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For twelve years Winter has been haunted.

Her past, her memories, her feelings, will not leave her alone.

And now, at sixteen, the time has come for her to act.

She must head back to her old home, where a pair of family tragedies forever altered her life. What she discovers is powerful and shocking - but must be dealt with in order for life to go on.

Every journey begins with...more
Hardcover, 135 pages
Published December 2000 by Pan Macmillan (first published 2000)
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Winter was four years old when her mother and father died; drowned in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Now sixteen, Winter is coming home to Warriewood – it’s the first time she’s been back since becoming a ward of the state, cared for by her parent’s trust-fund and waiting to inherit the property when she turns eighteen.

In the meantime Warriewood is being managed by Ralph and Sylvia – a couple Winter doesn’t entirely trust, who have let her old homestead go to ruin while they suck the Warriewo...more
I haven’t picked up any John Marsden books since I finished reading the ‘Tomorrow’ series. I was aware he had written other YA books but had just not got around to them. I needed a book with ‘winter’ in the title for a reading challenge and this book fitted the criteria perfectly. The bonus was that I really enjoyed it and was sucked in from the very first page. Winter’s parent’s died when she was four. She always thought they had died together in a yacht race but it turns out that her mother di...more
Sixteen year old Winter is returning to her family homestead after being shipped of to relatives following the tragic deaths of her parents when she was four years old. Spurred on by her unease and the desire to uncover a family secret, the prickly Winter seeks to lay claim to what is rightfully hers.

Being one of those English people, I am a relative newcomer to the works of Marsden. This is only the second book of his that I've read, the first being the rather brilliant, rather shocking 'Letter...more
Jess Cattanach
I’ve had Winter sitting on my bookshelves for years. I finally picked it up because I was doing a read-a-thon here on Goodreads and needed a book with a one-word title to complete my team’s mini-goal. As it was the last day by then, I naturally selected the shortest one, which brings us back to Winter.

It’s always fascinated me how well John Marsden can write the characters of teenage girls, considering he’s a 62-year-old man. Somehow he manages to pull it off flawlessly though, and his main char...more
This book was alright. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't too engaging or memorable. It's about a sixteen year old girl named Winter who goes back to her hometown, to discover the truth about her parents' deaths. It is pretty slow moving at the beginning, but it keeps you interested because the author does a good job at making the readers suspicious of several different characters. One thing I really didn't like about this book was the fact that it felt rushed towards the end. It was also a pretty sho...more
I chose to read this one as it was on the shelf in my library and, as it starred a 16-year old girl, I wanted to make sure that it was appropriate for primary aged children. In the end I am satisfied for grade 5/6 students to read this one. There is one 's' word dropped near the beginning, but other than that the story itself is quite harmless.

The book is short and to the point. There are some nice descriptions of the Australian countryside, but nothing in this book is done in great detail. I wo...more
Allyce Cameron
John Marsden has done what I feel not many authors can do and delivered a standout novel in a tiny 130 or so pages. Bravo maestro! I am re-reading this for the first time since I was 12 and it is just as good as I remember! I love Winter-even when I don't like her very much. It's a coming-of-age story that everyone should read and one that I highly recommend.

What a great story! I don't know why I hadn't read this before now.
This is the sort of story I would have loved to read as a teenager and I would highly recommend it for YA and OA alike!
It is only a short book...135 no spoilers here, but it's very quick to read, and an absorbing short read it is from start to finish.
Intriguing. 5*s
Kate Krake
I picked this up to study the style - serious Australian YA written in 1st person - more than the actual story. I ended up being quite drawn into the story though and found I had trouble putting the book down.
Stylistically, it's a great example of how small details can bring a story right off the page. Not only details in settings and more visual aspects, but little things like dialogue and small character references that all work together to make the story really live.
As far as story itself g...more
I decided to read this book because I have enjoyed other books written by John Marsden and I thought it looked interesting.
This book completes the ‘written by a male author’ category on the bingo board. This is interesting because the author, John Marsden, also wrote the tomorrow series which I really enjoyed.
My favourite quote from this book was “Because Ralph had been so friendly at the station, I didn’t say what I wanted to: ‘Get out. I have to do this on my own.’ The best I could manag...more
Winter was 4yo when her parents died, and she was taken from her home to live with distant relatives, the Robinsons, in Canberra. She always felt unwanted, and extremely lonely.

At age 16 she left Canberra and travelled back to what she remembered as her real home, Warriewood, a large property which had been looked after by caretakers, Ralph and Sylvia, and her financial advisor, Mr Carruthers. She was desperate to find the truth about her parents, Phillip and Phyllis De Salis' deaths. She felt...more
Chante Pabst
Winter is a young woman at the age of 16. She has been living with family since she was 4, when her parents died. When she finally comes home to Christie, on her homeland of Warriewood, she discovers her parents are barried there and she also finds out how her mother really died. All of her life she had been told that her mother died with her father, drowning. Upon finding out her mother actually died 6 months after that, she had to talk to all the people around town she could conjure up the co...more
Oh gosh, I don't remember this one at all apart from its pretty cover! I was never the world's hugest John Marsden fan (does that make me unAustralian?!), possibly since I never read the Tomorrow series - I loved and was driven crazy by Letters From the Inside, and also enjoyed So Much to Tell You/Take My Word For It, but not enough to add him to my lists or anything. I was way more a Paul Jennings kid. :D
Have to read this book for English at school don't know if I'm to fond of it yet hope it gets more exiting through out the book
The Shutterbug
Good, but not great. This is a very short story. It should take about two hours to read, except it took me longer. A book could have the best story ever written but if I don't like the protagonist there is going to be some problems. Winter annoyed the hell out of me. I've seen ten year old's mature than her. Almost every conversation she had with everyone ended up with a temper tantrum. Towards the end her character improved, which was a sigh of relief.

Not much to say. It felt rushed, and the e...more
It's a very short little book. I love the size of it. The story doesn't really suck you in right away but when you do it gets you. It's a nice story, and there's enough of a plot line going for 147 pages. I wish it was a tad longer, because I like hearing more details about what was happening, but that didn't happen. I think it was nicely wrapped up, and doesn't leave you wanting for more, (this is a good thing in this case) in this short novel. But it isn't an amazing story line. Just mildly in...more

This has to be one of my favourite John Marsden books, John Marsden has a fantastic way of writing his books he does it in a way that you have no idea what comes next and this book is a perfect example of this. I loved this book so much that i'm considering buying this book. I still can't believe what happened and what she did when she was four years old. Winter is an amazing book which i think everyone should read. I am really glad that i read this book :) {i read this book in an afternoon}

This book is absolutely heart-breaking.

Winter, a lonely, stubborn 16 year old has returned home to discover the truth about her parents, who died when she was four. She was sent to live in Canberra, and finds she simply has to know what happened to her parents. When she arrives, she finds she has been told a series of lies, and then gets a few more added in. When she does find out the truth, she is absolutely shattered.

I absolutely loved this book, and I could not put it down.
Another 'can't put down' well written book by the amazing John Marsden. I really enjoy his style of writing and he has an amazing way of writing as a teenager would, their thoughts etc
Like all his books this is a page turner, trying to work out what will happen next - and always there is a surprise/shock around the corner.
A sad story really but saying that the main character Winter has such a positive an inspiration approach it is really a feel good end!
Winter was a fantastic story about one girl quest for the truth. It was a little bit heart braking but the way that Winter took it in her stride was wonderful. My main complaint with this book was that it was too damn short!

I just love John Marsden. He has such good insight to teenagers emotion. After reading Winter and the Tomorrow series and seeing how fantastic they are, I am going to have to read some more of the books that he has written.
This is a really beautiful story. I read it in a day ( I know it's only short but still...) John Marsden creates convincing characters, ones who hold a lot of pain a depth at a very young age, which I think it's great to see. It's good to see so many books of young people doing fun and exciting things, but to balance that it's great to have something a little more realistic, to delve into some genuine emotions.
I really enjoyed this well written book, but it was too short, there was much more to Winter's story that could have been developed and worked with. Her character seemed to gather more goodwill from her neighbors than her abrasiveness warranted too, so sometimes the results she had were not entirely logical. However, a very good book, one of the better ones I have read in awhile.
Dami (Damiellar)
I really quite enjoyed this. It was great to read another stand-alone John Marsden (and yes I was guilty of leaving it unread on my shelves for waaay too long). This book spans a very short space of time where Winter is trying to remember/work out what happened when she was younger. It's an often told tale, but told well it's definitely worth it. This was.
Another classic story by John Marsden. But unfortunately by the time this was published and I'd diligently read everything else he had written I could predict the twist from the initial pages. The shocking revelations you were never expecting are usually what make John Marsden's books so good so having any inkling of what's coming does ruin it a bit.
I think this was my first proper 'favourite' book.

I've read it about a million times, each time another subtle detail more than the last. The prose is haunting, enthralling and the characters are so easy the empathize with. Go into this with an open mind and you will be blown away.
Nina Mielke
Winter ist 16 Jahre alt. Das Waisenmädchen kehrt in ihr Elternhaus zurück. Dort möchte sie ein eigenes Leben beginnen. Ihres Wissens nach waren ihren Eltern beim segeln ums Leben gekommen. Doch Winter entdeckt ein dunkles Geheimnis...
Spannend bis zum Schluss!
Tara Calaby
Marsden always writes things well. This is quite a short tale, and a reasonably straightforward mystery, but it's written in a solid style and a good voice and was an entertaining read. I'm not sure it really has re-readability value, though.
I loved this book from when I first saw the cover Marsden has an amazing ability to get inside teenage girls heads and the protagonist winter who is a lonely teenage girl who feels misunderstood had my heart from the start. Great ending.
I really liked this book. It is probably meant for young adults, but I enjoyed it. The main character is a really strong female teenage character, which you don't see as often in books today. It was refreshing.
One of the most powerful and moving books I read as an eleven year old and continue to reread every year. The story itself is just beautiful and the writing of Marsden really captures what is at the heart of the story
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His first book, So Much To Tell You, was published in 1987. This was followed by Take My Word For It, a half-sequel written from the point of view of another character. His landmark Tomorrow series is recognized as the most popular book series for young adults ever written in Australia. The first book of this series, Tomorrow When The War Began, has been reprinted 26 times i...more
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