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She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall
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She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  10,474 ratings  ·  503 reviews
"One of the most gripping stories to come out of the shooting at Columbine High School"
is told in the acclaimed national bestseller that illuminates the most remarkable aspect of 17-year-old Cassie Bernall's tragic death: her life.
She Said Yes is an "intense and fascinating memoir" (Publishers Weekly) of an ordinary teenager growing up in suburban Colorado, and faced --
Paperback, 192 pages
Published September 1st 2000 by Pocket Books (first published September 9th 1999)
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Dave Cullen
There is one big problem with this book: the event that caused it to be written turned out to have been a misunderstanding. Cassie never had the chance to say yes, so the martyrdom never happened.

And yet the book is surprisingly well written, an engrossing and insightful read. That event is actually a relatively small part of the book, and the rest is quite winning. There is a whole lot here to love.

Of the Columbine memoirs I've read--which is most of them--this one is the best.
I have to say that i was very suprised by this book. I was expecting it to be a sappy story about how perfect Cassie was and how God took a perfect angel and all of that. I was really suprised at how "real" Cassie was...that she had her own troubles and really struggled to fit in and find herself. She wasn't a "holy roller" or a "Jesus Freak" but rather a troubled girl who was just starting to really find herself. Overall, a very touching story that needs to be read by any teenage girl who is ha ...more
I read She Said Yes a couple years back when I was around thirteen, and thought it was one of the most moving books I’ve ever read. Then, back in April, I found out that Cassie’s “martyrdom” was all a lie, and I wanted to read the book again to mind myself of exactly what Bernall lied about.

Once I finished the biography/autobiography, I started discussing what really happened with my father, and we both came to the conclusion that, (a) as Bernell said, she wrote this book just weeks after her da
Dec 30, 2010 Daniella rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Jesus freaks; people who gawk at freeway accidents and train wrecks.
Shelves: hated, biographies
This book was absolutely repulsive to me. I think the only book I hated more was that steaming pile of word-vomit called The Da Vinci Code, but my hatred for that is due to the fact that Dan Brown is a hack who should have his hands crippled lest he ever write again, whereas I hate She Said Yes because I find it morally repugnant. Yes, morally. And I'll tell you why: poor Cassie wasn't even cold in her grave before mommy dearest started writing this tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, surefire moneym ...more
Rachel Jackson
Remember when this book was all anyone could talk about anywhere, for several months after its publication? Back then, when the nation was reeling after the Columbine High School shooting, it was a poignant and emotional book that contained quite a bit of insight about one of the victims, Cassie Bernall, and the martyr she apparently became.

But perhaps everyone was too blinded by the recent tragedy to criticize it. Or, perhaps, I am looking at the She Said Yes now with 15 years' hindsight and a
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I bought this book today, read it in four hours, and wanted to write my review instantly.

I was already aware that it's been determined that Cassie's story may not be entirely true. The story got jumbled by many students. Cassie was not the girl asked if she believed in God, and the girl who was didn't give the famous confident "Yes" everyone is in a roar about.

But I still wanted to read this book anyway; and I'm glad I did.

Though this book doesn't offer the true story, it does offer a spiritual
Oct 26, 2008 Lindsey rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anybody
Shelves: book-club
She Said Yes is an amazing book! I would recommend this book to ANYbody who wouldn't be bothered talking about death, satanic subjects, drugs, alchol, God, etc. It tells how a young, 17 year old girl, gets caught up in drugs, alchol, Satan, and pretty much the wrong crowd. Her mom puts her into a private school, and then allows her to attend Columbine. The tragic Columbine event happened as she was attending. Her short, 17 year, life ended for believing in God. If you want to know the rest, read ...more
After reading Columbine by Dave Cullen, I decided to pick up She Said Yes. This was a widely popular book in my classroom for quite a while following the tragedy at Columbine, but in recent years, I haven't seen anyone reading it. As I read Bernall's book, I questioned her words. While her perception of her daughter and her grief are hers alone, and I would never belittle that, I still had my doubts. Was Cassie really a martyr? Or was she just another senseless death in a school shooting that co ...more
Cassie Burnall is one of the many students who was killed on the day of the Columbine School shooting. Her mother wrote the book and talks about the morning and how she watched her daughter go off to school, just a few hours later, Cassie was gone. This book talks about how Cassie had went through a rough time in her life and often thought of suicide. After her mother found notes Cassie had wrote to a friend, Cassie got help and worked through it and became a believer in God.

The book is called
Considering the fact that this entire book is a lie, I refuse to read it. Val Schnurr was the actual survivor that said yes (three different accounts prove that Cassie did NOT say anything before being killed.) Misty was spoken to privately before the book was published, yet still decided to go public with her lie. Way to collect off your child's death and another's suffering. You take the cake, Misty, for most manipulative Mom of the decade, for spewing an untruth to spread your religion, and m ...more
Alyssa Thomas
Alright, I don't really know where to begin with this book. This is a reread for myself. I read this book years ago when I was maybe 11-12 and really took to this book. This is a book that really took to me when I was younger. It moved me and made me think about a lot of different things I hadn't before. Now,as a adult it's moved me in different ways because now I understand what I didn't back then.

This book is based around the events following after the Columbine shooting back in April 1999. I
I found this book to be a bit boring. I feel terrible saying that and only giving it one star, but as someone who is interested in the victims of the Columbine tragedy, I found it to be disappointing. I felt as if Cassie's mother wrote this to make a buck off her daughter.

I might be wrong, please don't be harsh. It's just my opinion
Most teenagers today aren't extremely concerned with violence. They see it on the news, study it in school, participate in it on playgrounds and city streets, and even play role play games where they are the perpetrators of heinous acts. However, one thing that that every teenager and parent alike cringe when they think about is a school shooting, and the school shooting that defines my generation would have to be Columbine. When it happened I was still in elementary school, a mere child scared ...more
Liz Batt
She Said Yes is the story of Cassie Bernall, a 17 year old girl who was killed in the Columbine High School shooting. The story is told by her mother and includes the last few years of Cassie's life and how she had gone through a complete change in attitude. She was in a really bad place and had a horrible relationship with her family. Her parents find letters from a friend detailing how they should kill them and that's when they realize how bad things had gotten. The story goes through what her ...more
I wasn't too sure about reading this book because I thought it might have major religious overtones, in a way it does but there's more to it than that. The religious aspects aren't rammed down your throat, they're just there.

I was 19 when the shootings at Columbine happened. I kept track of the incident in the news because it was an awful and inconceivable tragedy (same as Dunblane, I mean really, why?!!) but also because of the inference that these kids went crazy because of the music they lis
Mackenzie Richardson
"She Said Yes" was one of those books that i had a hard time putting down.It is one of the most amazing stories to come out of the shooting at Columbine High School.

A 17 year old girl by the name of Cassie Bernall was one of the 13 killed along with Rachel Scott, and 11 others.

Like most teenage girls, Cassie Bernall didn't really tell her mom much about her life once she turned 17. She thought what her mom didn't know wouldn't hurt her, but that turned out for the worst when Cassie Bernall died
I think Philip Yancy's quote on the back cover says it all. "Behind the scenes of Cassie Bernall's martyrdom is a story that will chill the heart of every parent - but also bring a strong gust of hope."

A quote from the book:

"It is also easier to get angry, to point fingers, or to lose oneself in what the media calls the 'larger' issues. In the wake of Columbine that has meant gun control and video games, school security and Hollywood violence, preventative education and separation of church and
There are problems with the book, I recognize that. In addition, I did notice that they did force her into religion (which, people do, like it or not... and it seemed like they were trying to say that God "saved" her). However, the parts of the book that I especially liked are the ones that dealt with her troubles. Teens go through problems (depression being a major one), bad things happen to good people, and it IS a tragedy. The book is an easy read, however it is obviously a controversial one. ...more
Kenya Liggons
How can this book be so good? ---- It's not good, it was great! This was an overall amazing, yet emotional book. She Said Yes was about a girl named, Cassie Bernall. She was your typical high school student. Cassie was shot, and killed at her very own high school. This girl never did anyone wrong, and the minute she says something, she got shot. This book was written from her mother's point of view, Misty Bernall. Cassie was her only daughter, and she felt like sharing the experiences before the ...more
Kal N.
She Said "yes" by Misty Bernall is a very sad book. The young girl Cassie Bernall that got shot and killed in the first columbine ever in Columbine High School was a very innocent young girl. I could just imagine the scene of when the shooter holds Cassie at gunpoint when she is crouched down under the library table and asks her if she believes in god. Meanwhile Cassie responds "no" thinking its the write answer to not get shot in the head. Seconds later the trigger is pulled and Cassie Bernall' ...more
Katie White
An exalent book! I loved the whole thing. It's a real tear jerker though, got me crying several times. The two troubled teens that roamed the halls of Columbine high school with guns barged into the library where Casey and a few of her friends were catching up and studying like any normal school day. Eric and Dylan the two rampaging gun men barged in shouting and cheering after every shot terorized their fellow class mates, they then turned to Casey and asked "Do you believe in God?" She said ye ...more
I bought this book and finished it - all today. I found it eerie that although I didn't know, I picked this book up on the anniversary of the shootings at Columbine. I can't even begin to tell you how in awe I am of how it was exactly what I needed to hear today. God works in profound ways. I think we are all a little bit like Cassie and like Misty (her mother) said, her story did not end when she said yes. Her story (and most importantly God's story) continues on into what we take and use from ...more
I enjoyed this book, and it actually made me question my own beleifs on my own life, how I act around my parents, friends and basically everyone I know. This book even made me question my beleifs in god, and religion in general. Although we think that when a martyr is named we don't always know their whole back-story and what they have gone through in their life. I respected Cassie Bernall that much more after completely reading through this book. It was a little repetitive at times, but it was ...more

The book I read was "She Said Yes", by Misty Bernall. This is a very interesting book because it is about how the authors 17-year old daughter "Cassie", had died in the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999. The reason for her to write this book about her daughter was probably to inform people of the many struggles, and hard times you have to do in life. The main reason why though was to let everyone know the story of how brave her daughter was right before she died. The story is from the mo
Amerah Elshahawi
This book was very interesting and always made me wanna keep reading. people think they are gonna be here forever but the truth is they're not none of us are. were all going to die but Cassie's death was tragic. she didn't deserve to die the way she did. when your a teenager you think your gonna live forever because you do dares and mistakes that you will never forget. you always wanna live life to the fullest but never take advantage of life because you never know when its all gonna end. Cassie ...more
I really enjoyed this book, and all the lessons that it taught to the readers. It was a book of a young girl, named Cassie Bernall, growing up, and it revealed all of the hardships she was faced with throughout her life that was cut short in a tragic event. It was a very motivational book that inspires the readers to stand up for what they believe in, as Misty Bernall writes, "To me, Cassie's life says that it is better to die for what you believe, than to live a lie." The book also entailed wo ...more
This is tricky to rate. I read this before I knew it was based on a misunderstanding and loved it. After doing a little research, much after the fact of Columbine, I found out that Cassie never had the question posed to her, so she couldn't have said yes. It was actually another student who had that conversation with one of the shooters. There is actually an apology in the book description by the parents on the Amazon site for this book.

It was suggested that they and the publishers knew it wasn
Karis Granger
Wow. This book was so sad. It was amazing how her life was, but it was so sad. She was only 17 when she was murdered. She never got the chance to go to college, or even graduate from High School. She was never able to get married, or have kids or have a life. But she died for a worthy cause. How many people would have said "Yes" if someone put a gun to their head and asked them if they believed in God? I recommend this book, but if you get really emotional over sad stories, this is one of them.
It was not until I was well into She Said Yes that I discovered that the book's title, not to mention numerous passages and even a few chapters, are incorrect. While reading the book, I thought I'd look some things up on it and stumbled upon what everyone is now saying is the truth: that the young man who heard one of the shooters ask a student if she believed in God and her reply yes before being shot had mistaken the girl as Cassie Bernall. Further investigation revealed that Cassie was not as ...more
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