Snowmen at Night
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Snowmen at Night

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Have you ever built a snowman and discovered the next day that his grin has gotten a little crooked, or his tree-branch arms have moved? And you've wondered . . . what do snowmen do at night? This delightful wintertime tale reveals all! Caralyn Buehner's witty, imaginative verse offers many amusing details about the secret life of snowmen and where they go at night, while...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 23rd 2002 by Dial
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Did you like making a snowman as a kid? I know I did! Children put a lot of time into making snowmen and go back for days to check out their masterpiece. In this delightful winter story, the little boy noticed that his snowman looked different the next day. Because of this, he started to wonder what snowmen do at night. He imagines the exciting life that happens when snowmen get together such as enjoying hot chocolate, racing, ice skating, play baseball, a huge snowball fight, and many more exci...more
Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night? Well, they have a lot of fun sledding, playing baseball with snowballs, and much more.

I love how the text moves on the page and interacts with the illustrations. I think any story like this captures students' imaginations. They might be looking at the snowman in their front yard a little closer now....
Sarah VanDyke
I love this book. It is one of my favorites. Many winter theme books interest me because I love winter and the illustrations are usually very detailed and pretty. This book has it all for me. It has adventure and beautiful pictures. They appropriately demonstrate the text and also have hidden pictures to seek and find so children are engaged in more than one way. I would recommend this book for anyone. I would use this book in my classroom during a winter theme. I would use it in a group as well...more
Eva Leger
A strange pick for for August I know but it was fun to read a book about snowmen when it was 95 degrees yesterday. :)
We took this out from the library last week with a ton of others and finally got to it yesterday. This is the type of childrens book that both Julia and I really enjoy. We both love rhyming verses spun around a fun subject and what's more fun than snowmen?
In Snowmen at Night a little boy notices one morning that his snowman looks different than the night before and he starts won...more
Out of all the Goodreads posts and children's picture books that I have read this one I would say is at the top of my favorite list! It's absolutely adorable! Every child always enjoys building a snowman, putting carrots as it's nose, and other accessories to give him a mouth and eyes but no one really thinks about what snowmen do at night! The main idea/premise of the story is a fun way of explaining why in the morning snowmen often look a little droopy - and it has nothing to do with higher te...more
My mom recommended this book to me about a week ago and told me that it is a favorite among the students at her school. So I decided to give it a try and found that it is a fantastic book that is both well written and illustrated. The cover of the book is very beautiful and creative. I absolutely love the illustrations throughout the entire book. This book is cute and creative while still capturing the beauty of winter which I think can sometimes be a challenge in books. Furthermore, the idea be...more
I always wondered why my snowman never looked the same the next morning! This book explains it all, telling the secrets of snowmen who slip from their yards after the world goes to sleep and gather together to play games and have fun. In a colorfully illustrated world, snowmen play all night, slipping and sledding and racing, and return to their yards melted by morning. This book was so delightful and informative, an enjoyable read.
Okay, so today, I job shadowed for an upcoming sub assignment with English language learners. This is one of the books that we read to one of the first grade students.

Yes, it is winter. Yes, it is cold. I haven't built a snowman since the day a friend and I built one outside of our junior high one night in seventh grade. My English teacher wondered how it got there. That memory is what I thought of when reading this book.

So... what do snowmen do at night? Read it and find out. The text and the i...more
Steven Strader
So if your snowman's grin is crooked, or he's lost a little height, you'll know he's just been doing what snowmen do at night!"

We roll snow and carefully craft our snow people but before long they become misshaped. Changing temperatures, wind and weather take a toll. Or do they? Caralyn Buehner's offers a much better explanation for why our hard built snowmen begin to droop and sag. Their wonderfully illustrated nightly antics are filled with all of the joy and outright fun of the season. Why do...more
Johanna M.
This book A Snowman at Night is about a boy that creates a bid snowman and when the boy saw the snowman the next day he noticed that the snowman wasn’t the same. The snowman was smaller and his arms weren’t in the same position. Then the boy starts to create a story about what he thinks that the snowman did the last night. The age range of this story is primary because is not that easy for little children. The art of this book looks like the artist used oil paints and the “elements surrounding t...more
Tracey Melcher
Have you ever wondered why your snowman looks slightly disheveled from one day to the next? Caralyn Buehner answers this question with her fun-filled story about snowmen at night. Snowman races, sledding, ice skating, snowball fights, and ice-cold cocoa make for a wild, wintry adventure. It’s no wonder that your snowman looks a little different the next day. Mark Buehner’s beautiful oil paint and acrylic illustrations capture the snowmen’s joy and exhilaration as they play while the unsuspecting...more
Did you ever wonder what snowmen do at night? This story takes you on snowmen's adventures at night. The illustrations are very animated and the text is graphically designed to add to the fun. At the end it makes you wonder if they really were playing games in the dark! As an added bonus there are hidden pictures cleverly drawn into the illustrations. The author got the idea by observing a real snowman that had "moved" during the night and looked a bit disheveled. When you think about it the sto...more
Becky B
Sep 23, 2013 Becky B rated it 3 of 5 stars Recommends it for: language arts teachers, science teachers, kindergarten teachers
Why would a snowman look so crooked and shorter the day after it was made? A boy imagines all the things that snowman might do at night to explain his melted appearance the next day (other than the results of evaporation, of course) in this whimsical, rhyming book with spectacular accompanying illustrations to augment the text.

This book could be used in a variety of units. Obviously it lends itself to units on Winter and Snow/Water or States of Matter. It fits nicely into Christmas readings as w...more
Sarah Sammis
Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner is the first book in a series of picture books about the adventures snowmen have when no one is looking. The other two are Snowmen at Christmas and Snowmen All Year.

This book looks at what they do on those cold snowy nights when everyone else is tucked in warm beds asleep. The snowmen gather for races, ice cold coco and all number of other games.

The picture book story is cute and similar to the wordless classic, The Snowman by R...more
What do snowmen do at night when everyone else is asleep? They drink cold cocoa and play baseball which turns into a snowball fight.

This was a really cute look at snowmen and why they look a little slumped over in the morning (it's because they are tired from all of the fun). The illustrations are wonderful and really draws children into the story and the fun that the snowmen are having.
Mike Kalmbach
My 2-year-old son has requested this story every night for the past two months. He loves the illustrations and the rhyming words. So fun to have something to look forward to at the end of the day!
Sarah Kasper
"Snowmen at Night" is a beautiful book. The illustrations are awesome! This story would be great to read during the holidays, or during a lesson on rhyme. The whole story is written in stanzas that rhyme. Students could create flip books of rhyming words, using some of the story and some that they come up with on their own. Or, students could write their own rhyming stories. I would have students take a different object/thing, instead of snowmen, and write about what might happen to those things...more
Msjennifers Corner
This was an enjoyable story time read. Tells why your snowman may look different than when you first built him. He/ She has been playing all sorts of things while we sleep.
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Amie Anderson
Snowmen at Night is a clever book that is about what a little boy who sees his snowman melting one morning and wonders what the snowman must have done at night to get that way. His imagination is very vivid and he comes up with some silly ideas as to what his snowman was doing, such as snowball fights and sledding. The rhymes in this book are very fun and will keep kids engaged. Snowmen at Night is probably best suited for kids ages 4-7. The book probably falls under the genres of humor and rhym...more
Cute book about all the mischief snowmen get into at night to explain why they're all disheveled (melted) in the morning.
Nick Shaffer
A very beautifully illustrated book. Very well done and could create great visualization a for children.
Cameron Formichella
Snowmen At Night is a tale that captures the imagination of children at heart. Ever wonder why snowmen look different in the morning then they do at night? The young boy in this story reveals his thoughts on what exactly snowmen do while everyone is fast asleep. They all slide off the lawn and down the street to the park. They gather to sip ice cold cocoa, and then the snowman games begin. They have snowman races, skating tricks, snowball fights, and even sledding. "So if your snowman's grin is...more
Audrey Galiardi
I love using this book as a mid-year writing assessment. We read the book and discuss all of the fun/funny things that the snowmen do at night. We then practice making text to self connections, by thinking of a time they build a snowman. Then we brainstorm what they think their snowman did at night. We also discuss using mental imagry. I ask them to close thier eyes and think about what thier snowman looks it wearing a hat, gloves, scarf? What color? Is it a boy, girl, animal etc... I...more
Jackie Kathary
I love this book! The story holds the interest of upper elementary grade children. There are fun things hidden in the pictures that you really have to hunt for to find. I am an elementary art teacher. This book is great for teaching how light and color are reflected.
A beautifully illustrative, imaginative, seasonal book.
This one is just pure fun. When the author & her husband woke one morning to the prank of someone filling their porch with snowmen, they got the idea to write about what snowmen do at night to make them so droopy in the morning. The rhyming is sometimes a little awkward, but the kid won't notice while they're lost in the great illustrations by (who else) Mark Beuhner. At the end, there is a key for hidden pictures that Beuhner has drawn on every page. It's fun for even an adult to try to fin...more
This is definitely one of my new favorite children's books. I can't wait to read it to my students after our first big snowfall. A boy observes that the snowman he built the day before now looks droopy and disheveled and he imagines what happened to his snow creation during the night. Soon the boy pictures all the neighborhood snowmen gathered in the park for ice-cold cocoa, a snowball fight, a round of making snow angels and more. It is very imaginative and the illustrations are almost magical...more
Chelsea Bucci
This story uses rhyming words and promotes use of imagination. A little boy makes a snowman one day. He comes back the next day and notices that the snowman looks different. He then makes up an elaborate story about what snowmen do at night (race, do skating tricks). This story teaches students about sequencing. You can discuss with students why snow melts and well as what causes things to change (sun warms things). For older students, you can begin talking about water cycle and how snow melts i...more
Nicole Martin
I remember reading this book when I was younger, and I thought that it was the most fascinating book. It made me wonder if snowmen really do the things that are mentioned when no one is looking. I still think that this book is great. The story is cute, and the pictures are fabulous. I would recommend that others read this book.
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