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Under the Amoral Bridge (The Bridge Chronicles, #1)
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Under the Amoral Bridge (The Bridge Chronicles #1)

3.71 of 5 stars 3.71  ·  rating details  ·  264 ratings  ·  39 reviews
Artemis Bridge is the know-to, go-to guy, the amoral fixer in 2028 Los Angeles with the connection for any illicit desire no matter how depraved. He prides himself on remaining above it all, but when an associate dies in his arms, he is burdened with a damaging video of the current mayor he can't sell or trade. With assassins dogging his every step, he has only days before ...more
Kindle Edition, 2nd edition, 170 pages
Published September 30th 2009 (first published 2008)
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Hungry Monster
Reviewed at The Hungry Monster Book Review

Artemis Bridge is a man with connections. He’s the guy who knows a guy and he sells his connections to those that have a need and the cash. He’s an ex hacker turned legitimate business man (there’s nothing illegal about introducing two people). He operates in the grey market unwilling to get his hands dirty. He thinks fast and talks fast, but when he’s given a damaging video that puts him in the crosshairs of the most powerful men in the city very few of
I gave this a 4.5 star review on Audible

This was a wild ride on the cyber side. Bridge is a former hacker who now stays out of the loop while hiring others to do his dirty work allowing him to stay under the radar. He can still access the global net from anywhere but he’s pretty much a moral-lacking middleman. He has his ex-cyber chick Angela who’s an information broker hire a hacker named Kyra to do a job and they plan a meeting at a club called The Arsenal. Bridge takes along his bodyguard Ari
Review of Story Line:

This is my first book within the genre of cyberpunk. I wasn’t really sure what that was about so I entered into it lightly. Well it’s great. Cyberpunk novels deal with hackers: a programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism. That has the potential of becoming a disaster. However Gary Ballard really manages to give us enough of the tech stuff and enough of every day happenings to keep us intrigued.
This is a solid, but not groundbreaking cyberpunk adventure. Gary doesn't tread too far off the genre's beaten path, and for most of the book the action and dialogue (though not the vocabulary; sed -e "s/cyberpunk/SomeGenre/g") could be set in any noir story from Renaissance Europe to the far distant future. It's a quick read, and it's full of likable characters.

It doesn't suffer from the drawbacks typical of episodically published stories. Each installment flows well into the next, with no unne
John Hawthorne
I have to admit, I'm always hesitant to start into any cyberpunk book outside of the main powerhouses in the genre. The oft-maligned cyberpunk style is too important to me, to much an integral part of my youth, that I fear losing some of that wonder to half-hearted, self-published efforts.

Under the Amoral Bridge, the first in a series By Gary Ballard, fits perfectly into the mold of those famous writers who need not be named. With those writers moving on to other parallel genres, "Bridge" provid
Patrick Sherriff
Not sure how I happened upon this one, I think an algorithm figured out that if I dug China Mieville's The City The City then I'd dig this, you dig? And I dug it, although it would be unfair to compare the two too closely. Mieville's writing "at the height of his powers" as they say, while this is only Ballard's first.

But it's not bad, and in parts is pretty good, particularly the character of the amoral fixer (though of course with a heart of gold). It's not groundbreaking stuff, but it's a sol
At its heart, there is a reasonably entertaining thriller in this book, and there are enough interesting ideas to keep you reading it. However it's badly let down by its many flaws. I rate it 2.5 stars, generously rounding up to 3.

Summary - Bridge, our protagonist, is an underworld facilitator of sorts. If you need something shady done, for a small fee he will put you in touch with someone who can do it for you. In the course of this business, he accidentally comes into possession of some incrim
(Cross-posted to Android Dreamer, my science fiction blog.)

Having minimal knowledge of cyberpunk, but an inkling to read some, I bought the eBook of Gary A. Ballard's Under the Amoral Bridge. I like the idea of supporting small-publisher and self-published authors, for whom getting another reader and some feedback means a lot. There is a reason why some books don't get picked up by publishers, but there are other times in which something genuinely good seems to have slipped by.

Make no mistake, t
Cyber-punk, near-future sci-fi, urban sci-fi, any one of those terms could describe Under the Amoral Bridge by Gary A. Ballard. It could also be described as a good yarn featuring an ambiguous, yet relatable, main character.

The plot centers around Artemis Bridge, a slightly shady go-between who can get you what you want, be it illegal or immoral. It is business as usual until one of his deals goes sour and he finds himself with killers on his tail and in possession of information he doesn’t want

Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic

Overview and Analysis:I had read about Under the Amoral Bridge online and after reading the first chapter, I liked the writing enough to give the novel a try. In the end I'm very pleased with my experience with this book, and am happy that I gave this novel a try.

Under the Amoral Bridge is a cyberpunk novel set in Los Angeles in the year 2028. As dystopian futures go, this one has the best that technology has to offer and showcases the worst of humanity.
Patrick Todoroff
Having recently suffered through several cringe-worthy self-pubbed sci fi books, I'm pleased to say "I know a guy" who went against the grain.

Read "Under the Amoral Bridge" last night and enjoyed every bit. I won't bore you with a synopsis or spoilers, but the novel deals with low-life fixer caught up in a nasty little episode of corrupt politics and murder. Nothing new there, you say. Right. This isn't a ground-breaking plot line and you won't find any breathtaking prose. It is, however, a soli
Brandon Cole
Apr 01, 2011 Brandon Cole rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people interested in cyberpunk
Recommended to Brandon by:
Shelves: cyberpunk
I really liked the book. And I got it for .99 on my kindle with a gift card when I was looking for some cyberpunk novels. Something I like but I have not gotten to read much. Overall I thought it was a good read, and the second book I just bought for my kindle. The plot was nice, although I did see quite a bit of it coming way ahead of time. Although I always think through the plot and try to predict it as I read. I liked Aristotle quite a bit and do wish he was expanded upon further in this boo ...more
Joe Hempel
My full review will be posted at the Top of the Heap Review blog later today at

When the words "indy author", or "indy book" come up, you often think of people who couldn't cut it in the real world of publishing deals. More and more that wall is coming down, and the bar is getting set higher and higher for writers. Under the Amoral Bridge by Gary A. Ballard is one such book. It deserves to have a publisher look at it, and it deserves to be in stores. A cyberpunk thriller s
Steve Caldwell
I received this book from the narrator in return for an honest review, so here goes. Other than Neuromancer, which I think every sci-fi fan has read, I'm not usually all that into cyberpunk. This book has me re-evaluating that. It was quite literally an eye opener. Artemis Bridge is a fixer, or Bridge, hooking person A up with Person B for whatever service person A wants, as Bridge says, Hey, I know a guy. He never touches the goods, and wants to know as little about the deal as possible. He has ...more
Under the Amoral Bridge by Gary A. Ballard In this cyberpunkian near future novel, Artemis Bridge is a fixer – the go-to guy for when you need something illegal or under the radar. Bridge doesn’t care how foul your need is, he simply finds you the guy who can make it happen, taking a small fixer fee along the way. He’s proud to say he himself never does anything indecent; he merely facilitates. Of course, that all goes sideways when a dying associate feeds him a recording of the present mayor do ...more
Indie e-books
The antihero of this piece - Artemis Bridge, is the ’go-to guy’ for shady dealings. He feigns disinterest in the details of the deal itself, but for a fee he can put you in touch with the right people (hence his nickname the Amoral Bridge). Inevitably however, he gets drawn in to a signifcant amount of trouble and has to navigate his way out, which is the main emphasis of this novel.

Full review at
I liked the story. I like cyber-punk. You would think I would have given it a 4 maybe even a 5. I couldn't because while the story was very genre driven it was a little disjointed and heavy handed. Characters for me are what make a great story, plot and flow of a story not so much. The characters were a little too simple for my reading taste. Thats not saying I will not read the next book. I over all thought it was good, just wished for a little more character development.
A. Sines
(I received a free audible copy in exchange for an honest review.)

I did not know what to expect from “cyberpunk,” having never read anything like that. So I don’t have anything in the genre to compare it too. But if any other character is like Mr. Bridge, I will definitely have to read it. This was one of the few listens that I delved into without great expectations. It rewarded me by being a very enjoyable read.

The narration makes the story come alive. I could just close my eyes and see the see
I really enjoyed this book.It was very well plotted and a fun read.Actually I listened to the Audible version and thoroughly enjoyed Joe Hempels narration.His voices are swell!
Artemis is the guy you go to when you need something but don't know where to find it.He'll hook you up but doesn't want to know what exactly you arrange so he can keep himself safe.He doesn't make enough to hire his bodyguard to fight for him,but he does pay him to stand by and make sure he doesn't end up He gets
I really enjoyed this book. It was pretty short and streamlined and didn't get bogged down with extra twists or overly technical jargon, while still giving us the info we need to get immersed in the gritty cyberpunk world. My only complaint is that the epilogue didn't really have the same tone as the rest of the book - just seemed a little out of place, and almost unnecessary.
Amie Gaudet
Author: Gary A. Ballard
Type of Book: Audiobook – Unabridged
Narrator: Joe Hempel
Length: 4 hours
Genre: Contemporary Science-Fiction, Cyberpunk
Release Date: April 17, 2015
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Artemis Bridge is a fixer. The year is 2028. The place is Los Angeles. Artemis is known as “The Amoral Bridge” for his willingness to introduce a customer to a supplier for any and every need, no matter how disturbing or depraved. He likes to think that he is above it all and since h
It took a little bit to decide I liked this book. As I read the following novels in the series things picked up for me. It's got some good action and the characters aren't all one dimensional, though it draws heavily on established cyber-punk tropes.

A slightly different take on the genre that I'd recommend.
Scott Collins
I was a little worried that I'd get lost in a book filled with technical jargon, but Mr. Ballard did a fantastic job of giving me enough information that I understood the premise without overwhelming me with techie speak. The fast, action packed plot kept me turning pages well into the night.
Mar 01, 2012 Josh rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: kindle
I really liked the main character in this story. Well that's not true...he's an ass. I really liked reading about this character in this story. The world Ballard created was interesting as well. Cyberpunk without going way out there like Gibson.
Solid cyberpunk which is a definite compliment. A little short and a little repetitive in the character description, but I'll cut some slack since it is setting up a narration that hopefully continues.
If you like early Gibson then this book will appeal to you. Gary Ballard writes old school Cyberpunk and writes it well.
Gary Ballard
Nov 16, 2009 Gary Ballard rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)  ·  review of another edition
This is my debut novel.
Caleb Blake
This book was an exercise in "cool".

I loved the main character. Bridge was slick, completely cynical and as innovative as MacGyver in tough situations. His philosophising bodyguard and ultra-hip anti-establishment hacker girlfriend made a trio that remained completely entertaining on every page.

The story itself placed us in a could-be near-future Los Angeles where corporations have taken over local government and law enforcement. The setting is not far-fetched and lent an unsettling realism to
Christie Cote
Under the Amoral Bridge by Gary A. Ballard

In a future world, Artemis Bridge was the guy to contact to get or accomplish almost anything. Bridge always knew a guy, but never touched anything himself, so he couldn’t be incriminated. He made a living by being the “bridge” between the buyer and seller. He was called Amoral because of his lack of morals by connecting these people. On one of the job connections, his contact was killed and got him stuck with an incriminating video of the mayor. He can’
Daniel Ace
Enjoyed this very much. It's great cyberpunk but it's not so complicated that it would scare off new readers to this style of fiction.
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I began writing things down at the age of eleven, and I haven't stopped since. I have written far too many things that have gone unpublished, from very terrible horror novels in my teens, to comics during my time at Belhaven College until finally settling on cyberpunk science fiction after graduation. I have released three novels in a cyberpunk series called The Bridge Chronicles. The Bridge Chron ...more
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