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Yu-Gi-Oh! Vol. 1: The Millenium Puzzle (Yu-Gi-Oh!, #1)
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Vol. 1: The Millenium Puzzle (Yu-Gi-Oh! (Viz Numbering) #1)

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  6,678 ratings  ·  75 reviews
10th grader Yugi spent most of his time alone playing games...until he solved the Millennium Puzzle, a mysterious Egyptian artifact! Possessed by the puzzle, Yugi becomes Yu-Gi-Oh, the King of Games, and challenges evildoers to the Shadow Games...weird games with high stakes and high risks! These graphic novels contain new stories not seen in the anime, including the origi ...more
Paperback, 200 pages
Published May 7th 2003 by VIZ Media LLC (first published December 16th 1998)
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Danii There's 7 in the 'Season Zero' manga equivalent, 24 in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist which carries on from the first 7 and covers Duelist Kingdom/Battle City ect,…moreThere's 7 in the 'Season Zero' manga equivalent, 24 in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist which carries on from the first 7 and covers Duelist Kingdom/Battle City ect, and then 7 for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World. So 38 in total.(less)
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Who here thinks America should have done season 0? *raises hand* Who here thinks that we would have messed it up?*raises hand*...Curse you 4kids. All in all, one of the best eva!
Have you ever wanted to see a young boy with crazy hair gain magical Egyptian Pharaoh powers and use them to play ridiculously twisted games with various thugs? Probably not, but sometimes the best things are the ones you didn't even know you wanted.

While most people have seen the wonderful absurdity of the Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon, much fewer have taken a look at the comic. And they're missing out because believe it or not the show actually toned done the absurdity level of the original. ESPECIALLY in
Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume one is about the adventures and strugles of a boy named Yugi and his friends, Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu. This series is also a japanese (not released in america) T.V. series. It doesn't have much dueling (card game), like the american version does. This book is the first of seven Yu-Gi-Oh books. The eigth is a whole new series, Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist, which is more like the american Yu-Gi-Oh T.V. series.

The author's purpose was to show that even the wimpiest of kids can be heroes (th
The Good: I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! on Kids' WB when I was in high school; however, this manga shows the origins of the characters, something that was never revealed in the American version of the anime. It's fun to see the early years of Yugi, Tristan, Joey, and Téa, and the artwork within this volume is well done. It even features fun bonuses such as a maze and two picture puzzles. Fans of the cartoon will find plenty to enjoy about this, but...

The Bad: This isn't quite the franchise as we've
David Dougall
Yugi has no nose. But Yami has a nose...I don't really get it.
A few months ago I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! the anime, both the original one (which follows the manga) and the the one mainly about Duel Monsters, and I thought "This anime is good, I want to read the manga." So now I've finished the first volume.

In this first volume we get to know the main characters and get a glimpse of what the Millennium Puzzle can do. This is the back story you don't get by only watching the "Duel-Monsters-Yu-Gi-Oh!".

(view spoiler)
Sarah Maddaford
I don't remember the "dark" Yugi being so creepy in the anime (and I saw the Japanese version). He gets this look on his face that reminds me of dolls and clowns and other things you don't want to see right before you go to sleep. I do remember the Shadow Games though. Mostly they are fairly justified, although you can imagine that some one without magic would have a great deal more difficulty enacting any punishment on these kind of people much less a fitting one.
The language and violence may b
Aslak Cornelis
Though it doesn't have anything to do with the card game we've come to love this first installment is a really fun ride. It centers on a schoolboy named Yugi who solves an ancient puzzle and starts regularly being possesed by a spirit from ancient Egypt with a fetish for playing games with dire consequences. The chapters are called "battles" as each one centers around a new game and storyline (To a degree. Character relationships and a couple of other things carry over). It is a lot darker than ...more
The beginning of this series Yu-Gi-Oh stars a young boy named Yugi who has a puzzle that he trys to solve. He tried to solve the puzzle when he was at least 5 years old. Throughout trying to solve the puzzle in school he starts to be bullied by one of his classmate. His classmate starts to get beat up and Yugi defends him. The bully ends up becoming one if his closest friends and he has solved the puzzle.

I gave the first part of this series 5 stars because it gives us an introduction on what y
You might have heard of Yu Gi Oh through pop culture. It's not only a children's card game, it's also an anime and manga about people playing a children's card game, not to mention the abridged series on the internet.

This is not that. Well... it's a precursor.

In its first incarnation, the Yu Gi Oh manga concerned itself with games of all kinds, made deadly by the magic of an ancient Egyptian puzzle and the spirit housed within it. (Fictional Ancient Egypt - always out to get you. Always). While
I remember watching Yugioh when I was younger. The theme is song is what I rmemeber the most. I was at the library one day and thought I should start the manga.

Yugi Mutou is a sophmoroe who lives with my Mom and Grandfather. He is short for his age and constantly gets picked on. He doesn't have many friends either. Except for Anzu, who in my opinion has the same opinion of him as everyone else in that school.

After eight years of trying to finish a puzzle, which is the 3,000 year old Millennium
Dallan Tucker
In ancient Egypt, pharaohs used the power of dark magic to dispense justice to the evil through Shadow Games. In the modern day, high school student Yugi Mutoh has in his possession the Millennium Puzzle, an artifact from this ancient time that contains the spirit of an all-powerful pharaoh. Upon completion of the puzzle, Yugi awakens Yami, the spirit of the pharaoh, and unknowingly becomes his vessel. Now, whenever evil and injustice are encountered by Yugi, the pharaoh awakens, and uses his ma ...more
Lyndsay-ann Stewart
I've been feeling a little nostalgic about books I read when I was younger. Hence, rereading the goosebumps books, the scary stories for sleepovers, and now Yu-Gi-Oh Manga.

I really liked the tv series, and started collecting the Manga. I only got up to the first 6 before stopping, but they were great. Rereading how Yugi first put the Millenium Puzzle together, and how his friendships with Jounouchi and Honda was great. And Yami kicking ass in the Shadow Games is always a blast.

I think after fini
Delicious Strawberry
This is a wonderfully-done manga, especially considering that back then in the early 2000's, a lot of manga were getting mangled in translation when being brought here to the USA. I bought this when YGO was still a fresh show on TV, with Pegasus as the main bad guy and all. But the manga is actually so much better than the anime. When I read it, I was impressed with how much more 'mature' the manga was in way of violence, threats and the like (I do understand that the anime was cut before it cam ...more
Natasha McNeely
My review may be a bit biased, as this is both my favorite anime and manga. I have watched this for years and not a day goes by that I don't think about it.

This manga, and the accompanying anime, are what inspired my interest in mythology over a decade ago.

This is the first volume of, what in the anime, is called Season 0, which was only shown in Japan. It does not tie directly into the original series and things were changed between these seven volumes and the original series.

This is also the r
Дени Проданова
Как е възможно Юги да е 10-ти клас? Повече от 5-ти не му давам. Появата на Ями е колкото стряскаща, толкова и интригуваща. Не ме разбирайте погрешно, гледала съм всичките сезони на анимето и нищо не ме учудва, но въпреки това е интересно. Ями наказателя! Правиш глупост и играеш игра на сенките, а залога е душата ти. Де и в реалния свят да имаше кой да въвлича гаднярите в игра на сенките...
I have always been,and still am a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan, however, books 1-7 or known as (Season 0) is not my most favorite season of Yu-Gi-Oh.
This series and season is a bit to dark for some as it was for me, when I was younger. however picking back up years later I could see why I had such issues as well as some parents...
I found Yami-Yugi to be a bit too creepy, and rather psycho at times, and his methods of punishment rather cruel (not that the enemies didn't deserve it)
But nearly burning down a
S. J.
Sep 05, 2012 S. J. rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Manga fans, urban fantasy fans, fans of the show
Recommended to S. by: Not sure
Since it has been too long since I read this, I can't give my full review treatment. So, here's my best shot.

If you enjoyed the show, I strongly urge you to pick up this volume and give the manga a shot. This book covers the legendary "Season 0" which was never brought over to America because they were unable to make it palatable for the age level they dumbed the show down to. Let me be really honest here, the Yu-Gi-Oh you watched as a kid is not the real show. They cut it, butchered it, and if
Josef Hare
This was totally uninspired. The formula is as dull and generic as they come. Same old stereotypical manga characters in a typical school setting, same old magical complication that concludes the end of each chapter. The pre-cards saga of Yugioh just isn't worth reading.
If you didn't like the anime, you're going to love the manga! It's a story a high schooler named Yugi who has been trying to complete the Millenium Puzzle for eight years. One night, when he finally finishes the puzzle, he gets possessed by an ancient spirit with a gambling addiction. From then on, Yugi starts challenging bullies and villans to various games. These challenges range from the silence game to grill hockey. The losers are then subjected to unusual and suprisingly creative punishment ...more
Rebecca Sneade
this was not at all what i thought it was going to be. i thought this would be like the show and boy was i wrong. i still found this interesting so i will be continuing on with the series but i just have to say that dark yugi creeped me out.
This is great! Hahahahahahaha.

So I was just looking at this... Yami is so creepy. He starts looking like the guy we all know and love later.

But here, he is seriously freaky.
Vernon Ray
I randomly grabbed this off a shelf at Savers to donate to a paperback exchange shelf that was a little bare. I watched the show a little a few years ago so I thought this would be interesting and read it before casting it off.

Everyone should read at least one right to left manga, just for the experience of reading backwards. The funny thing about this book is it only really has the characters in common with the show. There is no card game (perhaps that comes in later) it is basically a series o
I love reading the origin of Yugi, Aten, and their friends. I wish this would've been included in the anime, even though it was deemed too scary. :)
Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Classic Series, is originally a series about an innocuous little boy with humongous fingers (as pointed out by LittleKuriboh of youtube) gaining possession of a mystical artifact called the Millennium Puzzle. He then gains a dark side and uses shadow games, or games where one bets his own life, with criminals that he chooses to condemn.
Of course, this series doesn't feature the card game until after a few volumes, but the games are still entertaining. The overall theme to this ser
Ashira (Savannah)
Whenever people see me holding my Yu-Gi-Oh! manga or messing with my small deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, or getting frustrated because of the stupid, new generation Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 D's, they all laugh and call me a nerd. I just say "arigato" and move along

I like the manga version because it's a bit more...I dunno, older. Also, it goes much better with the Japanese version of the anime, which is much much better than our corny American one. It's a bit more hard-core (though not much lolz)
Aug 18, 2014 Zoë rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: manga
it kinda repeated itself and I didnt really like any characters but I stilk liked it cause yeah manga is awesome. awesome cant die.
it is one of the best books in history it is the best in a long run but ya it is cool but things aside yu gi uh series is a book about a little boy that solved a puzzle and became the guardian of the shadow and king of the shadow games
Growing up with the tv series, it was one of my biggest childish pleasures to embark on this series. I would never watch the show completely but I would understand the concept of the show.

This manga is great on bringing the background story of Yugi before the dueling tournament storyline kicks in. I'm afraid that his life before this is not that fascinating except his outburst into Yugioh when times of trouble are surrounding Yugi and his friends. I found it weird reading the manga because some
Ferdi Anggriawan
I remember reading one of Yugioh volume that consisted of five different and distinctive stories. The whole theme of the manga is basically involve game and the punishment for failing to win (which is good if you reconsider the stagnation of theme back then). But, after a couple of years they began to do some marketing adjustment to turn this manga into a catalogue filled with numerous product placement. Even though I do like the trading card game, I feel a bit disappointed by how radical the ch ...more
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Takahashi started as a mangaka in 1982. His first work was Tokiō no Tsuma (闘輝王の鷹), published in 1990. One of his earliest works was Tennenshokudanji Buray (天然色男児BURAY), which lasted for two volumes and was published from 1991 to 1992. Takahashi did not find success until 1996 when he created Yu-Gi-Oh!
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