Hanging by the Thread
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Hanging by the Thread

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For ten years, a secret society has risen to power. They have infiltrated every facet of the federal government. They are powerful. They have extraordinary access to public funds and government technologies. The Constitution stands in their way. They have sought to destroy economic freedom, amass power to the federal government, and create mass dependency. They call themse...more
Paperback, 367 pages
Published May 10th 2010 by Stone Haven Publishing (first published May 7th 2010)
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Giovanni Gelati
Rule: Conspiracy theories and novels about them are a dime a dozen. The one I just read , Hanging By the Thread, is the exception to the rule. Donald B. Anderson has turned out an imaginative layout to the novel. The story line itself is not the hook here; it is the way in which the novel is crafted and presented. I am not going to spoil any of the story. I don’t like to do that, so here is what I can tell you.
The plot revolves around The Thread , a secret group that has been infiltrating all f...more
Don't start reading it unless you have time to finish it: It's a page-turner! (The first 40 pages are not as gripping, but then you're off on a wild ride that doesn't stop.) And it's pretty scary how close to the truth it could actually be.

It would make a great movie.
Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading)
I liked this book. It reminded me of David Baldacci's Camel Club featuring Oliver Stone, but in a new twist. The Thread is a secret society that has inflitrated all levels of our government. Three college-age friends, an uncle, and a professor uncover the truth behind The Thread and seek to stop their rise to power.

The writing is good and the book moves at a fast pace. There's a good amount of action interspersed with some education on economic principles. At the end of the story, we have a ser...more
Donald Anderson belongs to my mother-in-law's church congregation (ward) in Millville, Utah and as a result my copy of the book was personally signed by this first time author -- something that always tends to make a book more interesting to me. I'm also always intrigued by "local" authors who take a plunge into big fiction projects like this. And I like any LDS author who's willing to venture out of self help, fantasy, and LDS-historical fiction.

I read this book literally in one day. Not someth...more
by Donald B. Anderson

First-time author, Donald B. Anderson, took a risk in tackling a hot-button topic in his debut political suspense novel, Hanging By The Thread. The premise is a chilling race to thwart a plot to topple the U. S. Constitution by a secret, underground group who calls themselves, “The Thread.” This entity has been weaving members into key roles in government and law enforcement, and with one final, unthinkable act, played out in front of numerous, powerful...more

Every now and then I pick up I pick up some LDS fiction hoping that maybe, just maybe, it's finally started to improve. That the tone is not horribly preachy. That there is no ridiculously contrived romantic subplot involving one person converting/reactivating the other. That the characters are not completely unbelievable. That it's set somewhere, ANYWHERE but Utah.

In this instance:

- It sounded like we might see a bit more of the world, but no. Even though Salt Lake City probably wouldn't...more
This book nearly ruined by Independence Day. That's the day I decided to read this book. It is a fast paced story, reminiscent of National Treasure but much, much more sinister. The premise is that there is a secret conspiracy to upset the economic freedoms of the United States take control of the government thus people. Once the United States is secure, the world becomes nothing less than pawns.

First you take the freedom of choice from the people by instituting socialism and government interfer...more
Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
I'm not a political junkie. I have a limited (at best) knowledge of economics. But, I think this story is timely. Very timely. You can say what you want about conspiracy theorists but many people are concerned about what they see happening in America today.

Colton Wiser discovers an interesting and disturbing document in a copy room at the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City. Curious, he shows it to his roommates and soon finds himself racing to meet an economics professor at Brigham Young Univers...more
I confess I started reading this book expecting it to be boring and cheesy. I am not usually a fan of fiction written by local LDS writers (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). However, I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t take long for my husband and I to get sucked into the story. We stayed up late one night finishing the book because we just had to find out what happened.

Hanging by the Thread is a suspense story about a secret group that is attempting to overthrow th...more
Heather Hansen
5 stars for the lectures in the back. 2.5 stars for the writing. 4 stars for the story.

This book was not well-written but the imagination was fantastic and not far from the truth. I believe that what he premised in this book could easily be happening in our world today.

It was a great adventure story wrapped up into the dangers of secret alliances and an uneducated and apathetic populace. However, that same populace rallied when freedom was threatened which is, as the book states, always the unk...more
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3.5 stars
Hanging By The Thread is an action packed page turner, perfect for those who read Tom Clancey. Mr. Anderson teaches important lessons in freedom and the Constitution. He also offers readers a tension building interesting plot. His style reminds me of a book ready to be made into movie- with the story a cross between Mission Impossible and Air Force One. An uncovered conspiracy threatens those who find it...more
For me, this book was all right. I wasn't attached to the characters. It was too predictable to be cheering for them, at least for me. It was very much an LDS novel/Glenn Beck mash up but I appreciate his honest attempt at what our society could be experiencing. I thought for a debut novel, his writing was well done and descriptive.

HOWEVER, I WOULD 100% RECOMMEND READING THE LECTURE SERIES AFTER THE EPILOGE AT THE END OF THE BOOK!!! It is a real eye opener about Freedom, Economic Freedom and Equ...more
I loved this story. I started reading this to my husband, but as my kids listened, they wanted to know what was happening and they were the ones asking if we could read some more so they could find out what happens!

It has a lot of suspense and great characters--somewhat flat, but the entire book takes place in a very short amount of time and they were still memorable. At the same time, it was teaching truths about our Constitution and our freedoms and the ways in which they can be taken away. A...more
Mike Emett
Not too sappy but deals with what America is currently facing. A society that is infiltrating the government and other facets of America to bring it down, destroy the Constitution and make it a hellhole run by a dictator who is a puppet to the society. Is it the Rothschilds? George Soros? Some other society using people like Soros to ruin America? Either way it is happening. Should be read by EVERYONE! The 'lectures' at the end are very enlightening and informative. We must save America. Read th...more
This book is entertaining and educational! Although it's a fast-paced fictional story, the content is relevant to current American circumstances. The importance of economic freedom stressed in this book is something EVERYONE should learn more of and take an active, responsible role in. The novel portion of this page-turner was exciting, but I think I actually enjoyed the "lectures" afterward, just as much or more; it's an interesting and unique format.
I highly recommed this book. It just came out on CD (finally)
This is a great action/suspense novel. It takes place along the Wasatch Front and when I was reading it was like I could turn on the TV and see it actually happening. AMAZINZ!!!! Once you read the novel, MAKE SURE that you read the lectures afterwards, this makes the book. I understand more of our situation with the government. I can't wait to read his next one.
this book was surprisingly good. i say this because the cover is pretty ugly (in my opinion), and i'm such a cover shopper. the author actually came into my store and offered to give me and my employees a copy and i graciously accepted. that night i took it home and at 2 in the morning i realized i needed to go to bed so i could wake up for work again in the morning. this book sucked me in. i already want to read it again...
Very exciting, fast paced novel. A little unbelievable in parts, but enriching as well. Very good teaching about the necessity of economic freedom to have freedom. Not dry at all!

I just finished the lectures at the end. As entertainingly educational as the novel was, it pales in comparison to the principles taught in the lectures. I don't think you can skip the story part, but definitely DO NOT skip the lectures!
I liked the premise, and story line. however, the writing didn't grab me. it irritated me actually. if i hadn't liked the story, i would have quit. i didn't like the use of someone's name 18 times in one paragraph...that type of thing. and it was very pro-american. that being said, i did like the conspiracy theory story, and have no problem believing that that type of thing happens!
This book was interesting. It felt a bit cheesy to me being LDS fiction and having the locations set in my own hometown, but I think the premise of the book was very eye opening. I especially loved the lecture series at the back of the book. Who knew how important economid freedom really is and how much our country is suffering because we are slowing losing it.
Anyone who values the constitution and economic freedom should own a copy of this book. The story line is great and hard to put down.

I especially liked the economic discussion on how our freedoms are being eliminated through laws and other acts. It was very eye opening. This is definitely a book you should read and share with others.
Awesome book! Action packed, well written, clean, and enjoyable to read! And there's even a moral to this story!!
I enjoyed the personalities of the roommates because I could totally picture those characteristics in real life.
As far as the conspiracy-theory goes, who knows? Anything is possible....(insert evil laugh).

Hilary Roberts
I read this book in chunks over the Christmas break. I loved the beginning, but the book seemed to lose its intensity over time. Part of that might just be because of the breaks I took in reading it. Had I read it in one sitting there's a good chance I would have given it four stars. Nice suspense and fun to read.
The best part of this book is the "lecture" series at the end explaining economic freedom and how we in America are losing that and why. The beginning story is good and fun to read. It really makes you think about where we are headed in our country and how things that sound good are not really good for us.
We read this for bookclub. I had a hard time getting into the story because of the writing style. It was too simple/flat and repetitive for my liking. I would have liked to see more character development. I liked exploring the ideas in the lectures at the end.
(Written by a guy who used to live in my ward) An evil secret society is trying to cleanse America and destroy the constitution as is taken down by a group of guys in SLC. Entertaining and fun but WAY too much over the top for my liking. I still recommend it tho.
This book was such a great read! It was very hard to put down! I love books that keep my attention, have me on the edge of my seat and that I can gain knowledge from! This book did all that for me! If you love this great country this is a book for you!
First time author from the Cache Valley. I thought the story line was a bit over the top but the book constantly kept my attention. It had some good info on economic freedom and how our "freedom" has changed over the years.
I give up! After starting to read and getting halfway through, I just could not finish it. It should not be that much work to read a book. I understand why on the title but that bugged me. It looked so interesting too!
This was written by a friend. My favorite part was the lecture series at the end- I learned a lot about economics and politics in our country. The story itself was a little mormony/much for me, but okay.
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