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The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn #2)
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The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn #2)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  1,729 ratings  ·  86 reviews

A freelance operative and professional “cleaner,” Jonathan Quinn knows better than to get emotionally involved in any of his jobs. But Quinn’s latest job is different. A friend has been murdered. A woman has gone missing. And for Jonathan Quinn, this time it’s personal.

When Quinn is called to a busy L.A. port where a shipping container has just come in from the sea, he

Hardcover, 368 pages
Published June 24th 2008 by Random House Publishing Group
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I read and enjoyed the first Quinn novel. Quinn is a cleaner, a person hired to remove bodies and clean up after assorted mishaps. In this 2nd in the series, Quinn has been hired to get rid of a body in a shipping container. He discovers that it’s an old friend Steven Markoff, a CIA operative who once saved his life. On the wall of the container, Markoff had scratched a series of numbers and two letters: LP.

As a way of honoring his old friend, Quinn decides to contact Jenny, Markoff’s girlfrien
Aug 18, 2008 Jeffrey rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Thriller fans and spy novel fans
Another super book from Brett Battles in his series about the Cleaner -- Jonathan Quinn, who was introduced in the first volume in this series called The Cleaner. In this novel, Quinn, who cleans up dead bodies and other messes for various intelligence agencies or other parties that can pay his fee, is sen to clean up a shipping container which has a dead body in it. It turns out the dead body is a friend of Quinn, who feels that he should find out what happened to him. When Quinn investigates h ...more
Kulpreet Yadav
This is a cracking thriller. The narrative is riveting. It is the second book in the series and I am already kicking myself for not having read the first.

The twists and turns in the plot are absolutely spellbinding. And the character of Jonathan Quinn is compelling – unique and intriguing. He works freelance and his job description is that of a ‘cleaner’. Someone who cleans up the mess left behind by the criminals at the crime scene. Mostly dead bodies. Can it get more intriguing than this?

In book two, Jonathan Quinn is out for personal revenge when his friend is gruesomely murdered. I think the sequel is a bit sluggish and predictable (hel-lo?! the obvious villain!) but still I’d like to give a shoutout to the author for weaponizing durians in an exciting espionage fight scene. Double-oh-seven himself couldn’t have come up with that spark of genius.

I really do like Jonathan Quinn series so far but by the end of book two I sort of feel like the story started to saunter towards the
Ron Chicaferro
The Deceived by Brett Battles is the second book in a series with undercover "cleaner" Jonathan Quinn.

Like the first book, The Cleaner, The Deceived is the story of spies, counterspies and murder. You never quite know who the bad guys are - or the good guys for that matter. But, if you like a James Bond type of adventure novel then this book and the author's first book is something you should read. Personally, I thought the first book, The Cleaner, was much more exciting then The Deceived. Like
I found this to be just an OK read, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first in the series. There wasn't much to set it apart from anything else in the genre I'm afraid, it was kind of "meh".

I was intrigued by Quinn's cool, quiet, professionalism in the first book but this is more guns blazing action film and I feel a bit let down by that. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but when the reader is expecting something else it will never measure up.


I figured out pretty early on that Tasha was
In my review of Brent Battles' first book, The Cleaner, I said that I looked forward to his next book. Well, it finally was returned to the library and it was definitely worth the wait. Battles returns Quinn, Nate and Orlando to The Deceived and they have their hands full in this outing. In The Deceived Quinn is called upon to do another cleaning for a client. What Quinn finds when he gets to the job shakes and saddens him. The body to be disappeared is that of a good friend friend and ex-CIA ag ...more
I loved Brett Battles debut The Cleaner. There were a few newbie bumps but it was a good job with a fun new character. I hurried out and eagerly picked up The Deceived, knowing I'd be in for another sleepless night but the story would be worth it.

I was immediately drawn in,turning those pages as fast as I could. Talk about your sophomore slumps, ouch, the middle, not even Quinn the cleaner could help the slumping middle. The snappy dialogue got lost. The characterization that was well done in th
RATING: 4.25

As a professional cleaner, Jonathan Quinn is the man you call upon when you need a crime scene cleaned up so there will be no evidence left behind, whether that be disposing of bodies or removing trace evidence. He is an independent operative and feels no qualms about turning down jobs that he thinks aren't going to turn out well. At first, that's how he feels when he's asked to remove a body from a shipping container; it seems to him that there's a high risk of things going awry. He
Following my discovery of Lee Child's hero, I began scouring the genre landscape for similar heroes: alone, powerful, possessing principles (even in professions that refute that notion). One evening, during such research I stumbled across the author Brett Battles and his unlikely hero: Jonathan Quinn.

What we have here is a principled cleaner: you know, the guy that cleans up after grissly killings. (Well, I did say it is an unlikely hero). He reminds us of Eisler's John Rain. The man has a stric
Blood Rose Books
This is the second novel in Brett Battles' Jonathan Quinn series and while I think it could be read as a stand alone novel, the first book, The Cleaner, really does introduce all the characters and how they are connected in the second book (plus you get some background history on Quinn) but not too much is directly related back to the first. Still the first is a great read and I recommend it.

Brett Battles is back with his second novel in his Johnathan Quinn series, where an old friend leaves him
Jonathan Quinn is an independant free- lance "cleaner". What that means is that Quinn disposes of bodies that people need to make disappear. So when Quinn goes to the LA shipping docks for a job, no one is more surprised than Quinn when he reconizes the body as a former CIA agent and friend Steven Markoff. Markoff's body was stuffed into a barrel but inside the barrel is some writing that looks to be some type of code. Quinn is off to figure out the mystery behind why his friend was killed. Also ...more
Jonathan Quinn is a freelance cleaner and the man you call when you’ve got a mess than needs cleaning up. Quinn can get rid of any and all evidence and erase any trail that leads to you up to and including the disposal of a dead body.

When Quinn is called on to dispose of the body of a former associate and close friend Steven Markoff, Quinn takes it on himself to contact Markoff’s girlfriend, Jenny Fuentes. When he finds Jenny has disappeared, Quinn puts his skills and resources into finding out

Quinn returns to take on a job for free. He must be well paid when he does work - I envy all those flights in first class! All of the flying must help rack up huge numbers of frequent-flyer miles, although quite how is a question, since Quinn does seem to change identities and fly every possible airline. Don't know how he knows which name & passport to use at check-in.

I'm intrigued by the amount of detail Quinn notices and processes in pressure situations. It surely helps keep him and his t

'The Best Lies are those hidden in truths.'

Jonathan Quinn - highly skilled disposer of postmortem human waste lands a case which hits all too close home. The subject - Steven Markoff, a close friend of Quinn's with whom he owes his life - literately, is found dead in a shipping container fresh from the Singapore docks. The discovery soon sets a chain of events in motion which land Quinn in hot water from America to Singapore with many factions vying for his head and that of Markoff's partner and
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
Description: A friend and old colleague has been murdered. A woman has gone missing. And for Jonathan Quinn, this time it's personal.

Anonymity. Trust. Professionalism. In his world, Jonathan Quinn has a few rules. He'll get rid of bodies that have to disappear; nothing ever gets traced back to him. But when Quinn is called to a busy Los Angeles port where a shipping container has just come in from the sea, it's clear his rules have been violated. Inside the crate is a dead man—a man who once sav
Jason Edwards
I'm on vacation in Kauai, rented cottage, one of those cute little places complete with a fat stack of hard-back mysteries. The usual suspects: Block, LeCarre, Grisham, Cruz Smith. I choose The Deceived because I like the title. A beer, a comfortable chair on the front porch, and I’m ready.

I’m only half a page in when it starts feeling familiar. I’ve never been to Kauai, and when I was in Honolulu the only other time I’ve been to Hawaii, I read sci-fi in an air-conditioned Hyatt. So why am I get
Brian Krause
For a sophomore effort, Brett Battles has done nicely.

Very good story, well told.

Some of the downside was me figuring out who the antagonist was very early in the book, well before our protagonist did, so I was just waiting and wondering when he would figure it out, which was slightly detracting.

Secondly, and in no way am I disparaging the fairer sex, but when our protagonist was in a physical fight with a "bad guy" female, it was too even. In a gun battle perhaps women will hold their own but w
- This is the second book of Jonathan Quinn's novels. The first one named (The cleaner). If you haven't read the first part you should first before reading this book. Not because they depend on each other no. Just that this book has BIG spoilers about the first book.

- The book is great. As a thriller I expected and hoped the pace would be better but halfway throw the book it picked up a good rhythm. The build up took long so I got a little bored in the second forth of the book.

- The writer som
Larry Hoffer
I had never heard of Brett Battles before I found this book at Borders one day, but it looked like the type of book I like to read periodically. And I must say, I really enjoyed this! I devoured the entire book in a day.

The Deceived is the second book by Battles that features Jonathan Quinn, a professional "cleaner." Although I hadn't read Battles' first book, I didn't feel as if I missed anything; this one pretty much stood on its own. One day Quinn is hired to remove a body found in a shipping
Johnathan Quinn disposes of dead bodies - only this time, it's a close friend and his girlfriend has also disappeared suddenly. Quinn makes it his mission to track her down & find out just what her & his friend were embroiled in.

An intelligent thriller, well paced. Love the characters ... some great twists and turns, those that you can see coming and some shockers that you don't! Well worth a look!
The characters in this book are flat and predictable. The women are badly drawn two-dimensional caricatures who depend on the uber-macho male protagonist for everything (with the exception of the one strong female character). The protagonist is blind to the actions of those around him when it's convenient to the plot. When the plot twists happen, things flip flop so unrealistically it's laughable.
Johnnie Gee
Very good read. This story had a twist that I didn't see coming and I think I am good at figuring out who, what, when, and where. Well this time I was surprised.

Jonathan is out to help his dead friend's girlfriend, but first he has to find her. Part of the problem is she doesn't want to be found and she doesn't want his help.

Good story.......
After reading a Jonathan Quinn novel further into the series, I decided i should read some of his other works. The Cleaner, the first in the series was out of the library, but I picked up The Deceived and found that it was a cracking read. Something about Quinn's job - being a cleaner - that is extremely interesting and a point of difference compared to other thriller/action novels.

I thought that The Deceived was a wonderful book, well written and the plot was very well thought out. The twist a
The Deceived by Brett Battles is a suspense thriller about a "cleaner", a freelance operative [return]who is called in to dispose of bodies. His latest job turns out to be an old friend. This leads him[return]into a dangerous case where personal feelings could be his downfall. Jonathan Quinn, the main character,[return]is a resourceful, skilled operative, the tops in his elite field. The story has lots of action and[return]several nice twists in the plot. I did find myself wishing I cared more a ...more
To be honest, I don't know why of all the books in this genre, this is the only series I can stomach. Maybe it's because Quinn doesn't go around whoring and blowing crap up. Side characters with actual personalities definitely is one factor that keeps me reading these books. It is true that there isn't a lot of variation between Quinn books, they go to Asia, some European country, some time in America, they get shot at, avert terrorist plot/cover-up. Sexual tension. Yep, that's about it. It's re ...more
Before I had finished The Deceived, I'd made up my mind that it deserved a 3 or 3.5. But the ending actually turned the tide of my decision and I think the book deserves a 4 instead.

The Deceived has a solid beginning and ending, but middle was a bit slow. I don't know if this was due to the fact that I had a hard time trying to like Jonathan Quinn. He's kind of a prick. But as the story evolves, I've found that's exactly what makes Quinn, a great Cleaner.

Perhaps if I read The Cleaner first, I
I enjoyed the first book in the series, but the author really upped his game in the second, there was a twist I didn't see coming and that is really unusual, very well done.
Douglas Brown
Read this in two evenings. Unputdownable. Brett Battles has become one of my favourite authors with Jonathan Quinn novels. Will now read all his books.
Carol Jean
I read this because one of the characters in Herbie's Game was reading it. Very good, government espionage high tech thriller stuff! A lot of fun.
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Brett Battles is a Barry Award-winning author of over twenty novels, including Rewinder, the Jonathan Quinn series, the Logan Harper series, and the Project Eden series. He’s also the coauthor, with Robert Gregory Browne, of the Alexandra Poe series. You can learn more at his website:
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