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Blood Wedding
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Blood Wedding

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  5,389 ratings  ·  159 reviews
Lorca's Blood Wedding is a classic of twentieth-century theatre. The story is based on a newspaper fragment which told of a family vendetta and a bride who ran away with the son of the enemy family. Lorca uses it to investigate the subjects which fascinated him: desire, repression, ritual, and the constraints and commitments of the rural Spanish community in which the play ...more
Paperback, 72 pages
Published September 23rd 1996 by Faber and Faber (first published 1933)
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Nov 27, 2013 Mariel rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: the men are called horsemen there
Recommended to Mariel by: the man in the moon
The things people seem to know. Her husband in the ground and killers throw dirt on her sleep. A mother-in-law to be. She wishes he had been a girl, if sons had followed. I hear her voice always with a foot in the life she ought to have had. Please, I'm a mother howl. To stay home and restlessness prowls the earth. His face blank until call of duty. I would hope an actor would give only half listening gestures to lean on. The future has already happened and nothing is good enough. I could see he ...more
Franco  Santos
Es un buen libro, una buena tragedia, con un buen final, pero el modo de escritura no me gustó. Lo empecé a leer para probar ese estilo y tengo que decir que me incomodó; prefiero el narrativo. Las dos estrellas van más que nada por el formato de la historia y por ser tan corto, no por el cuento en sí, porque está bueno; pero sólo eso: bueno, entretenido.
Ibrahim Saad

أعراس الدم.. أول عمل لي مع فيدريكو غارسيا لوركا
ربما لم تكن هذه المسرحية في المستوى الذي توقعته ، أو ربما كانت الترجمة عائقاً للوصول الى هذا المستوى ، لكن في النهاية تأكدت من انني سأكرر زيارتي لعالم لوركا عدة مرات ..

الأمر الجيد في هذه المسرحية هو تعدد التفسيرات التي قد يستنتجها البعض ، أو بمعنى أصح تعدد القضايا ، فهو هنا يناقش قضية القدر ، والنهاية الحتمية لمثل هذا الحب الذي عرضه ، أو يناقش قضية المرأة وما تعانيه في المجتمع الإسباني من عادات وتقاليد ، .. أما أنا فرأيت الأمر كله صراع بين قوتين ،
From BBC Radio 3 - Drama on 3:
An atmospheric re-working by Ted Hughes of Lorca's evocative meditation on fate, war, tradition, passion and repression. Inspired by the true story of a fatal feud between two families in the Almeria province, high in the mountains of rural Spain.

The third play in Radio 3's broadcast of Federico García Lorca's "Rural Trilogy" from 1930s Spain. This production of Blood Wedding was first broadcast in 2008 and won the Sony Award for best drama that year.

These Lorca's d
Ahmad Sharabiani
Bodas de sangre=Blood Wedding, Federico García Lorca
عنوان: عروسی خون : نمایشنامه در سه پرده و هفت تابلو؛ نویسنده: فدریکو گارسیا لورکا؛ مترجم: احمد شاملو؛ مشخصات نشر: روزن، 1347، در 165 ص، مصور
نمایشنامه رادیویی این اثر رو شنیدم...
اما سرانجام همه تو را مقصر می دانند...فرار کن...حق من است که در این جا بمیرم
-ساکت باش...
پس هر دو با هم...
No sé que esperaba, pero seguramente no era esto :/
Nerviosos por la inminente boda de los novios, familia y vecinos preparan con afán cada detalle de la ceremonia. Sin embargo, las pasiones del pasado afloran, y pueden convertir pintar el paisaje andaluz en un escenario de sobrenatural y estremecedora tragedia...

Hay que agradecerle a Lorca varias cosas en esta obra. La primera y probablemente la más evidente y sublime sea la ambientación, que resulta muy natural en los personajes y en su modo de actuar dentro de su época, estando incluso las exp
Por fin leo este clásico de la literatura española.
Es una obra teatral muy breve. Relata la historia de un novio y una novia de Andalucía, desde el compromiso hasta la noche de bodas. No sabía que Federico García Lorca se había inspirado en una historia real para escribir su obra (en el libro físico no viene esta sinopsis). Podéis conocer la historia real aquí que particularmente es incluso más novelesca que la obra de teatro.

Al estar ambientada en la E
I didn't actually read the play. I listened to a radio broadcast of the play from the BBC (1986). The story is quite simple, but that's the beauty of it. It'a a classic story. A story of forbidden love. I'm definately going to make sure I read/see/listen to the next two parts of the trilogy. While the language is quite 'heavy' some parts, that's what turns it into, in some ways, a Greek Tragedy. (Also, the story is a story the Greek would have come up with.)

"To burn with desire and keep quiet ab
Maria  D. Ortiz
I read this book for the school and i really enjoy it!
Arturo Macias
This marks my first encounter with García Lorca and his "Rural Trilogy". Ornate Spanish prose, which I've yet become familiarized with. Symbolism, symbolism, and more symbolism as per the footnotes in the Letras Hispánicas edition I have. They've left me with the promise of a second and third reading of this drama, instead taking into account every single annotation. Perhaps it was taking on the challenge of starting with one of his plays, instead of preliminary "stretches" from his poetry, migh ...more
Nicole Bugueño
Leído en Marzo del 2015

Siento que esta Tragedia podría haber sido simplemente perfecta (al menos para mi) si hubiera sido narrada únicamente por la novia.
Nunca me ha gustado la dramaturgia, y sabía que menos leerla, pero este era un pendiente luego de que un profe en mi pre universitario la recomendara. Estuvo bien, podría haber sido mejor.
I found out about this play last week and since I adore reading dramas and tragedies and like most of the Spanish/Latin American writers, I told myself it would definitely be a "goodread". It is rather not... I bet it sounds a lot better in its original tongue especially since there are very many poems and songs, which must sound divine in Spanish, but not even that, I am almost certain, could correct the thin storyline. It is almost like unfinished, a draft of something that could potentially b ...more
A very dramatic play. There is not doubt that Lorca has a way to move you through his invented story. Fiction? Non-fiction? Who cares? Does it matter? All what mattered to me was to find myself being capture by a play which was written years before my mom was born...
Must read if you love drama!
Hace casi diez años que estudié esta obra en escuela. No puedo recordar mucho las detalles pero yo sé que fue una buena novela, pero una novela muy triste. Y en la literatura hispánica/española algo con la sangre significa la tragedia y el dolor.
Lindsay Wuchner
Another great play by Federico García Lorca. Now that I have read this play, Yerma, and La casa de Bernalda Alba, I understand a little more where he was coming from. Great read and didn't take that much time.
Diego Villegas
Es uno de las pocas obras de teatro que me gustan, usualmente me confundo mucho con los diálogos y las acotaciones, etc. pero esta vez fue muy fluida y me gustó mucho, pero creo que decir que me gustó basta, ME ENCANTÓ.
Alejandra Argüello
I owe my passion for reading to this author and his spectacular books! Read in Spanish if possible. His authenticity and inspiration is better reflected and enjoyed.
Una de las mejores dramaturgias de la vida. Si alguien me llama para interpretarla, por favor, que no sea para otra cosa que no sea para ser la novia ...more
Asma awadh
وقع اختياري على هذه المسرحية حتى ابدأ في الغوص في عالم غارسيا لوركا
لا بأس به لكن لم يبهرني يبدو ان علي ايجاد كتاب اخر لغارسيا لوركا
حتى اعجب به
Karima Hussein
حسيت بملل وأنا بقرأ المسرحية
الموضوع اللي بيتناقش فيه مهم بس الاسلوب ممل
Studied this play in Drama and Theatre studies (or was it English? In my school - and my whole educational criteria - it was easy to get the two subjects mixed up). 'Blood Wedding' is a very weird and beautiful Spanish story about a wedding (duh), family feuds, regrets, murder, getting lost in the woods, bloody knives, and how we are all foolhardy when we are young and are unable to learn from our mistakes.

There's a sort of Highwayman, silver-lining vibe to the atmosphere of this tragic, magica
Испанская драматургия богата и ведет свою историю еще с времен римской колонизации полуострова. В средние века бродячие актеры-хуглары были неотъемлемой частью испанских городов и местечек, а с началом второго тысячелетия во время праздников в храмах начали ставить небольшие литургические драмы (разумеется, на латыни). Отголоски всей этой театрализированности жизни любой легко может увидеть в современной Испании, которая, в какой-то мере, до сих пор театр под открытым небом.

Фредерико Гарсия Лор
"Η θαυμαστή μπαλωματού"

Η θαυμαστή μπαλωματού χαρακτηρίζεται ως μια βίαιη φάρσα σε 2 πράξεις και έναν πρόλογο. Πραγματεύεται τη σχέση «αγάπης» και «μίσους» ενός παντρεμένου ζευγαριού που ζει σε ένα χωριό. Αυτός 55 χρονών και αυτή 18. Ο άνισος γάμος προκαλεί σχόλια και τα σχόλια προκαλούν την όμορφη γυναίκα ώσπου ο άντρας της απελπισμένος φεύγει. Παρά το χορό των αρσενικών γύρω της η μπαλωματού παραμένει πιστή, ο άντρας επιστρέφει και μ’ ένα μικρό κολπάκι μεταμφίεσης, πείθεται για την αγάπη της κα
Brandon Hua
Blood Wedding, by Federico Garcia Lorca is a play with 3 acts. In the beginning, the mother reacts violently when her son asks for a knife to cut the grapes of in the vinyard, after a dispute, he eventually gets the knife. The groom leaves, after hugging his mother. The Neighbor comes to talk with the Mother, and says that the bride was involved with Leonardo Felix, a relative of the men who killed the Mom's husband. The Mom still hates the Felix family and is furious, but she decides to visit ...more
I’ve never read any Lorca, so I was curious. I sometimes like a passionate Spanish writer. Olé! This was fine. It was kind of predictable, and there were random song breaks. “Let’s sing the baby to sleep for ten pages with a song that marginally applies to the situation at hand!” was the theme of this play. A man falls in love with a woman (or just decided to marry her because that’s what you do and she’s pretty; it’s debatable) and his mom is all “no no! I have lost my husband and my other son ...more
Stuart Aken
Described as tragedy in three acts and seven scenes, Blood Wedding is, of course, a theatrical classic. Now; plays are intended to be seen as they’re performed on stage. But, having had some small experience of playwriting and being a novelist and short story writer by nature, I enjoy the challenge of setting such works within the landscape of my own imagination.
This is a work from a culture that’s alien to me and that makes it all the more challenging. It also tests its credentials as a renowne
3.75/5 en realidad.
No me gusta leer teatro, la verdad sea dicha. No veo la logica a solo leer algo que esta pensado para representar, algo que esta pensado para ser un espectaculo visual y sonoro y muchas veces las frases se quedan cortas y frias frente a lo que nos tiene que mostrar un buen actor.
En todo caso, es un lectura escolar obligatoria de modo que no me ha quedado de otra. Y me ha gustado, es entretenida e interesante pero no me gusta mucho como se dan a entender las cosas hacia el fin

Si me gusto, pero no me se como explicarlo.
Lo termine ayer en la noche y dije mañana encontrar la forma de explicar lo que pienso sobre esto, pero no he logrado encontrar las palabras. Entiendo que muchas cosas van de acuerdo a la época en que la novela fue escrita, pero fue como ver otra vez a la "tierna" Bernarda solo que con un hijo y NUNCA entenderé esos triángulos amorosos desproporcionados, ni hace una vida, ni ahora (que parece estar tan de moda).
A parte el hecho de ser un li
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Born in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada, Spain, June 5,1898; died near Granada, August 19,1936, García Lorca is one of Spain's most deeply appreciated and highly revered poets and dramatists. His murder by the Nationalists at the start of the Spanish civil war brought sudden international fame, accompanied by an excess of political rhetoric which led a later generation to question his merits; after the i ...more
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donde yo siempre te quiera,
que no me importe la gente,
ni el veneno que nos echa.”
“I can’t listen to you. I can’t listen to your voice. It’s as though I’d drunk a bottle of anise and fallen asleep wrapped in a quilt of roses. It pulls me along – and I know I’m drowning – but I go on down.” 23 likes
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