In the Spotlight (Mayne Attraction, #1)
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In the Spotlight (Mayne Attraction #1)

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After a foiled abduction attempt, Ellery Mayne realizes that an entire security detail has been shadowing her every move, protecting her from danger she didn’t know she was in. Working to uncover the secrets behind her elusive watchers, she carefully conducts her own surveillance, testing the limits of professionals who think she is clueless about them. Though they are har...more
507 pages
Published May 3rd 2010 by Ann Mauren Media (first published April 17th 2010)
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Sorry. This was a DNF for me at 35%. There's no overt editing or grammar issues, no homophones or spelling screw ups, either. My problem with the story is that at 35%, there had hardly been any dialogue. The entire story was 'tell, tell, tell,' and very little real story happening.

Just about every character that Ellery, the MC, sees, gets a detailed background. And frequently, when you think something interesting is about to happen, the chapter ends, and the new chapter starts a few days/weeks/m...more
Book Slut -K
It's like the book that wanted to be Twilight without the vampires! And werewolves! And sparkling!

Okay, so it wasn't really like Twilight, though there was a few references in there and that should have been my first clue to back. away. slowly. But I read on, because I kept thinking, "There's going to be a payoff, right? Somewhere? There was an awesome plotline dangled in front of us in the prologue! Surely that's going to go somewhere, right? RIGHT?"

No. Sadly, that beginning scene, brimming wit...more
I cannot believe this book has gotten 4 1/2 stars. From the book jacket summary, this book sounded great -- girl is being followed by security, doesn't know why......tries to find out, falls in love. Sounded like a perfect combo of mystery and love to me. Wrong. I thought that the writing was poor, I couldn't get in to it, it seemed elementary, the love story had no development, the characters were static.........I could go on. In fact, each night I would lament "why am I still reading this?" bu...more
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In the Spotlight is the first book in a three part series called Mayne Attraction by Ann Mauren.

I want to start by saying that there will not always be positive reviews on this blog. At some point or another there will come a book I just didn't like. I just wanted to get that point across before I tell you how much I LOVED this book!

Romance might not always be my first pick, but a good coming of age novel with a complicated love triangle always gets a top spot on my list. :P

As far as love tria...more
Sep 09, 2010 Stephanie rated it 4 of 5 stars
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In the Spotlight, Book 1 of the Mayne Attraction series
Ann Mauren
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read July 14 &15

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Description of Book (marketing copy)
Ellery Mayne is a high school girl who makes a disturbing discovery. After a foiled abduction attempt, she realizes that an entire team of security personnel are secretly shadowing her every move.

As she works to make sense of this startling development, she secretly t...more
Honestly, I think perhaps I'm missing something with this book. Its overall rating on goodreads is over 4 stars. As the book dragged on for me (an oh it dragged!), I kept waiting for the point in the story to turn the tide and justify the rating...and it never came for me. I just could not buy into the fact that a reclusive, depressed teen (who just found out that she is likely a billionaire), who could barely talk to anyone outside of immediate family, could both drag herself out of her solitud...more
Candace (Lovey Dovey Books)
Ellery is an innocent character, and it’s hard to remember her age because of her thinking process. She looks at most things in her life, such as friendship, like she never had the chance in all her 18 years to experience them first-hand. It’s an endearing trait and makes Ellery’s ultimate decision at the conclusion of the story, to understand who she is, an interesting turn of events.

Even though Ellery is described as naïve and clueless, it should be said that she has bouts of maturity. Having...more
With so many novels targeted to teens marketed as sequels, triologies and never-ending series, I found myself wanting to skip over the very detailed inner-workings of Ellery's thoughts, actions, and existence to uncover the mystery behind the security detail who watches over her, especially since the book is thick regardless. I would have preferred to uncover Ellery's true character over the course of the three books as opposed to how Ellery is in the position she's in at the beginning of the fi...more
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What seemed like an interesting premise was lost in horrid execution that just dragged on & on. If you absolutely loved the "love story" in Twilight you might like this book. I read a lot of YA & it was too lame for me. Overly plotted (& the plot somehow gets lost!!), wordy, jumping from time point to time point without explanation, and without real character development through 800+ pages. It's an excruciatingly long introduction to the next two books which I am not going to bother...more
Lori Whitwam
I will be writing a more detailed review later, but had to get this 5-star rating up immediately! This book is so rich and complex, intelligent and quirky and suspenseful. It fills your heart and makes you want more. I love Ellery, and have to know what happens next!
The idea was interesting, but the follow through was lacking. It was like it wasn't edited thoroughly. Sometimes I had to double check that I went to the next chapter because the time jumped so much. There were some character inconsistencies as well.
Midnight Sapp
I loved it! Can't wait to continue with the series, hope the rest come out soon in Kindle version.
Ellery Mayne isn't paranoid, she really is being followed--and watched. To a shy, socially awkward seventeen year old girl, who looks closer to twelve than twenty and is struggling to survive a broken heart, being the center of attention is rather uncomfortable--particularly when she has no idea who is watching her or why. Lucky for her they seem benign enough, even helpful on occasion, and when she finally gets a glimpse of one of her watchers, he turns out to be absolutely dreamy. What's a gir...more
Ellery is a painfully shy soon-to-be Senior in high school - so shy in fact, that she has no friends at all. When tragedy strikes, she has nowhere to turn and not a soul to confide in - especially not her overprotective family. As Ellery discovers that she's being tailed by security, she keeps it to herself, rather than being further collared to her home. The summer and following school year provide interesting and hilarious exploits - but how much was naturally occurring and how much was fabric...more
Oct 05, 2013 Lyndi marked it as d-n-f
Dear god. I guess this is a YA novel but that wasn't apparent through the Kindle store front.

This is such a mess and if this is how YA novels are written, I'll gladly gouge out my eyeballs to avoid reading anything like it ever again.

First, we get a murder. Oooh! Then nothing. Just a few chapters about how depressed, antisocial, and OCD Ellery is. Followed by a few chapters on her feeling like she's being followed and watched. Then a few more chapters on her making a new friend. Then even more...more
Enjoli Gilbert
I've said this so many times now, but I'm super excited about this book. I'm glad I read In the Spotlight. It's such a different book and the plot is absolutely fantastic.

I related with Ellery and felt so many emotions because of her life. It was like I was in the book. When she was happy, I was; when she was sad, I was sad. Then, when Ellery meets Ash it's like life is complete! They are absoluetly adorable together, even though he is a little older than her, but who isn't!

Ann Mauren did a gr...more
When I first received In the Spotlight I wasn't sure what to expect. After starting it though it was hard for me to put down! I would have finished this book in a couple of days if I had had the time, but unfortunately I didn't. Fortunately I was able to savor each page of Ellery's story.

The plot of In the Spotlight is one of the most unique that I have read. The whole idea of someone watching her (scopophobia, as she refers to it) may sound odd and a bit creepy, but it makes for a wonderful sto...more
Very good. Very interesting, a great premise. I loved that she was able to figure things out. She's a really interesting heroine. I'm happy with the ending, I think it was important. I liked Samantha and Trevor and LOVED Ash. It was Gray's own fault, first for leaving her, then for being the way he was. He was kinda annoying and so controlling, I would not have stood for it, but Ellery is shy and she did like him. I'm glad she was able to find her spine at the various points. I really liked the...more
Book 1 we get to see the main character Ellery develop through the entire book. I would sometimes get frustrated with her. You are being watched by a security detail and really you have no problems with it. No question as to why you are being watched. No anxiety over it. It's just like oh I am being watched okay, on to the next thing. Yet at the same time you can't help but laugh and admire her for being so laid back about it considering she is rather shy, a recluse, and very unsure of herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

The idea of the novel was what drew me to it originally and I am so glad I read it.

Ellery has got to be one of the most real heroines I have read in a YA novel in goodness knows how long. She had her head screwed on the right way all through the novel and although her actions were sometimes questionable she didn't flinch from the possible consequences her actions could lead to. She knew when she was doing something that could loose her the affections of someone an...more

I really tried giving this book a chance because I wanted to like it. The premise of the book seemed like it'd be an interesting mystery romance for a change. The prologue was able to grab me fairly quickly and made me want to continue reading to see where the storyline would go. Ellery was a likable character and I enjoyed how Mauren wrote her to be an educated word nerd. Though I enjoyed Mayne's quirky personality, this is pretty much where my compliments end for this book.

As I read, I kept w...more
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Alex Bennett
This book took me forever to read. Now, that wasn’t the book or the author’s fault; it was mine. I was so busy that I didn’t have any time to sit down and enjoy this novel. But when I had a night alone, I devoured about half of this humungous book as quick as I could.

Ellery is a really good protagonist. Though she is sometimes too intelligent to believe, she carries the story well and has a quirky personality that was easy to relate to. Her friends she meets along the way were fun and loving, th...more
I only write good reviews, because the book, i.e. the writer deserves it. And the book was free! So I guess the least I can do to pay back for a very enjoyable read is to write a review. That's only fair!

OK I am in my mid 40's and I guess this book is for young adults, but I really enjoyed it and will keep my eyes posted for the other two books.

As for the definitions of words, given at the beginning, I loved that part, its different and saves me from having to dig out the dictionary. Its part...more
Robyn Loughlin
Dreadfully written book but most cringe worthy of all its flaws is when the author makes a point to write in her book about how the character is reading a particular popular book, and while she does not name the book she describes the 'plot' of twilight. Then all I could think throughout the rest of the book was that this book is just twilight without the supernatural. The lead girl is boring, shy and all those other traits that make her a Mary Sue. The two love interests are controlling and cre...more
I liked to see how the main character, Ellery, came out of her shell and started growing up. Towards the end I thought her two suitors were a little unrealistic and didn't exactly trust either of them. I guess there will be more books in the series.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I didn't bother finishing it...48% and I was bored as hell...the storyline was quite ok I guess, but it dragged on and on and nothing really happens. There are hardly any dialogues just storytelling storytelling storytelling...and I couldn't stand the female main character (actually I don't even remember her name, that's saying it all... I simply don't like her), she is so naive, boring and unlikeable. In the beginning she compares her loss of her beloved grandfather to her loss of her first cru...more
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Ann Mauren splits her time between multiple career paths—not multiple personalities as some have alleged. As Marketing Coordinator for one of the nation’s largest foodservice distributors, she enjoys opportunities to access her inner copywriter and the challenge of creating tantalizing pitches for sometimes pitch resistant items like Gluten Free Fish Sticks, Coffee Thickener and Pureed Spinach, to...more
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