4 times/night to sleeping 10 straight hours in just over a week WITHOUT me leaving her alone to cry herself to exhaustion gets five stars in my book! I chose this book after looking into a few "sleep training" methods because I felt like it was a very balanced approach. It doesn't ask to choose between never letting a child cry (and probably not sleeping for the next 5 years) or turning a deaf ear while she screams.

Kim West offers a guide to
We followed this for my 2nd child after having read and tried every other approach with my first and him. This is the only approach I found to make sense, and therefore work. The idea of letting a baby cry it out, except when you are ready to get him/her in the morning or after a nap, never made sense to me or my babies because they couldn't tell time or keep track of when is an appropriate time to be picked up. Plus, it was painful for everyone, and I hated causing this pain to them without the ...more
Lindsay Chung
Plain and simple. The Sleep Lady is my hero. Hero, people. Do you understand me?

For those of you who do not follow my personal blog, I have two little girls. They are 2 and 3 years old with only 15 months separating them. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 2 or 3 years. These girls, while they are magnificent children, are simply not the greatest of bedtime goers. I have never had a problem with them sleeping through the night…With the exception of a few months here and there where 2 am see
Andrea Paterson
Some good ideas, but it didn't seem as "gentle" as the title claims. The author wants parents to resist picking up their children or providing any tangible "sleep crutches" in order to allow a baby to put themselves to sleep. Trying this method with my baby resulted in crying so hysterical that I couldn't continue with the program. I'm just nursing him to sleep peacefully and quickly (a big no-no according to Kim West!). However, I've been implementing some of the other ideas, like regular naps, ...more
Three weeks ago, I would have rated this book 15000000 stars. But after a nice long stretch of sleeping through the night, our six-month-old stopped again, so I'm taking if back down to four.

Maybe four and a half, though: I really like the thinking behind this book, which is sensible and also compassionate. The basic principles did work for our baby, too. I'd love a longer troubleshooting section, though, and a 99% reduction in the number of sanctimonious success stories.
Beckie Taylor
WOW! This book helped me to get Alden to sleep (he is currently 15 months old) after 13 months of no schedule and an insane Mom and Dad (probably kid too). It does not use the "cry it out" method so I was most comfortable with this approach to sleep training. I would strongly urge any parent to get this book. It is the most humane way to get a baby/toddler to sleep without letting them face their crying alone. It wasn't easy to do but it was well worth it. Now everyone in the house is sleeping! ...more
This book did not work at all for our son. The only benefit retained from reading this book, is that my husband and I learned to follow our instincts and what we know about our own child... since we stopped trying to implement the Sleep Lady's advice, we've been sleeping better and better each night.

I have heard that it really works well for a lot of people, so it may be worth a try, but if it doesn't seem to be working after a good faith effort, give up and try another method.
Natalie S.
Compared to the Weissbluth book I find this one to be much more realistic for most families. Mostly because it's less stress and less emotionally trying for both parent and child than complete CIO. I skipped parts for now that didn't apply to use (much later school age sleep problems, twins/siblings, nightmares) but may go back to them in the future. I feel like this is much more likely to help teach a child to fall asleep, whereas I think complete CIO / extinction mostly just has a child pass o ...more
Of the many (MANY!) sleep books I read in my quest to find sleep, this one ended up being my favorite and the method I most closely followed. It's a good middle ground between the no cry method and Ferber, and the breakdown in ages and stages is very valuable. Lots of compassion for both parent and child, I read and reread this one many nights.
Sleeping through the night in just a handful of days. And without letting her cry it out! THANK YOU! (Now to conquer naps...)
Easy to follow
A more gentle cry it out method
So Holden hadn't slept through the night in MONTHS (a few random full nights here and there) and we were about to hire a sleep coach.
The sleep coach had a list of recommended reads and this book was the main one.
So before dishing out a load of cash for a coach, I decided to read this book.
All it took was my adjusting Holden's bedtime to the time suggested in the book and he has slept through the night since.
We haven't really even needed to use her met
This book was helpful to us as a starting point, but in the end, you just need to do what you feel is right for your baby's sleep cycle, even if it means skipping "cry it out" in any form. With our baby, it simply didn't work, but following the steps in this book helped us to get to a better point- not a perfect point. We still pick her up and rock her to sleep on occasion, when she is really upset or not feeling well, and that's ok with us. No stage lasts forever, dear sleep deprived parents. T ...more
In The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight, Kim West provides a lot of information on the science of sleep as well as a program to teach children from newborn to age five how to sleep better on their own. The first four chapters provide a great foundation for understanding how children sleep and why it is so important to help teach them to self-soothe and to not rely on their parents to help them get to sleep in the middle of the night. Although I read the majority of the book for the purpose o ...more
Nov 17, 2008 Jill rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Parents that need more sleep
Recommended to Jill by: I saw this on Dr Phil!!
OK. This is the book that I bought when Kayla was transitioning from the crib to her toddler bed (which happened at 18 months because she was climbing out all the time and scared me to death, crazy little monkey-girl).

I wish I had this book to begin with; Baby Wise is my "Baby Bible" and this book compliments it really well. Baby Wise is more about how to feed them, and this is pretty much only about sleep, but I think it mentions feeding a little (can't remember very well, it's a bigger book an
This is the only baby sleep book I own, and it's because I found it for $1 at the Good Will. A lot of people really like it, so I read it before my son was born and tried to implement her strategies as he grew.

+ Pros: West's delineation of the amounts of sleep that are normal for different age groups and the types of routines/schedules that work for different age groups were the clearest I found, and the most accurate to what my son was doing. We didn't try her "Sleep Lady Shuffle," but it didn
As with all parenting books taking bits & pieces that will work for our son. Our main sleep issue has been poor napping (30-45min) at a time and difficulty getting him to sleep for naps. The author brought up some great points, he definitely fits her profile of disaster naps perfectly and hopefully in time with implementing these changes and the sleep training this will improve. We have found he is definitely one of the children the author describes as growing more upset if we stay in the ro ...more
It's not a bad book. I like that it gives full details for each age range, because even if that's repetitive, it allows the parent to just read one section. If we're still having sleep issues in 6 months, I wouldn't mind reading the section dealing with that age range.
Some of this is the same as all the other books. The graduated extinction procedure is a little more in-depth, though:

"Shuffle" - Move farther away every 3 nights or less.
Nights 1-3 sit in chair next to crib, comfort with touch (in
I have read a couple different sleep training books in prep for my first baby and this one was my favorite. The writing style is clear, direct, and not annoying like some parenting books. I also liked the method of sleep training in this book because it seems to make perfect sense, but avoids the whole cry it out method. but it also avoids being tied to your kids every whim and whimper. i don't have any kids yet, so i cant rate whether or not it works yet. I really like that it is organized into ...more
I credit this book with helping me get my daughter on a regular napping and sleeping schedule, which was HUGE for her overall development. It's hard to learn how to crawl when you're sleep deprived! I didn't follow the method exactly because I knew that hanging out in the bedroom with my daughter would just make her angry, not help her fall asleep. The most helpful part of this book was the info on how much a baby of a given age ought to be sleeping and when. It sounds silly, but I needed help w ...more
This book was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad she did. I started following the Sleep Lady's tips and already my baby is sleeping better. I now have a plan of action going forward and am looking forward to many more rested nights ahead for my whole family. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking to sleep train their child without the cruel tactics like cry it out.
Colby Rice
Jan 13, 2015 Colby Rice rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone with children who need to sleep better
Recommended to Colby by: friend
This book is SAVING my life! The Sleep Lady obviously knows her stuff! I'm still practicing a lot of the principles, but I know with consistency, this will be a success. The swaddle is especially helpful for lengthening my 3-month-old's naps during the day. Can't wait until I've completed the program, though!
Jan 06, 2015 Lydja added it
I read this book each time I had a new child. I appreciated all the different stages of childhood this book addressed, not to mention changes in families-twins, adding a sibling, etc. I liked the approach The Sleep Lady takes because it was gentle and empowering. A Must Read!
Jody Lewandowski
I found this book so practical and useful right from the first few month's of my twins' lives! I have read nearly every page - some more than once - and shared passages with friends. My twins are four now, and I still employ much of what I learned from West.
Natalie Innes
Whatever. I want to throw all sleep books in a fire at this point. Samson is finally sleeping better, but I don't think it really has anything to do with the FOUR sleep books I read in rapid succession as much as tips from my pediatrician, friends, and common sense.
I wish this book gave more practical advice for young babies. The author mentions things we should be doing but doesn't always explain how to get to that point or what it looks like in reality. I thought "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" gave me more practical ideas to use.
This is a good reference book to use if you are having trouble getting your child to lay down to sleep, sleep through the night, or sleep in their own bed. We are not having those types of problems, so I skimmed over most of that material. But I was interested in when and how to transition from three naps to two naps and later now to transition from two naps to one nap. This book also contains suggested sleep and awake schedules that were very helpful in our nap transitioning schedule. It was al ...more
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KIM WEST is a mother of two and a Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (LCSW-C) who has been a practicing child and family social worker for more than sixteen years. Known as The Sleep Lady by her clients, over the past twelve years she has helped thousands of tired parents all over the world learn to listen to their intuition, recognize their child’s important cues and behaviors, and gently ...more
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