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The Worst-Case Scenari...
Joshua Piven
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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook (The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks)

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  2,184 ratings  ·  167 reviews
An omnibus of fast-access survival advice on the full range of everyday life emergencies, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Life guide packs hundreds of instant, real solutions to daily crises in categories covering, home, relationships, travel, sports and hobbies, animals and pets, money, school, beauty and fitness, holidays and celebrations, and more. Clocking i...more
ebook, 0 pages
Published May 1st 2009 by Chronicle Books LLC (first published January 1st 1999)
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Corey D.
Oct 14, 2007 Corey D. rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: who want guests to enjoy your bathroom
Now I doubt I'll need to know how to jump three stories into a street level dumpster, but if I do this book will have helped me.
This is a nice bathroom reader, if you really want to use this in a survival scenario it will make a nice fire starter.
John Yelverton
Such a fun and enjoyable book a outrageousness that actually could come in handy if it ever, actually happened to you.
Kim (magicsandwiches) Lawyer
What a great reference book to keep in the bathroom or on the coffee table! There are some sections which really are completely irrelevant, but most of it is absolutely fascinating, not to mention hilarious. What do you do if the elevator starts to plummet? How do you leap off a building into a dumpster properly? What's the best way to wrestle an alligator and can it really be done? Want to escape from killer bees? What should you do if your parachute doesn't open? How can you escape from a bad...more
Really good: When I bought this book, my girlfrind and some friend where making fun of me, but as soon as one of them started reading it, he couldn't let it down and everybody was reading it. It contains information that I hope I'll never need. It's funny, but at the same time the information provided was well researched.

Great for having at your coffee table, since everyone will comment on it.

I belive it might be useful also for actual surviving....
This handbook written by Joshua Piven was a very interesting read. Even though it was quite small, there were over 200 pages filled with different guides. I found it really helpful but I hope I will never have to use any of them. Some of the worst case scenario's and learning about what to do in the situation was pretty scary however was an eye opener. I recommend this book to everyone so that if they are in one of these situations, they know what to do.
Funny stuff and maybe useful (I'd say Vin should read this, but he probably already knows it all already!)
This book is about what you always wanted to know about all kinds of weird life-threatening situations but were either afraid to ask - or just weren't lucky enough to lay your hands on a book like this!

If, just like me, you go about your daily chores wondering "what if"...

What if a crodile bites your hand off?
What if your car falls into a river?
What if a shark wants to eat you?
What if you get lost in a desert?

... then this is the perfect read for you.

Doesn't matter that the nearest crocodile is...more
This book is interesting, informative, and practical--if you ever find yourself in one of the one-in-a-million-chance-of-occurring situations that it tells you how to survive. Even if these events will probably never happen, this book still makes for an interesting read.

If I ever find myself in a situation where I have to wrestle and alligator or jump off a building into a dumpster, I will be eternally grateful to the authors of this book. It was concise and entertaining, and may, though the cha...more
I thought this book was very informational and amusing. As this book tells the readers various survival methods in various situations - such as how to get out of a quicksand or how to fend off predators or how to survive falling from a high place, that are verified by experts of the case, readers gain accurate information on how to survive such situations and continue their life.

I thought that, even though the chances of using most of the methods introduced in this book are very low, it is usefu...more
Fun, casual reading. This book quickly became popular when it came out some years ago, and I remember people talking about reading it to learn survival skills in case they might need to use them. Like the next time they're swimming through a swamp and need to fend off a pack of hungry alligators, or escape police by diving into a dumpster from three stories. My point is that it's fine, but it's fun and not meant to be a real life saver. I think. That stuff probably works and I bet it's good to k...more
The Worst Case Scenario Survival by Joshya Piven is more than 200 page book about things you can do to help yourself survive the worst cases.
The book is basically a bunch of tips in steps to survive things like plane crashes and getting kidnapped. I really enjoyed this book but hope i never get in any of these situations, but i found it very interesting to learn about what you can do. I think everyone should read this book because you never know when you get in abad situation and you need the s...more
It's another one of those coffee table books that's funny to look through. And if I'm ever in a car that has plunged into the water, or am in the midst of a shark attack, I can truthfully say that I can most likely escape these situation unscathed. This whole series of books has the difficult but praiseworthy distinction of being funny and utilitarian at the same time.
A fantastic and rather whimsical look at some of the more insane tight spots a person will want to get out of.
Random, I know. Someone at work left this in the “Free” box and I decided it looked interesting so I grabbed it. It contains a bunch of little sections with illustrations, bullet point explanations, and explanatory paragraphs about a variety of things such as “How to Break Down a Door”, “How to Land a Plane”, “How to Leap from a Motorcycle to a Car”, and (if that fails) “How to Jump from a Moving Car”. You know, every-day practical kinds of things. Obviously I hope I would never have to use any...more
Lisa (Harmonybites)
Weirdly fun little book. I think meant as a joke book, even if the information within it is actually serious. I mean, open the cover and facing you is an illustration of a fist punching the snout of an alligator. It's divided into five sections: Great Escapes and Entrances, The Best Defense, Leaps of Faith, Emergencies and Adventure Survival. It involves such scenarios as "How to Escape from Quicksand," "How to Escape from Killer Bees," "How to Jump from a Bridge or Cliff into a River," "How to...more
Genre: Intructional Guide

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

This book was about real-random situations that a human could possibly be caught in and tells you the smartest and the best intrustions to help you get out/ deal with the problem FAST!
What I really enjoyed about this book is that it tells you what NOT to do. I think it is really amusing but helpful. Some of the situations are quite absurd though. for example on page #84 " How to leap from a motorcycle to a car." Noboy would actua...more
This book was filled with quick tips and really, worst-case scenario situations, I liked this book and would honestly buy it if I saw it in a store. I think this book should be a necessity and I feel like I learned quite a bit about what to do in these situations, because everyone always hopes the best will happen and ignores the worst possible, reading this made me at least feel a bit more ready to take on the world. This book and the others section them into categories, which are the chapters...more
this book was very informative, and written nicely. the book had scenarios from how to deliver a baby in the back of a taxi, to how to survive a killer bee attack. so no matter what the scenario, it was most likely in the book. the book also had different sections. such as great escapes and entrances, the best defense, leaps of faith, emergencies and adventure survival.
the format of the book helped with understanding how to perform all of the feats. it would give a few steps in the process and...more
Alex Telander
Ever wonder how to treat a snakebite? How about when you lock your keys in your car and you wonder if you might be able to break into it somehow? And the dos and don’ts of a tourniquet – what are they?

All this and so much more is explained in the small, comfortable, pocket-sized, handy-dandy The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, by writers Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.

This nice, yellow book is only 176 pages long, with easily understandable writing and clear diagrams of what to do in s...more
Nick Pulicella
I saw this book and I thought I would learn a lot so I gave it a try. This book is filled with a lot of tips and ways to get out of possible fatal situations. My favorite chapter in this book is how to hot wire a car, because I have wondered how people do it but I could never figure it out. Also this book provides some basic everyday knowledge. If you are looking for a book to give you some sweet tips and some knowledge about how to get out of possible fatal situations then this book is for you.
Fredrik Meyer
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is an informative guide to several scenarios in which you do not know what to do. Its guides ranges from opening a locked car door to surviving a bear encounter. Its guides are very informative and make sure that anyone that reads it can understand how to do them. However, if anyone comes into any of these situations described in the handbook, I highly doubt that they will be able to remember and use the guides given unless they have the book with them.

1 Elizabeth
This book is called The Worst-cases Scenario Survival Handbook, by Joshua Piven, and David Borgenicht, and it is a consumer text because it has mini how-to's in it. This book is funny in some places, but somethings you need to know, like: "How to deal with a downed power line" or "How to preform tracheotomy", which can save a life. Some of this stuff though, you might not need to know, like: "How to jump from a building into a dumpster". Who would need to do that, and it is not like there would...more
I really enjoyed reading this book! I thought it would be boring, pointless information, but I learned really useful things that will make me feel safer and calmer in emergency situations. This guide talked about safe procedures in unlikely situations. It had everything from hot wiring a car to escaping from a shark to surviving being stuck in the desert. Most of the information I will hopefully never need to know, but reading about it was still surprisingly interesting. I was constantly shocked...more
Dec 25, 2011 HeavyReader rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people concerned with survival
Shelves: how-to
Are you prepared?

This book will tell you how to survive interactions with sharks, bears, mountain lions, and alligators, as well as how to jump from a moving car and how to jump from a moving motorcycle into a moving car. Aren't these skills everyone needs?

This book isn't as fun as others in the series, Learning how to survive a confrontation with a person shooting at you is not as lighthearted as how to avoid getting cornered under the mistletoe by someone you don't want to kiss or how to cope...more
Colin L.
Is it humor, or real life? Is it a joke, or a real manual for survival? The answer to both is yes. The authors sought out the most respected experts for survival advice in each scenario and present it in a no nonsense manner. The instructions are concise and accompanied by detailed but clear illustrations of the required physical action to survive each situation. So why do I cross-reference it in the subject of humor? Because it's ridiculous to think that an average person would need such advice...more
This is a cutely written book. Deadpan and reflective about what were and are potentially fatal situations. It is worth at least a glance occasionally, although the "How to escape from a bear" was dated and not altogether correct. For example, the authors indicate that incidents occur when cubs are involved. Most of these incidents are quickly resolved by Mamma Bear regaining her cubs. She generally will not continue her aggressive behaviors after she has secured the cubs' safety. The best way t...more
some interesting parts, some questionable advice (move into a punch when taking it in the head), some unclear instruction (turning a car 180), and some self-contradictory advice (position for surviving lightning)
Com algum humor e bastante rigor, estes dois escritores dão dicas de como sobreviver nas situações mais perigosas. A maioria das dicas são apenas válidas para casos mais específicos, como por exemplo da luta com espadas não é recomendável para todos os tipos de espadas e pode induzir em erro. Não é que seja provável alguém envolver-se numa luta com sabres nos dias de hoje, mas tomei isso como avaliação para os restantes casos.

No somatório, acho que é um livro bastante completo e útil em muitas s...more
Lee Ellen
Wait, Mr. Mountain Lion, before you attack me, let me see how to handle this situation...

This is the funniest joke about this series: this book gives you detailed instructions, which,having never tested them, I assume to be accurate. However, unless you can flip and read and apply the information in less than six nanoseconds, this book is useless. Unless, of course, you truly take to heart such lessons as how to land when falling out of a very tall building or what to do in the case of a tidal w...more
Interesting, easy read. Hopefully I never find myself in any of these situations, but If i do I'll be so thankful I read this book. Tons of different scenarios, really quick read.
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