Pray for Silence: A Thriller (Kate Burkholder #2)
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Pray for Silence: A Thriller (Kate Burkholder #2)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  6,887 ratings  ·  871 reviews
The New York Times bestselling author of Sworn to Silence delivers an electrifying thriller—Chief of Police Kate Burkholder must confront a dark evil to solve the mysterious murders of an entire Amish family

In the quiet town of Painters Mill, an Amish family of seven has been found brutally murdered on their farm. Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and her small force have fe...more
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Published June 22nd 2010 by Macmillan Audio (first published 2010)
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Tim "The Enchanter"
Excellent Crime Thriller - 4 Stars

Me and Kate Burkholder are not quite seeing eye to eye. Her and her friends need to have their mouths washed out with some soap. We get it already, you are not God-fearing, pacifist Amish. If the penchant for drinking away pain and the intimidation of witnesses didn't give us this impression, the frequent f-bombs certainly clue us in. Although I really do enjoy the wonderful writing and meticulous plots, I going to have to put the series aside. The excessive...more
Sadly disappointed. I really enjoyed "Sworn to Silence" and looked forward to reading this one. I'm happy that I didn't spend any money on it since I could not finish it. The gory descriptions of the killings of the Plank family are not for the faint of heart and I had a hard time reading through the first 40 pages or so. My biggest problem, however, is that Ms. Castillo must think her readers are stupid. Why else, would we need to be reminded on every other page that Kate Burkholder grew up Ami...more
This is the problem I have with series. The repetition of what happens in the first or previous book, the replay of each character's personality. It becomes annoying after a while. Why does all the information have to be repeated all over again? If someone wants to start with the second, third, etc book, then that's the risk that person runs of not having a full understanding of the storyline. However, for those of us who choose to start series from the beginning, I don't want to have to have it...more
This isn't exactly what I expected. I read the first chapter in Barnes and Noble and thought, "wow this sounds like a great mystery." And the mystery of who did it was ok, but getting there was kind of sad.

This really isn't a police procedural, and it isn't a medical mystery, and it isn't a psychological mystery. I don't exactly know how to classify this. The main character is ex-Amish and has some deep dark secret in her past that she constantly refers to but never mentions until almost the en...more
One of the pleasures of a good mystery is the way it shakes up and recomposes the moral world, and its particularly interesting to watch this process play out in the midst of a religious community different from one's own. Thus the interest in Father Brown's salvation ethic, Rabbi Small's application of Talmudic reasoning, etc. I turned to Linda Castillo's fallen-away Amish detective with hope she would tell me something about the human condition from the perspective of the Plain People. But no....more
Skid was totally over the graveyard shift! The only thing which made it slightly more bearable was the diner where he (Officer Chuck Skidmore) would venture each night, so he could chat up the waitress. Chatting to Mona back at the station to alleviate the boredom was another past-time; but when he heard screaming, like a wild animal in pain, he reported in to Mona, telling her he would take a look at the Plank farm, which was where the sound seemed to come from.

The Plank family were Amish and...more
4.0 out of 5 stars Good, solid thriller..., May 12, 2010

This review is from: Pray for Silence: A Thriller (Kate Burkholder) (Hardcover)

This is the second book in a series to follow Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder) and it features Painters Mill Police Chief Kate Burkholder -- ex Amish Ohio native turned "English" when she decides to leave the church she was raised in at age eighteen. She's the kind of single woman cop I like -- tough but sensitive, damaged by her past yet still open to new rel...more
Someone has invaded the Amish community. While out patrolling, Officer Chuck “skid” Skidmore stopped to take a bathroom break, when suddenly he hears a man’s scream. The scream is coming from the Plank family’s home. Office Skidmore goes out to investigate. What he finds at the Plank house will shake him to the core. All seven members of the Plank family have been murdered. Was the Plank family murder a act of hate or something worse?

Pray for Silence is the second novel from Mrs. Castillo. OMG…S...more
Suspense Magazine
Reminiscent of the much-loved Holly Barker series by Stuart Woods, Linda Castillo takes a slightly different approach to the small town life of a female sheriff in “Pray for Silence”. With a keen eye for detail, Castillo thrusts readers into this exciting, fast-paced thriller from the first page beginning with an incomprehensible crime. Seven dead. An entire Amish family massacred. With dwindling hope for a speedy resolution, Sheriff Kate Burkholder and her team must work within the confines of...more
Another fast paced book in this series. I enjoy the main character, Kate Burkholder, and her staff on the police department in the Amish/English community of Painters Mill. I also like Kate's relationship with the troubled State Agent John Tomasetti.

These books are definitely thrillers and not for the faint of heart.
Mel (who is deeply in love with herself)
Sometimes, books which deal with gruesome, bloody violence use spare details to actually describe the horror. I thought it was just a cop-out. I thought the authors were too wimpy, or simply too ungifted at writing true stark blood-soaked violence, to dare even try.

But then I read this book.

And I knew.

The opening chapters of the book detailed the crime scene which would be at the crux of the story. And I mean detailed. Halfway through the first few pages, I was already cringing and skimming th...more
I gave the series a second chance, but again, it was gratuitously/salaciously graphic, written with little nuance or depth or insight into human nature. The plot was messy and I kept arguing with plot holes and obvious clues, and basically, I kept comparing every element and angle of the book with other crime and/or romantic suspense books that did them better.

There were a couple flashes of engagement that peeked through, and I wish the book/series focused on and developed further a) the tangled...more
Questo è il secondo romanzo con protagonista Kate Burkholder e inizialmente ero un po’ preoccupata di non riuscire a capire alcuni passaggi non avendo letto il primo, preoccupazione assolutamente inutile. La protagonista fa riferimento al caso precedente ma gli accenni sono così rari e brevi che non fanno sorgere domande.
Linda Castillo ha creato un romanzo thriller usando come movente il più classico e intramontabile fra quelli a cui si può pensare: un segreto.
“Tre persone possono tenere un seg...more
3 stars = I liked it enough to finish it, but that is all.

My issues with this book almost stopped me from completing it a few times, but I stuck with it because it promised mystery. Saldly, it ultimately was a let-down even there. It is written from a first person point of view, and the author makes some typical 1st person mistakes: The author tells (through the protagonist) instead of showing. Through Kate: "I thought this. I thought that." She tells, and tells, and tells. For a thriller, there...more
This is the second in a series of Police Chief Kate Burkholder in Painters Mill, Ohio, a small town which shares it's settlement with an Amish community. Kate was brought up in the Plain Life but no longer lives with its doctrines. She had a life altering experience in her teens and recent events bring all that back, when a young Amish girl is seduced, raped, photographed, impregnated and murdered.

A heinous serial killer/mass murderer is hidden in the community. 7 dead at an Amish farm, in the m...more
Kathy Martin
PRAY FOR SILENCE is an intense, gritty mystery that has the main character - Kate Burkholder - reliving some of the trauma that she endured as a young teen. As police chief in usually quiet Painters Mill, Ohio, when Kate is called to the scene of the killing of an entire Amish family, she is plunged into a case that creates echoes of her own past.

The Plank family has been killed from father Amos through baby-in-arms Amos. The father and two sons were shot in the home; the mother and infant were...more
This is the second in the Kate Burkholder series and there were several elements of the novel that I thought were much improved over #1 in the series. I liked the character development and the pace of both novels in the series. The use of Pennsylvania Dutch dialogue adds a new dimension to the characters and the atmosphere in the sequel. Also, the accounts of the changing weather and other descriptions of the out-of-doors keep us involved with the experience of the characters and the pages fly b...more
Ein neuer Mordfall wartet auf Polizeichefin Kate Burkholder. Auf einem abgelegenen Hof werden 7 Leichen gefunden, unter ihnen ein Baby. In der Scheune werden zudem noch zwei Mädchen gefunden, gefoldert und misshandelt, wobei es selbst den erfahrensten Polizisten das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lässt.

Die ermordete Familie gehören zur amischen Gemeinde in Ohio, was auch Kate Burkholder stärker mit ihrer Vergangenheit in Verbindung bringt, als sie es will, immerhin war sie einst ebenso Mitglied der...more
Stacy Green
I'm giving this book 3.5 stars because I read it in two days, and the murder plot kept me entertained. I didn't feel like it kept me quite as emotionally invested as the first. And I did notice parallels to the plotting in the first, which is fine, but I think that's why this book didn't seem quite as original as the first. However, the plot was solid and very dark, so be warned. I'm still invested enough in the main character to continue the series.
Georgiann Hennelly
Pray for silence is the story of a slaying of an entire Amish family. Small town police chief Kate Burkholder takes us through the events leading up to the murders.As well as the steps taken to help solve the terrible crimes.She painstakingly sifts through the evidence and sets herself up to catch the murderer. T he story is well told and with enough humor and romance to help counter the awful brutality. I would diffently read more of her books.
I was anxious to continue reading this series about Police Chief Kate Burkeholter in the Amish community Of Painters Mill. However It was very graphic in the details of the murders. An entire Amish family is found tortured and murdered. I skimmed over much of the details because I am more interested in the characters and the investigation than the gory details. I do disagree with other readers who complain about bringing up important details from previous books. It makes a difference in the char...more
THese books are like crack for me. I've enjoyed them, in a weird, dark secret kind of way because they aren't what I usually read at all. Kate Burkholder is the police chief in the small town she grew up in with her Amish family. After a harrowing encounter at 14, Kate decided not to join the Plain Folk and went off to start her crime-fighting career. She's got a scrappy crew with her at the station and spends her time bridging the cultural gap between the Amish and English, solving heinous crim...more
Police Chief Kate Burkholder leads the investigation into a horrific crime. Seven members of an Amish family have been found murdered at their home. Two of the victims, both teenage girls, show signs of torture. Kate and her team are aided in the investigation by BCI Investigator John Tomasetti. As time ticks by with no real suspects, Kate finds a diary hidden at the farm house which may turn out to be their best lead.

This is the second book in the Kate Burkholder series. Kate grew up Amish but...more
Ingrid Hansen
Jeg er faktisk blevet helt vild med Linda Castillo's bøger om Kate Burkholder. Dette her er bog nr. 2 og den holder hele vejen igennem med plottet. Der er dog lige en lille ting eller to som gør at jeg har måtte trække en stjerne fra den samlede bedømmelse.

Vi er igen i Painters Mill og her må Kate Burkholder holde tungen lige i munden da der sker et 7 dobbelt mord på en familie i det lille amishsamfund. Mordene er koldblodige og specielt de to piger i familien har morderen sørget for at give hel...more
In my observation, there is an enormous number of books out there about Amish people. Amish romances, Amish crime dramas, Amish paranormal's like an all-you-can-Amish buffet. I'm not sure why. In my ever failing attempt to read more fiction, I grabbed this one at the library yesterday and thought I'd give it a shot. This is a violent Amish crime book about an ex-Amish cop in an Amish community investigating an horrendous crime perpetrated against an Amish family. The Amish are fe...more
Kate Burkholder is the police chief of a very small (fictional ) town in Amish country. In fact, many of the towns and streets she mentions in the book are areas we have been to many times ..

There are a few other books in this series and this is book 2, so I've started them a bit out of order .

Anyhow, this takes place on night when one of the men in the police force is driving the back roads on his night shift and hears a scream . He goes to investigate and finds an amish man running across the...more
I enjoyed the first book in this series Sworn to Silence.
I was disappointed with this book though, is extremely graphic and at times very hard to read. I had to skim several parts.
Linda Castillo continues her impeccable, tension-filled, Kate Burkholder series, without missing a beat. The small town woman chief of police has yet another horrific crime on her hands in her Amish community with little to go on in solving it. There are always great characters in her books...the good guys and the bad and this one has many. A true page-turner, thriller, scary-at-times book that is even better than her first in the series, 'Sworn To Silence'...a hard act to follow. This is not fo...more
John Rose
This book is a great thriller, full of suspense. A fast-paced follow-up to Sworn to Silence but can also stand alone for those who haven't read Sworn to Silence yet. I can't wait for the next book in this series to come out. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves a great thriller.
This is not big literature and you could argue a lot about the style, the characters and the cliches in the book. But is is very gripping, I couldn't stop reading it till I knew who did it. Sometimes I need a book like that.
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Linda Castillo is the New York Times bestselling author of the Kate Burkholder series, including Sworn to Silence and Gone Missing, crime thrillers set in Amish country. Sworn to Silence was recently adapted into a Lifetime original movie titled An Amish Murder starring Neve Campbell as Kate Burkholder.

Castillo is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the Daphne du Maurier Award of...more
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