Shield of Thunder (Troy, #2)
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Shield of Thunder (Troy #2)

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The second novel in David Gemmell’s bestselling Troy trilogy. Interlacing myth and history, and high adventure, this is epic storytelling at its very best.

War is looming, and all the kings of the Great Green are gathering, each with their own dark plans of conquest and plunder.

Into this maelstrom of treachery come three travellers: Piria, a runaway priestess nursing a terr

Kindle Edition
Published (first published 2006)
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As you can see above, the math for this one is quite simple. This is book two of one of the best Heroic Fantasy series I have ever read. This sequel to the wonderful Lord of the Silver Bow is the middle installment of David Gemmell's Troy trilogy in which he superbly re-imagines the events leading up to and including the Trojan War. It is brilliant, original and terrifically entertaining.

Beginning several years after the events of Lord of the Silver Bow, this book continues the build up to the...more
Wendell Adams
Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews

Book I of this series started off slow but really picked up speed as it reached its conclusion, so I started book two very excited to see where Gemmell was going with it. Unfortunately, Shield of Thunder really failed to deliver.

As soon as you begin this book, you will notice that Gemmell has skipped forward in time. No big deal really except for one important fact: a tragic event has occurred, which has left one of our main characters dead or dying. (...more
Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead
Sometimes books are so well written, the characters come so alive, that I can read the book as quickly as I can watch a movie. That was the case with this book. David Gemmell was a genius. He was a puppet master, carefully laying out his characters, their dialogue, their moves, so that the story comes together beautifully at the end. I'm not going to do a full review since if you already read book 1, you most likely plan on reading this book or already read it.

However, if you haven't read book 1...more
twelvejan [Alexandria]
5 stars for Shield of Thunder

Troy will always be my favourite fiction.
Oh God!

What is it David Gemmell does to make such an epic story with amazing characters and breathtaking scenes!

This is the second book of the Troy trilogy and was outstanding just like the first one. But, in my opinion, i have to say that i like far more the first book Lord of the Silver Bow than this one. Shield of Thunder felt, in some parts, a bit slow in contrast with the first one where everything was fast paced and epic with every page you turn. I felt this book had so much of telling of...more
This is the second of a trilogy about the Trojan War. I am writing this review after having read all three books.
The story continues to draw us toward the inevitable Trojan War, the civil war within Troy has been resolved and now preparations for battle with the Greeks has begun. Several minor characters from the first book have a more significant role in this one, including Piria, a priesess of Thera and Kalliades & Banokles, warriors of Mykene. Odysseus, King of Ithaca, warrior, merchant...more
Arun Divakar
We all harbor monsters within us. Winged,clawed,fanged & frothing at the mouth they wait to be unchained even at the slightest provocation to create before our eyes what we have but dreaded in our darkest thoughts. A war looming in the horizon will change everything from the land to the people and everywhere we hear the patter of hoofbeats. Astride a pale horse comes the rider who eventually visits everyone who ever draw breath on this earth !

War draws mankind like moths to a flame and so...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sue Smith
I do have to admit that historical fiction is one of my favorite genres .... you have a feel for the time and place , and have been introduced to the main characters so they become like old friends in no time. On that note, most people out there do know the battle of Troy, the legends exist and we still use the axiom of the gift of the Trojan Horse and what that ultimately means. It's one of the enduring parts of the tale that keep the legend of Troy alive to this day. Well that and the whole He...more
Незнайно защо, ала бях много резервирана към прочита на втората книга на поредицата "Троя". Може би това от части се дължеше към страхотното начало с "Повелителя на сребърния лък" и се притеснявах дали и останалите книги ще са на ниво, както и факта, че любимите ми герои определено ще преживеят някаква лична драма. Всички тези страхове обаче заминаха в небитието в момента, в който взех книгата в ръце.

"Гръмотевичният щит" е достойно продължение на първата книга. Тук динамиката на действието е още...more
След увличащото начало на поредицата „Троя” – „Повелителят на сребърния лък”, Инфодар ни зарадваха и с втората книга „Гръмотевичния щит”. Противно на обичайното за средните книги в повечето поредици, тази се отличава с много динамично действие и развитие по основните сюжетни линии, но за съжаление е и последната завършена книга на Дейвид Гемел, преди да се спомине.

Не е възможно да се напише хубава история за героични дела, ако преди това не се напише красива история за човешките такива и с „Гръм...more
If we had half-scales it'd be more towards the 2.5 side than a whole 3.

It's an amiable type of read, picks up from book 1 & you soon catch-up with whose-who. Characters are likeable enough with the Greek & trojan heroes of myth & legend especially Odysseus who dominates the first part of the book & keeps it going.

As to the story it's a little disappointing in many ways, for me there should have been a lot more about the politics & plays made by the various Kings, in fact it'...more
Nathan Trachta
A passion of mine is the story of the sacking of Troy and the return of the “Greeks” (The Iliad and The Odyssey) while I’m no expert, I’m ‘acquainted’ with the story. The events Homer describes are so strong and vivid, I also love the characters involved, particularly the character of Odysseus (sorry, rather than the big heroic type I’m more into the thinker).

Mr. Gemmel did the ambitious act of writing a series of historical fiction books that supported Homer’s works along with Virgil’s The Aen...more
This review will probably be chock-full of spoilers. Warning you now!

I liked this even better than the first book, even if they killed my favourite (KARPOPHORRRUUUUSSSS) off-screen. Yup, what did I tell you? Chock-full of spoilers. And then my new favourite became the awesomely awesome fat man who is not portrayed as a joke but as an actual, wonderful human being Antiphones, who only received the spotlight for a few chapters before fading into the background again (SOB). And then I fell in love...more
I liked Gemmell's second book in his Troy trilogy (which is a prequel of The Trojan War) better than the first. Many of the characters that make up Homer's Iliad start to come together in this one. And you start to see how the war and the characters that takes up a central role in it come to fruition. However, the same issues I had with the first novel were found in this one as well.
On the plus side, Gemmell's writing is superb. Everything flows together very well and there are really no boring...more
A lovely story. A fine re-imagining of the events leading up to the fall of Troy. I agree with the good reviews except calling it 'best book ever.' Second book of a trilogy. I did not read the first book but there are just enough references from Lord of the Silver Bow to connect the dots between events. This installment can stand alone.

Gemmell initially focuses on unintentional heroes Kalliades and Banokles. Their sub-story really helps tie these epic events together in an accessible way. It has...more
Vesy Vesy

While I really liked the first book, this one I experienced on a whole new level. I thought it was great. And while I really love Gemmel's representation of Andromache, this book gave me another two great female characters to admire, though one of them showed what she is made of only in the end. The last chapter with her and her son was one of the most powerful moments in the story.

And we have the unlikely heroes in the faces of Kalliades and Banokles. Kalliades really got under my skin. Even...more
I was blown away by Gemmell's first Troy book, Lord of the Silver Bow, and purchased the rest of the trilogy soon upon its completion. Shield of Thunder did not disappoint. The action was ferocious, the drama was both touching and realistic, and the characters were vivid and alive. I was especially taken by the way Gemmell doesn't seem to pick sides as the great war enfolds. Nobody is the bad guy per se, although Agamemnon is a murderous tyrant, and instead we see the foul conflict through the e...more

What an amazing journey! There is action, adventure, courage, and so much more in these stories. What an inspiring author David Gemmell was. What is so great about these stories is that readers are taken into the hearts and minds of the characters. This is historical fiction that rises off of the page. It was so hard to put it down to do other things. Troy Shield of Thunder moves the story ever closer to the epic battle which we know will take place. What a pleasure it has been getting there. I...more
Ollie Odebunmi
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I devoured this, the second book in the late David Gemmell's Trojan War Trilogy ... just as I did the first. It has the old characters like Odysseus and Hektor and Agamemnon but there's other less legendary characters and it puts a different slant on things: looking at the War from both Greek and Trojan points of view. Up 'til now, it always seems to have been the Greeks who were the good guys with the Trojans playing the bad guys. It's looking slightly different with this story.
Mark ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
An entertaining read and well written. Full of action, betrayal, battles, etc. Has everything an historical novel for me needs. At least I now know what happened to Xander, Gershom and Attalus. As I wrote in my review of the first book these characters dropped out of the book with no trace, but now the mystery is solved, at least for me. Will look foward to reading the concluding book later.
A great take on Greek Mythology and the story of Troy. This book leads up to the point were the Greeks surrounds Troy. David Gemmell tells a great story how the battle may have come to be. His characters are lively and very entertaining. I really felt the need to go back time and be there for some of the scenes. A Very enjoyable story.
I loved the book, just as i loevd the previous one and most of Gemmel's books. It is one of the best pieces of art created on the Trojan theme. Looking forward to reading the last *sigh* book from the trilogy.
Erin Pierce
Last David Gemmell Book. This was a super excellent book. He was a wonderful story teller. He will be missed.
Mayank Agarwal
Reading for the second time and can safely say while it's a great read, it's not going to be among my lacks the Epic feel(Just cant compare to Illaid). Luckily had forgotten many of the best moments from the books so the surprise was maintained during the second read and had fun going over it again.

It's a better book then the first one for many reasons. It's got more involvement of the ancient heroes. It finally brings out the Trojan War and in a realistic manner with battle ragi...more
There’s not too much I can add to my review of this, the second novel in the trilogy, without repeating what I said in my review of the first book. Gemmell’s writing quality is consistent throughout the series, and, like the first, this novel is packed with just as much adventure, tension, authentic detail and earthy characterisations. I liked the fact that Gemmell shifts gears here to three new lead characters – Kalliades, Banokles and Piria, who are barely more than mentioned in the first nove...more
Karla (Mossy Love Grotto)
The first half of the book is better than the second, as Gemmell does a good job of writing Odysseus while sticking to his canonical attributes. The book takes a downturn, however, in the second half as Gemmell's stable of characters go from dire circumstances to mandatory last-minutes rescues to sudden deaths, all without much emotional involvement. So much of what makes these people tick is told, not shown, in pluperfect flashbacks, as was the case in the first book, and it was a worn-out devi...more
Le récit de ce second tome se divise en deux parties. D'abord une phase où Gemmell introduit, ou rappelle à notre bon souvenir deux personnages très secondaires du premier tome pour en faire les héros de ce deuxième tome : Banoclès et Calliadès, deux guerriers mycéniens condamnés à mort par le roi Agammemnon suite à leur expédition manquée dans le tome un.

Puis, une phase plus enlevée, qui retrace les premiers développements de la guerre opposant Troie aux royaumes mycéniens.

On retrouve égalemen...more
I loved Lord of the Silver Bow so I had high expectations for this one and it reached everyone. It starts a short time after the first book ended and provides just enough rewind to catch you up without being boring. For the most part, the characters are consistent though many of the secondary characters from the first book are now the primary characters here. The main characters which survived the first book are continued, but their stories become ever more entangled.

I loved the strong masculine...more
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David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy. A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984. He went on to write over thirty novels. Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell's works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption. With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sel...more
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