The Night Angel Trilogy (Night Angel, #1-3)
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The Night Angel Trilogy (Night Angel #1-3)

4.42 of 5 stars 4.42  ·  rating details  ·  11,435 ratings  ·  351 reviews
First SFBC Science Fiction Printing January 2009

A Trilogy Includes:

The Way Of Shadows,Shadow's Edge and Beyond The Shadows

1,383 Pages

Growing up in the slums of Cenaria City, 11-year-old Azoth knows the only way he’ll survive his sadistic gang leader is to apprentice himself to master assassin Durzo Blint. But to be accepted, Azoth must turn his back on his old life and emb...more
Kindle Edition
Published (first published October 1st 2009)
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Marc Aplin
It takes a special kind of author to write three books and have them sold consecutively on a monthly basis… Typically a fantasy trilogy will take between three and four years from the first through until the last book is released. This allows time for readers to finish a book, have a bit of a change and then re-visit a world about a year later…

When Brent Weeks wrote the Night Angel Trilogy his publishers weren’t prepared to make us wait a year for each book. This ‘one month’ wait between each bo...more
Forget all the reviews that are anything less than 5 stars. This series is amazing. I am an avid reader of fantasy and romance, specifically historical romance, but these 3 books are nothing like anythng I have ever read. The characters are solid from the get-go, and develop into real people you can root for and rail against throughout the series. The inner turmoil of Kylar/Azoth, the mysterious past of Durzo, even the ever-present nobility and righteousness of Logan Gyre-I loved each of these c...more
Paulo Roberto
Oddly homophobic and misogynistic. Compelling story but a SEVERE lack of well rounded female characters who aren't in power due to marriage or sex.
Also: Every gay character was molested, abused, raped, or inherently cruel.

When I think of heteronormative and paternalistic behavior or setting, I like to think of George R. R. Martin or Patrick Rothfuss, who create a mediaeval world that is similar to ours, in that it portrays a strong male dominated world, but has the sensibility to include chara...more
Firstly, I skimmed over some of the reviews before I decided to write my own. And one in particular was brought up some negative viewpoints of the plot that, frankly have nothing really to do with the entirety of the story and a social bias; based on ones on perspective on life. (I'm looking at you Paulo). Those so called flaws in fact give the world of MIDCRYU depth.
The Night Angel Trilogy is a compelling and engrossing read. It's very much about courage, redemption and about how Love conquers...more
Summer Milfond
i can't believe that people can actually rate these books less than 5 stars and anything less than that is just unbelievable. (those are the people that don't enjoy good books).

i honestly think that there need to be more books like this out there, cuz it seems like now a days every single book and their grandPA's story is nothing but a lust filled romance that include the obvious followings:
~some really attractive guy (which in real life wo...more
 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
Okay this book is crazy intense! Nothing You think will happen does. I mean Nothing. I have had to put this book down so many times cos it's so gruesome in areas that I either had gotten light headed and broken out into a cold sweat or I had almost thrown up! This book evokes every emotion a person could possibly have and then some. It's like non stop suspense, then action, then warm fuzzy heartfelt feelings, then anger, then sadness etc.. Then the cycle starts all over again. And like I said, e...more
Mike (the Paladin)
Surprisingly good book. I picked it up on the strength of it's cover blurb and a couple of reader reviews. You won't find any deep truths of life, there aren't any insights into life (well maybe a few) but you will get a good novel. (Actually a set of novels as this is the trilogy in one volume.)

I bought this through the Science Fiction Book Club and read it during an extremely stressful time (I read it in a hospital, in the waiting room or the room of my wife). It helped me out of this world an...more
David Dalglish
There is something about Durzo Blint that is immensely appealing. Other characters came and went. The main character, Kylar Stern, alternated between cold-blooded killer, immature teen, and weepy pacifist. Yet Durzo was always Durzo, a cold-blood assassin (excuse me, *wetboy*) that was better than anyone in the art of killing. That he has a secret past is no surprise, but when the surprise is revealed in book two, it feels both immense and incredibly amusing.

The first book in the series starts o...more
There is a lot to love and hate about these books. They are the perfect example the what I like and dislike about modern fantasy. The writing I really enjoyed. Weeks has a very good grasp of character and I was sucked in very quickly as I started to care about the protagonist. The world building and setting was top notch. I also loved that the author was unafraid to move time along. The author was willing to tell the important parts of the story and skip years of back story. What I hate about th...more
The first books starts out well enough, but the plot quickly spirals out of control and the author starts stealing elements from all sorts of other fantasy. You can tell they're stolen because there's no reason for them to exist they way they do within the context of the story. There's so many moments where it just seemed like the author either wrote himself into a corner, and just made up a way for the characters to escape. And all the twists and revelations are undercut by the fact that all th...more
A fantastic read if you like violence, action, vengeance, and political intrigue. I also love the fact that almost no characters are sacred, and most people can be killed off in the course of the series. There are tons of plot twists in each book, and most of them were big surprises.

My only major criticism of the books is the romance: I don't like romance very much, but if it's described in a concise, believable way I can handle it. Hell, I can even appreciate it if it's more like Gregory Maguir...more
Bram Vandenbussche
Aug 11, 2013 Bram Vandenbussche rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of typical fantasy who can stand some gore
Recommended to Bram by: Goodreads
I decided to pick up the "Night Angel-Trilogy" because it was the highest rated book in my to-read list. Unfortunately I don't think it merits that reputation. Here's why:

The Good

- Great, epic fantasy story
- Overall great writing style
- Very well written depictions of battles and other tense moments
- Light, pleasant sense of humor
- Nice variety of people and cities. Each with their unique and captivating culture and politics.
- I loved the variety in magic systems, no One power or anything, but d...more
The story was, at the core, good, yet I felt that the author was constantly writing himself into corners and then coming up with a new piece of backstory. And why does this keep happening? Because the story has to keep ratcheting up with greater and greater challenges.
Stephanie I
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This is a wonderful series that I had a lot of trouble putting down. I would recommend this series to anyone that enjoys fantasy, and especially those that are fans of Brandon Sanderson and Michael J. Sullivan.
Brooke Caine
While I do see a fair amount of promise in Weeks' world-building skills and a substantial improvement in the quality of his writing from the first volume to the next, I was ultimately unable to finish reading the series as his sense of pacing was a little too much for me at times and inhibited me from forming proper emotional attachments to the characters as there were simply too many that were introduced with little to no elucidation on their true purpose (Or their connection to other character...more
I really enjoyed this trilogy and the way Weeks establishes and charts the evolution of his characters. It's complex enough to keep the well-read entertained, but not so complex that weekend/vacation readers won't remember what's going on. While there are a few deus ex machina moments from time to time, I feel like those instances were at least partially tongue-in-cheek. Even if they weren't, then I don't really mind because I found those parts funny; and that sort of thing is what I expect from...more
Sep 14, 2009 Jeromy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fantasy or Character Development lovers
Recommended to Jeromy by: Border's Bookstore guy
Shelves: fantasy, favorites
In my not-so-humble opinion, Outstanding! I loved being able to effortlessly identify with his characters regardless of my personal experience. I was able to create that mental motion picture in my head without having to change reels, adjust the frame, or change the scenery. *sigh* i guess thats just a long-winded way of saying excellent job at presenting background without distracting from the story. Characters were lovable, believable, and most of all enjoyable. The plot was, seemingly, well p...more
James Boles
I don't know what to make of this series. It had a lot of interesting ideas. But some of the recurring, heavy-handed themes (e.g., celibacy as virtue; positive sexuality existing solely in the context of marriage between a man and a woman; sexuality between men and extra-marital sex between heterosexuals placed exclusively in the provinces of brutality and deviation; thinly-veiled musings of Christianity) were off-putting, and constantly interfered with the more interesting issues with which the...more
I really enjoyed this Trilogy. I read this series rather quickly and it's been a little while now since I've finished it so, take that into consideration as you read my review.

What I can remember of this series is that it's really good reading. The action scenes are fast and intense. The world is detailed and alive. The characters are well thought out and described. Overall, very well written series. Kylar has an unknown power within him. This power can be used for many things, one of which is...more
Brent Weeks created a great world and a cast of wonderful characters. Durzo Blint ranks high on my list as one of the best assassins in fantasy, and he has a lot of competition there. In Night Angel, the assassins are called "wetboys" and Durzo not only rules the ranks, his character comes with a few surprises-nice ones. All too often, an assassin or hit man border being one dimensional. Not the case with Durzo. He is complex, and at times, is both likeable and detestable. Just the way it should...more
Brent Weeks is a fantastic author. He is a breath of fresh air that the fantasy series has desperately needed for some time now. Don’t get me wrong- there didn’t cease be excellent authors in the field, but I certainly felt there was a lack of aspiring new comes for a while. Long established authors continued to pump out excellent works (Butcher, Martin, etc) but where was the new guy? I found them- they are Weeks and Brett (see Warded Man, Desert Spear).

What makes Weeks so excellent is that...more
Feb 26, 2013 James rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: EVERYONE
These books are amazing. I bought the series because I needed something to read while waiting for Winds of Winter (A song of Ice and Fire book 6) and finished them in a week. They are well written and it is easy to find yourself reading them for hours without realizing it. The characters are often faced with tough choices and you feel for them when they have to live with the consequences of them. There are many similarities between these books and the Game of Throes books as well as many differe...more
I decided to review this series as a whole rather than each individual book. I enjoyed the complex writing style of Brent Weeks very much. He is very subtle in his foreshadowing and there were several surprises that had me literally exclaiming aloud. I do have a complaint which kept me from giving this a higher rating and that is the very mature nature of the material itself. These books are about a culture based on war and killing and prostitutes. It is a culture who have been misled and succum...more
This entire series was a lot of fun to read. While some of the character interactions seemed a bit clumsy the story moved at a very enjoyable pace. The world, people, and creatures were very fleshed out and developed. (Except the fish thing in the aquaduct...)

This series is DARK. If you are looking for a series that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling or leave you feeling happy at the end, look elsewhere. So many amazingly bad things happen to the characters in this series that it boggles my mind...more
I read this trilogy at lightspeed! It was just a very well written, quick paced trilogy, with great character development, intrigue, and revelations. Weeks doesn't seem to hold much in reverence, having no problem with killing or injuring any main characters.

Durzo Blint was one of the most gripping characters in any series of books, and every time he entered into frame, I was at the edge of my seat. Skylar was a great apprentice to him as well, and the interactions between them were very real an...more
Kylar Stern is a very well built character in my opinion. I bet you can find someone like him among the people you know. Sometimes, I just want to shout, "dude, what's the matter with you?!" I felt so much for him throughout the novel, and I cried, when he broke down and cried. I wanted to help him. And yet at the same time, he is a hero I want to admire. Ever had that feeling that you can help your hero?

Brent Weeks has a style that draws you easily into the story. Some chapters I just had to r...more
Alex Simonet
WOW! This book (writing omnibus is a little long winded) has opened up a new style of books vastly different from the other coming of age novels I've read. Some books take a while to get into and this one certainly isn't one of them. Lots and lots of intense action written by an author who seems confident in what he's writing about. To understand my appreciation for these books you have to know that as a student I don't have much time but for these books 4 days and 4 relatively sleepless nights...more
Clinton Kittrell
One of my friends recommended this book to me after he had read the first book. I began reading it and I am not going to lie, the first few chapters were pretty rough to get through due to the graphic nature and depiction of youth gangs in a corrupt and incredible impoverished setting. That being said once past the rough beginning the book gripped me and didn't let go until I had read all three books in the series. The main character is the bad guy you love to love because deep down he is the ve...more
R.C. Matthews
Brent Weeks' "Night Angel" trilogy is, hands down, one of the best fantasy series I have ever encountered in my life. And trust me, I'm picky. If there's too much magic or too little magic or the protagonist goes running around shooting off his or her crossbow... I stop reading.

I'm not a big fan of reviewing a book or a series of books by the pieces contained within, because I don't want to spoil anything. Therefore, I'll speak generically. But I think one must take a moment to actually consider...more
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Brent Weeks was born and raised in Montana. After getting his paper keys from Hillsdale College, Brent had brief stints walking the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, tending bar, and corrupting the youth. (Not at the same time.) He started writing on bar napkins, then on lesson plans, then full time. Eventually, someone paid him for it. Brent lives in Oregon with his wife, Kristi. He doesn’t own cats...more
More about Brent Weeks...
The Way of Shadows (Night Angel, #1) Beyond the Shadows (Night Angel, #3) Shadow's Edge (Night Angel, #2) The Black Prism (Lightbringer, #1) The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer, #2)

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