The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set
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The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set (Anne of Green Gables #1-8)

4.43 of 5 stars 4.43  ·  rating details  ·  76,071 ratings  ·  1,293 reviews
Here is a deluxe gift-box edition of L.M. Montgomery's classic stories about one of the most beloved fictional heroines of all time--Anne of Green Gables.
Kindle Edition
Published (first published January 1st 1908)
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Possibly the best series of all time. Truly charming and heartwarming, especially the scene where "Gilbert and Anne are embracing on the bridge" (for further enjoyment this can also be seen in the movie, especially if you are helping with the KVIE Channel 6 fundraiser).

Seriously though, if you enjoyed the movies (with the exception of the third movie which was horrible; I spit on it), I urge you to read these books. There is so much detail and other wonderful characters, like the twins Davey an...more
Aug 27, 2007 Flannery rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Spirited young girls, women who used to be spirited young girls and want to recapture that
Shelves: reread
1. Anne of Green Gables
The original, the classic. I feel like I know every word in this one but it was no less magical in its rereading.

2. Anne of Avonlea
It picks up nicely after the first one with Anne teaching school in Avonlea after Gilbert gives up his post for Anne so she may remain with Marilla and they might keep Green Gables. The arrival of Davy and Dora brings welcome levity after the sad ending of the previous book.

3. Anne of the Island
Still rooting for Gilbert. It was heartbreak...more
The greatest children's series of all time, in my opinion, and not just because she spells her name properly: A-N-N-E.

The amazing thing about this series is that almost every girl who has read it so strongly identifies with the main character - girls of completely different personalities. Everyone seems to find something to love about Anne of Green Gables: her love of reading, how he handles having red hair, her adventurous spirit, her constant muddling things. And don't even get me started on G...more
Okay, so all books in the series are not equal--as time passed, Lucy Maud seemed to become more and more fond of ellipses and romantic descriptions--but I cannot overstate the impact these books had on me as a kid. "Anne of Green Gables" was even the inspiration for an independent study project I did in high school about the "girl's story" genre and its emphasis on orphans, self-made women, the moralizing influence of chicks, and how the seemingly-progressive virtues of intelligence, creativity,...more
It's unfortunate I didn't discover this series when I was a young girl. I was introduced to Anne (with an 'e') by the PBS Wonderworks series in the mid-80's... And NO, I was no longer a young girl then, but a married woman, I'm THAT Old!!!

So what I'm sayin' is... If you've never read the series... READ IT! Anne is enjoyable at any age. And if you haven't seen the PBS series... SEE IT! It's set in what's quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world, (Prince Edward Island) during a simpler...more
I don't know how I made it through my childhood without reading Anne of Green Gables. But one winter while stuck indoors with my two young children during a very long Montreal winter, I read the whole series. It was like sunshine to my soul, and the images of Anne jumping on the bed not knowing frail little granny was lying on the covers, the image of her getting goose down all over her black dress while she was trying so hard to clean a pillow (or blanket?) and having her crush show up...I laug...more
While I loved the early books, I really disliked books 4 and 5, which are about Anne as a full grown woman. I read the entire series as an 11-12 year old in the 90s and I just could not get over how disappointing her life ended up to me, given all the promise of her youth and how much she had overcome in her life. As the recent Ann Romney (faux-)controversy has rehashed, feminism doesn't necessarily mean you need to go out into the work force, and yes motherhood is a lovely thing, but I still ha...more
I really have read pretty much everything by L.M. Montgomery, much to my eternal geekiness-- she was my absolute favorite author growing up, and I devoured everything the public library had to offer. Anne started it, of course, but the Emily books and The Blue Castle have become my favorites.

Anne, however, is very dear to my heart, and I shall not disparage it in the slightest. Rainbow Valley and Anne of Windy Poplars are probably my least favorites, but I know her heart wasn't really in them....more
I really enjoyed this series; all 8 books! The last book caught me by surprise. I wasn't expecting a historical fiction (which is my fav), but that is exactly what the last book is. I am sure that LMM didn't expect to write a historical fiction book, but when the Great War (WWI) broke out she didn't have much choice. I love the way the last book ended. It was so sweet it left me smiling for a while. Today I found myself wishing I had another Anne of Green Gables book to read. The only book I fou...more
Mar 09, 2008 Kristin rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone
Having seen the movies during my teenage years and having served a mission in Eastern Canada where the books were written, I finally sat down and read the books. I loved them! The tales and adventures of the orphan ,Anne, were full of humor and heartbreak. Some of the humor in the stories for me came from understanding the traditions and personalities of the Canadian Maritime people. These stories are so easy to relate to that everyone will enjoy reading the books. Note: The third movie is total...more
Sarah Stewart
I dyed my hair red and went on a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island and cried standing in front of Green Gables. I had deep discussions with one of the tour guides at one of the sites who had gotten her Ph.D in L.M. Montgomery's works and could hold my own because I had read them so many times. These are the books that started my plunge into love for the written word. Anne of the Island is my favorite, Anne of Green Gables is next and then Anne's House of Dreams.
Nothing is better for a girl than to read this series. Nothing! L.M Montgomery is one of those people I'm going to meet after I die. We would have been friends had I lived on Prince Edward Island in the late 1800s. I can read these books over and over again and meet my ten year old self. It was a rite of passage to introduce my daughter to the delightful Anne Shirley and all the beloved characters of Avonlea. I was not disappointed in her reaction. After reading Anne of Green Gables, Isabella cl...more
I love this series. I have read them over and over again, and particularly liked to take them with me when traveling. Even if I forgot a book, these were some I could always find on the bookshelves of relatives. The story of orphaned Anne Shirley and the people in her world never fails to enchant and relax me. I frequently turned to these books for comfort after moving during the last part of my 7th grade year to a junior high full of unfriendly people. Thanks to L.M. Montgomery, I never felt as...more
The Anne of Green Gables Series was something I started reading just before my road trip to Prince Edward Island. I read the first four books before and during the trip and finished them in the weeks after. Although they are considered children's literature, they are timeless and amazing. Anne's enduring spirit, her continuous struggle "to be good" and her amazing impact on everyone she's in contact with are all things that we can relate to in this day and age and that inspire us to emulate, or...more
I have to say that Anne of Green Gables is by far the best book in this collection. The rest area closer to a 3 because they turn out to be rather formulaic, but Anne of Green Gables is THAT good that it brings the whole collection up to a solid 4 due solely to my nostalgia and love for young Anne. And who doesn't love a story with a happy ending?! All Anne books have RIDICULOUSLY happy endings, except the final book featuring Rilla which seems much more realistic and may have been the inspirati...more
What can you say about these classics?!

I fell in love with Anne from the first moment I read about her. She was what I imagined myself to be, or at the least wished to be.

The Anne series is about an 11 year old red headed orphan adopted by an older brother and sister on Prince Edward Island. It's the stories of her many adventures, friends, and love. Takes place turn of the century 1900s. You get such a lovely glimpse into a simpler more idyllic era. True there were problems as with anytime, b...more
Andrea Baker
Jun 07, 2012 Andrea Baker rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone - aged ten to eternity
Recommended to Andrea by: My Mom - bought me the series as part of a Birthday Present
An absolutely fantastic children's series, that should be read at least once by everyone, regardless of your age.

Follow little orphan Anne (don't forget the "e"!) as she joins brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert on their farm. They'd been expecting a boy, but got red haired Anne instead. Her honesty, personality and warmth spreads throughout her village as she grows, touching everyone that she meets.

If you've only read the first book - find out what you've missed. The others, as Ann...more
I love all of L.M. Mongomery's books that I have read so far. I started with the Anne series when I was in Jr. High School when my grandma gave the set to me as a gift.

I enjoy the imagination and variety of stories and adventure in each book. Her books remind me of my childhood.

I've read them all at least twice.

Anne of Ingleside was fun to read because you got to see Anne as a mother and most of all her children. It helped look forward to the coming years with my children. And gave me a new pe...more
One of my favorites of all time! I even had an excerpt from Anne of Avonlea read at my wedding. It's so much fun to read as an adult too! I remember finding certain things about the book so tragic when I was younger. When she dyes her hair green or finds the mouse in the plum pudding! Oh how I wept for poor Anne. As an adult, I laughed myself silly over these small tragedies. It's amazing how your perspective changes as you get older. What a great way to remind ourselves what it was like to be y...more
These are all my all-time favorite books. Anne is such a lovable, smart, funny character. My best friend and I always acted these books out - and we both want to be Anne! (Of course, her hair was closer to auburn...)

The first three books have to do with Anne becoming part of her adoptive family and community, and growing up into an outspoken, intelligent women. Later, books follow the relationship between Anne and her childhood friend Gilbert, whom she marries. There are actually ten books in th...more
This is my favorite series. I must have started reading them when I was 9 or 10. Lucy Maude Montgomery is an excellent author and her writing captures the mind of any child with an imagination. I wanted to go and play with Anne and Diana in Dryad's Bubble. The time period perfectly suited my romantic sensibilities, which have definitely lingered into my adulthood.
My aunt recently took me to see a musical version performed at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in Manhattan. While a bit cheesy (perhaps b...more
Faeze Taheri
اولين بار كه با آن ِ آشنا شدم، با ديدن كارتوناش تو بچگيم بود، بعدن كه كتابشو تو قفسه كتاباي عمه‌م ديدم، ازش قرض گرفتمش و خوندمش، واقعن لذت بردم، اما دوس داشتم بازم ميخوندم، كافي نبود برام تموم شدنش به اين زودي! چن سال بعد كه بزرگتر شدم و يه بار تو نمايشگاه كتاب ديدم كه تا 8 جلد داره، خوشحال شدم، كتابارو گرفتم و نشستم و خوندم، و چقدر هم لذت بردم! الان ازون موقع خيلي سال ميگذره، اما بدم نمياد بازم بشينم و حداقل يه دور ديگه پا به فضاي قشنگ گرين گيبلز بذارم و خودمو جاي آن ِ تصور كنم، كه با اينكه بچه...more
Anne of Green Gables is a book that has captured my heart. I must have been around 9 years old when I first had the pleasure of reading this story of the orphaned Anne and can remember falling completely in love with her as she described a blooming cherry tree as 'a bride all in white with a lovely misty veil'. I had never before longed for a fictional character as a friend but L.M. Montgomery had completely won my heart with her creation of Anne. The humour that just seems to fall out of her mo...more
These are great books that I like to read over and over. Usually come fall I open them up. They're a great way to escape into a naturally beautiful yesterday, yet not too perfect world. These books can teach you things, and not just entertain you. They're skillfully & beautifully written, which is a hard to find thing in most of the new books I read.
My definition of a great book is earned if I want to read it again and again, over the years.
These books do that for me.
Reading Anne of Green Gables is like sipping hot cocoa on a windy night, and sitting in your favorite, most comfortable chair. Your feet are tucked up under you, and your dog is on the rug in front of you. Your beloved family is around you, but you're all wrapped in a comfortable silence, and the fire crackles in the hearth.
Anisa Patel
When I was about 9-10 my dad banned me from library because I read too much so I was only limited to the reading books I brought from school.I started searching the web and at that time there wasn't many recent books so I had to look at books older than 100 years. I started reading classics and got into Jane Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle and the Bronte sisters as well as others and found that I really enjoyed them. I came across Lucy Maud Montgomery and read this series. Its about an orphan called...more
I actually enjoyed this series when I read it. I don't think I'd ever go back and read them again, but they were pretty entertaining the first time through. It is always fun to watch the progression of a character from childhood to adulthood, and Anne was no exception.
Words fail in describing these books. I read nearly every book L.M. Montgomery wrote when in high school, starting with the Anne series. She is my kindred spirit. =)
Kathy Benitez
As a young girl I would save my quarter a week allowance to purchase the next $2.50 book of this series! Anne & Diana became a part of my life!
All-time favorite book series. Movies are fantastic too. Have been known to engage in fierce debates about who Anne should have married.
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Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908.

The author of the famous Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was born at Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Nov. 30, 1874. She came to live at Leaskdale, north of Uxbridge Ontario, in 1911 after her wedding with Rev. Ewen Macdonald on July 11, 1911...more
More about L.M. Montgomery...
Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1) Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables, #3) Anne of Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables, #2) Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables, #5) Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne of Green Gables, #4)

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