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Imadoki ! 1 (Imadoki!: Nowadays #1)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  5,271 ratings  ·  94 reviews
Tampopo Yamazaki arrive directement de sa campagne à Tokyo, où elle va intégrer un lycée très bien côté. La veille de la rentrée, elle se rend au lycée pour reconnaître les lieux. Elle y découvre un élève en train de planter un pissenlit. Elle discute avec lui et il s'avère être un jeune homme plutôt mystérieux mais charmant.

Le lendemain, Tampopo découvre que ce jeune homm...more
Mass Market Paperback
Published August 2002 by Éditions Tonkam (first published 2000)
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Haven't I read this before? Poor student at a rich school, teased for being poor, aloof potential love interest? If anything distinguishes Imadoki from the hordes of similar books, it's that the heroine is unusually annoying, naive, and slow to catch on. Yeah, no thanks. That said, Yuu Watase is a great artist, and I do love looking at her work. It's a shame that I haven't yet found anything that by her that I like to read as much as I like to look at it.
You know, it seems I read a lot of works by Yuu Watase without even realizing it... Some manga you look at and go, "Wow! This must be by so-and-so!" because the art's so distinctive (like CLAMP. No mistaking them for something else), but in the case of Watase, hers is so... generic. So many shoujo have this style that it just doesn't stand out.

Imadoki centers around Tanpopo, who is an idealistic moron who doesn't have a single brain cell in that empty head of hers. While I don't mind characters...more
Tanpopo is the new girl in a new town and high school. She's a country girl that came straight from Hokkaido to a much more modern and populated area in Japan. The day before school starts Tanpopo decides to take a look around her new school, but the gate is locked so she jumps it with her bike landing right on top of the most popular boy in school!! But why was he there? Because he was planting a dandelion! This classmate, Koki Kougyo, is only the most popular boy because of his family's status...more
Review of the whole series with slight spoilers!


Oh my… this manga had a bunch of my most detested tropes all squished into 5 volumes of cliché and… it wasn’t even the good kind of cliché most of the time. Well, it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t entirely something awfully good either.

Yuu Watase is a very famous, praised and quite productive manga creator. She has a lot of fans and her manga Fushigi Yugi was one of the first really popular girl’s manga in English. Several other works from he...more
There is really nothing "outstanding" about this story; it's certainly been done before. I guess I have a thing for that guy Watase always draws for her manga. lol There is also quite a bit of unexpected humor in this one; the way Tanpopo mangles Miss Saionji's name is a funny running gag.

At the end of this volume, we catch a glimpse of a mystery man, someone who undoubtedly will cause trouble for our hero.

Second read March 2014
First of all I love Yuu Watase. In my opinion she is one of the best shojo mangakas. I love how independant and amazing the main chareacter and I love how she comes to the school and changes everything and everybody, and how the guy and her fall in love...I need to re-read some of these its been too long since I've read then to write a review. XP
Ōjo-sama Sakura
The whole story wasn't bad, really, just not exciting. I neither loved or hated it it was kinda "eh". I suppose being a huge fan of action Helped me feel really bored through.. Pretty much all of it. The series as a whole is unfit for children's since it is ABOUT mature themes. And then there is the male lead who's "hand me down fiancé" lives with him and his family, not because her family is non existent, but just because. Yeah. And then the only character that really, really, stands out seems...more
ceritanya ga terlalu menarik.. ga ada lucu-lucunya. biasanya watase yuu kan suka bikin adegan lucu. tapi di komik ini gw ga ketawa sama sekali. :(
Ginna Marciel
The main characters are Tanpopo, and Kouki. Tanpopo is a girl from Kyoto that moved to Tokyo, while she is there she meets Kouki before the school starts, and during school he pretends as he doesn't know her and ignores her while everyone else hates her for acting so friendly with him. She makes a planting club and eventually has Kouki, Tsukiko, Aoi "Flippy" and Arisa to join the club and actually have a good time. Over the time of the club Kouki falls in love with Tanpopo and they end up togeth...more
There are many mangas where a determined, and seemingly perfect, teenaged girl works on getting closer to a stubborn, intimidating, and popular boy. The main character of Imadoki, Tanpopo, is yet another female character that fits this type of girl, and Koki is another male character that fits this type of boy. Although the plot of Imadoki Nowadays is sweet, Tanpopo's character is sickeningly so, which was as expected if this series follows the aforementioned format. The storyline was also predi...more
Grades: 7 to 12 Genre: Manga, Drama
Excitied about transferring to a new school, Tanpopo Yamazaki goes to visit her new high tech high school the night before her first day at school. It has been a dream of hers to attend this school, so she has moved into a new city away from all her family and friends. During that night time visit, she meets a boy, Koki Kugyo, who is tending a dandelion on the school grounds. When she tries to start up a conversation with him, he chides her for being on the sch...more
This is a really cute and funny manga that tells the story of a young girl, Tanpopo (means dandelion) who has moved from the country into the city and is just starting high school. She is an impossibly cheerful and outgoing character who is trying to fit in with her new peers and adjust to the city environment. When she begins school she soon finds that her lower social status and her easy going nature aren’t the norm at this school and she begins having trouble fitting in, so in order to make f...more
Leila Anani
I picked this up as I used to be a big fan of Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yuugi being one of my all time favourites) this series is a sweet teen high school romance but lacks the supernatural elements that normally grace Watase's work.

Tanpopo (Dandelion) is an annoying, open girl who says exactly what she thinks and damn the consequences. She gets into the elite Meio academy on a scholarship and is treated like dirt by the other wealthy students who feel she lowers the tone of the school. She runs into...more
*baca ulang*

Manga favorit saya saat SMA nih. Saya ngoleksi semuanya, meskipun sekarang ga tau dimana rimbanya.. Huuaaaa!!! Siapa yang minjem woy?! Balikinnn!!! TT________TT

Ketika baca ulang, ternyata feelnya rada beda ya. Mungkin karena dulu saya masih polos, jadi rasanya asyik-asyik aja. *tarikmaangg

Tapi sekarang, ketika baca ulang, saya jadi berpikir... Tanpopo no you na amai hito tte oru ka?" Ada gitu ya orang yang polosnya keterlaluan kayak si Tanpopo.. xDD

Meskipun begitu, saya masih menikma...more
Episode #1 :
Nyo-nyo... Yamazaki Tanpopo jauh-jauhdatang dari desa, membawa sejuta harapan ke Tokyo. Sanggupkah dandelion kecil ini bertahan
di tengah terpaan angin kencang Meio School?

Episode #2 :
Teror! Arus listrik Meio School terputus, hanya dengan menekan sebuah tombol laptop! Tanpopo dan Kouki terjebak, menjadi bulan-bulanan seorang murid psikopat!

Episode #3 :
Kelopak bunga mawar merah... Setiap helainya menyampaikan perasaan cinta!

Episode #4 :
Tanpopo terpukul karena tak sempat menyampaika...more
This review covers the entire series.

I re-read this today and I have to admit that this isn't really Watase's strongest work. There's some good plot ideas and storylines but it's all done in such a choppy manner that I never really got immersed in the characters as much as I wanted to. I couldn't help but feel that it was all just a little... shallow. While I know that this isn't supposed to be a particularly deep manga, the subjects it brings up (suicide, teen pregnancy) just don't really sit w...more
Sometimes there are shoujo mangas where the main character declares "I'll make you my friend" and is pigheaded, tough and sometimes idiotic. Yamazaki is not like that. Yes she is stubborn, yes she is tough - in a mental way, not quite in a physical way, and yes, sometimes what she does seems idiotic. But I feel like I want to be her friend too. I really could emphasise with this character, and I really wanted to know about her story/stories. Even when she starts dating someone else, I still want...more
February 2014: 4 Stars
Although I'm not a huge fan of Yuu Watase's art, I liked the story.
At first it annoyed me how positive Tanpopo is, but it really sets her apart from other shōjo protagonists. She may just be daft, but her positivity was refreshing.
I look forward to seeing where this series goes!
BAGUS!!!!ceritanya bnr2 menyentuh walopun endingnya bs ditebak tp alurnya bnr2 bikin pembacanya penasaran dan terus pengen ngelanjutin smpe habis...kejadian2 yg gk kesannya tidak dibuat2 dan bnr2 sprti alami..,awalnya akugk mao baca buku ini krn berseri (plng mls kalo suruh bc komik berseri krn hrs ngoleksi smpe tamat krn klo gk ngegantung gt aja '-_____-) trus akhirnya bc pnya temen n jd ketagihan!!!....akhirnya beli deh di toko buku dr no 1-5 :p
imadoki thu komik berseri pertama yg aku punya d...more
Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
Surprised that right on the first page, the not yet couple meet already. In most mangas, they'd meet later on in the story. So looking forward to reading the next volume in this series. Like the main character in this one. Art work is nice.
Prinska Sastri
Salah satu koleksian komik daaan komik favorit saya dari SD. Ceritanya sebenernya standar, tentang seorang cewek desa bernama Tanpopo yang keterima masuk sebuah sekolah kaya di Tokyo, ketemu sama seorang cowok yang ramah tapi begitu kenal dia dinginnya minta ampun. Yaa, intinya komik ini tipikal komik-komik jepang dengan keramahtamahan ceweknya serta kedinginan cowoknya *halah bahasanya*.

Yang menarik di komik ini, walaupun alur ceritanya begitu-begitu aja, cuman bumbu-bumbu ceritanya pas banget,...more
Salah satu yang membuatku selalu tertarik baca manga-nya Yuu Watase tidak lain ya karena gambarnya. Smooth, apik dan tokoh pemeran utama cowoknya selalu cakep hahaha. Tapi sayang hampir semua plot manga beliau mediocre.

Untungnya Imadoki ini cukup menarik. Tanpopo tokoh utama yang lucu, polos easy-going, pokoknya likable deh. Ceritanya juga lumayan meskipun konflik utamanya klise dan teteeep tentang cinta segitiga. Untungnya ga terlalu panjang. Worth reading :)

Story : 7/10 (yah, klise sih cerita...more
Eve O'Brien
Este fue el primer manga que leí y a partir de aquí fue cuando me enamoré de la lectura de mangas. Gracias, en serio.
Kristy Buzbee
Once again, here I am giving Yuu Watase another shot. Fushigi Yuugi was good for a few volumes, and Absolute Boyfriend was good except for the lackluster conclusion. This one's only 5 volumes long, so why not?

It's starting out strong; the main character Tanpopo is likable and genuine, outgoing without being obnoxious (Miaka, anyone?). I don't want to kill her! In fact, I would totally be friends with her! Now the question is, will she become totally stupid like Riiko and Miaka, or will this be t...more
I loved this manga! It was so cute!
Tanpopo is an alternate at the elite Meio Academy. All the other students are the children of wealthy parents who have bought their way into the school. Tanpopo's overenthusiastic attempts to make friends Koki, the descendant of the school founder and a member of the nobility have earned her the enmity of the rest of the student body. Can her desire to start a gardening club get her the friendships she so desperately desires.

To be honest, this is not my kind of manga, and that affected my rating...more
Etna Ramadhani
buku inilah yang mengubah (atau menguatkan?) karakter aku menjadi kayak sekarang. Yamazaki Tanpopo (karakter utama Imadoki) adalh gadis yang selalu riang dan berpikir positif. Dia emang bukan manusia sempurna, bukan pula sosok ideal. Terbukti pada salah satu bagian cerita bahwa Tanpopo ternyata bisa juga menjadi apatis dan pesimis selama beberapa waktu.

Thank's Watase Yuu, sudah bikin manga yang keren begini. ^-^
I don't think this was one of my favorite manga series so far, but it is only the first book. I personally don't like inner conflict type of books, and this is one of them. I like how this one is sort of realistic, but then again what really is real when speaking of manga/anime? Good question. I've decided to read the second book to see if I should continue reading this series, but so far I don't think I like it.
Manic girl transfers to a new high school and is determined to make friends with this guy that she runs over with her bike, regardless of what he desires. This story was so completely crazy that it was kind of addicting. I'm still shaking my head in wonder (ummmm...maybe astonishment is a better word).

Part of me really wants to meet a person like this in real life...I wonder what that would be like.
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A Japanse shoujo manga-ka. She is known for her works Fushigi Yūgi, Alice 19th, Ceres: The Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yūgi Genbu Kaiden and Absolute Boyfriend. She likes all music, except heavy metal and old traditional music.

She received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo for Ceres, Celestial Legend in 1997. Since writing her debut short story "Pajama de Ojama" ("An Intrusion in Pajamas"), Wata...more
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