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Tatterdemalion (Foundations of Magic, #1)
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Tatterdemalion (Foundations of Magic #1)

3.63  ·  Rating Details  ·  629 Ratings  ·  64 Reviews
Deep runs the world of magic—and desire.

Foundations of Magic, Book 1

Lindsay Carrington is a prisoner of his life—first in the mundane world, then in the military testing facility where his parents sent him to have his magic dissected, studied and “fixed”. When he finally escapes, freedom comes at great cost. The man who rescues him from near death in a dark alley is far fr
Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 197 pages
Published March 25th 2010 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (first published January 1st 2010)
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May 22, 2010 Jenre rated it really liked it
Shelves: m-m, paranormal, romance
Tatterdemalion begins in frightening fashion. Lindsay, the young hero of the book has been captured and institutionalised. He’s a mage who has been handed over by his parents to be ‘cured’. This treatment involves keeping Lindsay drugged and subjecting him to horrific testing that leaves him outwardly in pain but inwardly numb, his magic trapped and broken inside him. When things go wrong, Lindsay escapes, only to be rescued by Dane, a twisted shifter mage whose magic is also broken, almost beyo ...more
Dec 15, 2014 Vivian rated it really liked it
Shelves: own
Betrayed, broken and reborn

What if you had something you never wanted and couldn't control? Lindsey's world is pain and more pain until the opportunity to make it all stop appears. Unleashed he scrambles for freedom. Dangerous.

Dane is the muscle for a group of powerful and quiet people pushing and pulling the world to meet the goals they foresee. He tracks down Lindsey and a new chapter begins for both.

Nice use of torture. Even nicer retribution. There's a keen, bright edge to the violence here
MsMiz (Tina)
May 30, 2011 MsMiz (Tina) rated it really liked it
Shelves: glbt-all, kindle-mobi
For lack of a better review, this was fantastic. So much going on and yet left me satisfied and wanting more at the same time. I have questions, a ton of them actually. It was like being dropped in the middle of a scene, with no back story. Not that it is bad, just I want more - bigger picture information - oh and I want more Dane and Lindsay!

May 18, 2010 Kassa rated it it was amazing
4.5 stars

Tatterdemalion apparently means a person wearing ragged or tattered clothes, which is an apt description of the rather large main character Dane. Here the book plays on a really beloved pairing of the physically big, grunting man that is surprisingly tender and gentle with the tiny, cuddling but stubborn boy turned man. This is a combo that’s been used and abused so poorly in the past that the characters have been bad stereotypes in many, many novels. Yet here the great writing and real
Angel Martinez
Jul 02, 2010 Angel Martinez rated it really liked it
Oh. My. Goodness. This is actually a 4.5

Are you looking for an easy, unchallenging read, full of cliches? Then do not read this book. Are you looking for the same old tired m/m plot lines? Then don't read this book. Do you need to have everything explained to you upfront in great, info-dumping detail? Have all your questions answered? Then Don't Read This Book.

From the first heart-pounding scene to the last, Tatterdemalion seizes the reader in both taloned fists and refuses to let go. Action and
I don't know what happened here. I read Slow Bloom and Uneven and this, in comparison, is a complete and an utter chaos.

It has all of the elements of a potentially good story, but at the same time there are lot of things missing (like a prequel, for example) and there are a lot of things that do not need to be in the book at all.

Some of the "WTH" moments:

(view spoiler)
The story started out well, poor Lindsey being tortured and then escaping, I was interested in his story. Then Dane was introduced and I liked him too. So what went wrong? The continuous use of words like; petting, snuggle, and cuddle. Dane kept referring to Lindsey as 'little bunny' and then they have hot sex. Hetero romances aren't this fluffy. The author crafted a dark interesting world and all the fluff ruined it.
Jul 20, 2010 Betryal rated it really liked it
3.5 Star

A man of few words and many grunts, Dane, a lion, shape shifter or other since I still haven’t quite figured it out, till the end when all was revealed to me and he is written truly as the beast he’s being portrayed as in this book. The way he’s written from his dark, ruggedly handsome looks too his height and build, right down to his vocabulary when he converses and his tenderness for Lindsay is a very admirable trait for such a man as he. It just worked for me. It’s a shame that in her
Aug 22, 2010 Bookwatcher rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: M/M paranormal-romance readers
I'm surprised! I enjoy so much Lindsay and Dane love story!
I could give 5 stars but there was a little problem...

****Deserve 5 stars because....****

I like so much all the mages details and how the magic was explain! I keep reading without stop mesmerized but the action, suspense and romantic scenes of this book.
And, the incredible sweet grow of affection between the two main character is perfect! Dane will try to fight against this love (it's not a homophobic fear, but a fear of get invo
I grabbed this book because several people on my list give it at least 4 stars -- and I wholeheartedly agree with this.

The story of Lindsay and Dane just breaks my heart. Lindsay is so broken after the abuse that he suffers from and seeing him slowly grown into somebody that is strong enough, from a boy to a young man, touches my heart. And then, Dane, his rescuer, the one standing on Lindsay's side every step of the way. Oh, they're breaking my heart! Honestly, I don't really pay attention to
Jun 16, 2012 Chris rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
4.5 stars. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a young mage who's been imprisoned and experimented on until he manages to break free, then is rescued by a man who isn't exactly human... I wish there'd been a bit more backstory and am very glad that I have the sequel queued up to read.
Jun 17, 2012 Tam rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: wizards-magic
Dane is a cursed shifter whose mage “boss” sends him to rescue a young mage who has been held against his will when his rich political family decided they wanted him “cured” of his magic. He’s basically been tortured and experimented on for two years. Dane is then assigned to take charge of Lindsay and help him get his magic fixed and thus begins their journey to Germany, Mexico, back and home all while trying to stay one or two steps ahead of the bad guys who are determined to get Lindsay back. ...more
Elisa Rolle
This is a luscious urban fantasy story that reminded me one of my favorite tv fiction, the one with a leo man living in an underground New York City. And I think the authors wanted also to play a bit with old legends and modern romance: the two main characters are a shapeshifter leo (even if until the end the reader and the other man is not understanding exactly what type of leo and how magical he is), Dane, who is gentle and caring, and as the hero of my youth favorite tv show, even if he has a ...more
Oct 15, 2012 Charly rated it really liked it
Little hard to follow at times, but an interesting story overall

Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

Rating: 7/10

- The first scene is both exciting and unusual, so I was hooked right from the start. The plot continued to keep me entertained all the way through to the end, simply because it’s a little different than anything I’ve read before.
- The hurt/comfort storyline is done very well here. Dane is strong and wild almost constantly except for when Lindsa
♆ BookAddict  ✒ La Crimson Femme
I am so confused. I like Anah Crow's book, Uneven. This one didn't do it as much for me. I don't know if I missed the first book or what is going on. I've pieced together some of the history, but I'm left with all these questions that make me go, WHAT ON EARTH!?

I did like Dane ~ the shifter who was cursed. He is someone I could definitely like and want to be around. Lindsay. Gah, the poor bugger. I hope he controls his magic more and then tortures those bastards. Dr. Moore needs to be tortured f
Feb 27, 2012 cecily rated it did not like it
Shelves: glbt-lgbt
The story started out well, with poor Lindsey being tortured and then poor Lindsey escaping, I was interested in his sad sob story. Then Dane was introduced and I even liked him too.. Both Characters though I didn't get that special connection that is so vital at the beginning of a book. It felt like I was missing information on them both. Not to mention that the characters arn't consistent and I don't like how they interact unrealistically. (view spoiler) ...more
Sep 07, 2011 Fangtasia rated it really liked it
The main characters could have been a cliché, Lindsay the abused boy, Dane the beast, yet they manage to get beyond the basic premise and engage the reader. You want to be witness to their redemption, you cheer when they move forward, cry when they have doubts or setbacks, bite your nailes when they are in danger, and in the end, enjoy their HEA. The universe they inhabit is richly detailed and believable. The secondary characters are never expendable.

For some reason, though, I felt like there w
Apr 24, 2016 Shaz rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This was an interesting (but not an easy) read. Definitely outside the usual fare that's offered. We are introduced to two damaged MC's. Their relationship is slow in building and not an easy road once started. At times I found the way the partnership was described slightly annoying; the strength of one and the neediness and insecurity of the other, but this wasn't enough to put me off the story.

I loved the world building. It was set in a modern time in RL settings, but with magic and an old-wor
Jan 16, 2015 J rated it it was ok
Shelves: set-aside
Characters not fully realized, incomplete world building, missing inner monologues to explain character motivations. Lost patience after p. 159
Jun 20, 2015 Paul rated it it was amazing
Excellent UF
Apr 12, 2015 Finnegan rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy, shifters
Lindsay Carrington is a young mage, held prisoner in some government facility, where he is being experiment on/tortured. He escaped one night, and is found, half dead, by a shifter named Dane, who took him to their headquarters. The experiments left Lindsay broken, as he cannot summon his magic without intense pain, and he is nowhere as powerful as he used to be. Dane is appointed to look after Lindsay and to help him to heal, all while the rogue government agents, and other supernatural enemies ...more
Valentina Heart
Oct 02, 2010 Valentina Heart rated it really liked it
The story was good and gripping enough, the characters interesting. It's a book I would definitely recommend.
What made me give it 4 instead of 5 stars is that I found it confusing and unfinished often. Like there was so much more to the story, but somehow it wasn't worth mentioning.
But like I said, it is a great and fun read. Very much worth the time.

Jul 10, 2014 Seregil rated it really liked it
Shelves: mm
3.5 stars
Fantasy story with a weak, sensitive young man that falls for his protective beast-man :D
Nice plot - reminded me of X-men, with the difference that here the abilities are based on magic
Jun 29, 2010 Clover rated it it was amazing
loved the book. great characters, great story, great plot. great everything I just hope the second book will be released soon ^^
Adrienne -kocham czytać-
May 25, 2014 Adrienne -kocham czytać- rated it it was amazing
Four stars? Five stars? I'm feeling generous, so why not five?

This book was intense in its characters and emotional connections, especially the ones I made with Lindsay and Dane. Lindsay was such a genuine character, that from the start I was engaged and nervous and hopeful for him. Being immediately thrust into the midst of a horrifyingly painful, loud, and scary torture scene hooked me right into the plot, and the momentum that created only sped up as I met Dane, watched them struggle through

Dane is a cursed shifter whose mage “boss” sends him to rescue a young mage who has been held against his will when his rich political family decided they wanted him “cured” of his magic. He’s basically been tortured and experimented on for two years. Dane is then assigned to take charge of Lindsay and help him get his magic fixed and thus begins their journey to Germany, Mexico, back and home all while trying to stay one or two steps ahead of the bad guys who are determined to get Lindsay ba
Jun 07, 2011 Anita rated it it was amazing
I'm not the greatest at giving reviews but I'll try my best on this one. This one involves an urban fantasy world. It involves a lot of magic and the dangers surrounding that magic. The mages are in danger from a government group that is interested in experimenting and using their magic for nefarious purposes. The main characters are Dane, a lion shifter, who is assigned to collect and protect Lindsay, a young mage who has been held captive and experimented on by the government group. This story ...more
JustJen "Miss Conduct"
Mar 12, 2012 JustJen "Miss Conduct" rated it really liked it
Shelves: mm, paranormal, ebook
This one surprised me a bit. I really enjoyed it. There was a nice long buildup to Dane and Lindsay's relationship. It was not until around page 100 that they actually too their relationship further. There was so much going on throughout this story. I found myself constatantly trying to figure things out. You don't find out until almost the end what Dane actually is, and the circumstances surrounding his issues are still a little unclear to me, as is his relationship with Cryus and Ezqel.

Jun 14, 2012 Evaine rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy, e-books, m-m
Truthfully, 3.5 stars.

This was a good read. The fantasy/urban fantasy elements were good even if I would have liked them explained a little better. Maybe this comes in later books, but I would have liked to understand why some people have magic and others don't. I also would have liked more insight into exactly what Dane, Cyrus, Vivian, Lourdes, Ezkal et al really are. And exactly how Lindsay fits in with them. You know... it's almost like reading a fanfic when you don't know much about the ori
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
Apr 27, 2012 Emanuela ~plastic duck~ rated it really liked it
Maybe more 3.5 stars, but I'll round up because sometimes the writing was really good and inspired. I also liked the world building, even if I preferred when the action took place in the institute. The beginning was explosive, very very good. Lindsay is strapped to a kind of operating tables were people are experimenting with his magic. He sees a crack in the experiment and he is able to free himself, he runs away and hides in a dumpster. Dane, a man whose magic is broken, is sent to rescue him. ...more
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