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The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential
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The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  1,503 ratings  ·  114 reviews
The potential of the human mind is absolutely phenomenal, and Tony Buzan is one of the world's leading experts on how people can maximize their brainpower. Now, in his most comprehensive book yet on the topic, Buzan reveals exciting new ways to improve one's memory, concentration, creativity, ability to learn, and more.
Paperback, 320 pages
Published March 1st 1996 by Plume (first published September 6th 1993)
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Ahmed Zakaria
كالعادة تونى بوزان راااائع

كنت قرأت له كيف تستخدمها فى العمل وانا فى السنة النهائية بكلية الهندسه وكانت المواد تملأ المكتب وكنت فى اقصى حيرتى كيف استذكر

بفضل الله ثم تونى بوزان استطعت بالخرائط تلخيص بعض المواد فى ورقه واحده من النوع المستخدم فى الرسم وعلقته على الجدران واخذ اتابعه فى الذهاب والاياب واصبحت المواد فى منتهى السهولة

كتاب لا غنى عنه .. اضافه جديده لمنهج الحياه
Nigel Temple
Tony was kind enough to include one of my Mind Maps within this book.
Without doubt I learnt a lot reading this book and like the fact that I read it. But it is important to note that I didn’t like the entire book, but liked some sections of the book which I’m definitely going to use.
I divide the book in to three sections for easy reference, the first few chapters were really interesting where you get to learn about your brain’s capacity, storage and marvels. It is amazing to know about this genius machine we carry within us. It is all about how you can use your b
Anh Hong
I think Mind Map is a wonderful invention. I have been studying my Physics lessons better because I have drawn a lot of Mind Maps to present my theory lessons. I totally agree with the effect of Mind Map. When I draw a Mind map, I have to read through my lessons very carefully, choose the key words and ideas to draw. Finally, with many colours and highlight, my Maps are more remarkable and I have remembered even the smallest details.

Now, I even draw a recipe for my mother by Mind Map. She finds
Ahmed Wagieh
كتاب شامل للموضوع من مؤسسه توني بوزان ... اللي بجد يستحق كل احترام ...

الكتاب مفيد للمبتدئين والخبراء سوا .. وممكن يبدأ اي حد في سن خصوصا لو من 12 وفوق .. باستخدام الخرائط وتطبيقها عشان تبقي اسلوبه اللي بيعتمد عليه ... وهيحس بفرق كبير في حياته كلها وهتبقي اداة تلقائية من ادوات تفكيره
Sarezh Zyad
Mind Map - Tony buzan would be with you Step by step to how make your own Style mind Map & Talked about Mind Map usage in detail long explanation -
Quite good book for one about start using Mind Map in his Life
Daniel Taylor
What if you had a way of taking notes that is in-line with the way your brain works?

The full-color "The Mind Map Book" shows you how to do that. It starts with exploring the limitations of linear note taking and then introduces the readers to mind maps — where you place a central idea on a page and then branch out from it with significant keywords. To picture how mind maps work, think of a tree — a trunk (the central image) then branches (significant keywords) and finally the leaves (lesser keyw
I'd heard about Mind Maps from several other sources before I finally read Buzan's book for myself, and I'm definitely glad I did. I was most impressed by how well many of the ideas behind this technique map onto psychological concepts of spreading activation of knowledge and mental representations of ideas. Although I'm still grasping all of the potential behind the many possible uses for them, I really do agree that developing Mind Maps helps to organize and direct your thinking in ways that t ...more
Alexander Ledovskiy
На самом деле книга не лишена недостатков (на мой взгляд все можно было написать гораздо короче, особенно учитывая суперразвитый мозг автора :-)), однако хочется дать ей максимальную оценку, т.к. эта та самая книга, с помощью которой можно научиться системе интеллект карт. У Бьюзена есть много других книг, однако они касаются либо частных применений карт, либо направлены на развитие памяти, скорости чтения итд.
Если вы не знакомы с данной системой, но наслышаны восхищенных возгласов о ней (что в
Malek J.
A book that changed my life because simply it changed my Brain !
I used to have a very bad memory, I always getting confused when note making or note taking !
It also give you a very productive and innovative way to be creative and to deliver new creative Ideas.
Now, I can't attend any new training course without having my Ipad with the IMindMap App !
It's just Amazing, it will change the way of processing in your mind.
I thank the God he drove this book for me in the beginning of my learning life.
Tim Williams
From the preface: “By the early 1970’s artificial intelligence had arrived…”

In what world does this guy live in??? OK, so right off the bat I have an issue with accepting the author's expertise, because the above statement is just silly and now it is a number of years later. And I still wouldn't say AI has arrived. It also doesn't help that the author got a low marks from me on the other Mind Mapping book I read of his. You might ask - why did you read two of them if you hated the first? Well,
This is pretty interesting book about really great technique.
Unfortunally I think it is not best for beginners. There are lot of examples of using mind maps, lot of mind maps by others, but not to much excercises how to learn them. Only at the beginning some basic rules and excercises.
It is also a bit strange for begginer to read about creating mind map for 4 days. It is supposed to be faster. And the map is not really complicated, so it looks a bit strange and for sure not encouraging.
I think
Ladislav Prskavec
Je to dobré pro ty co myšlenkové mapy neznaji, ukazuje potenciál a použití na všechny případy. Vychvaluje svůj software iMindMap jakoby jiné neexistovali, podle mě chybí třeba nezavislé zhodnocení možností co existují u použitého software. Ale autor to nemá prostě zapotřebí.
هبه النيل
كتاب رائع وحقيقي
من الكتب الجميلة في تقريب الانسان من ذاته
Ghada ♥
يستحق القراءة
Daniel Aguilar
The theory exposed -and practices proposed- in the first chapters sound indeed reasonable and useful. The author references many cognitive features (visual memory, associative networks, synesthesia...) that can help a lot in both reflective and creative thinking. However, the writing style is so annoying... The whole book is full of pseudo-scientific terms and sentences, claiming how miraculous "his" technique is and what incredible goals you can achieve if you adhere to the "radiant thinking" t ...more
This book describes the concepts of mind maps; a tool that is supposed to revolutionize the way we live our lives. Mind Maps use knowledge about the way our brain works in order to efficiently utilize our brains and makes creative thinking and memorization, among other functions, easier.

The book, at least partially, is quite enjoyable. However, the concept of Mind Maps is, in my opinion, overrated, and the author is giving it far more attention than it deserves. Well, it is a book about Mind Map
Tamara L.
Extremely helpful book, it helped me a lot in putting my thoughts into an order, studying, de-complicate situations and tasks, setting targets, goals, actions etc. It actually reduced the chatter of my mind, overthinking and analysing, stress and worries. You can use the techniques described in the book almost for any situation, issue, problem and task. i think it is a must for a student, project manager, studying for a test or exam, writing a thesis or a book, preparing a presentation or teachi ...more
This technique not only got me through college, but also became an important part of my professional career as well. Most of us only think in mind maps, they just didn't know that they can actually draw it on paper (or software) and be able to communicate it with each other. Documenting thinking on mind maps is not only faster, but is more precise, organized, and allows for logical connections to be formulated by creating links between those thoughts. It's simply brilliant, and is intuitive.
A técnica do Mind Map é bem maneira. Uso diariamente e é realmente uma excelente ferramenta para trabalhar com criatividade, memorização e organização.

Basicamente, a forma linear como escrevemos não é a melhor pro jeito que funciona nosso cérebro. Então, o que eles sugerem é a feitura de "mapas mentais", que seriam mais estimulantes para o cérebro. Os autores são neurologistas e o livro é acompanhado de umas explicações científicas também.

Mas o livro parece um comercial 1406. Os caras tentam de
Mrwan Awad
Nice but this book had to be written within 30 pages only giving the same outputs!

Very frustrating to read the same tips and tricks in each chapter ....
I liked the applications of the mind map ... but I didn't like the tools which it seams very logical especially with this repetition....

My advice: Don't read this book you just need to watch any ultimate guidance video on YouTube to figure it out!
For anyone who has found difficulty with the rigidity of taking notes in a linear fashion. I would recommend this book. Most of us had some training in "semantic mapping" in elementary school, but had probably abandoned it for a more line-by-line method such as Cornell or others. Buzan's mind map methods are very easy to apply to almost anything from goal-setting to journal-writing to meeting notes. It gave me a kick-start on how to keep effective notes and I have adopted at work with great succ ...more
Thomas Gallo
16 jahre nach der Lektüre steht für mich fest: Dieses Buch hat mein Leben wohl am stärksten beeinflusst.
Eine simple Idee, simpel dargestellt... simpel in der Ausführung... genial in der Wirkung.
Wer sich auf das Mindmapping einlässt und "es nutzt" erlebt wohl den größten intellektuellen Kick, der überhaupt denkbar ist. Nichtlineares Arbeiten und Aufzeichnen pusht die eigene Kreativität und Assoziationsfähigkeit ans Limit... und führt immer wieder zur Überraschung darüber welches Wissen und welche
Mindmappen is ontzettend handig en er staan heel veel goede tips in het boek. Ik ben alleen een beetje allergisch voor boeken waar aan de ene kant gezegd wordt dat je veel moet uitproberen en je eigen stijl moet ontwikkelen, maar waar je dat dan wel volgens die precieze regels van het boek moet doen. Gelukkig kijkt de schrijver niet over mijn schouder mee.
Briljante zin (gelukkig aan het eind van het boek, anders was ik afgehaakt omdat ik in een alternatief universum leef): "Miljoenen kinderen o
Sara Adel
it was the first book I read within this field , great!
especially the very first pieces of info about the secrets of neurons ,
unfortunately , the more I read for buzan the more I realize his "repetition" based style , which is so boring , but still , this doesn`t deny how worthy this experience is :)
It was my first interaction with a book specialized into mind maps. I found a lot of interesting and useful ideas and tools, which I will adapt for my own usage. I feel I need to read and practice more in order to become good enough into mind mapping. Definitely, a highly recommended reading!
Glad I had full-color edition.

A good book about mind maps with quite a lot of examples.

It gets repetitive in the end, but this time I saw it as a positive thing. Meaning the stuck to my mind more easily.

Hoping to have enough willpower to change most of my linear notes to mind maps. :)
The purposes of reading this book were:
1. to learn how to use mind map in teaching situation
2. to get a gist of computer mindmaps.

Mind map seems to be quite useful especially in grammar teaching, because the mind map provide students with clear and easy explanations.

I love using iMindMap online, because I can generate the map automatically. It is also easy to edit, share, convert, and link it with other sources.

Finally, I was amazed to know that mind map is much more effective to pass the exams
David Bakker
- Lots of 'this baron is using it' blabla
- Loads of chapters where mind maps can be used, all basically the same
-- Biggest chapter is the iMindMap software, feels like a long sales pitch
Kevin Driskill
This book is very thought provoking and I believe valuable as a tool to expand thinking, analysis, memorization, and note taking and making. One issue I had with the book was the extremely long sales pitch. A little background I can take but please don't take half the book trying to convince me to read the other half. I almost stopped reading it and had to skip ahead to know if I even cared enough to finish. I found that there is some very good content and not just fluff and propaganda. It may b ...more
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Tony Buzan is an author and educational consultant. He is a proponent of the techniques of Mind Mapping and mental literacy. He has worked with: corporate entities and businesses all over the world; academics; Olympic athletes; children of all ages; governments; and high profile individuals, in teaching them how to maximize the use of their brain power.

Buzan was born in London, is an alumnus of Ki
More about Tony Buzan...
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