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Thief With No Shadow
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Thief With No Shadow

3.52  ·  Rating Details  ·  849 Ratings  ·  96 Reviews
Melke is a wraith, which means she has the abilty to walk unseen. After being forced to steal a necklace, she is hunted down by the victim of the crime, Bastian sal Vere. He explains that the necklace was strung with tears, and that without it, Bastian cannot break the curse that is destroying his family. He orders Melke to regain the necklace, in exchange for her brother ...more
Paperback, 463 pages
Published April 24th 2007 by Solaris
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There was salamander rape in this. And mythical creature butt rape. There was so much weird sexual imagery that my left over impression is...grossy.

Also, the plot was non existent, the characters were over the top with their emotions (three of the four leads had so much self loathing I ended up hating them), and then of course there was the weird sex stuff.

Would not recommend.
Oct 12, 2014 E.A. rated it really liked it
4.5 stars

I read this book a long time ago when I was out west on my (first of many) career course.

I very much in joyed this book. I often think about it and, why there was never a sequel or a novelle made. I really wanted there to be something more. (view spoiler)

There's a lot I don't remember about the novel as it was about 7 years ago I read it. But I remember liking it and recommending it to others.

I wil
Venus Smurf
Great story! I bought this because I'd read another of Emily Gee's works, and I figured I couldn't go wrong.

And I didn't. The MC wasn't what I'd expected from the summary, but I liked her more for the fact that she was human and relatable. She had fears, but she did the right thing even when going against those freaky salamander people/things. The plot was creative and interesting, and though I've read enough fantasy to qualify as a geek over the years, this was fresh. I can't recommend it enou
Jun 02, 2008 Mike rated it it was amazing
Fantasy fiction and mainstream literary fiction continue to merge. This is a dark, but ultimately redemptive, tale of four people, two brother-sister pairs, caught in a series of bad situations. These are caused mostly by their own bad choices, though also through the foolishness or greed of others. Some of them hate each other, some of them hate themselves. Through courage and devotion more than through magic, they change their situation.
Jul 18, 2015 Ellen rated it it was amazing
I picked this book up years ago from a waterstones because it was on sale and it looked like it could be interesting.

I quickly became so engrossed that I read it in practically one sitting.

The story whilst not having a complicated plot or twists that required a lot of thought from the reader, had enough depth to hold my interest and engage my worry for the characters as misconceptions and confusion abounded over motives and morals.

It also had a very detailed fantasy world where people who can s
Feb 15, 2008 Glenn rated it did not like it
As the synopsis indicated, it's a book about fire-breathing salamanders, magic, and wraiths who have the ability to go unseen. There wasn't much on goodreads or other web sites to really give me an idea whether or not to trust my instincts and pass this one by so I decided to take one for the team and buy it. You owe me one!

The good news, at least for me, is that it was a quick read, even at 450 pages. The reason why it was a quick read is because nothing really happens. The intensity increased
Aug 28, 2008 Gail rated it liked it
This is a fantasy novel, with romantic elements. L.M. Bujold, in her speech, talked about how fantasy and SF are about politics, and the bigger, more earth-shattering the arena, the better. This story has a Small, personal arena. The heroine has stolen a necklace which she is giving to salamanders (two-legged beings connected to the fire element) to retrieve her brother from them. He was caught when he tried to steal from them. But when she gets him back, he's badly injured and dying.
The necklac
3.5 stars
Thief With No Shadow has sat on my TBR shelf for quite awhile. I think I first heard of it when I read a local magazine... but that's a little hazy because it was way back! When I considered picking it up off the shelf I read some of the reviews on Goodreads that put me off! Always a mistake to read reviews by readers I have no idea about. However I decided now was the time and I have to say I actually enjoyed the book on the whole. Yes the reviewers were right about a few nasty details
Grace Troxel
Aug 18, 2016 Grace Troxel rated it liked it
This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures:

Melke is a wraith, which means she’s got the magical ability to become invisible. Wraiths are feared by non-magical folk, because their power allows them to be expert thieves. Melke’s not really a thief, but when the fire salamanders ask her to steal a necklace in exchange for her brother’s life, Melke does what she has to do to save him. She steals a necklace from a man named Bastian,
Arec Rain
May 09, 2015 Arec Rain rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy
I can understand why some other readers gave this such a low rating, but I enjoyed the book. It was slower paced than other books I have read but I finished it rather quickly. Each passage serves some purpose, whether it’s building the world, progressing the story, or familiarizing the reader with the characters. The characters had more self-loathing than I have read in any book but it was understandable considering what they have been through. I don’t think some of the reviewers actually unders ...more
May 15, 2014 Char rated it it was ok
This one was better than the The Sentinel Mage--Emily Gee writes loathing and prejudice very well. The characters were potentially interesting, but their development was stunted until the final chapters of the book. Because of this, I found the story's conclusion to be very much deus ex machina.
Something I'm always looking out for is the presence of well-written female characters. The two women of Thief With No Shadow were excellently different from each other, and each was believable and compl
Jul 03, 2011 LitAddictedBrit rated it liked it
Shelves: read-2011
This wasn't at all the book that I was expecting it to be. That isn't to say it isn't good; it is. However, I picked it up after having my heart broken by The Girl at the Lion D'Or, expecting some light relief and, I'll admit, a little fantasy frivolity.

The plot was fairly simple but it worked. There weren't any huge surprises so, for me, this was all about the characters and how they interact.

I loved all of the different species in this novel - there was something almost mythical about it and i
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jul 10, 2011 Jackie rated it did not like it
Shelves: fantasy, bad-read

Melke is a wraith, which means she has the ability to walk unseen. After being forced to steal a necklace, she is hunted down by the victim of the crime, Bastian sal Vere. He explains that the necklace was strung with tears, and that without it, Bastian cannot break the curse that is destroying his family. He orders Melke to regain the necklace, in exchange for her brother to be healed. But she had given the necklace to the salamanders, the fire breathing creatures that live underground. She mus
Jan 17, 2013 Softymel rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Le premier adjectif qui me vient à l'esprit pour décrire ce livre est "mou". Il ne s'y passe quasiment rien. L'histoire est creuse, et cousue de fil blanc, et j'ai trouvé la fin un peu ridicule.

90% de l'histoire se passe dans une ferme, on l'on a le loisir de voir les personnages évoluer, notamment leurs sentiments les uns vis à vis des autres. Au début c'est plutôt intéressant, mais au bout d'un moment, ça devient vraiment trop long... et connaissant la fin, je regrette vraiment d'avoir persist
Sep 09, 2014 Jade rated it liked it
Good plotline, fairly compelling...not so amazingly written.
Pacing was actually really good, but for use of repetition this book was SO bad! Honestly, if we'd taken out a few 'she's just a filthy wraith', 'I hate her!', 'What have I done?' the book may have been half the size.

It got boring and tiresome reading the same line every few pages. And this bugged me throughout 80% of the book.
Something else that didn't work was character development. Whilst the 2 main love interests went through a p
Miss Clark
Jul 27, 2009 Miss Clark rated it did not like it
If I had a minus-star, I'd give this book that. Not at all what I thought it would be like. I thoroughly disliked it and would not recommend it. Writing was paltry, the characterizations hackneyed, the plot was forced, there was much immorality (and in such a vulgar manner.) The background was scanty, details on her world were few and far between. Stay far away from it!
Feb 09, 2014 Niffer rated it liked it
Shelves: sf-fantasy
I've read several of Emily Gee's books. I like them a fair bit, but I have to as it they are fairly surface stories that never really reach their potential. This book was no exception to that rule.

For example, the main character and her brother are both afraid of the dark. It's not a completely irrelevant fact within the story but it's also never really developed. The main character is afraid of the dark. Here's why. Now let's move on to the next bit of the story.

Even the plot points that are ex
Senthilkumar nadar
Feb 13, 2014 Senthilkumar nadar rated it it was amazing
a thief with no shadow,i really liked the book with the magic system and everything,only thing i disliked the scenes portraying unnatural sex involving principal characters.otherwise she is a promising writer,we can expect very enjoyable books in the future.another thing cover art is very poor.

laurentine spy is quite a good romance read with suspense and thrill,though we can predict the outcome of the events while reading,neverthless its enjoyable read.cover art is passable for this book.

Original mais il reste des éléments à approfondir pour en faire vraiment un livre qu'on adore, c'est un peu dommage tout de même car il y a un gros potentiel.
Lecture sympathique tout de même
Dec 19, 2013 Ashley rated it did not like it
Shelves: fantasy
This is probably the worst book I have ever read. People getting shit on, raped, fire salamander sex and burnt dicks.
Seriously for people who rated this above 1 star what the actual fuck.
Jeanne Stumbaugh
Nov 16, 2015 Jeanne Stumbaugh rated it really liked it
A very good story. Not a gigantic tale of epic battles, etc. Just a story about two families whose lives become entangled with one another because of a bad decision, and the consequences of that decision, and what they do in order to deal with those consequences.

Complicating the whole situation are the circumstances which led one of them to make that bad decision, and the problems that were already happening to the other family that made the whole thing much worse.

It is, perhaps, not the cleanes
Jul 08, 2014 Krissy rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction, 2014-reads
At first, I was only going to three star this. There were things I found problematic (rape and fuzzy non-con sex) which did not add to the plot but on the whole, characters were well-realized and the pacing was good. I've read other reviews that have stated the pace was too slow and that a more definitive villain was needed, but life isn't always like that. There are shades of grey and sometimes things do move at a slower pace. If Liana's gift had resulted in immediate healing, that would have m ...more
Katrina Southern
I received this book as a gift quite some time back and, being in the mood for Fantasy, thought I would give it a go! Though not an epic, the book isn't short as it approaches 500 pages in total. The synopsis sounded pretty good so I dove right in, genuinely expecting to be thoroughly impressed. Unfortunately, I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I liked a lot about this book! The writing style was pretty good, the plot easy-to-follow and the world-building had great potential. The characters were pret ...more
Nov 27, 2011 t'Sade rated it it was amazing
Shelves: female-leads, fantasy
This was a lovely story. Dark, depressing, and scraping the bottom of life, but still wonderful. The world development was light and the story only covers a few days of plot, but I found myself engrossed with the intensely depressed characters who were all filled with self-deprecating fear and despair.

And yet, I wanted to read it, to finish it. It was like a train accident that ended on a happy note.

The magical powers in the book were well done, without them dominating the plot. I felt the dog c
May 25, 2013 Spencer rated it really liked it
I read this a while ago, like when I was 16 - and I'm twenty now - so it's a little bit hazy. On the other hand, It's been five years, and I remember it. It was a decent story, with a solid setting, an interesting and suitably twisty plot, and a minimum of unrealistic bullshit choices. Whether or not I'd recommend it depends on what you want:

If you want a fantasy novel, yes, but...
-The romance element is pretty strong which resulted in the following...
-There's a lack of a solid enemy/bad guy. Mo
Jan 18, 2012 Hilary rated it liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jul 16, 2012 Chrissa rated it liked it
This was a quick read and I did enjoy the book, with a few caveats. First of all, although the summary description seems to think this is Melke's story, I felt that the story belonged to Bastian, from whom Melke steals a necklace in the beginning of the book. While Melke was a fierce character, her decisions were seldom in question and the author never really gave me any reason to doubt that she would follow a predictable path. This ties into the second challenge, which was that we spend far too ...more
Emily Von pfahl
The overall story concept was good, but the delivery was a little flat. The outcome was predictable, the majority of the characters were pretty stock (in fact, the most interesting character was the dog), and the author over used certain phrases such as "every breath was a sob." Additionally, she tried to get into too many characters' heads which didn't allow any of them to really develop fully. It wasn't a bad book by any means, but it wasn't great either. It could have been so much better.
Sep 10, 2014 Bilqis rated it did not like it
It's so gross and I never saw it coming, it was the talk of magic that drew me in, and then out of nowhere there was WEIRD CURSES WITH WEIRD rape/sex with WEIRD NEVER HEARD of CREATURES and salamanders.

"I was like what the hell did I just read?"

If you are the kind of person who likes Howl's Moving Castle, Harry Potter kind of magical books with lots of good mystry like The Da Vinci Code (like me), don't even look into this book. Waste of time.
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Emily also writes historical romance novels as Emily Larkin.

Emily grew up in a house full of words and books – her mother was a librarian and her father a novelist – so perhaps it’s not surprising she became a writer.

She loves to travel and has lived in Sweden, backpacked in Europe, and journeyed overland in the Middle East, China, North Africa, and North America. She enjoys climbing hills, yoga w
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“... it was strange how afraid he was of her answer, even though he knew she desired him. Desire and love were two different things.
Sweat was damp on his skin, fear tight in his chest.
Love me.
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