The Leader Who Had No Title
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The Leader Who Had No Title

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  2,392 ratings  ·  217 reviews
For more than fifteen years, Robin Sharma has been quietly sharing with Fortune 500 companies and many of the super-rich a success formula that has made him one of the most sought-after leadership advisers in the world. Now, for the first time, Sharma makes his proprietary process available to you, so that you can get to your absolute best while helping your organization b...more
Kindle Edition, 228 pages
Published (first published January 1st 210)
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I generally avoid 'Self Help' books. However, this book captured my attention because Robin Sharma decided to write LWHNT as a story of a man(Blake Davis), gaining leadership wisdom from 4 people that he meets within a day! The 4 people, incidentally are introduced to him by Tommy Flinn, an old friend of his father’s and also the top salesman where Blake works.

It started well enough. Tommy Flinn's character was intriguing. Unfortunately, he played a lesser role as the book progressed and once t...more
Greg Cohoon
I picked up this book because I was finding myself trapped in corporate red tape and dead ends with respect to career advancement. Someone recommended this as a good book to help with thinking about leadership outside the confines of the corporate world.

I like how the author presented this in the context of a story, instead of a typical dry business leadership book. It's all common-sense stuff, but it's nice to read it in the digestible format presented here. The author takes the position that l...more
Marc Rocher
While the motivational message is very helpful and definitely worth reading and considering, the story that it's wrapped up in is pretty badly written. The situations are unnaturally stilted and the dialogue scripted and redundant, like one is watching a skit being performed at a sales retreat. None of the characters are given enough background to forge any real connection with the reader. Sharma might have done better just writing this as a straight non-fiction advice book, although I suspect t...more
Nama NayaShinigamiKyo
What could I say about this book? It is by my favorite author.

It is really amazing -as I expected. The way Robin represented the ideas and how he wanted to deliver the message of ''you can be a leader even if you don't have a title'' is really fantastic. However, it isn't the best book he has ever written because I prefer when Robin writes directly to the reader without involving a main story and main characters. But Overall, I didn't want to finish reading it. This book encouraged me to stop be...more
Andrea Snell
Found aspects of the book kind of annoying at first. The story is fictional, but the characters exist solely to be the mouthpiece of this guys motivational philosophy - so it isn't satisfying on a literary level at all. But once I let go of wanting the characters to be more convincing and just accepted them as a vehicle to communicate this guys message it didn't bother me as much.

Also he spent too much time in the beginning talking about " being a leader, not a victim" and saying things like "...more
Jeremy Johnston
This book seems like propaganda sponsored by corporate human resources departments from around the world... Here is the book in a nutshell... Step 1: Employees should expend all of their energy on their job without the company having to dole out equitable compensation for that effort. Step 2: If the employees feel drained and exhausted and unsuccessful (because they are working as a "leader without a title," that is, not being giving a promotion, a raise, or real responsibilities...), then blame...more
C. Spencer Reynolds
Let me start by saying I am already a huge Robin Sharma fan! I've read all his published works and this is one that I can has major relevance to my current line of thinking and writing. Too many people are hung up on what their title or position in an organization is, rather than acting without! This is a great fable of learning that can get you deeply thinking as well as the steps to take action so you really can lead from anywhere!!!

Although I may not say this is a MUST READ on my bookshelf,...more
Recommended by one of my managers. Very interesting....I'd like to continue processing it. Similar idea to learning about investing from the (original) Wealthy Barber.

Things I want to remember:

You Need No Title to Be a Leader: 5 rules - IMAGE (Innovation, Mastery, Authenticity, Guts, Ethics)

Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders - SPEAK (Speak with candor, Prioritize, Adversity breeds opportunity, Respond vs react, Kudos for everyone)

The Deeper Your Relationships, the Stronger Your Leadership - HUM...more
I read chapter one and i wanna get the same energy it give me once i read it , so i reread it looks like im not reaching the end soon :) .

It is a great motivational energetic organizational book so far ; however ,it looks a bit utopian to me ,as we as humans need recognition to go on and give our best. in real life , the rewards for good work dont always reach the right persons.

Now that i have finished it , i benefited from it in the context of reviving my work and life and i love the Acro...more
Jessie Uchat
This book is written by Robin Sharma, world renowned leadership and motivational guru.
Reading this book made me appreciate my own strengths as a person and allowed me to contribute to greater good with whatever little talents, gifts or abilities that I have. This book inspires me to use whatever goodness or talents I have and to work for a greater good in my own life and also in at my workplace and in my community.

I could relate with a lot of family wisdom in this book i.e the sorts of advices w...more
Sowmya's book world
When you go to your limits, your limits will expand

I am not a big fan of self-help books , specially one advertising by success in 7 days or 24 hours. No one can just succeed in 7 days by reading one book but this book was different. This book captured my attention with a TLWHNT, every one claim for title, measure their success with the position they reached and this book taught me it's not the position which matters, its the satisfaction which matter. This doesn't give you any short cut rule fo...more
At first I thought this book was incredibly cheesy. It follows the author while he meets 4 leaders who offer him tidbits on leadership philosophy. It's basic stuff- but also stuff we easily neglect: being positive, leading ourselves before leading others, self-discipline and most importantly, finding value in our work and paying it forward versus latching onto material possessions. For me, much of the philosophy aligned with my faith and leading in a way that shows God to others- grace, humility...more
Mark Wilson
An inspiring read. I haven’t read a lot of self-help books previously (apart from “How To Win Friends and Influence People”), however I picked this up as I am currently undertaking a leadership class as part of my studies. This book, while quite badly edited in places, is very readable. I enjoyed how Sharma made the content into a fictional narrative. This makes you keep reading. The leadership advice given is practical and for extra support implementing it, Sharma encourages you to visit the we...more

This is not the Robin Sharma I loved in (Greatness Guide 1 & 2), the inspirational Robin. In this book he's a novelist writing long stories with a lot of unnecessary details hoping it will inspire & learn you (it didn't for me).

This could be a good inspirational movie or series, but a book? I don't think so.
Carlos Daniel
Genial el libro!
Lenguaje sencillo, altamente motivador y una exelente lección de vida.
Posiblemente sí cambie tu vida si eres una persona inteligente, es un buen trigger para empezar a evolucionar en otros aspectos de tu vida.
Ojalá todo el mundo pueda tener la oportunidad de leerlo.
Stephen Hargrove
While the dialog between characters can be a little unbelievable, this is a fast/great/awesome read and is immediately applicable to anyone at any stage in life. This one is going straight back on my to-read list.
Raghu Kalyan
If you feel, you are caged up in the corporate redtape and often feel choked, this book gives you a fresh perspective of looking at your role. I am not generally a big fan if self help books as they don't come with a copyrighted content and every other author seems to pick up similar content from another self help author and the reader ends up feeling "I read this somewhere" . However this book was better and I could relate to it. Certain portions were slightly over dramatic and can be skimmed t...more
Matjaz Sircelj
Excellent leadership and life guide.
Одлична книга како и сите останати бестселери од светски познатиот предавач за подобар живот Робин Шарма. Книгата претставува еден вид на измислена приказна преку која авторот дава многу јасни лекции за тоа како да си го подобриме животот и како секој може да биде лидер без притоа да има некоја значајна и раководна титула. Доколку секој во некоја организација претставува сам свој лидер без титула ќе си го подобри сопствениот живот а притоа ќе оствари подобри резултати во организацијата, што би б...more
Titles mean "POWER"!
Hmmmm..but the problem with this kind of "power" is that if/when the title is gone, the "power" is gone as well. Puff!!!Like a balloon!
So the question now is - Do titles make a person???
Many of you will say NOOOOOOOO...and yet...people DO get attached to these TITLES. So..I am not going to make a deep and profound thesis on this now, analyzing the WHY's of this phenomenon, but I will just say - BLAME IN ON THE EGO!!!
And now back to the book..Blake Davis is a young man, torn...more
A S Moser
This book basically takes all the favorite tricks of pushy evangelists--saying your first name way too often, grandiose but vague promises, unnecessarily withholding "important" information that is the "key" to "unlocking" something, encouraging the status quo by telling people to always do their best no matter what their position in life is--and then combines it with very poor writing.

It reads like an early '90s after-school special, complete with all the straw man dialogue and aw shucks revela...more
Andrew Silvester
I couldn't finish this book. I dropped in chapter 3 at the graveyard scene. I could not relate to the characters. I felt they were one-dimensional. The situation was strange, maybe if I could get through the poor storyline, I may have got something out of the book... but I just couldn't finish it..

This book may have been better without the hokey storyline.
Marc-andré Larivière
The Leader Who Had No Title is far from being the perfect leadership book, but it is a very good introduction to some of the fundamentals aspects of leadership.

Written like a story, it feels like the character are trying to shove information in your head as much as possible. This would be good if the characters weren't so annoying and stereotypical.

The book has some interesting acronyms to remember the concepts easily, and "learning by repetition" is clearly the main focus of the book, but since...more
Darshil Shah
This is an amazing book! before purchasing this book, I read the reviews. Many people said it influences your life & it does! "10 regrets of human" was the best part. I really felt that no I don't want to die with such regrets. "10 victory of humans" inspired me & I got to know what actually we can do before death to avoid regret at last moment. All the teachers were great & their suggestions & teachings are worth implementing in daily life. Now I can say, leadership is not just...more
Vineeth Chitteti
Got bored in the start, but when the story started to unveil really made me rush through and learn all the techniques, the best learning happened when I started to practice the methods online (as well as offline ;) )on leaderwhohadnotitle dot com.
Jawaher Alkhateeb

I think I am underrating the book. It's actually a good book.

I know Robin Sharma from his inspiring small talk on Youtube. I like his ideas and I expected his book to be great and change something in me, maybe. but, you can't buy a book that requires applying what you read and do nothing.. I mean what's the point of reading it if you're not willing to change?

what I didn't like about the book is the whole idea of making it sounds like a storytelling. I was skipping most of the repeated conversat...more
Eduardo Vasco
This book promises to help you being a leader, and I am not one to say it doesnt.
However, for that you will have to experience not "one of the worst" but THE worst dialogues ever written in a book. Every line feels fake, every story is poorly told. You will feel that the book should either be more direct when telling the advices bad choice, it would probably be a 2 page book or way more subtle (another writer would be needed)
If you really want to know what the book is trying to teach, you ca...more
If you want to Raise and sustain your enthusiasm for anything you do and live a life full of success and peace, read it...
A story telling how you can be a leader no matter what you do. It will require work and dedication and getting out of victim thinking. To be great in your field takes practice and continued study. Just like a professional athlete who puts in a week of practice before the big game studying game film, working out, and practicing their craft so too must you be constantly developing your mind, attitude, and skills to standout at what you do. Leader's need to be solution focused and set an example, s...more
Ilya Mrz
Yep, I hate a titles too. I like main message. If you want something you must deserve it by your actions. Not by title!
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Robin Sharma is one of the world’s premier thinkers on leadership, personal growth and life management. The bestselling author of
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,
Who Will Cry When You Die? and
The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO and four other books on self-transformation.

Robin Sharma is in constant demand internationally as keynote speaker at the conferences of many of the most powerful companies

More about Robin S. Sharma...
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny Who Will Cry When You Die? Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari The Greatness Guide: Powerful Secrets for Getting to World Class The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari The Saint, Surfer, and CEO

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