No Less Than Victory: A Novel of World War II
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No Less Than Victory: A Novel of World War II (World War II: 1939-1945 #3)

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After the success at Normandy, the Allied commanders are confident that the war in Europe will soon be over. But in December 1944, in the Ardennes Forest, the Germans launch a ruthless counteroffensive that begins the Battle of the Bulge—the last gasp by Hitler’s forces and some of the most brutal fighting of the war. The Führer will spare nothing—not even German lives—to...more
Paperback, 449 pages
Published June 1st 2010 by Ballantine Books (first published January 1st 2009)
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A great read. Jeff Shaara doesn't hide in his famous father's shadow, proving yet again that he is just as capable as writing worthy historical fiction. Anyone who has read The Killer Angels will understand that there must have been some bravery involved in Jeff Shaara's decision to become an author in his own right. His father's "Angels" is now classic and was even considered as a basis for Ken Burns's equally compelling Civil War documentary.

With books like Gods & Generals and No Less Tha...more
Steven Peterson
From the Battle of the Bulge to the end of the war against Germany. . . . Jeff Shaara here completes his World War II trilogy. His method is by now familiar. He takes a series of people and uses their view of the action as his narrative device. The strength? A personal view of the war. The weakness? We can only see the war through the eyes of those characters.

And who are the major characters? On the American side, Generals Eisenhower and Patton, for instance, whereas we see German commanders suc...more
“With longevity came even greater superstition, especially for the ground crew. There was a desperate awareness of the odds, of fate. Thirty-one successful missions was an unnerving statistic by now, rarer by the week. It the reason for all the rituals, the most religious among them believing that God must somehow be paying particular attention.”

The third novel in Jeff Shaara’s trilogy of World War II in the European theater is, in my opinion, the best of the three. The book begins with a bomb...more
The Shaara family knows how to write about war...Jeff's father started with some of the best descriptions of battle i have read in The Killer Angels, covering the Civil War. Jeff finished up that series and has gone on to cover the American Revolution, several standalone battles in the Civil War, WWI and now, WWII. This book winds up the War in Europe, all the way through the tragic accidental death of Patton. Shaara brings his typical terse style to the Battle of the Bulge and the story of Hitl...more
Hugh Centerville
No Less than Victory, Ward reviews a novel of the Second World War

The author’s name ─ Shaara, was more prominent on the cover than the actual title of the book. I knew about Michael Shaara and his Pulitzer Prize winning account of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels, a book that totally blew me away and thinking this was Michael again, I picked up the book.

Turns out it’s a different Shaara, Jeff, the son of Mike. OK, no problem. Let’s see what the kid can do.

Something else about the cover ─ one of the...more
Another page-turner by Jeff Shaara. I started this book on CD on a trip up north. The story of the soldiers fighting during the winter at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge was so enthralling, the miles flew by. But I finished my trip only one-third of the way through the CDs, so I switched to the print version. The library book was no less exciting than the spoken one--minus the irritating fake German accent the reader assumed on dialog between German characters.
This impressive war sto...more
Luke Terry
After every WW2 book I read I figure I need to take a break, only to plow back into one again a month or so later. Enjoyable and insightful at times but a bit mundane at others, it's worth a read if you're into books with green covers
Jeff Shaara stands tall in his father's shadow, a monumental writer of the facts, fears and dramas of war. The individual challenges, tasks, fears, experiences, and the final moments of life. You will experience the breakdowns (PTSD) experiences not only by the front line serviceman but from those in the rear echelons. In this novel we experience all of the adventures and insights of men of the infantry who received the spearhead of the first assault in The Battle of the Bulge during World War 2...more
Judi Leaming
Outstanding and readable!
This book is the third volume of a planned trilogy, all by the historian and author, Jeff Shaara. The book is called No Less Than Victory. In this novel, a strong powerful voice tells the story of the end of the Second World War in Europe. This book was made not to be a comprehensive historical account of the war. As Jeff Shaara said, “there are lengthy shelves in every library and every bookstore packed with volumes that have tackled the subject in far more detail.” His goal is to take you bac...more
I found this book fascinating and was really a bit sorry to have it done. Especially interesting was the part about the Battle of the Bulge, which I hadn't known that much about. Mr. Shaara tells most of the story of this battle through the experiences of three soldiers, a sergeant Higgins and two privates Benson and Mitchell, who were green troops stationed in the Ardennes. Since no one expected the Germans to attack, especially in that area of very rough terrain, this line was held with mostly...more
No Less Than Victory: A Novel of World War II is the final book in Shaara’s World War II trilogy is very similar to the second book, which makes sense since it is a continuation of the same campaign. The Allies continue their quest to push across France and into Germany. Patton looms as a larger and larger character. The part of the noble German soldier, previously played by Rommell is filled by Karl Rudolf Gerd Von Rundstedt, so much so that the reader may not even miss the Rommell character a...more
The third work by Jeff Shaara in his trilogy of the history of the European Theater during WWII. This book picks up after D-Day just after the Allies have established themselves in France. General Patton is given command of the American Third Army and races across central France to the borders of Germany. When the Germans break out through the Ardennes Forest in December, 1944, (the incursion became known as the Battle of the Bulge), Patton disengages 100 miles to the south, reroutes part of his...more
Zohar -
I think this book was the best of the series.

In his usual style of "historical fiction" Mr. Shaara takes us through the European theatre in WWII as seen through the eyes of its generals, politicians and, the parts I found most interesting, the soldiers themselves.

This is solid storytelling, primarily focusing on the Battle of the Bulge, as seen through the eyes of the grunts, and as managed by the generals on both sides of the fence. Unlike the authors other books, this book has less character...more
C.H. Cobb
This is the third book of Shaara's WWII trilogy, and is a strong finish to that series. Shaara continues in the format he established earlier, switching between a select set of characters on both sides of the line, ranging from an American enlisted man, Eddie Benson, to the Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower or Von Rundstedt in the German High Command.

The story takes the reader from the near-disaster of the Battle of the Bulge to the fall of Berlin. From my perspective, this is as good as histo...more
John Nevola
Shaara abandoned his nautical theme for the title of the last book in his trilogy but didn’t forsake his ability to weave a compelling story entwined around historical fact. The centerpiece of this work is the Battle of the Bulge where Americans initially suffered the greatest military defeat in their history before eventually throwing the Germans back across the Rhine River.

Shaara details Hitler’s strategy, which he executed against the advice of his most experienced generals. He also recounts...more
Benjamin Thomas
I've raved about Jeff Shaara's historical fiction before and I won't let up this time either. Whether he is writing about the Civil War, World War II, or the American Revolution, I have always loved them. I think it's because of the way he relays the accurate history but in a style that is easy to absorb. He provides insights to the historical periods, helping the armchair historians to better understand what was happening and not bogging us down with the minutia of the moment. He also presents...more

15 Patton Near Metz, France December 19,1944 - The roads were mostly bad....driver had been chosen for his skills....he seemed able to miss of the rougher stretches..' 'Patton noticed the car already running, the good work of the driver, the car's heater doing its job.

17 Patton North of Luxembourg City December 24, 1944 - ....shouted dwon to his driver, the ever-patient Sergeant Mims. "John, I've had enought of this traffic jam....

My 2nd cousin, John Hart, was a driver for Patton - just wonderin...more
An outstanding effort by the prolific author, Jeff Shaara. This book is the third in his series about the European Theatre during World War II. This historical novel begins following the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day. Shaara focuses his writing around Private Eddie Benson, as well as Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower and Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, weaving accounts of personal confrontations and notable battles. Sprinkled throughout the book are some very spicy personalitie...more
As per usual, Shaara has written a very enjoyable, very readable novel about an American war or American's involvement in larger wars. Even though I enjoyed it, though, I felt there was something missing that has been in most of his novels-- especially the earlier ones-- but I couldn't tell you what that is. It may simply be that, while he writes well and obviously researches these novels extensively, the books end up being too similar. I was also disappointed with how the book begins with an ex...more
Braden Bell
Another amazing book by Shaara. What a writer. He does a masterful job of making me care about the wide cast of characters. I felt like I was there. And, when I finished the last page, I felt a sense of lost. I hope he'll continue and write about the Pacific phases of WWII. Really a masterful book. He doesn't flinch from the ugly horrors of war. This seems honest in that it doesn't glorify what is a supremely ugly thing. At the same time, he does celebrate the incredible courage and heroism of t...more
Joel Burgess
This book, along with the other two novels in this trilogy, are exceptional!! Shaara writes excellently and the reader can become engrossed in the storylines that are based on actual events with the touch of fiction that Shaara is famous for. If you wanted to read something of World War II, but did not want to be bogged down in the facts and pace of a history book, then Shaara gives you an outlet to read something that can teach as well as entertain. Shaara uses many sources in order to get the...more
I jumped into the third book of this trilogy, without having read the first two books, because it was available for download from our library. I don't believe this resulted in a disadvantage for experiencing this book (except I missed out on learning some history about the start and middle of WWII). I'd read Jeff Shaara's Revolutionary War trilogy and really enjoyed that, so it was time to learn a little bit more about WWII. Reading Jeff Shaara's books are a great way to learn war history as he...more
This is another great book, along the same lines of all of the others written by this author and his father. The parallels between considerations in American foreign policy (both good and bad) from WWII and now are presented in a very interesting manner, as almost a sub-plot to the rest of the book. It was exceptionally interesting to me.
While there was very little in the book that was new, the subject has certainly been written about in great detail, in both fiction and non-fiction, the author...more
Tyler Lee
This is the third book in Shaara's compelling WWII series. This book, as with all of Shaara's war books, follows both sides of the war from the Battle of the Bulge to VE-Day (Victory in Europe Day.) I highly enjoyed this book as well as the two before it and I hope one day I will have time to read the final book.
No Less Than Victory provided a painless look at the end of WWII in Western Europe. The construct of historical fiction with imagined reconstructed dialogs between historical players, officers on the American and German side and infantry and bombers on the American side, worked relatively well. I did feel at times that the dialog was a bit too contemporary on the American side, or a bit to stereotypical on the German side -- it felt like a movie script at times. I did listen to this on audio, an...more
What a great way to wrap up the war in Europe. I get so excited about reading Jeff Shaara's books. I am a big history geek and only through reading books like his that I realize how limited a view of history one gets in at least 15 years of history classes. I understand that classes are hemmed by a rigorous timetable but it's important to learn of names like Eisenhower and Bradley and Patton and Montgomery and Churchill...all names that I never heard in school. Jeff Shaara does a great job of br...more
Jim Kulhawy
Another great read from Shaara. The third book in his WWII trilogy follows the Allies and the Axis from The Battle of the Bulge through the end of the war in Europe. While not a history book, but rather a historical novel, Shaara is more than able to make the reader feel as if he is observing a meeting between Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton, being summoned to Hitler's bunker to be advised on Nazi strategy or being a GI marching across Europe and finding the horrors of the concentration camps. On...more
Tremendously well written chronicle of the beginning of WW2. Shaara takes us through command decision on both the Allies' and Axis' side as well as how these decisions affected the men in the field. This account is gripping from cover to cover.
Craig Stratton
This was another great Sharra book. This is his thrird in the Trilogy of WWII-European Theater Books. As always Sharra does his best to enter the mind of the principles and have them interact with other people. No on can take this as exact history, but that is what is fun about it. This book chronicles mainly the part of the war beginning with the Battle of the Bulge through the end. The descriptions of the battles are extremely vivid. It is easy to put yourself in the mind of the foot soldier....more
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Jeff Shaara, a descendant of Italian immigrants, was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey ("Shaara" was originally spelled "Sciarra"). He grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Criminology. From age 16, Jeff operated a rare coin business, first out of his home, then in a retail store. After moving to Tampa, Jeff became one of the most widely know...more
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