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Parker Pyne Investigates (Ariadne Oliver #1)

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Mrs. Packington felt alone, helpless and utterly forlorn. But her life changed when she stumbled upon an advertisement in the Times that read: "Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne."

Equally adept at putting together the fragments of a murder mystery or the pieces of a broken marriage, Mr. Parker Pyne is possibly the world's most unconventional private investigato...more
ebook, 272 pages
Published February 10th 2010 by William Morrow Paperbacks (first published 1934)
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Laurel Young
Parker Pyne is the most emotional of Christie's detectives, preferring matters of the heart to pure puzzles. However, he can be just as sharp in his deductions as Poirot or Miss Marple when the need arises. As it happens, I prefer the stories in this collection that *are* mysteries. There are also some lighthearted cases of people wanting more romance or adventure in their lives, which Mr. Pyne supplies. I couldn't help feeling, at first, that it's a bit condescending to suggest that most people...more
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
I like to re-read a Christie now and then, it's great comfort food. Some of these stories are repetitive and at least one seems to presage a plot later used for Poirot, but they're all quite tidy and satisfying taken on their own. I do prefer the ones where Pyne does not have an actual crime to deal with but is just sorting out someone's life with a bit of stage management.
In this collection of short stories, Mr. Parker Pyne is a middle-aged retiree from a job in statistics, and he applies the knowledge he gained through his work towards the goal of helping make people happy. The first few stories take place in England, and mostly involve Pyne creating elaborate adventures for his clients, that they think are happening naturally. In the second half of the book, Pyne goes on holiday to the Middle East, Egypt, and Greece, and finds himself in the role of detective,...more
Olga Godim
Love it. I haven’t even finished it, only read the first two of the book’s 12 stories, but I know the rest will be just as delightful.
Not surprising, really. The back blurb states that there are two billion copies of Christie’s books in print, and that was written in 1984. Obviously, I’m not the only one who likes her writing.
What is interesting though is that I had been trying to read several different books before this one. I tried a classical novel, a mainstream novel, a mystery novel, all...more
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Esta é uma coletânea de contos protagonizados por Parker Pyne, um investigador privado que se interessa pela felicidade alheia, principalmente pelos encontros e desencontros, amores e desamores da vida.

Nos primeiros seis casos, Parker Pyne atua de forma indireta, proporcionando os meios para que tudo corra da forma estipulada. Nos restantes, a sua intervenção já é mais direta, na medida em que é abordado, pelos países em que passa, por pess...more
I must confess I was slightly disappointed by this one. I rather expected Parker Pyne to be an energetic, quirky detective, but was presented with a virtually office-bound self-styled "love expert" that solved people's problems through money and deception rather than any of his own genius. Most of the stories were rather dull, too, and it makes you wonder what was the whole point of it.
I enjoyed this book of short stories that follows the "cases" of Mr. Parker Pyne, a retired statistician who begins the series by conning people into situations that will cure their unhappiness. By the end of the book, he has traveled to the Middle East and the Mediterranean and started solving crimes. It is likely that Agatha Christie drew upon her own travels to Syria on an archaeological dig with her second husband when writing these stories that began to be published in 1932. I found the wri...more
Alexandra Crocodile
I try and try to love Christie, but she makes it hard! Although, with over 80 books written, one has to give her certain allowances, and I'll keep on reading her books until I've read them all, I expect:)

This is a collection of short stories featuring her third detective; Mr. Parker Pyne. I didn't warm to him at all, I'm afraid. He is by nature a very reserved man, who likes to be incognito, but at the same time a reader should feel that they get to know him during the course of a book.

Some sto...more
Yasmeen Rushdy
His first book, read it for Agatha Christie's impressed by the character of Parker Payne really wonderful group story
Nada Agami
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الكتاب عبارة عن مجموعة قصص بطلها هو باركر باين

السيد باركر هو ملاذ المكتئبين والتعيسين وذو المشكلات ،،،، وباركر بيساعدهم فى حل مشكلاتهم

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من القصص البوليسية

بعض القصص كانت تنافس فيها كونان دويل فى كتابة القصة البوليسية لكنها كانت بتقع فى نقطه

مثال ( قصة قضية المرأة الحزينة (

كانت حلوة بس كشف كذبة ايرنستين ريتشارد كان...more
I don't read much detective type mystery novels so this was a nice change for me. I throughly enjoyed the book. All the short stories were interesting and I have always wondered what one can do to help others in such and such situation. I rather liked the small love stories in between and the twists were something unexpected in some of them. There were lots of character development throughout the book which was entertaining.
Matteo Pellegrini

"Siete felici? Se la risposta è no, consultate Mr. Parker Pyne, Richmond Street, 17". Ogni mattina questo annuncio pubblicitario appare sulla prima pagina dei più noti quotidiani inglesi e ogni giorno decine di persone si riversano nello strano ufficio di Richmond Street. A riceverle trovano l'insuperabile Parker Pyne, uno strano individuo un po' detective e un po' stregone. Mr. Pyne, dal canto suo, ama definirsi "medico", ma è certamente un medico assai particolare, abilissimo nel rimettere a p

I'm not usually a fan of Agatha Christie's short stories (I think her novels are far superior), but I quite enjoyed this set, especially the first. Technically, Mr. Parker Pyne is not a detective, but a consultant who uses statistics to solve people's problems and make them happy.
The first half of the "cases" are not mysteries at all - so, very different shades of Christie. The mysteries, are short for my taste - I like the full novels much better.
Jeffrey Marks
A mixed bag of stories.
Ya hice una reseña de otro libro de Agatha Christie, pero puedo decir de este que es una obra maestra en toda regla.

Jamás había leído un libro de semejante calidad.

Si os digo que casi me lo leo en un mismo día, creo que os lo digo todo. Solo dejé de leer porque pasadas unas horas comencé a marearme, imagino que de tener la vista puesta todo el rato en un mismo punto.

De noche me daban las tantas y las horas se pasaban sin ni siquiera avisar que se iban.

Está escrito de una forma muy curiosa, que f...more
An Odd1
Only two deaths, more fun and surprises. Large bald Pyne reassures 12 unhappy clients, half from London Times Personal ad, half interrupting his holidays, that human troubles fall into five main categories discovered in his former career in civil service statistics: ill health, boredom, marriage discontent (x 2 spouses), and ?? (unstated) p50. By now, Christie had been happily married four years to her second husband Max, lending a perspective of relaxed confidence to the diagnoses and entertain...more
Ryan G
I can't remember when I read this book for the first time, but I know I was in middle school, maybe 5th grade. Back then there wasn't enough action for me to keep me interested. I wanted mysteries that involved lots of dead bodies and nefarious plots by overly active evil doers. For the most part those are not the cases that Mr. Parker Pyne takes.

This is a collection of 12 short stories that run the gamut from a wife wanting her husband back and it working out to a husband wanting his wife back...more
Interesting. Rather than a typical whodunnit, Christie has used Parker Pyne to explore human nature in a series of short stories. He's sort of a detective, because some of the stories involve crime, but he describes himself as a specialist in making people happy. I found it entertaining, except the recurring theme of women not being truly happy unless there's a certain amount of jealous tension was ridiculous and frustrating to me.

I found 2 of the stories to be particularly interesting. (As luc...more
Parker Pyne is not a detective. He occasionally detects, and even solves a couple murders, but most of these stories are not detective stories. He is a former government employee who had a somewhat vague unclear job. In this way he is somewhat reminiscent of Mycroft Holmes; a genius who has a vague job in the British Government who appears to have had a lot of power due to general respect for his own intelligence. Now he is retired and has dedicated himself to making people happy. He runs an adv...more
Harker US Library
In this collection of short stories featuring Parker Pyne, one of Christie’s lesser-known detectives, various customers answer a mysterious ad in the newspaper: “Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne, 17 Richmond Street.” After solving a number of cases with ease (and suffering one embarrassing defeat), he goes on a long trip around the Mediterranean, encountering a mad noblewoman, an impoverished archaeologist, and—of course—a few murders. Mr. Pyne proves to be a complex character, but...more
Agatha, you let me down! Parker Pyne just isn't in the same league as Hercule Poirot or Jane Marple.

Don't get me wrong. This is still a collection of well written stories, which are all wrapped up neatly in a short space with no loose ends (harder in short form than in long). But they didn't grip me the way her other stories do.

It could be the nature of writing the stories themselves that caused the problem. The book is a collection of short stories that were originally published in [i]Cosmopoli...more
Joab Cohen
Plot summary
Parker Pyne is a retired British civil servant who advertises in newspapers : "Are you happy? If not, consult Mr Parker Pyne, 17 Richmond Street." Through his work in governmental statistics, he has presumably unlocked the secrets of human happiness, and in the first four stories he dispenses this wisdom to four unhappy men and woman in quite amusing ways. The rest of the book includes short detective stories in which Parker Pyne comes to the aid of several desperate people.

My opinio...more
When I read Agatha collection of short stories, I cannot help myself from being sceptical. This is due to her previous short stories collection before the publishing of this one. Sometime she nailed it down and I ended up liking the stories more than before I read it. Unfortunately, there was times when I finished reading and felt like I failed to grasp the whole stories, like I was reading it for the sake of reading. That, I hate.

Parker Pyne however stood at the range of Agatha's Mr Quin. I lov...more
Parker Pyne je divný pavúk. A to tak, že dosť. Kedysi to bol úradníček na štatistickom úrade a teraz robí ľudí šťastnými resp. rieši problémy, o ktorých ani nevedia, že ich majú.

V novinách má nenápadný inzerát, ktorý si všimnú len tí, ktorí nejak podvedome túžia po zmene. Má kombinačné a dedukčné schopnosti Sherlocka Holmesa a zároveň sieť spolupracovníkov, ktorí dokážu zahrať takmer akúkoľvek postavu. A ako budete môcť v knihe zistiť, nie je neomylný (aj keď sa mu to príliš nepozdáva).

Táto zbie...more
This collection of short stories follows unusual detective, Parker Pyne through a collection of loosely connected short stories. Unlike most of Christie's other detectives, Parker Pyne does not confine himself to murder and major theft. In fact, his main advertisement asks for people to contact him if they are "unhappy." Pyne, with his office staff, then sets up various circumstances to fix their differing problems for them, usually in ways that do not appear obvious to the clients themselves. T...more
What a fun book - short stories about a detective - Parker Pyne - who takes on very interesting cases. Here's he advertisement: "Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne, 17 Richmond Street."
There are about 10 or so short stories and I loved all but 2 of them.
I thought I had read all of Agatha Christie's books until a friend told me about this one. Don't miss it, the stories are wonderful!!
One of Christie’s more unusual detectives, there is certainly nothing wrong with Parker Pyne – indeed, I think he would make an interesting lead for an adaptation of this novel. Beginning as a retiree who wishes to help lovers investigate their dilemmas, Pyne evolves into a middle-era Poirot, trying to avoid cases but finding them piling up wherever he goes.

Christie’s short story skills were never as great as her novel construction, and neither the clients nor detective manage to jump off the pa...more
Ummu Auni
A confession: Even though I've Agatha Christie's book tucked somewhere in the attic of my parents' home, I never read it in the first place. I got the book from my ex-teacher who'd to return to Scotland and he was giving away his books.

Now, when fellow Fariza lent me the book, I decided to give it a try. I was hooked instantly. The book consisted of 12 short stories revolving around Parker Pyne, who claims able to make anyone happy with a fee. The stories are concocted in a way with unpredictabl...more
Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne. In each story someone has come to deal with a problem in their life. There is a mystery in most of the stories, death in a few and a twist to the tale that doesn't fit either of those categories. There is much good humour, pleasant period detail, and typical Christie writing. Good summer reading.
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Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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