Voyage on the Great Titanic, RMS Titanic, 1912
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Voyage on the Great Titanic, RMS Titanic, 1912 (Dear America)

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One of the most popular Dear America diaries of all time, Ellen Emerson White's bestselling VOYAGE ON THE GREAT TITANIC is now back in print with a gorgeous new package!

Five years ago, Margaret Ann Brady's older brother left her in the care of an orphanage and immigrated to America. When the orphanage receives an unusual request from an American woman looking for a traveli...more
Library Binding, 208 pages
Published November 2010 by Scholastic (first published January 1st 1998)
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Of the Titanic story, I always find it most difficult to get through reading or hearing about the crew who sacrificed their lives. What amazes me most is that the band selflessly played through the entire ordeal without rushing to the lifeboats and trying to save themselves. If there was one thing I could do with my musical career, it would be to play in a time like that to try to keep a panicky audience calm...The cooks, the stewards, the entrie crew and of course the captain went down with the...more
This was a pretty good book. The beginning of the book was a little bit boring, but the end got really good. Margaret is a poor girl that is assisting a VERY wealthy woman, so the women takes her on the ship, the Titanic, with her. Margaret feels very fortunate to be on such an amazing ship. I liked the ending, but it was also really sad because she described the whole event of the ship sinking. It made me kind of depressed!! You could just imagine how she felt and how bad the survivors guilt wa...more
My 9-year-old niece, Allison, is currently obsessed with the Titanic, so I picked this book up for her birthday. I thought I'd give it a quick read before I passed it along to her.

I can't say this this was the most engaging book I've ever read. Though the main character, Margaret, was well developed, I didn't necessarily feel like I got to know the other characters very well. That's not too shocking, though, for a book for this age group, and I doubt my niece will care. There was a lot of backgr...more
Although the Titanic's 100th anniversary has come and gone, it's a story that never grows old. As James Cameron's Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet entrances a new audience now viewing it in theaters in 3D and countless television specials and books continue to be released, the tragic tale of man's arrogance and nature's power still intrigues the public.

Margaret Ann Brady is an orphan living at St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls in Whitechapel, London, England. Her older broth...more
Laura O Driscoll
‘Titanic, My Story’, written by Ellen Emerson White, is a wonderfully written story suitable for children of 9+ years. It is a vividly imagined account of life on the Titanic by a young girl. This book would be great to read as part of lessons focusing on the Titanic disaster on its 100 year anniversary. Written in diary form, it allows children to experience through the eyes of another child what happened in what remains one of the biggest maritime disasters of all time. This story rings so his...more
Tracey Demario
Voyage on the Great Titanic is part of the Dear America series of historical fiction intended for children in elementary school (P, I). I really wanted to like this book because the idea behind the series has such promise. An historical time period or event is retold through the personal diary of a young girl living during that time. Unfortunately, at least with this volume, I found much to dislike. One of the biggest problems is that the main character, 12 year old orphan Margaret Ann Brady, ha...more
Megan Marie
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Arabella  Adrienne
This has to be the best kid's book I've ever read, much less the best Dear America book!!

Margaret Ann Brady is an orphan in London, and by chance, she gets chosen to be the lady's maid for a wealthy American lady . . . and she gets to go to America, to meet up with her brother William. Not only that, she gets to travel on the most luxuorious, the one and only unsinkable ship - Titanic!!

Okay, so what if it was kind of predictable. It was one of the sweetest, most well-written books ever. Margaret...more
When Margaret Ann Brady was seven years old, her father died, and her mother died not long after. Eventually, her brother left her at an orphanage in London and immigrated to America, hoping to find a good job there so that he could later pay for Margaret’s passage to America and they could be reunited. When Margaret is thirteen, in the spring of 1912, she gets the opportunity to travel to America and join her brother in Boston, in a different way than expected. Mrs. Carstairs, a wealthy America...more
Thirteen-year-old Margaret Ann Brady lives at an orphanage in London. Her parents have died, and she longs to join her older brother, who has immigrated to Boston, in America. Margaret gets what she thinks is the opportunity of a lifetime: a job as the companion of Mrs. Carstairs, a wealthy American woman traveling home on the Titanic. All Margaret has to do is keep Mrs. Carstairs company on the voyage, and she will get free passage to America where she can join her brother. And she will get the...more
Ana Mardoll
Voyage on the Great Titanic (R.M.S. Titanic) / 0-590-96273-6

"Voyage on the Great Titanic" is unusual for a Dear America installation for several reasons. The narrator is not an American, nor does the story originate there - instead, Margaret is a native of the British isles and is traveling to America as a companion to a wealthy patron, with the intent to settle in America permanently on arrival. The novel is shorter than most, and deals very linearly with the Titanic disaster. Although these bo...more
I remembered this as better than it was. Which is not to say that it's bad! It's a very well-researched depiction of a journey on the Titanic by a thirteen-year-old lady's companion who lives through the sinking. The description of the ship is dead on and conveys the luxury of first class very well, and the horror of the sinking is also very accurately conveyed, with bittersweet notes about the gallantry of the men who stayed behind.

I think my biggest problem with the book is that the sinking of...more
Katie Gray
Its one of the best books i have read in a long time. That is all i can say. Though if you have read it you might disagree with me. Everybody does generally know how the Great Titanic sank and what become of it- old news, how boring. Though this book is very interesting and different for it shares with you right from getting onto the ship until the awful wreck its had become. This is personal diary of a twelve year old girl who's there to keep a very upper class and wealthy lady company through...more
A part of the Dear America series, this particular book focuses on the voyage of the Titanic. These books are a wonderful way for students to learn more about these specific times in American history. The writers' stories make past events come alive for the readers and help instill a greater appreciation for our predecessors. Also included at the back of each book is a historical note about the time period as well as reproductions of important documents and paintings during that era. The only do...more
Caitlin Mauragas
I read this book when I was a kid. Even though it is historical fiction it gives plenty of factual evidence about the Titanic. The dates are accurate and the description of how the ship went down is factual as well. It was neat because in the back of the book there are pictures of the actual ship, people on it, and survivors. This book was gripping, because the author built of the suspence well to the day of the sinking of the ship. It is appropriate for young readers. There is an innocent roman...more
About being on the titanic & the great disaster of its sinking and the great display of courage within the crew and passengers on the ship.. And many more things about living in that time, where there was a very distinct, significant social classing..You were either First Class.(very rich & famous) 2nd Class (Normal society) or 3rd Class( street beggers, immigrants,workers..) and also gave me a very deep insight into being on the Titanic & what it was like & the great tragedy of...more
The last surviving member of the Titanic was really Millvina Dean, a two month old infant at the time of the sinking. She died in 2009.

That being said, Margaret Ann Brady died in her sleep in 1994.

Many books have been written about the famed Titanic and this one is written so a child can understand. Margaret was an orphan, chosen to be a companion traveller with Mrs. Carstairs, an American woman. She was outfitted in "travelling clothes" at the expense of Mrs. Carstairs. Margaret's Irish father...more
Rachel Keith
it is a fictional tale but one that truly makes you think about the movie version that we have all seen. the sinking of the titanic is something that most of us have forgotten but this story about a real girl on the ship really gives a new perspective about what happened that fateful nite. a good kids book too. my mom got it for me a long time ago and i reread it and it was still amazing.
I was in love with all things Titanic growing up, so this one was definitely a favorite in the Dear America series. But, I am a big fan of the series in general!
James Esplin
Plot Synopsis:
Margaret Brady is an orphan waiting for the day she can join her brother in the US. Her dream comes true when she is hired as a travel companion to the rich Mrs. Carstairs. They are New York bound on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. Some dreams just go better than others.

The romance wasn't overbearing, so that was nice. The effects of trauma shown seem to be well written. I loved how they brought forward the honor of people who sacrificed themselves on the Titanic.

Mary JL
Feb 01, 2011 Mary JL rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any fan of historical novels; great for YA readers
Recommended to Mary JL by: I am familiar with this series.
As a child, I loved reding history--sso I am now enjoying it still. It is true that the "Dear America" series is meant for a young adult audience; but imho, many YA books may be enjoyed by adults. (Anyway, I want to see what the kids are reading....)

Thirteen-year old Margaret Ann Brady, late of St. Abernathy's Orphanage, London, has had a stroke of luck. Mr. Frderick Carstairs has been held in London by business needs--so his wife hires Margaret as a paid companion.

So Margaret, who normally woul...more
This is one of my favorite historical fiction books that I've read in the "Dear America" series for young adult readers. Margaret Ann Brady was only seven years old when her father is killed in an work accident. A year later, her mother dies from disease, leaving Margaret and her brother William orphans. William, who was only 13 years old, tried to take care of himself and his sister, but he finally has to leave her at an orphanage run by nuns. Margaret lives in the orphanage and goes to school...more
It has been a long time since a read a teen novel. I am sorry to say I do not heartily agree with my fellow reviewers. I was bored with this book, the first few pages had promise,
It told of the short life of a little girl who lost her parents and only had a brother left who loved her enough to bring her to an orphanage when she became gravely ill.
Margaret Ann Brady was a sweet child, obedient and kind, but somewhat mischievous in a harmless way. She was chosen to accompany an American socialit...more
Megan Nebeker
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Claudia Crookshanks

This book is a historical fiction book written by Ellen White. Margaret-Ann is a very sarcastic, curious 13 year old girl, going on a trip that will introduce something that is new to her. Margaret-Ann is chaperoning Mrs. Carstairs from England to New York on the RMS Titanic. Margaret-Ann’s parents died when she was younger, so her brother was the only person left of her family. When Margaret-Ann was offered the job as the chaperon she couldn't refuse.
I loved this book so much that I finished...more
Michele Crouse
I chose this book for historical fiction. This book is about a young girl named Margaret who lives in an orphanage in London. Her only sibling is her brother William, who immigrated to America for a job. Her orphanage received a request for a traveling companion. Margaret's teacher thinks she would be the perfect person to go on this voyage with Mrs. Carstairs, on the Titanic. She thinks this is the perfect opportunity to be reunited with her brother who is in America. The trip to the states see...more
Vianey Sanchez
Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, RMS Titanic, 1912 by Ellen Emerson White
Interest level: Grades 6-8
Guided reading: T
Lexile Level: 1010
Main Characters: Margaret, Mrs. Carstairs, Robert
Setting: RMS Titanic, 1912
POV: Margaret Ann
Summary: This book follows the life of Margaret Ann Brady, an orphan living in an orphanage in Europe. Margaret has an older brother who lives in the United States and decides to jump at the opportunity of going to move with him when a wealthy w...more
Paige [eastIndies.]
In this tale of despair, orphan Margaret encounters luck--time and again--when she gets the chance to sail to America via the grand ship, Titanic. Of course, we as readers, know what happens in the end; so it's an attention-grabbing read when we are constantly wondering, "does Margaret survive?"

Stylistically, I have nothing to complain about. Naturally--at least for me (because I adore the film)--when we pick up something about the Titanic, we're bound to recall the 1997 film and imagine its ch...more
Courtesy of Caity's Readviews:

After tragically losing their parents, Margaret Ann Brady and her brother William are orphaned and penniless on the streets of London. William is hard-pressed to find work, and decides it best for his young sister to be put in the care of the nuns at St. Abernathy’s Orphanage, while he voyages to America to find work. A few years later, a stroke of luck presents thirteen-year-old Margaret with the rare opportunity to join her brother in America. As a “traveling comp...more
Read this review and more on my blog for teen readers,

The story of the Titanic has been told in many ways, from many perspectives. Yet, no matter how many times I hear the testimony of a survivor, their stories of love, and loss, I can't help but be pulled in by the haunting event. This book brought tears to my eyes, and made me feel for Margaret, because by the end of the book, I felt like I really knew her. For an author to create a character that makes yo...more
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This talented writer attended Tufts University (and published her first book, "Friends for Life," while a senior there) and currently lives in New York City. Ms. White grew up in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Many of her fiction novels feature characters who reside in or around Boston and are fans of the Boston Red Sox (as is Ms. White). In addition to fiction novels, Ms. White has published several...more
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