My Legendary Girlfriend
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My Legendary Girlfriend

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Bridget Jones meets High Fidelity in this hilarious story for anyone who has ever been dumped, had to dump, lived in dodgy rented accommodation, or search for love in the 90s.
Published February 1st 1999 by Hodder & Stoughton (first published 1998)
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Every time someone out there buys a Mike Gayle book, another little bit of me dies.

You know I feel far, far more satisfaction in writing about books I thought were awful that were good. And tonight I remembered that woeful book by Mike Gayle 'My Legendary Girlfriend'. Also this is to warn others. It's so bad you will want to pan fry your eyes in garlic butter and feed them to Michael Winner.

I think that's a very important to know the risks when reading this sort of bile. People need to be protec...more
Oct 02, 2010 Mags rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who just came from a break-up and needs some promise and sympathy
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Okay, I wanted to not really say anything about this book since I thought it was so horrible and I don't really like to say anything too pessimistic...but this novel bugged me so much that after all this time I just felt compelled to write about it.
I was kind of going through a slump of bad books lately. Not horrible, just not finding anything entertaining and feeling like I was kind of slogging through the thing just to finish it. But My Legendary Girlfriend tops them all off!
The writing w...more
Steven Scaffardi
I never would have found Mike Gayle had it not been for my flatmate insisting I read one of his books. I have to admit I wasn't too sure at first. The blurb read a bit too much like chick lit novel for my liking. I'm a man, and I like manly things dammit! Luckily I got past my silly male ego and embraced my metrosexuality, and a good few years later and I'm one of Mike Gayle's biggest fans. My Legendary Girlfriend was Gayle's first novel, having spent time as a journalist and features writer. Th...more
I sort of loved this. At first i was all like, "oh I am gonna love this". Then I started reading and it starts out sooooo slow that I thought "oh no I am gonna hate this". At one point I thought that i might not finish but I am really glad that I stuck it out. It got better. It got great! LOL! I was totally blown away by the end, I totally thought it was going one way until like 4 pages left it the book, then he totally flipped it on me. I loved that. I was surprised. I actually had to go back a...more
This one struck a chord with me, and I really liked it. Heartbroken man mopes around his flat for a weekend and talks on the phone a lot. That's about it, structure wise. Nothing deeply profound, and it invoked more wry smiles than belly laughs, but a nice little story nonetheless. Fans of Star Wars and of Gregory's Girl would probably like this. 3.5/5
a book not to accidentally read twice.
Juliana Graham
A strange one this. I've had this book on my bookcase since around 2004 when it first came out. I read it then and I LOVED it. It was one of my favourite books EVER. I used to recommend it to people, lend it to people and generally sing its praises.

Maybe I identified with the 20 something lead character who was a fairly mediocre teacher wishing to be something else, pining over the love of his life who had cruelly dumped him and generally muddling along waiting for something exciting to happen....more
Best Books To Read
Okay, my first foray into the world of Lad Lit came only in November 2011 with a
self-published book that had me literally crying with laughter. The book was so
good that I immediately started looking at other male ‘Lad Lit’ authors and Mike
Gayle was one that I had heard of and was incredibly popular.

With that in mind I decided to try his debut novel My Legendary Girlfriend that he
first published back in 1998. Very early on we are introduced to Will Kelly, the only
real ‘character’ so to speak...more
Lisa Tanoetirta
I should not put this book on the "read" tag , because I never really read it.
I cant stand the book. I only read 2 chapts and i skipped it to the mid, and finally the end.

Not that I am a mean person, I like Mike's other book "Turning 30", but this one completely failed me.
He used the same twist for the plot. Its like SIGH. Too many bla bla. Way too much.

The story of a 26yr old man who still pathetically lingering over his 1yr relationship girlfriend is sooo unlogical.
I feel the same like the oth...more
I've mostly stopped reading chick lit books because I'm about 10 years out of their demographic range and the older I get, the more immature and whiny the protagonists seem. That said, this looked promising, so I gave it a go. While Will is every bit the whiny, melodramatic 20-something you'd expect, he also has enough heart and charm to win you over. Who hasn't spent too long agonizing over a lost love? Or rushed into a new love too quickly? I'm pleased the author took the time to wrap up every...more
Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
I chose this book from
the relays based on its
pretty cover. Here's a
good piece of advice:
Never judge a book by its
cover...bad or good. That's
all this book had---a cute
cover. I was hopeful that
this book, with its male
protagonist, a first for me
in chick lit, would be clever
and new. Nope. Disappointing
waste of good reading time.
I found this in the teen room at the library. I'm thinking that it was an accidental purchase, since it's definitely geared to an adult audience, but when you read the blurb on the back it could really go either way. It's just when you get into the story-- ugh. If one of my male friends was behaving the way the main character was, I'd have encouraged him to seek psychiatric help rather than dating/marrying him. Will was not lovable. Will drove me nuts. Ick ick icky.
Anyone who's ever gone through a rough breakup - and let's face it, that's all of us - will find literary comfort food in this book. The story spans the course of a weekend, starting with our hero's crushing breakup with his longtime girlfriend. We're with him through the various stages of angst and wondering, but somehow the read is comforting and even funny. I swallowed this book in one weekend and enjoyed the diversion.
This book is very interesting!! and I like the way this was the beginning I felt sorry for Will Kelly because he suffered without his love. I think he was a strange and good man and his love for Aggie was admirable. Personally I think he lost her for his own good.I think Kate& Alice were better than Aggie.So I'm happy About the end and I think he got "The Legendary Girlfriend" in the end.
Howard Weathersby
I loved this book. I can see the pretentious nature of the main character,Will and why that would be a turn off to read about. But I reckon the reason why I enjoyed this book was because it actually felt like a slice of authentic life,even down to the smallest mundane details. Felt very unique to me.
Not my cup of tea...boring as hell....I'm really not into reading about a guy who wallows in self-pity about 'the one that got away'......
Charlotte Wood
No words! Simply excellent as I'm writing this I'm thinking I'm going to read it again. Anyone could relate to it, hilarious x
Mike Gayle is a good writer. His genre is very different from other authors as he writes with humour.
Thomas Strömquist
"Some really good elements; laughs and feel-good plot turnings are to be found in this short book about four days in the teacher Will's life. Unable to come to terms with his girlfriend of the title (or is she?) leaving him three years earlier(!). Too much space are taken up with his self-pity, descriptions of his filthy flat and incredibly annoying whining to constitute a good read. It is also obvious that this is an early work in the writers' career (first novel) and the prose is at times less...more
Theresa-dawn Morrison
I felt this book was refreshing because it was from the male perspective .i found it rather sweet
Maged Zakher
Hilariously sweet! Mike Gayle doesn't seem to disappoint me! Liked it a lot.
I fell head over heels in love with Mike Gayle's sophomore release MR. COMMITMENT, so when I stumbled across MY LEGENDARY GIRLFRIEND - which happens to be his first book, I had to read it! I was not disappointed!

As usual Gayle takes his time when telling a story. There are many parts of the book that will have you screaming "hurry up!", but his well thought out characters and plot is what makes this book a hit.

Will is the ill at ease, sarcastic protagonist in this delightful novel. It's been thr...more
Summary: On the eve of his 26th birthday weekend, Will Kelly could be having a quarter-life crisis... He's been an English teacher for less than a month and he's bumming cigarettes off students. His best male friend is an insufferably self-absorbed rock frontman type who just scored a record deal. His best female friend is incredibly grown-up and sucessful and lives too far away. He's going to have to beg for another student-banking overdraft extension. He's avoiding a clingy one-night stand, an...more
I have just discovered Lad-Lit. What!? This is a thing that exists? And it's not just John Green?

This guy, the protagonist Will Kelly, falls in and out of love with three different girls over three days, OVER THE TELEPHONE. Ridiculous. Such a corny ending too. Jeez, how many romance comedies are there that quote Wuthering Heights? Regardless, the ending made me giggle and tear up, even though I was rooting for Kate the whole time.

"Kate's voice sounded magical, as if it had the power to do whatev...more
Membaca Turning Thirty itu menyenangkan dan menghibur meskipun bukan novel yang luar biasa. Karena itu, aku pikir nggak ada salahnya mencoba baca buku My Legendary Girlfriend dengan asumsi bisa menghibur. Rupanya aku salah. My Legendary Girlfriend bercerita tentang William Kelly, yang akan berusia 26 tahun di awal cerita. Will baru seminggu menjadi guru SMP, tinggal di apartemen kumuh di London, dan masih terobsesi dengan mantan pacarnya yang telah putus tiga tahun lalu, Aggi. Seperti judulnya,...more
Paddy Meharg

‘Chillax’ is one of those words I reserve animosity for. ‘Synergy’ is another. The term to discuss this book ‘Lad-lit’ falls into this category. The very utterance of the word sends shudders down my spine. The author, Mike Gayle, was a former Agony Uncle and it really does show.
The witty blurb was what enticed me, “Meet Will Kelly. English teacher. Film Fan. Pot Noodle Expert. Ex boyfriend”. The story revolves around this young man Willy Kelly who by all counts is useless at being a human bein...more
Jennifer Johnson
The front of Mike Gayle's book My Legendary Girlfriend sounded interesting with this tag line, "a hilarious novel for anyone who has ever dumped, been dumped, or lived in a dump". I was wrong it wasn't interesting. I believe this is the first novel this year that I haven't been happy with.

Meet Will Kelly, 23 year old in a job he hates, in debt up to his eyeballs, in a miserable flat with a shitty best friend Simon and completely and utterly unable to get over his girlfriend Aggi... who broke up...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mirella Grace
Ceritanya... gimana ya? Menurutku, gak sebagus novel Mike Gayle yang sebelumnya kubaca, Mr. Commitment. Tapi, tetep suka sama gaya berceritanya Mike Gayle.

Mungkin karna Mr. Gayle cowok kali ya, makanya tokoh utamanya selalu cowok. Ini hal baru deh buat bacaan novel saya. Dari dua buku Mr. Gayle, saya udah suka banget sama gaya penceritaannya, termasuk juga terbiasa dengan karakter cowok sebagai tokoh utamanya.

Di Pacar Legendarisku, si Will Kelly diputusin sama Aggi, pas ultah ke 23. Nah, tiga ta...more
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I was born in the 70s — the 70s were great. I would recommend them to anyone.

I was also born in Birmingham — in my humble opinion the greatest city in the world with the nicest people too.

I used to live in London — a great city too. But a bit on the pricey side.

I also used to live in Manchester — another great city (although technically I lived in Salford which is next door but that’s sort of spli...more
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