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She's So Dead to Us
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She's So Dead to Us (He's So/She's So #1)

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  6,428 ratings  ·  520 reviews

Ally Ryan would rather be in Maryland. She would rather be anywhere, in fact, than Orchard Hill, site of her downfall. Well, not hers exactly—but when your father’s hedge fund goes south and all your friends lose their trust funds, things don’t look so sunny for you. Her mother moved her to Maryland to flee the shame, but now they’re moving back. Back to the country-club,...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published April 26th 2011 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (first published May 25th 2010)
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Morgan F
Okay, let me start off by saying how misleading the cover and title are. I was expecting some light, two-star read. Boy, I was wrong.

It's been two years since Ally Ryan's father swindled millions from the wealthiest families of Orchard Hill, and she and her family were forced to leave town in shame. But now she is back, even though not all of her old friends are happy to see her. When Ally goes to visit her old mansion, she finds someone else living there. The smokin' Jake Graydon who has take...more

Okay so, where do I start, where do I start?
Okay I'll start from the beginning.

First thoughts on She's So Dead To Us:

What a weird cover. Seriously? Couldn't you pick a nicer one, Kieran Scott? Whatever, I'll give you a chance anyway.
Weird title, too. Usually books with lame titles like that end up being lame and pretty awful themselves.
Synopsis? So done and re-done. Are you even going to try?

All right then. Let's start....more

Usually, wanting to punch all the characters in a book it is not a really good sign.. and I won't say that this is not the case because in fact it really is.

I hate horrible friends (all Ally's supposed ex best friends), and rich kids with nothing else to do but to bully someone for their own entertainment (same as before), and rich people telling me what a difficult time they are having because their parents can't effort a palace AND a beach house (same as before), and rich stupid kids with ric...more
Jo ★The Book Sloth★
DNF at 50%

Why does this book have such a high rating?? I seriously don't see it! Anywhere. The heroine is annoying, the hero is the gratest asshole in history and the cresties are the worst friends to ever grace the pages of a book.


I was so annoyed with this girl. Her dad screwed up, lost a lot of money(theirs and their friends'), and then left them. I get the rage directed at him, I get it. What I don't get are her self-righteous "my dad destroyed my perfect little life" comments. She is th...more
SO! This book was lots of fun, in that I-wanted-to-reach-into-the-book-and-punch-these-characters-upside-the-head!

She's So Dead to Us, starts off with Ally and her mom back in town, after having to escape in absolute shame since Ally's dad lost a lot of money in a bad investment, leaving them broke as well as most of their friends.
Only when Ally tries to make nice with her old circle, she's outcast and dubbed as a just a 'Norm'.
Jake Graydon the oh-so-gorgeous guy who now lives in Ally's old man...more
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. At first I thought it was going to be just another silly shallow novel, and in a way it was, but it was also really good. A few of the characters had a surprising depth to them and were really well thought out. I really liked the main character, Ally. She was so strong facing her old friends after her father ruined them financially. She even protected her mother as best she could from the heart ache she knew would occur if her mom found out what had been...more
Donna {Book Passion for Life}
"Suddenly my palms were sweating under my gloves. I slid my hand away and we got back to work, but I felt as if my whole body was on high alert. There was no getting around it anymore. I was falling for this girl. Big-time.” - Jake

Before I start this review, I have a tiny confession to, I'd never heard of this series before I received book three This is So Not Happening for review. Shock horror, I should be hanging my head in shame! I can't believe I'd never heard of it before and th...more
Seriously, save youself the time and skip this.

Just to warn everyone up front with info I didn't have - clearly this is going to be some sort of series. It's not a stand-alone and there's absolutely no sense of conclusion or closure to this first volume. At the end, I just wanted to throw the book across the room.

Perhaps it's my fault for not "doing my research" and knowing this is a first volume in a series, but there is nothing anywhere on the book that indicates this.

Plus, I was so sick of Ja...more

She's So Dead To Us by Kieran Scott
Pages: 288
Release Date: May 25, 2010

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:
Born with a silver spoon, living with a plastic spork. The first book in a new trilogy about losing it all and being better off.

Kieran Scott's new novel, She's So Dead To Us, is brilliant. Thanks to Kieran who gave me a signed copy for winning one of her contests! I read this one in one sitting.

I loved the story plot. Ally Ryan just moved back to Orchard Hill. Her mom may be hopeful about their...more
One thing you may not know me about me is that I ALWAYS catch on to popular stuff really late. I read Harry Potter after all the seven books had been released long since. I read Twilight when the first movie had been released for six months. But the reason I’m dishing out this info is because I caught on really late to Gossip Girl as well—the T.V. show, I mean, not the books. I’ve only seen, like, six episodes of the first season, but I can safely say that I am HOOKED. I always thought that seei...more
Kind of like Gossip Girl in the 'burbs, but less trashy and fun. Horrible rich kids being horrible to the world's most indecisive heroine (She [rightfully] hates them! Then she wants to be friends with them! Then they do something awful and she hates them again! Then she still wants to be friends! Lather, rinse, repeat: over, and over, and over, and over, and over...) Ally's a spineless idiot, basically. A fun, entertaining idiot, to be sure, with moments of clarity and strength, but an idiot no...more
Sara Grochowski
This book, even with its familiar plot, was completely addicting. When I started it, I only planned on reading a couple chapters, but I just couldn't set it aside.

From the start, the reader knows what's going to happen, but the characters are so engaging that it doesn't seem to matter. The novel is told in alternating chapters by Ally and Jake. I liked Ally right from the start; the reader can see that she's a good person, regardless of her questionable past. Jake, on the other hand, did not imm...more
I found out about this series when I saw the 3rd book advertised thinking it was a standalone. When I found out it was a series I had to get the first one.

I absolutely loved this book. It was like a movie playing out in my head all the way through. Ally Ryan is an excellent protagonist, she's just returned home to the 'Crestie' side of town. She's an outcast now after her father lost millions of dollars of her friends money. He friends no longer want to speak to her or have anything to do with...more
When having money is all that matters, what happens when you lose it all?

Ally Ryan used to be rich, at least up till her father made a mistake that almost bankrupted her family as well as her friends'. Unable to face her friends or live the same way again,her family moves out of Orchard Hill (The Beverly Hills of New Jersey)without even a goodbye only to move back again two years later because her mother got a job at her old high school. Now Ally's forced to deal with the ramifications of her f...more
You know how when you hate the characters in a book, you tend to hate the book itself? Well, this book is not an example of that. Sorry.

I don't think someone could read this book, and not hate at least one character. All of them are snotty, stuck-up kids who don't care about anyone but themselves. They don't care about who gets hurt in the end. Even if that person who gets hurt is one of their closest friends. All they care about is their social status.

And whether or not they get the guy.

Ally, o...more
OMG. I love Kieran/Kate Brian for her private series and a few others but this book was just everything i look for in a book. it was sarcastic and witty and had just enough romance. i also loved how even though she knew things were different she still missed her old friends. that longing was written really well. i loved the cliff hanger. i loved all the characters so much and because of my history with kierans other work i kinda of know how she writes so i can see some future plot lines. but the...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jaglvr for

Ally Ryan can't believe she's back in Orchard Hill. Over a year ago, her family slipped out at night without telling anyone goodbye. Ally's father made a bad investment, and many of the Ryan's' close friends lost money. The Ryans lost everything. Now that Ally and her mom have moved back to Orchard Hill sans her father, Ally innocently assumes her "Crestie" friends will welcome her back with open arms. After all, it was her father that lost their money, not...more
Shanyn (Chick Loves Lit)
I was initially pulled in to this book because of the cover - for some reason I like the destroyed pearl necklace. The plot also seemed entertaining - a rich girl whose family loses their money, moves out of town, and moves back over a year later hoping to still have her old friends.

The beginning of the book was hard for me to get into because it was heavy on internal dialogue from Ally, our main character. Once I started to figure out the plot and keep the characters straight (with the help of...more
She's So Dead To Us is the first in a new trilogy from Kieran Scott. Kieran Scott also writes the Private series under the name Kate Brian and I love that series. Sadly, She's So Dead To Us doesn't live up to that series, though it was pretty good and shows promise for the next book.

Ally Ryan hasn't seen or spoken to her friends from Orchard Hill since the night she left. She doesn't know what to expect when she sees them again but she never thought they would shun her. Turns out, they all hate...more
Note: This review is gonna have a lot of Private comparisons in it, mostly 'this is how She's So Dead to Us is good and Private is bad' types. It's gonna sound like I'm knocking the Private books, but I'm not; truly and honestly I enjoy them, but they have many flaws that this one did not.

Let's face it: books like this one are never going to be considered literature (at least, for posterity's sake, I hope not). But as far as trashy chic lit books go, Kieran Scott/alias Kate Brian has figured out...more
My thoughts:

Oh, the woes of this book. It filled me with happiness and anger at the same time. The cover intriged me but many times I was frustrated, not so much with the plot as with the choices made. Old friends Faith, Hannah, Shannon, and Chloe are still angry with Ally's family-not just with her dad for making bad investment choices and they take it out on Ally and her mom. Ally used to be part of this group and now she has to learn what it's like to be on the outside. Lucky for Ally, two k...more
Okay, so I've rated this book a 3 but it's more like a 3.5...ish. Maybe a littttle closer to 4. I liked this book, it was interesting and enterataining.

Let me start by saying that I am a doofus. That's right: A doofus. Explanation? Yeaaaah, well first I thought Kieran Scott was a man - damn my ever assuming mind. And THEN I got half way through the book and thought 'Wow, this book really reminds me of The Private Series' soooo I googled (wooo, go Google!) 'Kieran Scoot' in the Images Section an...more
nancy (The Ravenous Reader)
When I read the premise of She's So Dead to Us I was instantly intrigued and knew I had to read it. This book was just too good to pass up with it's socially relevant subject matter, emotionally charged nature and forbidden romance that made my spine tingle and I was NOT disappointed.

Kieran Scott has done a fantastic job demonstrating the worst and best in humanity while having the keen ability to present some of the most honest and believable dialogue around.

She's So Dead to Us centers on Ally...more
Jodi Papazian
I thought She's So Dead to Us was pretty good! I have a tendency to be really nit-picky with my reviews but I don't have too much to complain about here. The story was told from two different viewpoints - Ally, the shunned once-rich girl and Jake - the resident pretty boy. I liked that the story flipped between their perspectives, however, it would do it frequently during the same chapter which sometimes got confusing.
I also liked how the chapters were divided into different months of the scho...more
Remember those bitchy girls in high school? You know, the one’s who make everyone’s life miserable just by being alive. Their beautiful, popular, and not short on horrible, bitter attitudes. Yup, this book is chock full of them. Mean girls to make other mean girls look, well, not so mean.

But it works y’all.

It works in a big way.

Oh, and did I mention a sexy studly jock type boy that every girl in school wants to get her hands on? Yup, there’s that too. Plus a quirky goth-like potential BFF, an em...more
When I first began reading this book, I thought it was a cute, light read. And it was for a while. As I continued reading it I felt different emotions: annoyance, anger, frustration. I was annoyed at the way that the Cresties (the rich kids) treated the Norms (less fortunate) with such disdain, especially since protagonist Ally used to be a Crestie and now that she is a "Norm," her old friends hate her. That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard! I know there are mean girls in this world, but...more
She's so dead to us by kieran scott was a great explanation of one perpective in high school and the struggles that go along with it. I personally enjoyed reading it very much. The concept of it reminded me of gossip girl, a series I love to watch. Ally Ryan had everything going for her she was popular and wealthy and had the same sort of friends until her family loses all their money and has to move away. When they move away her dad disappears no note, no explanation, nothing. When she has to m...more
A Bookcase to Heaven™ review.


Written from the perspectives of both Jake and Ally, this novel takes us down the familiar path of high-school drama, yet still manages to shine bright like a diamond from the growing pile of Young Adult contemporary works.

SHE'S SO DEAD TO US is not conceptually unique, but neither is it your typical run-of-the-mill teenage romance. Two teenagers crushing on each other from opposite ends of the social hierarchy is in essence, almost a Cinderella-esque story. However...more
Oh!! Come on!!! What an ending!!! I want "She's so over him" now. I can't wait until next year T____T

Well, let's start with Ally.

I liked her, she grew in the face of adversity and became stronger, but she still fell in Shannen's traps again and again. It's not like she has to be wary permanently... but I dunno, the experience should help you to learn for your errors, not to repeat them. On the other hand, hope is the last thing you lose, and I can understand, but not agree, that a little part of...more
Let me start of by saying this: I absolutely LOVED this book. This took me completely by surprise, and it’s one of those times where you go in not expecting much, and then you’re completely blown away. This is coming from someone who doesn’t care much for things like Gossip Girl, or books that usually involve drama about friendship and social class, but SHE’S SO DEAD TO US was downright fantastic.

And what, exactly, makes it so amazing? None other than our main character, the recently-fallen-into...more
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Kieran Scott is an author of young adult fiction including the upcoming TRUE LOVE TRILOGY (May 2014) and the HE'S SO/SHE'S SO TRILOGY, which includes SHE'S SO DEAD TO US, HE'S SO NOT WORTH IT and THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING. Her other books include the Non-Blonde Cheelerader trilogy, Geek Magnet and Jingle Boy. She also writes Alloy Entertainment books under the pseudonym Kate Brian, including the SH...more
More about Kieran Scott...
He's So Not Worth It (He's So/She's So, #2) This Is So Not Happening (He's So/She's So, #3) Geek Magnet I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader (Cheerleader Trilogy, #1) Brunettes Strike Back (Cheerleader Trilogy, #2)

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