Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, #1)
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Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #1)

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After a violent civil war, and the devastation wrought by the now-fallen Darth Caedus, the Galactic Alliance is in crisis -- and in need. From all corners, politicians, power brokers, and military leaders converge on Coruscant for a crucial summit to restore order, negotiate differences, and determine the future of their unified worlds. But even more critical, and far more...more
Kindle Edition, 337 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2009)
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I was really looking forward to Outcast. I've been looking forward to it more than any other Star Wars event of the year. I have been dying to find out what kind of series would follow the epic story of wishy-washy Sith Lord, Darth Caedus. At first glance I will say that elements of this series are reminding me of Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix and Daala it's Professor Umbridge. But instead of the Order of the Phoenix we have, Darkmeld. This portion, plot 1, the Jedi madness/Jailbreak...more
Cassie Hawkings
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The Fate of the Jedi series takes place two years after the chaos and destruction caused by Darth Caedus. Chief of State Natasi Daala brings charges against Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker amounting to him failing to recognize one of his Jedi Knights was turning to the Dark Side. If Luke could have prevented the turn, then the Second Galactic Civil War could have been prevented. Within a few days, Luke Skywalker is exiled from the New Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance for ten years, and subs...more
I actually had a hard time getting into this one, and I blame fanfic. I am completely obsessed with a fic and it has taken over my brain. At least the Star Wars part. So I’m not really sure I’m even qualified to review.

That said, I did enjoy it. I’m long past the days when a Star Wars novel can blow my mind (Though Mindor came close,) but Outcast offers a lot of good things. Namely, Ben and Luke. Ben was the biggest surprise of Legacy of the Force, and his development continues here. My only com...more
Space opera? Oh, wherefore art thou, space opera? This book was absolute dreck and did nothing to inspire my nostalgia for Star Wars. Here are some of my opinions on what went wrong with this one, and why I won't be reading the rest of this trilogy of books:

The author blatantly hates women, depicting all female characters as either "annoying" to the male characters or paper-thin and without strong motivations of their own. Even Han, supposedly in love with Leia, is, at every opportunity, aggrava...more
The first in the newest series. This was a pretty good read. My only problem, though, is that I am personally getting tired of having to start reading a new series. Can't George Lucas have his people just write single stories instead of forcing me to spend money...oh... wait... what am I saying... that is the whole point. It is now official, George Lucas is the new Walt Disney
I made it halfway through the book and realised nothing had happened yet. Good premise, although I'm tired of the "Jedi are here to take over!" plotlines, and I'm still sore over the whole Jacen thing. Daala as HOS doesn't make any sense (isn't she insane?) and the whole thing feels really stilted. I think I'll reread the first half of the LotF to make myself feel better.
David Eagle
An interesting story. It has good pacing, an involving plot, and decent action. Clearly the first of a trilogy, the author doesn't bother to resolve very much. This is irritating but not altogether unexpected.

Characters are paper thin, dialogue is not great, writing is mediocre. If you like star wars, it's a quick, nice read. Nothing to write home about.
Dylan Gullberg
Not much to complain about here. This is essentially an introductory story to a nine-book series, and a good one at that. Written by the late Aaron Allston, who was one of the better Star Wars authors at the time, puts together three subplots that carry the narrative for a good 350 pages. I enjoyed it and I looking forward to seeing how the overarching storyline progresses throughout this series. However, I find it difficult rating books that act as a piece of one long narrative because, on it's...more
Cian Beirdd
This is an interesting twist. So often in Star Wars the enemy is so clear, the lines so perfectly black and white. In this, not so much. You have Jedi who are acting in the Republic's best interests but are seeing things. You have a former Imperial as the Chancellor who has a grudge against the Jedi but is honestly trying to make things better. You have healthy Jedi caught in the middle. All the while there is that cute, slow-paced romance between Jaina and Jag. I thought it was nicely written,...more
You can read the full review over at my blog:


When I began my “25 Series To Read In 2014” reading challenge this year, I was intending to cover Lost Tribe of The Sith. And then just last week, or the week before that, I discovered that it wasn’t a series as much as it was a collection of short stories and I was like, uhm… well…., so I rethought the whole thing and added the Fate of The Jedi series to the challenge instead. From what I’ve heard from a lot of...more
Jesse Colton
I was hoping for an adventure with this book and I was somewhat satisfied by the end. The novel begins a new series within the Star Wars expanded universe that follows up the events of the last sub-series, called Legacy of the Force, which focused on Han and Leia Solo’s son Jacen becoming the Sith lord Darth Caedus and attempting to take over the galaxy, and Fate of the Jedi centers around the aftermath of the civil war fought to protect the galaxy from Darth Caedus.

(view spoiler)...more
Well, we are only a year and a half away from the next chapter in the Star Wars Movie Franchise. As I get more excited for the upcoming movie, I decided to try to get back into the various Star Wars novels, starting with Outcast.

Returning to entertain us are the beloved Star Wars characters Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, C-3PO and, R2-D2. We also have the next generation as well with Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo (with that I will say it seems odd that Han, Leia and Luke can get around as well as they d...more
I listened to this as an audio book. This is a story of Luke Skywalker and this Jedi about 40 years after Return of the Jedi. The Galactic Alliance has decided that Luke is a bit of a criminal so begins a political struggle between the GA government and the Jedi Order.

I must say that I really wanted to like this more than I did. This was the first Star Wars novel that I have ever read (or listened to) and, even though I did not like this one too much, I see the potential entertainment value. I r...more
Mike Smith
The place and role of the Jedi Order in the Star Wars universe has always been a little murky. The Jedi are a group of warrior monks who seem to have appointed themselves keepers of the peace. They are not an arm of the government and do not seem to have any formal standing within the government's law-and-order apparatus. Outcast is a novel that, in part, deals with the Jedis' place in society.

The first novel in the 9-book "Fate of the Jedi" series and set 43 years after the events of the movie...more
Chad Bearden
I know a lot of people have been really down on the recent gloomy and depressing storylines in the recetn Star Wars EU, but I personally have enjoyed them immensely. The "Legacy of the Force" storylines were working within an inherently silly premise (Galaxy At War!!), but took the subject seriously enough and wrung some good philosophical debates out of the characters' struggles, showed off some epic military strategy, and even did some impressive world-building (I still thank heavens for the w...more
This book picks up a couple of years after the last series, «Legacy of the Force», and works the consequences of that story arc: the new galactic civil war made the government (and the overall public) suspicious of the Jedi — a powerful group that acts and sees itself as above the law.

The idea behind this book (which opens the present series, «Fate of the Jedi») is that the Jedi need to face responsibility for its acts: they can no longer expect to brawl along a speeding lane, crashing vehicles...more
This book is the beginning of a new series of Star Wars books set 43 years after Episode IV: A New Hope (the original 1977 movie). It starts off slow, with the intergalactic government known as the Galactic Alliance forcing Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker into exile. Blaming Luke for failing to prevent Jacen Solo's slide into the dark side and into the role of Darth Caedus before his death in the last Star Wars series. Unlike the starting book in the previous series, there are no large, set pie...more
Albert Riehle
Jun 23, 2013 Albert Riehle rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No one
Recommended to Albert by: Enemies, Sith Lords, Hutts, Nerf Herders
Not too long ago, in a galaxy really, really close...Aaron Allston wrote a pretty boring Star Wars book called Outcast (Fate of the Jedi #1). I don't know that it was necessarily poorly written, I don't have many complaints from a technical standpoint, but the story--or three separate story lines, to be more exact--was bland as could be. I don't even have a compelling reason to tell you why I finished this book, other than that I wanted to spend some time in a galaxy far, far away and this was w...more
Eric Taylor
Star Wars has always been one of my favorite movies of all time, and throughout the years I have read a few books here and there, but haven't really kept up with the novels straight through. I picked up this series, trying to get myself back into them..and I have to say, this book has pulled me back into wanting to read them.

A few things kinda threw me off with the writing of this book, like ways of the author showing feelings and ways he worded what the characters would say. Not saying it wasn'...more
"Continuing the saga two years after the events of the second Galactic civil war. Fate of the Jedi's aim is focused on the consequences of actions taken of those involved in the conflict. Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus) is dead, and the divided Galactic Alliance, now under the leadership of Chief of State Natasi Daala is slowly coming together inviting back the systems of the Confederates and even the Imperial Remnant (now under the leadership of Jagged Fel). But the unification of the 3 parties (inte...more
Shane Amazon
]]]Vague Spoilers Ahead[[[

Darth Caedus and his sympathizers have left a terrible scar upon the galaxy as a whole and in the wake of the second galactic civil war the military and civilian leaders of several planetary powers have decided to converge on Coruscant in order to restore peace and order to a war torn galaxy.

In a play for power wrapped in a cloak of justice, Chief of State Daala sets her sights on Luke Skywalker in an attempt to point fingers and place blame for the actions of Jacen Sol...more
Not a bad start to a new series. Allston is one of the better writers of the expanded universe and seems to be able to manage campy dialogue without it being too....well, campy. There's a lot of wry humor in some of the pairings for the simultaneously unfolding subplots that produce some witty banter in the usual enjoyable Star Wars vein, if you're into that sort of thing (and I most definitely am). There's nothing entirely complex about this novel and in general, the mysteries in even the longe...more
Patrick W
WARNING: SPOILER REVIEW BELOW[return][return]I just finished the novel and I was not impressed. If this wasn't a Star Wars novel, I don't think I would have any incentive to pick up the next release.[return][return]I was interested in all of the three significant storylines, but only the Coruscant based Valin/Jaina/Seff storyline ended up paying off. The others were so lightly developed that they felt rushed and wasted.[return][return]The Ben/Luke storyline was paced poorly and really fell flat....more
This was really enjoyable. You could tell they were also trying to use it as a book anyone who hadn't read NJO or Legacy of the Force could jump into, but it wasn't annoying for those who had; they added in details you needed to know from past books but didn't summarize. I can't wait to see what happens next; what's infecting/ailing the Jedi to make them think everyone's 'Not-insertnamehere.' :) It will also be interesting to see where the next place Ben and Luke go to and what they learn.

If you'll allow me an analogy, I watched the first two seasons of the TV show "24" and enjoyed them quite a bit. But after the second season, I started thinking, "You know, it's starting to get a little tiresome that this incredibly bad stuff keeps happening to Jack Bauer. I'm all for willful suspension of disbelief, but this is getting ridiculous." Now, I've read about every novel written in the Star Wars universe. About three chapters into this book, the latest, I got that same feeling. It jus...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Apr 27, 2009 Roberta rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Star Wars fans
The start of a new series after the Jacen goes dark books. I didn't like some of the premises in the book (Daala as head of state just is nonsensical; how about someone related to the former Rebels?) The plot itself was well done and interesting. We have three main plots in the book. 1) Luke and Ben are searching for what led Jacen astray to the dark side and start their search on Doran (home of Clone Wars Era Jedi Plo Koon of the Kel Dor) with the Baran Do Sages. 2) Jaina and her coterie of tro...more
Outcast begins two years after the events of Invincible,the last Legacy of the Force book which left the galaxy far, far away in the capable hands of Admiral Natasi Daala. Or something like that. The war is over and the universe is divided into three parts: the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances--overseen by Chief of State Daala--the Galactic Empire (Imperial Remnant), and the Confederation states--those planets unwilling to rejoin the Alliance. The Unification Summit has been called together...more
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