Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling, #2)
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Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling #2)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  15,131 ratings  ·  924 reviews
This title has been removed from sale by Penguin Group, USA.
Kindle Edition, 356 pages
Published (first published March 6th 2007)
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Kristen (Peddler of Smut)
4 1/2 to 5—FANTASTIC—Stars!

I'm dying to start the next book, so I'll simply say:





I LOVED the secondary characters.
I LOVEDthe world building.
I LOVED the plot.
I LOVED the drama.
I LOVED the action.
I LOVED the slight suspense.
I LOVED the humor.
I LOVED the eroticism.
I especially LOVED the NetMind.
Yep! That's A lot of LOVES. Lol

The conversations between the NetMind and Faith were some of my favorite...more
Visions of Heat is the second book in Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series and yet another great installment. Like I said in my review of Slave to Sensation, I did not expect to like this series. As a matter of fact, I figured that I would read the first one and have no desire to continue the series. Boy was I ever wrong. I'm sitting here at 1:52 A.M. wishing that I had the third book so I could start it right away tomorrow. Alas, it is not to be. But damn, I really need to get out and buy these...more

4 1/2 Stars for the Voracious Vaughn! Unbelievably sensual, passionate, irrefutable character chemistry, yet the story isn’t overloaded with descriptive sexual details. The writing is near orgasmic and Nalini Singh knows how to make her readers feel as much as the characters in her books! I found myself reading with my mouth slightly parted, and I might have even been panting!! How embarrassing!!

Not quite as captivating as the first book, bogged down in a little too much detail, where the overa...more
Litchick (is stuck in the 19th century)
I’m going to keep this short because thanks to this book I haven’t moved in about nine hours, my hair is greasy, I’m frigging starving and I’m also uncomfortably aroused. So, uh…more to come. Later.
5 stars – Paranormal Romance

Visions of Heat is a fantastic second book that goes further into the escalating conflict between the emotionless, cold, psychically powerful Psy race and the Changelings (shifters that are both human and animal) in the year 2079.

Faith Nightstar is a powerful F-Psy, a foreseer, who has been completely isolated due to the dangerous power and strain of her potent psychic ability and used for the monetary gain of the Psy-Council. But lately she’s been tormented by distu...more
 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~*

Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading Den

4.5 Stars? Aaahhh... Make it 5! ^_^

“Tell a child something often enough and she starts to believe it.” ~ Sascha to Faith
*sigh* I LOVED this book even more the second time around!!

While my re-read of Slave to Sensation had me dreaming (again!) about being enslaved by the delicious Lucas Hunter *grins*... it more seriously had me contemplating the concept of a “society without emotion” that is the Psy. In my re-read of Visions of Heat, the theme that bec


If Vaughn was a Tree: I would climb him and make a nest.
A Medium Size Pool: I would do laps all day long.
A Bath Tub: I would soak all day.
If Vaughn was naked, I would be naked too.

I am happy that I enjoyed the second book in the Psy-Changeling series; I was having some doubts after the first one where it took some time to really get into the story. I was in love in love from the moment the very sexy Sentinel named Vaughn mentioned his first words in the book.

Quick rundow...more
I definitely liked this book better than the first Psy-Changeling novel. This was a much fuller story. I had the sense that the author had a plan as she wrote this installment.

In Visions, Singh has developed her vision of the future, and she has the perfect tool: a character deeply entrenched in the world and workings of the cold, mentally gifted Psy. Whereas the first novel's protagonist, Sascha, lived on the fringes of her community as a "defective" Psy, Faith is a highly valued and carefully...more
Blacky *Romance Addict*
It is done. I am officially hooked on this series and won't be reading anything untill I finish it Photobucket

I don't know what is it with me and movies lol but this one reminded me of Minority Report :) Faith is a Psy who can see the future, she is isolated from everyone, even her own kind, her life centered only on the visions she's having. One day she learns that her sister has been murdered, and in the same way she's been dreaming about, so being affraid of the visions, she goes in search for Sascha,...more
Lisa Kay
Vaughn D’Angelo in jaguar form.
[image error]

★★★★✩ I liked this one, the second in the Psy-Changeling series; but not as much as the first. Don’t get me wrong; four stars are impressive. And I LOVE this author’s “voice”. I’m almost tempted to bump it up to 4½ stars. However, I had to put it down for a couple days. The “darkness” – or The Über Creep – that was plaguing Faith was a little too dark for me right now. Maybe I’ll listen to this on audio in about a year and I’ll love it. There were a co...more

"Sleep, Red. I've got you."

Faith belongs to one of the most powerful PsyClan. She’s the most talented cardinal F-Psy of her generation. Before Silence, the F-Psys predictions affected all life areas (be it minor or major), but since the implementation of the protocol, the F-Psys talent has been strictly confined to the economics sphere. So when Faith starts to have visions of murders, she thinks that she is slowly sinking into madness.

Her designation has a high rate of madness. Already monitore...more
Book 2 in the series and another hit! I did like the first book a little better then this one, but an awesome read!

I am beginning to believe the author cannot write a bad book, what a talent!!

Here we have Vaughn, OMG GIVE ME MORE OF HIM!! He is hot, passionate, sensual, potent pushy, protective, and overwhelming! I am in love! And then there is Faith, I liked this character, she is strong willed, determined, beautiful and brave. Considering how her life had been, and how isolated she was to wal...more
Jo ★  The Book Sloth★
Although once again I loved this book I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one.


Vaughn is awesome of course but he lacks some of the edge that made Lucas so hot. He is supposed to be more feral but to me he seemed more tame. Maybe it's the difference between alpha and Alpha. I think my main poblem was that he accepted his "mating" way too easily, especially with a silenced, soulless Psy.


Faith again I liked but not as much as Sascha. She wasn't as easily loved as the Empath girl. Mayb...more
Beanbag Love
I didn't like this one as much as the first in Singh's "Psy-Changeling" series. When I reviewed "Slave to Sensation" I mentioned that I found the Psy off-putting. What I meant was that they aren't all that compelling to me as romantic leads. That is, UNTIL they let go of the Silence that blocks all their emotions.

For the first 60% of this book I felt like I was just reading the first book with new characters in the lead. The last 40% saved this book from a three star. Until then we had the same...more
Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
Jan 30, 2011 Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Nalini Singh fans and paranormal romance fans
Recommended to Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) by: Elena R and Suzanne
Visions of Heat is the second book in Singh’s amazing Psy-Changling series. And although I adored Lucas Hunter in the first book, I think his Sentinel Vaughn is giving the alpha a run for his money!

I adore Vaughn! Of the Pack, his animal side prowls at the surface of his mind more than the others. As a jaguar, he has this wild possessiveness and dark sensuality that makes him stand out of the Pack. I definitely wouldn’t mind finding him crawling through my sunroof! I adored his all-or-nothing a...more
Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)
I originally put this as 4 stars, but after rereading it I have decided it deserves 5 stars instead!

This book in the Psy-Changeling series focuses on the Senital Vaughn, a Changeling whose Jaguar lives closer to the surface then most, and Faith Nightstar an F-Psy, which is a Psy that can forecast the future. Faith only forecasts about business and commerce all other events being surpressed by the Silence protocol, murder and death, fear and anger are not allowed by the Psy. But recently she has...more
This book is good as the first one. The relationship between Vaughn the jaguar and Faith the don't-touch-me girl brightened my evenings.

The strangest thing about liking this book so much is that neither Faith nor Vaughn are the type of characters that I normally enjoy reading about. They are both strong, but isolated.

Vaughn is a jaguar living among leopards. His past isn't very pretty and he is more animal than man. So when he is drawn to Faith, a F-psy, the attraction is incomprehensible, but that doesn't stop him. Faith's powers are drawing into something that scares her to the point that she is willing to ask the help of the...more
Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh is the second book in her Psy-Changeling series. This book focuses on the powerful F-Psy Faith Nightstar and her DarkRiver jaguar Vaughn D’Angelo.

Faith Nightstar is a special Psy. Her forecasting abilities have made a lot of money for the Psy. F-Psys are extremely rare and most are exploited until they literally lose their minds. Because of her abilities, Faith leads a cloistered life and is under constant supervision. Faith senses changes in her abilities and be...more
While I did love this book, it wasn't as good for me as book 1 was. And I only can say this after the re-read because the first time I definitely enjoyed this book way better than the first. It's just that now that I'm re-reading the series I got to understand everything better and see things differently.

This is just an amazing series and every instalment is so much worth of anybody's time. It has such a terrific plot and an original world building that you never get enough, always crave for mo...more
The next book in Psy-Changeling series takes up the story of Vaughn (cool, loner, more cat than man) and Faith( Psy,vulnerable because of her ability and because she makes alot of money for psy business). In the second book we learn more about how the Psy world operates but we also learn that there is alot more going on than anyone can imagine.

Faith and Vaughns story was passionate altho' not as much so as Sascha and Lucas. Faith has been protected by the Psy because of her rare powers of predic...more
I have figured out the genius in this book and the "psy-changeling" series thus far... Take strong, alpha males whose protective instincts make them dangerous to anyone threatening those they love, males who are completely devoted to only one woman (their "mate") for their entire lives then make them require touch and affection in order to be happy... This is every woman's dream!!

Now, switch it up and make the women the cold, unfeeling ones who have to "discover" their inner emotions. Women who...more
Reread (May 12, 2014)

Gah, have I mentioned how much I love this series? These changeling males are just so damn swoony. The way Vaughn was so sweet and patient with her, the way he let her make her own decisions and trusted her to take care of herself when it comes to her ability. *sigh* I love this book, I love the romance and I love this complicated world that Nalini Singh has created.

Originally read (Apr 11, 2012)

Oh, the love I have for this series... I love the heroines and I love the sexy,...more
P.A. Lupton
Loved it!

This series is quickly becoming a favorite. I found some of the terms a little confusing in the first book, but by this one it was much easier to follow the world of the PSy. And what a world, I love it. The psy world kind of reminds me of the Matrix--only the people in it know they're in the Matrix and they can't leave it or they die. THis is THE most unique shifter series I've ever read. I don't know why I procrastinated reading it.
4.5 stars! Once again, Singh does not disappoint! She is a fabulous author with an amazing imagination, who excels at creating a complex world that is fantastical.

The main characters, Vaughn and Faith, were each individually great, but together, they were just awesome! First, there is Vaughn, a bit of a loner sentinel for the DarkRiver Pack, who is inexplicably drawn to a Psy compound, and even moreso, to an F-Psy, Faith. He is a jaguar for a leopard pack, and by God, is he ever YUMMY!!! RAAWWWR...more
Anzu The Great Destroyer
Well now… *awkward silence* I’m done with this. I’m sad to say that I’m actually happy I finished it. I really love Nalini Singh but I can’t be subjective. Visions of Heat is too similar to Slave to Sensation. It lacks the spice needed for being a great book. I’m not sure I want to go on with the series anymore but I guess I’ll just leave the next book to brew a bit on my to-read shelf.

My main problem with the story? Too much talk, too few action. They actually skipped the action scenes, can you...more
Faith is a rare F-Psy, someone with the ability to see the future, her visions have used to predict the stock market since she was only 3 years old which has made the NightStar Clan very wealthy. Recently her visions have taken a darker turn and she seems to have become psychically linked with a murderer seeing nothing but death and destruction. She knows that she is on the verge of madness and that if the Psy Council find out she will end up institutionalised because her skills are too valuable...more
AnHeC the Paperback Obliterator
Word count: about 98 000
Rating: "You had me at 'hello.'"/Boy, that escalated quickly

[image error]

Let me remind you *** is a positive rating. (view spoiler)

I’ll do my utmost best to make it short and to the point. (view spoiler)

My feelings about this particular book are ambivalent. First of all, I WANT MORE *(view spoiler)...more
Read First Time: October 1, 2010
ReRead: April 4, 2011

Vaughn and Faith aren't my favorite Psy/Changeling Couple. While Faith is a very interesting character, both because of her mental ability to foresee future events, as the fact that sh's a very powerful Psy statuswise - the story itself never reaches its full potential.

Vaughn is supposed to be this wild animal, but I don't get the same feeling with him as for example with Hawk, who also lives with his animal close to the surface.

The world is...more
♥ Tina ♥ (Martina Bookaholic)
Meine Gedanken zum Buch:
Nachdem ich in letzter Zeit einige durchschnittliche, schlechtere Bücher gelesen habe, kam mir dieser zweite Teil von Singh wie ein Segen vor. Es gibt Autoren, bei denen weiß man ungefähr was man bekommt und wenn man ein Fan ihrer Vorgehensweise ist, dann wird man nicht enttäuscht und Singh gehört absolut zu meiner Gruppe dieser Autoren.
Man weiß zb. hier von Anfang an, dass es sich hauptsächlich um eine Liebespaar dreht, dass sich oft erst in diesem Teil kennenlernt, anfä...more
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I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance (even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes). I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head. There's no other job I would rather be doing. In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t...more
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“How do you know it'll be pleasurable?" He got on the bed and lay down.

Breath a whisper, she came closer and tied one wrist to the headboard. The cat growled but didn't try to make him wrench free.

"Because just looking at you gives me the most extreme pleasure I've ever felt."

"Christ, baby, tie me up before you start talking like that.”
“I tell you I'm dangerous and you want to put knives near me?"
- Vaughn to Faith”
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