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Absolute Fear (New Orleans #4)

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Every Serial Killer. . .

A serial killer is stalking the streets of New Orleans. The victims are killed in a ritual fashion, a series of numbers tattooed into their bodies. There are no clues, no connections except one: a crumbling old asylum that was once the scene of unspeakable madness--and is now the calling card of a new kind of fear.

Is Searching For. . .

Eve Renner kno...more
ebook, 512 pages
Published March 1st 2008 by Zebra Books (first published March 1st 2007)
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I enjoyed the story. Like every other book written by Lisa Jackson I think she goes into detail way too much, but I've learned where to skim through her words and where I need to pay attention. While I guessed part of what was going on, I definitely did not figure out the entire story of who the killer was and why until it was revealed and for that, I give the author kudos.

Yes, is some of the story far-fetched, absolutely! But it's FICTION, not true crime. IMO, it's like in the movies when some...more
I've read a few Lisa Jackson's books - this was, in my opinion, an even better read then the others.

I liked the setting - the mental hospital, the vague suggestion of secrets and wrong-doing, the fact that Eve, the main character, used to spy on the mental patients when she was a child. The whole book came across like a lite-horror movie to me, and it worked for this book.

I liked the chemistry between Eve and Cole, and how Jackson keeps you in suspense as to whether Cole tried to kill Eve. Overa...more
This book tries too hard. There are too many unexplained/unnecessary/underdeveloped characters, too much detail, too many elements of murder/suspense/psycho novels for one book, too far-fetched, too formulaic...didn't know it was part of a series until several pages into the book. Allusions to other situations/characters were made that didn't always work if one hadn't read the other book first. I had expectations from the book as Jackson is a "NY Times best-selling author". Well, the Times needs...more
This is the second Lisa Jackson book that I have listened to on tape. I enjoy listening to them because she does a good job at keeping up suspense, and I wasn't expecting the killer to be who he was. Usually, I can pick out the killer at the beginning of the book.

However, I feel like the characters are sexed up way too much. The reader doesn't need to hear over and over again how the characters are sexy and beautiful, nor the repeated sexual thoughts of the killer. Once or twice would have been...more
This book is part of a series, although I've only read the book before this one, Shiver. It was helpful to read these two in order because in enabled me to understand some of the connections between the characters. And even more connections were made in this book, some say to excess. Some of it was a little far-fetched, but I didn't mind too much; it is fiction, and it made the book more fun. I plan to go back and read the earlier ones in the series before I go on to #6.

I like the idea for the i...more
This was my first Lisa Jackson, I listened to Absolute Fear on audio, which was enjoyable but I felt it lessened some of the suspense. This book is part of a loosely based series but having read out of order I didn't feel as though I'd missed anything with the characters or plot.

A serial killer is murdering victims in a bizarre ritualistic manner & the only connection appears to be Our Lady of Virtues Hospital. Unspeakable secrets in the asylum's past may hold the key to preventing more bloo...more
Diane  Morasco
Absolute Fear picks up where Jackson's beyond creepy Shiver left off. Jackson's frighteningly delish New Orleans series*, brings back the awesome detective duo Bentz & Montoya. Unfortunately, with that we revisit the disturbing Our Lady of Virtues Asylum. *Cue sinister music*. Really!

While Absolute Fear is part of a series, it’s not a prerequisite to read the other books in this outstanding series. Although, before immersing yourself in this spine-tingling indulgence, I would suggest it sinc...more
Kayla P
Kayla Palos

Absolute Fear
By: Lisa Jackson

“Absolute Fear” written by Lisa Jackson is about this girl named Eve. She is in love with this boy named Cole, and he has been convicted for murder. When she was little, she would explore her fathers work place. He worked in an asylum, so Eve would constantly be exploring the rooms, discovering secrets, and keeping secrets of her own. When new crimes are committed the common thing about them is, they are all tattooed a specific number. She believ...more
Unfortunately, this book is part of an ongoing series so I was initially confused upon reading this book. Thankfully, it wasn't too complicated and I knew I couldn't put the book down until I had read the last word on the last page.

In the aspect of crime-writing, Lisa Jackson's books wouldn't completely fit in as her books are more based on finding clues through old documents and other human sources, compared to other books where crime scenes and how they were processed was described in more det...more
Cynthia D'Alba
I did this book by audio. Good voice narration.

I was really enjoying the book until the last disc where the heroine did something THAT WAS SO STUPID that I kept yelling at the CD player! I swear if I had been reading, I would have thrown the book against the wall. I mean TSTL kind of act.

Still, it was a good read once I could forgive the heroine FOR HER STUPIDITY! Seriously, if you thought you were being stalked, and people around you being murdered (including your father), would you go to a b...more
This book must be a sequel or part of a series, but no mention of other books with the same characters is made anywhere on the jacket or in the introductory pages.

The story starts out with a bang, but the editing left something to be desired. One character puts on his heavy gloves twice in two consecutive paragraphs. Characters just seem to drop out of the story and new ones conveniently appear. A lot is missing between the conclusion of the last chapter and the epilogue, the story never really...more
Eve Renner is lured to a cabin in the woods and discovers Roy's brutally murdered body with the number 212 written in blood and is shot in the head at the cabin. At the time of the shooting she is positive that the shooter is her fiancé Cole who gets sent to prison.

After months of rehab in Atlanta staying with her brother Eve now has returned home to New Orleans on the same day that Cole gets set free on a technicality. Very involved story by one of my favorite authors. I give it an enthusiasti...more
Carl Alves
There’s a lot going on in this novel, some good, some bad, some a bit confusing. In this novel Abby Chastain discovers she might have a long lost half-sister in Eve Renner. Eve’s father used to be the head of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Virtues Mental Hospital. Eve is nearly killed by a tattooed freak psychopath, and she suspects the killer is her boyfriend Cole Dennis, who was present when she was assaulted. People continue to get killed and conveniently enough Abby’s boyfriend Reuben Montoya is...more
Tammy A
Story is bogged down by the tremendous amount of detail. I ended up taking another reader's advice and just skimming through the superfluous information, which tends to slow down the story but doesn't add to it. Extraneous characters, from other novels, are thrown in with no explanation...seems like you must read her books in a progression. In fact, this book outcomes are directly referenced to things that will be addressed in her next book. Felt more like an "r" rated Nancy Drew read....
At the core of the novel is an old asylum where mysteries and unspeakable things happened. Everything happening is in some way tied to the asylum and the detectives scramble to figure out the puzzle as more victims fall prey to a serial killer. Everyone in the novel is connected in some way that only the killer seems to know. Although I wasn't aware that this book was part of a series before I started reading it, I was able to follow the story very well. ABSOLUTE FEAR is full of twists to keep y...more

"Every Serial Killer...

A serial killer is stalking the streets of New Orleans. The victims are killed in a ritual fashion, a series of numbers tattooed into their bodies. There are no clues, no connections except one: a crumbling old asylum that was once the scene of unspeakable madness--and is now the calling card of a new kind of fear.

Is Searching For...

Eve Renner knows Our Lady of Virtues Hospital well. As the daughter of one of its doctors, she spent her childhood exploring its secre...more
Sarah jpsn2429
The 4th novel in this series is as mysterious and thrilling as ever. If I wouldn't have been working I could have finished this book in a day. Another author that I would definitely recommend! Parts continuing from the last the asylum still playing a major factor. In a way I am wondering if all the secrets are in fact out or if there is more hidden but one shall see. Everything did not end so happily it is so sad to see Kristi still hurt and then all the while having premonitions about her fathe...more
When I began this book I never suspected that I would be rating one of my favorite authors as a 2 out of 5, but alas it has happened. Let me begin by saying that this book was not bad, I actually enjoyed the story and the tension quite a bit, but it was very disappointing on a lot of levels. This book is number four in the saga of Bentz and Montoya. So far we have seen these characters through a lot and this was supposed to be a culmination of several major plots from both book two, Cold Blooded...more
I began reading Absolute Fear while away from home in July. I just finished it. I set out to see how another female author would handle a suspense novel. I was disgusted by the detail of certain sex scenes, but that's just me and my preferences. To me parts of the book bordered on erotica in places. Maybe true erotica is even more detailed, but I wouldn't know. Even at age 50+, I live such a sheltered life that I forgot what it's like to be around people who smoke and drink. Lisa Jackson does an...more
Manal Ramadan
I picked this book because the author was a bestseller. I really wanted to like this book and I still think if she developed the story line it could have been much better. I could have done with a lot less focus on the "romantic" relationship of the two main characters. It was such a stupid immature relationship. One minute she's in bed with him because she's seduced him and immediately after their lovemaking she hates him and never wants to speak to him again, this happens about two dozen times...more
An absolute page turner from beginning to end. "Heeee's Freeeeee" is the anonymous phone call that Eve keeps receiving beginning the day her ex-boyfriend (who allegedly tried to murder her) is released from prison. As the book progresses, we learn of several more murders, all related to a mental hospital run by nuns that is now closed. What are the victims' connection to Eve; what do palindromes have to do with the murders? Is Eve really related to the detectives investigating the murders? Lisa...more
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Judy Collins
This was my second book by Lisa Jackson (her latest Tell Me was excellent). I read the audio version of Absolute Fear (and have not read the others in the series, which I will read later as sure would be helpful). This could be a standalone; however, looking forward to reading Shiver and her previous books.

As her other book, this was definitely a thriller filled with suspense – the narrator did an outstanding job with the characters. The setting was a mental hospital with lots of secrets to unc...more
This was so much better than "Shiver", in fact, I had trouble understanding what the hell happened in "Shiver" after all. Which is kinda bad since this book was some kind of 'follow up'-book to it. :(

Anyway, I really think that Jackson put way more effort into developing the story. I also liked the characters better than in "Shiver", mostly because Cole was kind of awesome. And hot. LOL I actually liked him better then the actual heroine Eve. Who, let's be honest, got on my nerve towards the end...more
Nov 14, 2007 Lisa rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who likes romance, suspense thrillers
Eve Renner, a woman who's shattered memories are going to help save herself and stop a killer. She struggles to rememeber what happened that night where she was almost killed. She had accused her lover of shooting her. But since that night, she struggles with her scattered memory, unable to recollect what happened exactly that unfortunate night. But now she's back in New Orleans. A series of bizarre murders are occurring. All the victims killed in a brutal way. Each very different from the othe...more
I didn't like this one as much as I did previous books in this series. Seriously, what about that old asylum makes people behave so foolishly? I can't tell you how many scenes over the last two books involve someone getting a bad vibe while there and then stupidly ignoring these feelings and continuing to "look for answers" while alone, in the dark, even when they hear footsteps. They were definitely encroaching on TSTL territory (which, other than that, the heroines were great!).
Salah satu dari 3 buku gratisan yang diperoleh setelah ikut gathering perdana milis Dastan di Belagio. Boleh dikata hampir sejenis dengan Da Vinci Code nya Dan Brown. Misteri Pembunuhan berseri dengan meninggalkan angka dan informasi yang cukup unik pada setiap korbannya.

Palindrome - sebuah konsep pembacaan angka , huruf , kalimat pendek atau frase yang akan terdengar sama jika dibaca bolak-balik (dari depan maupun belakang). Semisal : 202 , 111 , 323 [angka:] Eve , Viv , [nama korban:] , Dennis...more
Kind of a sequel to the last book I read from this lady, but I found out through reading this that there must be another book previous to the previous one which is referenced throughout this book. Kind of weird when you feel you don't really know what is going on with a character that is written with great familiarity but anyway - nice, normal folks, horrendous crime, shocking surprises and happy ending....sort of. Ingredients don't necessarily add up, though. I thought there were too many side...more
Marijn Vanbelle
Dochter van Lucifer

Eve Renner is teruggekeerd naar New Orleans om het verleden te vergeten. Maar daar krijgt ze geen kans voor, want er begint een nieuwe reeks moorden. De slachtoffers zijn ritueel om het leven gebracht en er zijn nummers op hun lichamen getatoeëerd. Er zijn geen aanwijzingen en er bestaat geen verband tussen de slachtoffers. Op een na: het ziekenhuis van Our Lady of Virtues, de psychiatrische inrichting die eens het toneel was van onbeschrijfelijke waanzin. Als kind was het een...more
Had a hard time finishing it only because it was sooooo creeeepy - and I generally don't let books get to me but damn this book was intense. Psycho blood thirsty characters!! But overall it was good. I went on vacation while i was only half way into reading the book - unfortunately i didnt take it with me. Like the loser i am, i kept thinking about the book! Not an easy book to leave ur mind!
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Lisa Jackson and her sister, Nancy Bush, grew up in a small timber town in Oregon. She attended Oregon State University and later worked in the banking industry.
In 1983, Jackson's first novel, A Twist of Fate, was published by Silhouette Books. Currently, Jackson writes contemporary romantic suspense novels for Kensington Books and medieval romantic suspense novels for Onyx Books. Her books regul...more
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