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Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
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Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  4,388 ratings  ·  457 reviews
Thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris is no string bean, but comfy sweatpants and a daily chocolate cookie suit her just fine. Her under-the-radar lifestyle could have continued too, if her aunt hadn’t entered her in the HuskyPeach Modeling Challenge. To get out of it, she’s forced to launch Operation Skinny Celeste—because, after all, a thin girl can’t be a fat model! What Cel ...more
Kindle Edition, 268 pages
Published February 5th 2009 by Dial
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Jul 06, 2014 Cara rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: middle schoolers
While reading this book it reminded me how tough the middle school years can be. You practically remember the smells of insecurity, and since I was a chubby girl myself at those times I could relate to our main character Celeste. I could feel her pain when she talked about the dreaded one mile run! So glad that's over.

Well, the story begins with Celeste trying on a bridesmaid dress for her cousin's wedding. While her family and her are leaving the store, her Aunt Doreen sees a pamphelt for a con
Probably just what I needed right about now. Eighth-grader Celeste, an overweight girl with a love for Oreos, is entered into a plus-size model beauty pageant ("Miss HuskyPeach") by her aunt. She's already made fun of a lot in school, and if anyone found out she was a "fat model" it would be the end of life as she knows it (after all she is in middle school--remember those days?). So as a way out, she decides to lose weight by going on a diet (not easy--no Oreos is tough). Throughout the whole H ...more
This is one SOLID book. I loved it. 5 stars, hands down. I want to own it, and I will not only allow my girls to read it when they approach Jr. High-age, but I will hand it to them to read!

As far as technical writing goes--this is a tight story. There is no useless information, no fluff. It's often funny, but the humor is seemless within the plot and very natural. The author creates a very rich setting. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that the "bully" was a very 2-dimensional chara
Arapahoe Library District
Read as Celeste not only learns to lose weight but learns to stand up for herself and become more outgoing. A fun, fast read.
I began reading this book with excitement. Unfortunately, the excitement didn't last long.

As someone who has struggled with a wide range of food issues; (from starving myself, to binge eating, to emotional eating) for my entire teenage and adult life I was hoping this book would serve as somewhat of an inspiration.

(view spoiler)
I haven't read a YA novel since I WAS a young adult, so it's a bit hard for me to judge its quality as I have nothing to compare this to. But Erin is a fellow graduate of my MFA program at Emerson College so I had to snatch the book up the week it appeared in paperback.

The story started a bit slow, but once we went to round one of the "Husky Peach" modeling contest, the one she is determined to "throw" by giving lackluster answers during her personality interview, I was hooked. Erin creates some
YA Reads Book Reviews
Celeste has body image issues, but its no surprise considering she cops it everywhere she goes. At school the kids constantly taunt her about her body and at home she’s in the shadow of her two cousins who are so beautiful that they’re model material – literally. Her cousin Kathleen has been entering herself in beauty pageants for ages now, and Kirsten is a supreme athlete. Celeste is … well, Celeste is just Celeste.

Then one day, Celeste’s Aunt secretly enters her into a plus-sized modelling com
I thought this book was really cute, even though parts of it were "hard" to read. Since this book's main character, Celeste, is only in 8th grade, one can only imagine the drama and the mean girls in it.

I couldn't stand the character of "Lively" at all. She is a bully and the type of real-life person who can make another live with emotional scars for life.

Friends come and go and they change as they grow older and meet new "friends."

Celeste has to learn to (or not to) deal with mistreatment fr
Rainrocks^o^(aka Breanna)
Wow! This really is a great book! It makes you think about other people and their feelings!IT IS A MUST READ!!!
This was not the first time I have read "Models don't eat chocolate cookies". I love this book so much that I read it over and over again, always sharing and recommending it to fellow readers. This book is based on 13 year old overweight Celeste Harris. Celeste is a girl who is picked on, teased, and is always called names, such as Cow, Solar Eclipse, and Burrito Grande. Celeste reminds me a lot of myself, she was perfectly fine with her weight in elementary school but then became self conscious ...more
The story of a young thirteen year old girl struggling with her weight in middle school is somehow humorous in the authours style of writing throughout the entire book. Celeste Harris deals with constant bullying because of her size, and she cant imagine things any worse. But when her aunt enters her in the Husky Peach pageant, Celeste faces both a confusing and difficult time. With her aunt and mother pressuring her to do each round, and the model from her magazine stuck in her conscience, she ...more
Celeste has always been called the Fat Girl, not only by the popular Lively and her antlike friends, but everyone knows she isn't the skinniest girl in the world. Celeste's best friend, Saundra, helped her get out of every bad situation, but now Saundra's gone to the other side; with the popular, pretty, matching-outfits crowd. What's more, Celeste's aunt enters her in the HuskyPeach pageant, a clothing company for plus-sized girls. Celeste is too afraid to back down but what will they call her ...more
Lori Verni-Fogarsi
This book was recommended to me by my eleven-year-old daughter who loved it so much, she read it in two days. I was a little hesitant, as I don't normally read YA, but she recommended it so highly, I gave it a try. It was fantastic!

Great writing, believable characters, fantastic storyline. It's about an overweight middle school girl who is horrified when her Aunt enters her into a modeling competition for plus size girls. I was expecting it to be filled with messages entirely saying it's okay to
One of the things I love most about Erin Dionne’s books is that she really gets what it is like to be a bullied teen. She understands what it means to be different and uses that to create memorable characters in realistic situations. Her ways of dealing with bullies are ideas teens can use in their own lives once they muster the courage. Celeste loves Oreos and Twinkies. She would rather eat potatoes than other vegetables. Now that she is in eighth grade and trying on hideous bridesmaids dresses ...more
Amy Brantner,141 pages. This is an interesting and fun book to read. I loved the fact that it described Celeste Harris's(the main character) life in great detail. it is about an overweight girl,(Celeste) who's life seems to be pretty well. Other than a girl named Lively Carson who always makes fun of her, she is happy. She has a really nice best friend, and a great family. But her whole life changes soon after that. Her aunt signs her up for a chubby modeling contest, and she really doesn't want ...more
Dec 14, 2011 kaylin rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Debra Willes
Recommended to kaylin by: Debra
Quick Book Summary:

Celeste is qualified to participate in a plus sized modeling contest. She has a pretty great chance of winning the contest and so, she purposely tries to either be disqualified somehow or lose all together. You see, she thinks she will be made fun of at school by her not so friendly peers, if she wins the Husky Peach plus sized clothing store contest and becomes the Miss Husky Peach plus sized model. To prevent her from winning the several day challenge, she goes on a diet to
Annabel ♥
Um. Um...well, that was. *clears throat* Interesting. See here, "interesting" is a very neutral word. It could mean that you absolutely loved it, but it could also mean that you loathed it with all of your heart. The latter is MOI.

I hate to be, um. Okay. Control yourself. I hate to be such a critic (I have not liked books before and said it, but I don't like to be outright mean), but I'm just--This was stupid. Stupid. Good word. Like, why the hell would I care enough to read this book? WHO care
Kay Mcgriff
Celeste’s life used to fit her as comfortably as her favorite outfit–track pants and a hoodie that hid her perfectly round body. But now life is not so comfortable ever since her aunt Doreen secretly entered her in the Miss Husky Peach pageant. What will her classmates say if she’s crowned beauty queen for fat girls? Lively Carson certainly doesn’t need any more reason to insult Celeste. To make matters even worse, Celeste’s best friend Sandra has become friends with Lively and only wants to be ...more
Kenya Nelson
Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies is a fantastic book written by Erin Dionne. It’s about this girl named Celeste and her aunt signed her up to be a plus sized model. Celeste doesn’t want to be a plus size model but she doesn’t say no. Celeste mother is telling her that she has to go. So her mom goes buy new clothes for her interview. She has a best friend named Sandra and this girl named Lively is trying to take Sandra away from Celeste. The only reason Sandra sat with Lively is because she tol ...more
Mar 10, 2010 Anna rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Girls who feel self conscious about their bodies or girls who don't (or guys, i guess)
This book handles the issue of teenage girls struggling with their weight very well, I think. This book tells the story of Celeste, a girl who definitely considers herself to be FAT. She gets teased at school about it and worst of all, her cousins are physically perfect, tan and athletic. She hates being compared to them. When her aunt signs her up for a plus size modeling pageant, Celeste reasons that if she loses enough weight, she'll be too skinny to take part in the pageant.
Along the way,
What is refreshing to see is that Celeste does not resort to the unhealthy ways of losing weight. She actually strives to cut back on her snacks - though it pains her - and eat healthier things. Slowly Celeste starts to see some positive results - she may not have the killer bod, but she does not have to worry about ripping the seams when she tries on clothes.

On the other hand, Celeste also experiences the magic of pageants. Sure, there are those crazy mothers who go over the top to ensure that
Siew Ee
I like reading books about the underdog who gets the last laugh at the end, so I picked this book after reading the blurb because that’s how the storyline appeared to me. We have Celeste, a chubby thirteen-year-old who’s self-conscious about her weight but did not do anything about it until her best friend ditched her for a clique of slimmer girls and her aunt enrolled her in a Husky Peach contest, a search for a new face for the Peach Wear clothing line for chubby teens. Celeste finally found t ...more
I laughed, a lot, at this book. Well not at the book but with the book. As a middle-schooler I had been teeny-tiny in every way possible (height, weight, voice) so while I never got the taunts of 'Mooooo' from my classmates, I did get height jokes a plenty. And mouse jokes. I felt as if Celeste and I had a lot in common (not just the love of cookies) and that made me root for her the entire time.

I admit her attempts to wreck her chances at Miss Husky Peach (husky, who in their right mind would r
Reading Vacation
Here is a fun project that I did for school this year with a little help from my brother, Travis. I read the book “Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies.”
It’s a fun book about an overweight teen girl, Celeste, who enters the Husky Peach Beauty Pageant. Along the way, Celeste realizes she doesn’t want to win the pageant and be known as “husky.” So, she starts eating right and exercising so she will be too thin to win. Celeste realizes that looks aren’t everything and she makes some new friends too.
Grace R
Sometimes, being yourself is all that matters. That saying I think best represents this book. Meet thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris, living in Los Apitos, who is basically the opposite of a stereotypical “girl”. Skinny, athletic, good-looking, all those qualities. Celeste thinks that a comfy track suit and a daily dose of cookies are perfectly fine. Her life is low-key, until her aunt enters her in the HuskyPeach Modeling Challenge, saying it was time there was another model in the family and th ...more
What a funderful book for tween readers! (That word "funderful" was initially a typo, but I decided it was perfect for this book -- fun and wonderful and funny and charming -- and so it stays.)

13-year-old Celeste has all the worries of a typical kid - fickle friends, a crush that feels so out of reach, and worries about her looks. When her mother and aunt decide she's perfect for the "Husky Peach" model search for overweight girls, she takes action and launches a new eating and exercise plan des
Eh, I feel like I didn't enjoy this book as much as I expected to. First of all, "HuskyPeach" is a horrible name for a plus-size store, even a fictional one. It sounds way too fake. And the mean girl who makes fun of the main character seems super unrealistic in that she openly insults her (and for no reason). Plus, protagonist Celeste kind of annoyed me. The whole premise of the story is based on the fact that her aunt entered her in a modeling contest without her permission. Instead of just te ...more
I thought this was a really sweet(no pun intended) story about learning to love yourself. Celeste is a lovable character who you feel heart broken for. Celeste is entered into a 'fat model' contest which she wants no part of. To get out of it, she decides to undertake Operation Skinny Celeste. I prefer to call it 'getting healthier'. I thought the character development and flaws were lovely and Celeste is endearing. I liked that the story didn't make Celeste skinny but allows her to find beauty ...more
C.C. Thomas
Celeste is an overweight teen-ager whose life just got much more difficult. Her best friend dumps her for more popular friends and her aunt enters her in a chubby girl modeling contest. Through these dramas, though, Celeste finds out what's really important in a friend and in herself.

When I first started reading this book, I had some really uncomfortable feelings about the accuracy and realism of certain elements in the book. First, of all, the main character is, by her own accounts, overweight,
Aurora Hindman
The realistic fiction novel Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne describes the story of a twelve-year-old girl who is entered into a plus size modeling competition and must face other challenges along the way. Celeste Harris’s aunt is the one who enters her in the humiliating pageant, and to make matters worse, her enemy, Lively Carson, is stealing her best friend, Sandra. Celeste doesn’t know how to get out of such a sticky situation, but decides on the most obvious, seemingly s ...more
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