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Gaven (Gaven, #1)
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Gaven (Gaven #1)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  1,771 ratings  ·  124 reviews
When the Masarians attack Gaven's people, they are defeated and Gaven himself is taken captive. By a man claiming to be his father. It turns out his entire life has been a lie, and now his 'father' will give him into the hands of another man to indoctrinate and train him. Gaven vows he will never shame his people by giving into the Masarians' way of loving other men.

But Vl
Kindle Edition, 84 pages
Published (first published August 4th 2009)
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hey, you know what would be hot?


the facerape of a 17yo with a broken arm, in the most overripe and repetitive language possible.

a true one-handed read!

unfortunately, the other hand isn't on my dick; it's holding up my middle finger.
Rating: 3,5 stars

"Welcome, little one. You are finally home."

I really enjoyed Gaven, but I have to say that I loved the second part even more. These shorter parts are kind of like one bigger book together--two parts of the same story, and I personally think should be read together.

It wasn't quite what I thought it would be when I started it and perhaps that's why I didn't love the first part as much as I thought it would. Although, don't get me wrong, Gaven was still a good one! Gaven himself,
Isa K.
I didn't like this book, but I feel like it would be unfair to give it less than 3 stars because most of the issues I had with it come from my personal preferences. From an objective standard it was very well done in terms of pace and story. I don't like fantasy, especially high fantasy, but this was a reading challenge so fantasy it had to be.

The book is well written, although sometimes OVER written. Yes, I know in fantasy prose has a certain style, but when it gets to the point where the sente
I really enjoyed reading this short story. I have to point out that as others have already mentioned, Gaven 1 is not a complete story and can not stand alone. As a separate novel, the story ends abruptly and there is not much development when it comes to romance. Gaven 1 is simply a great intense beginning to a great fantasy story.

Gaven is a kind gentle soul who has been mistreated all his life. His life crumbles again and again during this story and he is hurt, confused and lost. Add identity
If I didn’t know there was a sequel out there I would be so pissed right now. This book is really just an introduction to a world and a crazy convoluted messed up situation. It does end at an understandable place in Gaven’s journey, but really it’s just the start of his story.

Gaven’s had his world turned upside down and smashed all to pieces in a few minutes of destruction. The Masarians have long been the enemy of his people and now they have destroyed everyone that Gaven’s ever known in their
Will post my review at the end of The series!

But enjoying it a lot!!
The UHQ Nasanta
2 stars

I really expected to like this better because these days I'm interested in dub-con. Alas, I ended up feeling a bit frustrated with it but these are probably based more on my own preferences than the book itself.

I liked the premise, and I thought that the fantasy was setting up to be rather interesting. However, the world-building was minimal. I thought that the society of the Masarians was set up to suit the story, that when looked at from the outside, didn't really hold up. Once again,
The pacing felt off in this book. Some things took forever to happen and others speed on by. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to this and many important things that needed to be expanded upon weren't. I did think that the world and characters were interesting but a little more detail would've been nice. We spent a lot of time with Gaven wallowing in self pity and not really getting more development of the character beyond that. I think this book had a lot of potential but it just wasn't fle ...more
While the writing is good but I just can't shake the feeling that the romance is not strong enough. There are too many questions in Gaven's mind, that I cannot believe that in the end, he will just accept his "fate". It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Lilli *slowest reader ever*

If you’re looking for a romance story don’t read this. I knew from the start not to expect much of a love story in this and although I definitely prefer my m/m books with a strong romantic plot this worked amazingly well for me. It is, quite simply, a great story of a youth’s coming into his own when ripped from all he had known and thrown into a whole new life and culture, shocking revelations and challenges included.

The story kept me on the edge of my seat because I couldn’t wait to read what
I like this story. We are introduced to a hurt Gaven who has been raised as a peasant almost and finds out he is more than that. He was destined for than just the pittance his lord gave him. He learns his entire life was a lie at the tender age of seventeen. He finds out the tribe/group/Masarians, the enemies he was told to despise is actually his people.

And get this, he's the son of their warlord, Gareth! Vlar, the second in command who scares Gaven also wants to...mate with him too, become hi
I really wanted to like this book. From the blurb and the sample, it seemed like it would be a good read. Unfortunately, there were some things that didn't sit well with me.

- I did like the explanation of why the Masarian soldiers had male partners but, obviously, they strayed from that premise because Gaven was born.

- I think the author did a good job of expressing Gaven's uneasy feelings of his sexual preference for men.

- I liked Ander, at least he explained things to Gaven and the reader
Shira Anthony
LOVED the universe J.C. Owens created for this little book, but overall, the narrative left me cold. The entire concept, that a boy/man who had been raised in an enemy land, never knowing who his true people were, was wonderful. The idea that, in a warrior society, men have lasting, sexual and loving relationships was fabulous. The concept of an older/wise male training a younger one made for a terrific plot line, as well. That said, I had a hard time with this book and its sequel.

First, the t
Quite excited to be starting this book, that's been on my 'to read' shelf for a while.
I know J.C. Owens is a good author, and this has some great reviews, so yes, I'm excited before I start.

Right, finished it quite quickly, as it's a novella or short novel. And as I suspected I might, I really (really) enjoyed it. This sort of plotline is right up my alley, and no mistake. You can tell what it's about from the blurb and other reviews, so I'm not going to rehash it here.

The book finishes quite ab
This book didn't sit very well with me. I think it's because it was so short that the development of things seemed to border on Stockholm syndrome at best and rapey at worst. I mean Gaven was young, vulnerable, alone, with a shakey grasp on his sexuality and he basically had to have sex with a guy he barely knew in order to gain acceptance and family. I mean I've quite liked some questionable consent books, but only ones with enough length for the story to develop and when he character has more ...more
I really liked this book but it cut off at the end like the book was half finished and it seems I was right. The second book is really the other half of this book and this has really pissed me off. Why not put the two books together to make a longer complete book and charge a little more for the one book?
If it was one complete story I would have given this a definate 4 stars, the charectors were strong and the plot line interesting. Loved the world building and there are some strong supporting c
Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books)
I really need to give some time before I write anything about this book.I am overwhelmed right now..SIGH.....Long deep content but still craving more of Gaven and Vlar.
Entertaining little fantasy m/m read..
'As we reached the height of the pass, I drew my horse to a halt and stared back down at the panorama below, the land to which I had been born. It was a moment in time; forward was into the unknown, backwards lay pain --- but familiar pain.'
Pamela Su
BDSM and man loving all wrapped up in a clash of two cultures.

I was hesitant to read this but it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Gaven is kind of a whiny bitch but I like him and he submits beautifully.

No closure in this book so you'll need to read the next book, I think.
I really enjoyed this book and the series is off to a great start! I loved the developing relationship between Gaven and Vlar and can't wait to dive into the next one.
Although I knew up front that "Gaven" was a short book, I was surprised at how little there really was. It should have been noted as a prequel -- at least my expectations would have been more realistic.

The author wastes no time on bringing you right into the action as we meet Gaven, a survivor of a horrific battle that his enemies, the Masarians, have won. He's captured and taken to meet Vlar, a warrior, as well as Gareth, a warlord, and Andar, Gareth's aide.

I found Gaven to be really annoying.
Medieval fantasy is really not my thing, so why do I seem to own so many (that sit in my TBR file forever)? Gaven is captured by the invading army that destroyed his keep. Seems that Gaven was not who he thought but is the son of the commander of the invading army. In their culture young recruits are given to an older solder for "training" (if you know what I mean). Seems he's to be given to Vlar (some kind of blood drinking creature). Gaven is freaked as being gay was baaaad in his culture and ...more
4.5 stars

Gaven surprised me. I found myself very riveted to the problems Gaven found himself in and the people surrounding him. I was thoroughly sucked into the story almost like a kid turning the pages of Huckleberry Finn to see how he was going to handle the next problem.

Gaven himself is a young man snubbed by society all his life who finds himself welcomed into the arms of the enemy as a celebrated lord and high ranking son. He also finds that this army has a man love philosophy that encoura
Gabbo Parra
I was forced to slash a star for two reasons since this was a solid 4 for me.

I can't pinpoint why, but this story felt more like a couple of chapters for the next book than an actual independent work. Maybe it's because nothing was truly resolved (yeah yeah book two blah blah) or the abrupt ending. Cute as it was, I was left with a giant "That's it?"

I'm not a big fan of first person POV, and it didn't curb my enjoyment here. Alas, Gaven has a running commentary of every aspect of his life, ponde
Sammy Goode
Wounded in body and spirit, alone, lost on a battlefield, taken captive, forced to acknowledge that he has feelings that can no longer be pushed down or called perverted or bad, Gaven stands on the cusp of a life that is so foreign to him yet one which he was literally born to embrace. Given to be both cared for and trained by to a man who was not quite human...Gaven after many attempts at escape, accepts his fate, accepts his mating to Vlar and submits to the ritualistic bonding with surprising ...more
This beautifully written paranormal story focuses on the emotional journey of a young man coming of age during a violent and turbulent time. While the tale has tremendous potential, the story ultimately failed to deliver on the world building and romance aspects. It does deliver in the characterization of the main narrator, Gaven, and does so wonderfully with a depth of emotion rarely found. Perhaps the author is setting this novella to be one of a series as the ending is barely a happy for now. ...more
★★★☆ rounded up to ★★★★

This was an interesting & well portrayed concept that was, unfortunately too short for true many elements of this story were left undeveloped...I know it's a series but I got the distinct impression that this short story had been artificially truncated & should have been marketed as a full-length novel rather than a series of short stories.

Gaven was a complex character who wasn't fully developed either...I spent most of my time whilst reading this
I read this book for the M/M Bingo challenge and I was glad I picked it back up. I had started reading it before but just couldn't get into it at the time.

It is told in 1st person, which I typically don't like because you don't get a good enough feel for the other characters. However, this one didn't bother me because I really liked Gaven. Unlike other first person stories, this really is Gaven's tale and about what he goes through as a person learning his way around people he once thought were
Have to say that I liked this book better the second time round. I think because I knew what I was getting into this had less of a "Swquik" factor.

I'm still not 100% cool with the idea of slave-fic. I think that there was something in this book that had a heart to it (even with the master isn't such a bad, bad feelings.)

Compared to some of the other things I've read by J.C. Owens.. (i.e Wings.) this was a love story of the highest order.

I found the character of Vlar in
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Also known as J.C. McGuire.

J.C Owens lives in small town, rural Alberta and is a self confessed writing-a-holic. In the absence of help for this affliction…

I do indeed love to write and have over twenty books sitting idle in my computer, waiting… I love the genre of male/male stories and conflict in what a person thinks they want, versus what they truly need to become themselves. I think any writi
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