Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning, #6)
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Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning #6)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  3,119 ratings  ·  163 reviews
From ?a stellar talent?( New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning) comes another ?scorchingly sensual, utterly delicious?( New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter) novel?

The Goddesses have had it with the Trojan War. So much devastation?all because of some silly male egos. The worst of the bunch is that cocky, handsome brute Achilles. But the only way...more
Kindle Edition, 356 pages
Published (first published May 6th 2008)
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I actually started to read the book at 3am last night and i couldn't put it down. I thought it would be boring and put me to sleep instead it was totally diffrent. Witty, funny, downright sinful. I loved it, and I could not get enough of it. Cant wait for the nex book....... She is continuing to stay at the top of my favorite author's list. LOVED the book
P.C. Cast steals my breath away. I have not started her YA series, but her adult writings... *shivers*. One of my favorite book of hers is Warrior Rising. It's based on the famous Greek Trojan War. It's the 6th book to the Goddess Summoning series -- which you don't have to read in order, they're all separate stories -- and in my opinion of the hottest. You follow 31 year old Kat who gets sucked into an 18 year old body. She's supposed to stop Achilles from advancing the war. This is where my pe...more
Burak Uluışık
Yine çok güzel bir Tanrıça kitabıydı. Bu kitabı da çok sevdim ama sadece Tanrıça serisinin bir parçası olduğu için değil. İlk okuduğum mitolojik kitap Truva'dan Dönüştü. Truva savaşı sonrasını anlatıyordu. Bir serinin ikinci kitabı olmasına ve ilk kitabı okumamama rağmen (ki hala okumadım bi ara başlıyayım bari) çok etkilenmiş ve sevmiştim. Mitoloji bilgimin çoğu o kitaptan gelir. Tabii daha vahşi ve kanlıydı. Hey gidi günler neyse sadece çevirmenin Aşil'i Akhilleus olarak yazmasına takıldım lan...more
i have no idea why i keep reading cast's novels. this is my third, and while it's my favorite of the three, it's still not good.this time, she applies her overwrought themes of Girl Power to the Iliad. i'm all for female empowerment, but please do not mess with my ancient epics.

to air a personal grievance, i can't stand when audiences apply modern ideals to ancient texts, theories, etc. it's unreasonable.

also, the goddesses within are represented as flighty and all too easily impressed by "mod...more
Zeynep Ataş
3,5 olsa onu verecektim :P Bir yıldız fazla verdim, o da yazarın güzel betimlemeleri ve iki arkadaş arasındaki diyalogların doğallığı hatırına:) Onun dışında bana göre serinin diğer kitaplarındaki büyüden - özellikle Bahar ve Gül Tanrıçası - yoksun bir kitaptı... Ağır bir girişten sonra hızlı gelişen olaylar, oldu bittiye gelen hisler ve erkek karakterin bakış açısına yer verilmemesi beni üzdü. Yine de bu seride bir şey var, okuyun derim :)
HR readsNstuff
Okay... i was traumatised by a play called Trojan Women when i was younger. The play had me weeping for what happened to the women of Troy and their children at the end of the war (it was pretty gruesome). what does this have to do with this book? well and sorry but this goes into spoiler territory so...

(view spoiler)...more
Jodi Yorston
Also known as Warrior Rising. This is an amazing story with a little twist. I loved the modern and the ancient coming together to bring you a story that is sure to have your attention. I recommend all the Goddess Summoning series I wish she where to write more!
This is one of the worst books that I have ever read in 30 years. I was rolling my eyes within the first 30 pages. This follows the movie troy scene for scene. She just adds her characters into each scene. After 30 pages I just started skimming and then returned this the day after I checked it out of the library. I am glad that I wasted no money on this . This was the first by this author I have ever read and usually I will give an author another try and read a second but this one was just so ba...more
Caryn Tran
Read at a young age.
Good not great.
Wish I actually paid attention to who the book was written for, but I guess I was lucky for being slightly more mature than a normal 13 year old.
Good old me had quite a bit of problem figuring out whether to finish the story when I started hitting the more explicit material. But I went ahead.

Memorable for the explicit material not the story.
But hey, I finished it! Tells you something about the story?

Didn't like the main character.
Ehh~ would have rather read a d...more
This book has been my least favorite of the series. It takes the heroines back to ancient Troy and I thought that it was less successful than "Goddess of the Sea" in portraying what it would be like for modern women to go back in time. Besides the fact that Troy has never been a myth I've cared for, the story itself just didn't really jive with me.

The love story was very reminiscent of "Goddess of the Rose" and "Goddess of Spring", so it wasn't as unique. Plus, other than pity, their relationshi...more
Meltem Adaici
Benim için tanrıça serisinin ayrı bir yeri var gerçekten.Ama okulum ve yoğun tempom yüzünden biraz geç bitirebildim.Kitap güzeldi güzel olmasına ama sonunu bu kitaba yakıştıramadım neden bilmiyorum ama bana sanki sonu aceleye gelmiş ve kurguda abartılmış gibi geldi.Kitabın konusu güzeldi özellikle içerisinde geçen zenci sarışın espirilerine gülmekten karnım ağırdı.Truva atı olayının konuya bağlanmasını sevdim ama Truvalılarada acımadan edemedim.
Tamda tahmin ettiğim gibi seride ki en iyi kitaplardan biriydi.Truva Savaşını çok farklı bir şekilde kurgulamış yazar.Bu halini de sevdim ben.He eksikleri vardı.Çok çabuk aşık olup birbirlerini kabullendiler.

Ama serideki favorim hala Bahar Tanrıçası.Ah Hades ahhh:)
this was an incredible story based on the Great battle of Troy... i fell in love with Achilles.. PC Cast is just so good at capturing the heart and soul with these books..
Did you see Troy? It's almost like this, but with more sex!
Tara van Beurden
Like all its predecessors, this book, the second last of thus far published Goddess Summoning series, succeeded with and suffered from the same things. It was funny, yes, and had some winning turns in the plot towards the end, but it fell down on its own clichés. The meddling of the clichés (three in this one!) got annoying fast, seeming to ignore some of the circumstances of the previous book, and act as a deus ex machine when required. The two main characters were also kind of stupid and seeme...more
I was super excited to read this book. I love the Trojan War. Of course I also loved the movie Troy but anyway.

As with all of the Goddess Summoning books someone from our time goes back and takes the place of someone from the ancient times. In this case we have two someones. Kat and Jackie are killed in a car accident in present day Tulsa Oklahoma. The Goddesses, Athena, Venus and Hera, who hope to end the Trojan war shift their souls into the Trojan princess Polyxena and her handmaiden, Melia,...more
Spicy!! That is a term a librarian friend of mine uses for the books than make us fan our selves! Not only is this very "sexy" in nature, it is downright hilarious. I am loving Cast's series about contemporary women zapped into bodies of goddesses and humans. This time, 40 something Kat finds herself in the 20 something body of a Princess of Troy who is to convince Achilles not to keep fighting the war against the Trojans but ends up falling in love with him instead. Along with Kat is her Black...more
Alice A
There is a problem with P.C. Cast's novels: the heroines are close to perfect. They are all smart, witty, funny, courageous and have the perfect careers and friends. There are seriously no flaws. I find this annoying because no woman is perfect and I find it hard to like her heroines because of how flawless they are. This is one factor that affects my judgment of these books.

So Kat and her 'caramel latte-skinned' friend Jacky (why do black girls in Cast's books always have their skin described w...more
First Line: "Thetis of the Silver Feet rose from the depths of the hidden cove."

This was a solid read - very much in line with the other books in Cast's Goddess series. There is, of course, a modern mortal and her bestest friend who die in a tragic car accident. But, thanks to the interference of the ancient goddesses, their souls are rescued from eternity and dragged back to the Trojan war. The goddesses are sick of the rumors connecting them to the never-ending conflict and Hera is especially...more
Hemen hemen tek oturuşta bitirdim diyebilirim bu kitabı.
Yine klasik olarak ilk 70-80 sayfa oldukça yavan ve sıkıcıydı. Ancak o sıkıcı kısmı atınca gidişat açısınsan size oldukça keyif veren komik ve maceralı bir kısım bekliyor.
Serinin geneline göre iki şey hoşuma gitti ilk olarak;
Sefil evde kalmış kadının zavallı aşk hayatına doğan ışık konseptinin gitmesiydi
Gelişme kısmının durağanlıktan uzak olmasıydı.
Ancak kitapta büyük bir hayal kırıklığı yaşadım. Sonu hiç yakışmamış bu seriye ....more
I don’t know where to begin.
This book left me speechless.

*looks up*
I need inspiration because i cannot describe this book.
I freaking loved this book. It has to be the best in this series.
Someone give P.C Cast a medal because she deserves one.
This was pure genius.
Honestly speaking i hated the Trojan War because of how it turned out but this book made me love it.
I never put down this book from the minute i got it and actually got in trouble with my bio and chem teacher for not paying attent...more
This was a fast and enjoyable read. Saw it in the book store and was already interested in reading this new version of the Trojan War. I really enjoyed the characters and P.C. Casts humor. ;) This definitly wasn't my last book from this series!

*** German Review ***

Der Tojanische Krieg einmal anders: die Göttinnen Venus, Hera und Athene haben genug davon, dass man ihnen die Schuld am Trojanischen Krieg zuschiebt, denn eigentlich haben sie damit nichts zu tun, es sind nur dumme Gerüchte, die auf d...more
Liz Green
Star Rating- 3

I thoroughly enjoy reading the Goddess Summoning novels, they are a very fun and relaxed read of PC Casts but all of the characters have real spirit which I love!

Warrior Rising (or Goddess of Troy) is based around the Greek Trojan War. The main character, Kat, and her best friend, Jacky, die in a car accident but not before the Greek Goddess of Love, Venus, decides that she needs thee two modern age women to help stop this ongoing war.

Kat's job is to bespell the warrior, Achilles t...more
Charlotte Phillips
P.C.Cast will always and forever remain as one of my favorite authors. No matter how similar or predictable her books may be, they always attract me and keep me reading. I love the way that she writes her novels with such a huge sense of reality and yet how she seems to keep this sense of historical truth in her piece as well. I felt that there was a lot within this book that was worth reading, enough to keep the adrenaline racing and have me wanting to NOT put the book down. The author made me...more

Okay, como é que eu ia conseguir restir a um livro sobre a Guerra de Tróia? Não consegui, é claro. Como mal podia esperar para o ler, comprei-o logo para o Kindle e foi lido num dia. Quando as deusas Vénus, Atena e Hera se sentem cansadas de levar com as culpas pela guerra entre gregos e troianos, decidem "resgatar" uma rapariga para seduzir e ajudar o guerreiro que pode por fim a esta. Mas o seu plano acaba por ser alterado, tendo de fazer com que apenas...more
Gina (Fantasia Books)

Loved this book, it was great and another amazing story from P.C. Cast about mythology!! :)
Loved the characters of Kat and Jacky. They were just so funny and and it was great reading their conversations :)
I never knew much about the story of Achilles but now i do! P.C. Cast changed it into a beautiful love story that was somewhat tragic. When he told Kat that he had killed his soon-to-be-wife years ago and that was why he hadn't taken a loved in more than a decade. I thought it was...more
Bu serinin neredeyse her kitabında olduğu gibi bu kitabında da başlarda azıcık sıkıldım açıkçası ama sonra birden çekti kitap kendisini içine. Ben güçlü kadın karakterleri okumayı seviyorum. Kitabın ana karakteri Kat ve ana karakteri sayılabilecek Jacky gerçekten de kendi ayakları üzerinde durabilen bağımsız kadınlardı.

Truva Savaşı'nın uzamasından sıkılan tanrıçalar, Hera, Venüs ve Athena bu savaşı durdurmanın tek yolunun azgın savaşçı Achilles'in dikkatini savaştan uzaklaştıracak bir şey, bir...more
Helen Griffin
I have read many P.C Cast books before and I especially love her young adult series House of Night. So when I saw this book I thought I'll give it a go, she hasn't let me down before. Unfortunately now she has.

It was an OK book and I got through it just fine but it just didn't keep me gripped like her other books have done. The story and characters were very simple and I feel that there could have been a bit more.

The two main couples in the book were very 2 dimensional and even though we sort of...more
Rachel added it
Jul 24, 2014
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
I don't remember why I had stopped reading this series last year, but I'm glad I picked it back up.

This book was, as the others in this series, a fun, light read. I forgot how much fun the goddesses are! Venus is hillarious.

This is a story about friendship, loyalties, goddesses that get in everybody's business, and P.C. Cast own tale of the Trojan War.

Kat, a mortal woman from the modern world, and her best friend, Jacky, are brought by Venus, Athena and Hera to put an end to the Trojan War. Kat'...more
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P.C. Cast was born in the Midwestern United States, and grew up being shuttled back-and-forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology (at about the same time). After high school she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing. With her tour in the USAF completed, she taught high school for 15 years before retirin...more
More about P.C. Cast...
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