Six Characters in Search of an Author
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Six Characters in Search of an Author

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  8,060 ratings  ·  200 reviews
Robert Brustein's highly acclaimed adaption of Pirandello's masterpiece, a study in illusion and reality which follows a group of characters who try to fashion their life stories into acceptable drama. Plays for Performance Series.
Paperback, 90 pages
Published January 28th 1998 by Ivan R. Dee Publisher (first published 1921)
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They say I was born in June. The day, the year somehow ceases to exist. I live with my mother. She stares at the wall, singing songs unnoticing my existence in the house. Is this how being an orphan feels like? I used to work at Madame Pace’s dress shop. Only it wasn't a dress shop. It was a whore house where I used to entertain clients throughout the night. My mother was unaware of my earnings, but as if it mattered. Then, one day I fell in love. In fact, I fell in love with his eyes. The same...more
Apr 03, 2012 Alex rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: imaginary people
Oh, this play is great. What a fucking thing it is. It's about how we create our own realities: how each of us choose to play a character, to such an extent that we sometimes sit outside ourselves, watching our characters act out their scenes. And it's about the subjective nature of reality: how to each of us, the scenes we live through may be be completely different to each actor in them.

I was talking to a friend recently about the beginning of our relationship, and discovered that her percepti...more
Lubna ALajarmah
• قرأت مسرحية "6 شخصيات تبحث عن مؤلف" وهي من روائع المسرح الإيطالي .. لأن الرئيس المصري جمال عبد الناصر ذكرها في كتابه "فلسفة الثورة" .. وهذه القصة هي للشاعر الإيطالي الكبير (( لويدجي بيراندلو ))..

• وكتب عبد الناصر حين تذكر هذه القصة: "إن ظروف التاريخ مليئة بالأبطال الذين صنعوا لأنفسهم أدوار بطولة مجيدة قاموا بها في ظروف حاسمة على مسرحه.إن ظروف التاريخ أيضاً مليئة بأدوار البطولة المجيدة التي لم تجد بعد الأبطال الذين يقومون بها على مسرحه، ولست أدري لماذا يخيل لي دائماً إن في هذه المنطقة التي نعيش...more
The theater of Luigi Pirandello relentlessly begs the question, within a theatrical context, of what is realistic and what is fictional drama. An appropriate, recent example of Pirandello's influence at work is Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, NY, a film in which the main character Caden's attempt to make a theatre about "everything" results in a sort of solipsistic confusion about what he is actually experiencing and what is merely an acted out rendition of his past (or present for that matter). K...more
Neste livro estão reunidas duas peças de Pirandello.

Seis Personagens em Busca de um Autor
Nas primeiras páginas até achei piada mas, quando seis personagens, seis actores, um director, um ponto, e mais meia dúzia de criaturas começaram a rodopiar em palco, fizeram-me um nó na cabeça impossível de desatar…

Henrique IV
Depois de ler a anterior ainda me restou alguma esperança de apreciar esta peça mas, quando na terceira página li que foi inspirada na história de um rei alemão excomungado por um pap...more
Iako je prvi put izvedena još 1921. godine, drama Šest lica traži pisca i danas izgleda kao da je tek izašla sa scene nekog savremenog nam pozorišta. Zaplet drame nastaje kada u sred pozorišne probe glumaca uleti šest fikcionalnih likova. Te likove stvorio je izvesni pisac, ali ih je odbacio i nikada ih nije otelotvorio u nekom književnom ostvarenju. Oni bezuspešno pokušavaju da ubede režisera da postavi na sceni dramu koju su oni proživeli. Konačno, dva lika (otac i pastorka) uspevaju da ubede...more
They say I was born in June. The day, the year somehow ceases to exist. I live with my mother. She stares at the wall, singing songs unnoticing my existence in the house. Is this how being an orphan feels like? I used to work at Madame Pace’s dress shop. Only it wasn’t a dress shop. It was a whore house where I used to entertain clients throughout the night. My mother was unaware of my earnings, but as if it mattered. Then, one day I fell in love. In fact, I fell in love with his eyes. The same...more
This is by far THE best play I have ever read (not that I have read too many to compare it with, but I did plow through a dozen of classical plays -mainly initially written and performed in French- in high school and I still remember, very vividly, how boring and barely engaging they were).

This play is relatively fast and short; the style is not flowery, either. However, despite its fast paced style and succinctness, it is guaranteed to keep the readers cogitating while, and after, reading it....more
Abbiamo tutti dentro un mondo di cose; ciascuno un suo mondo di cose! E come possiamo intenderci, signore, se nelle parole ch'io dico metto il senso e il valore delle cose come sono dentro di me; mentre chi le ascolta, inevitabilmente le assume col senso e col valore che hanno per sè, del mondo com'egli l'ha dentro? Crediamo d'intenderci; non c'intendiamo mai!

Esiste la commedia degli equivoci, poi esiste l'equivoco della commedia. O del teatro in senso lato. O se vogliamo estendere il teatro a m...more
Dhanaraj Rajan
It is an interesting concept and creatively executed to its finesse by Luigi Pirandello.

It is a play in which six abandoned characters (apparently abandoned by another author in the midst of the creative process) go in search of an author to get a LIFE/to become REAL. In their search they come across a drama troupe that is ready to do a rehearsal for a play. The encounter between the characters and the actors form the rest of the play.

Obviously it is a play in which the drama critic of Pirandel...more
Ganya Ivolgin

تتميز هذه المسرحية لبيراندللو في أنها تعطي صورة للمدرسة التكعيبية ( بيكاسو نموذجا في فن الرسم ) عموما والمسرح خصوصا ..
يقدم بيراندللو مسرحيته بمنظور غير تقليدي ومركب عبارة عن مسرحية ضمن مسرحية فنرى خلطا فيما يعتبر مشاهد حقيقية ومشاهد تمثيلية حيث تدخل ست شخصيات لا أسماﺀ لها متمثلة في أب و أم وأولادهما لبروفة مسرحية أخرى لبيراندللو ويطلبون من المخرج أن يسمح لهم بتمثيل حياتهم معللين بأن المؤلف كتبهم كفكرة من دون نص .. ثم يصطدم آداﺀهم بآراﺀ الممثلين الساخره عموما لما يشاهدونه من محاولات أفراد العائل...more
I think that this play has the best example of how creativity works. There are ideas (or characters) that seems to come from nowhere and demand to be recognized. I loved this play.
Gertrude & Victoria
A farce! Six Characters in Search of an Author is a remarkable invention of genius by the Italian Nobel laureate, Luigi Pirandello, which mixes the real with the verisimilar, where a drama is acted out within a drama. In this work he explores the ambiguous nature of reality and truth.

This drama is in two acts, which can be read in around ninety minutes. A director and a company of actors are in preparation for their rehearsal. Then six people or characters - a father and his family - who have al...more
But for the random, Chekhovian ending, a clever metaplay. Six characters show up at a rehearsal for a different, fictional Pirandello play ("The Game As He Played It," the title of which refers to this play we're watching, since, as one of the characters says, "acting is a game"). The characters demand that since their story is worth telling, worth putting on stage, the director ought to stage it. The characters and the actors quarrel over how to do so, the characters preferring accuracy, faithf...more
This is an interesting play written in three acts. The entire proceedings take place at a theatre where an acting company have got together to rehearse a play by Pirandello. As is usually the case, this is by-the-book rehearsal when they are interrupted by the arrival of six Characters. These six Characters, you see, are in search of an author because the author who created them was not able to put them on stage. They convince the manager for opportunity to try out their drama. What follows is t...more
When six characters come to life but are refused by their author, they go looking for another person to write their story down. They barge into a rehearsal session of a Pirandello play and what ensues is a brilliant reflection on the status of characters, actors and authors in literary texts, and more specifically theatre.

'Sei Personaggi' reads like a comedy, is rich in hilarious moments but is in fact a drama. The six characters insist on the fact that their story is a rich drama waiting to be...more
This absurdist play is dense, but so totally dench. A director and his company are preparing to rehearse the second act of Pirandello’s play Rules of the Game, barely able to get in 5 lines progress out of the rehearsal before the enigmatic Six Characters interrupt and take over as if they’re the descendants of the Ancient Mariner, burdened to the point they have to unburden themselves again and again. A Father, a Mother, their legitimate Son, and the mother’s three children from another marriag...more
Six Characters in Search of an Author is an interesting exploration into the idea that characters in a work of fiction have some kind of Platonic form that is only imitated or hinted at when actors perform a theatrical work. In some ways it's a deconstruction of a play in that it's more about the writing and performing of a play than it is a play in itself. In the play, six characters from a play that never got written come to visit a theatrical troupe and try to convince the troupe to perform t...more
SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR. (1921). Luigi Pirandello. ****.
If you read any of the short biographies of Pirandello on the web, you will get an idea of where the plots of some of his plays originated. This play is probably his most popular one, and relatively accessible for the reader. Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) was born in Sicily in the town now called Agrigento. We have visited there, and were impressed by all of the buildings still standing and in good shape dating from the Greek...more
Diana Cigher
This book was literally amazing. I was drowned into awesomeness every page. Every word the characters said were intelligent, but in some ways a little bit bizarre. You do not meet every day Characters who escaped of a book, but not only escape, their author set them free. The characters were looking for an author, but they may never find him. They are their own author, they are creating their own life stories. They are damned to repeat their story every day, for an eternity, waiting for an autho...more
Wegen der historischen Bedeutung für das Theater ist das Buch sicherlich wert gelesen zu werden. Und ich würde es - in einer guten Inszenierung - definitiv auf der Bühne sehen wollen, alleine um zu sehen, was ein Regisseur aus diesem Stoff macht. Als Buch aber? Eine wunderbare Idee, aber ich habe mir viel, viel mehr versprochen. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass das Buch in einem seltsamen Nimbus ist: zu alt, um zeitgenössisch zu sein, so dass Gedanken, die einmal vielleicht neuartig und revolutio...more
Julia Boechat Machado
Abbiamo tutti dentro un mondo di cose: ciascuno un suo mondo di cose! E come possiamo intenderci, signore, se nelle parole ch'io dico metto il senso e il valore delle cose come sono dentro di me; mentre chi le ascolta, inevitabilmente le assume col senso e col valore che hanno per sé, del mondo com'egli l'ha dentro? Crediamo di intenderci; non ci intendiamo mai!
Seis Personagens à Procura de um Autor é o drama da incomunicabilidade, da dúvida sobre o que é real ou não. Foi recebido, na estréia, c...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
One of the most progressive writers of 20th. century with a wonderful revolutionary look on human and history.
ایده ی این نمایش برای سال های ابتدای قرن بیستم، یک نبوغ است که به
زیبایی ترسیم شده. یک کمپانی بازیگری می خواهد نمایش نامه ی "قوانین بازی" را تمرین می کند. با شروع تمرینات، شش نفر ناشناس، غیر منتظره وارد می شوند و یکی از آنها ادعا می کند که ما شخصیت های کامل نشده ای هستیم، در جستجوی نویسنده ای تا داستانمان را تکمیل کند. گروه بازیگران، ابتدا می پندارند این شش نفر دیوانه اند. اما همین که آن...more
The problem with many plays/novels/etc of IDEAS is often the audience/reader ends up being more a fan of the idea rather than its application, and I've definitely seen that being true for this play, and other confusing, self-referential, etc. works of its kind (thinking of another Italian creation, If On A Winter's Night a Traveler, which I haven't managed to get through yet.) This rang somewhat true for me here, though often I did find the dialogue engaging and thoroughly enjoyed the character...more
The last three pages are really what makes this 4 stars instead of 3.

Other reviews on this site all seem to be making the mistake that translator Eric Bentley points out in his introduction: "...and critics have been dazzled. Now when dazzled, you see nothing--but, remembering bits and pieces, you can begin to speculate... Result: A critic has spotted this message or that and declared it The Meaning of Six Characters in Search of an Author. Perhaps this idea or that was stated with particular po...more
I don't normally enjoy reading plays. It is like reading music notes on page instead of listening to the orchestra, or reading about perfume instead smelling the scent. I would much rather watch the play than read it. But I picked this one up because of the author and found myself enraptured by the concept.

As a part of inspiration for Waiting for Godot and other existentialism plays, this play focuses on six characters in search of an author - and their drive to make their lives into some sembl...more
Del Herman
This play strikes me a lot like Luis Bunuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie struck me. Both works are very similar, they both have a meaningful absurdity behind their workings, they both use satire to display different aspects of the creator's world view, and they both come out of great minds. In fact if Luis Bunuel had attempted to write a play, this is what he would have come up with.

Certainly the mind of a self-reflective man came up with this. The play is certainly very introspectiv...more
"Six characters in search of an author" - the title alone is intriguing, it creates the impression that those mysterious characters would be as alive and independent as their author. True.
The play depicts the story of 6 characters, which were created by an author, who then denied them their “birth” right of living inside a novel, because he felt their drama lacked a deeper universal meaning. So, the lost 6 characters begin their struggle of finding an author.
But the author plays a trick on them,...more
Momina Masood
3.5 stars

This was weird! We have a play within a play here. Interesting concept but a little tedious towards the end. The play starts with the rehearsal of a play and on walks the stage six author-less characters out of some 'book' urging the Manager to stage their story. Weird, I know. And it gets weirder as the play proceeds. There are nice bits of philosophies amid the weirdness (some a tad mind-boggling) and I would recommend this play as an interesting read to curious minds.
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Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934 "for his bold and ingenious revival of dramatic and scenic art."
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