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Blood Groove
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Blood Groove (Rudolfo Zginski #1)

3.33 of 5 stars 3.33  ·  rating details  ·  278 ratings  ·  46 reviews
When centuries-old vampire Baron Rudolfo Zginski was staked in Wales in 1915, the last thing he expected was to reawaken in Memphis, Tennessee, sixty years later. Reborn into a new world of simmering racial tensions, the cunning nosferatu realizes he must adapt quickly if he is to survive.

Hoping to learn how his kind copes with this bizarre new era, Zginski tracks down a n
Paperback, 320 pages
Published April 27th 2010 by Tor Books (first published April 1st 2009)
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Good but not great. I like vampire books and I like Bledsoe as an author, so I was excited about this one. However, I did not find any of the characters appealing (except for Leslie and Sketch, who are relatively minor and meet a horrible end), but then again, I guess we are not supposed to like them. Despite not liking Danielle, I did not feel she deserved what happened to her. I hated the ending for that reason. Also, I felt the author should have explored the vamp-killing drug more. I wanted ...more
lynne naranek
One word: Hot.

More words: slightly wanting, but a fun, refreshing take on a genre that's been getting a bit too much (undeserved) attention nowadays.

Bledsoe's vampires can go out in daylight.
Thankfully they don't sparkle.

A vampiric fish-out-of-water and displaced-in-time tale; Blood Groove is about Baron Rudolfo Zginski, who was staked in Wales then through a series of events awakens to find himself in Memphis 60 years later. As he tries to understand the new world he is now in, he also reach
For the first time, I get to review a book that was written by someone I know! There’s something really cool about that, partly because I once entertained the idea of being a writer, and partly because I want Alex to be successful as a writer. Am I attempting to live vicariously through his success? Maybe. This might be as close as I get to living that dream myself.

Anyway, this book was a good one for me to start with, since it’s horror-related. It’s set in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1970s, and t
Amanda Waley
Some surprising twists at the end, and just desserts. Overall, a very good book that left me on the edge of my seat. A great read!

I purchased this book at the local Dollar Tree Store along with some other sci-fi, vampire-like books. I bought my brother a copy as well, but he has yet to read it.

I'm a big fan of any Vampire fiction, "Twilight" included, and it was refreshing for me to see another author's take on vampires. I was kind of glad these vamps didn't sparkle either, but liked they could
This book takes some of the vampire genre's "given facts" and turns them up on end. More in a classic style, not a "sparkly" fashion. It also gives us vampires as the protagonist, much like the vampire chronicles from Anne Rice. It also produces a view of race and class relations in 1975 Memphis in comparison to similar views from turn of the century Wales.

It is a gritty, hard -- almost uncomfortable -- read at times, but one of the better books (and endings) I have read in a while.
Petula Darling
I don't usually like books that don't have at least one character that I'd want to be friends with, but this book was surprisingly enjoyable. The Blacula-as-documentary concept was quite funny, but the Parliament/Funkadelic references became irritating (and I'm one who makes my funk the P-funk).
This is #1 in Blood Series.

This is a story about vampires in Nashville, Tennessee in the 70's. There is some pretty dark humor throughout the book that makes the book a little lighter even though the subject matter is of a horror nature. When I first saw the word horror, I was a little skeptical, but I didn't feel that part was over done.

I really grew to like Fauvette and even Zginski.

This was given to me by the author and I am glad he gave me the opportunity to read it. I believe this was th
I did not like this as much as the second, and if had read it first, I would have stopped. All the characters were unlikeable except Fauvette and she was pathetic.
Good start with the characters but too much
sex description and not enough character development
Why the Count is infatuated with Fauvette escapes me
This one got me hot and bothered. The bothered will be talking about the hot stuff, which is dark indeed. Yikes!
I don't know how to feel about this one really. It was a pretty good Vampire novel, but there was also a fair amount of rape in it. I understand that this is normal for Vampire Novels, but it's usually not handled so graphically as it is in this.

It's a fairly straight forward horror novel, but with a twist of drug addiction thrown in. It's strange to have scenes of bodies being torn apart and then have a scene with sex or drugs, and the scene that is more disturbing isn't the one with the blood
Dec 14, 2012 Jo rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: horror
I don't know what to rate this book. I like the author's Eddie La Crosse books, however, I really didn't like this one (one star). On the other hand, it is well written (three stars). I can say it's well written, even though I didn't like it, because it held my interest enough to finish it. I may have been waiting for a redeeming value to show up in any one of the characters. How can one write a book where none of the characters is likeable? Not only a book, but a series; there's another one. An ...more
Kristin  (MyBookishWays Reviews)
You may also read my review here:

Blood Groove was such a blast! This was my first Alex Bledsoe book, and it's definitely made me a fan. Blood Groove takes place in 1975 Memphis, amidst racial tension, groovy tunes, and hot, sticky, southern grit. Baron Rudolfo Zginski finds himself in a Memphis morgue after the (very unlucky) pathologist yanks the cross out that’s been stuck in his heart for 60 years. After a nice meal, he heads out into the Memphis night
Tony-Paul Vissage
A doctor leans over a desiccated, ancient body. It has a curious crucifix-shaped dagger protruding from its ribcage. She removes the knife. The corpse comes to life.

How many horror movies contain this scene?

That's the opening of Blood Groove but from that point on, there are very few cliches and quite a few surprises. Rudolfo Vladimir Zginski, the only man ever to be tried and found guilty of being a vampire, and executed for it, is brought back to life in the mid-70's in Memphis, Tennessee. He
After much debate with myself, I'm going to have to rate this a 3.5 star, knocking off a half star for what I felt was nothing more than gratuitous sexual content. It wasn't necessary to put in the level of detail that the author did, although it did push home the extreme level of control these bloodsucking creatures could wield over humans.

I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit, even though I felt that some of the characters were a bit distant - but these are vamps, after all. The author did
I know that it was speaking to a certain decade, but I had a hard time reading the blatant racism in this novel. I guess I just wasn't expecting it, and it certainly brought down the mood of the novel for me. However, I loved the creativity with the description of vampires, and their inner struggle from being victims to them being the victimizers. Only a few of the characters seemed to deal with this issue, and I would have loved to have seen even more of how this impacted their psyche. Overall, ...more
I found this book to be a fairly easy read (although the subject matter was rather heavy at times - lots of sex and violence). The story flowed well and kept me captivated right through to the end, with just the occasional pocket of plot that didn't quite click for me. Having enjoyed vampire tales most of my life, I really loved what the author did with the standard vampire conventions.

As a side note, I would be curious to learn more about life in the 1970s and see if his portrayal of issues be
It had a decent plot. The author did not pander to the typical blood and gore so often associated with vampire novels. I really enjoyed the setting of 1975 Memphis. I turned 8 in 1975. This made the time more relevant to me. I did not live in Memphis, but the references to certain songs and cultural phrases added the connection a reader needs in order to 'believe' the story.

The characters were likeable, even the Baron. Maybe a little bit of depth could have been added to them, though. They were
I left this one with the strange and confusing impression that it probably wasn't as good as I thought that it was. Bledsoe succeeds in his obvious desire to cast a new light (so to speak) on vampires, and comes up with interesting twists to many of the common tropes prevalent in the Anita Blake books and their many imitators. I thought he went a little overboard with the sex and violence at a few points, and the middle of book drags a bit, but he made me interested in and sympathetic to some ve ...more
I couldn't finish. I picked this up while browsing in the bookstore. I even read the first chapter, unfortunately I should have read further. Chapter two was where the problems started. Baron Zginski a vampire from 1915 goes into forced hibernation until the 1970's. When he is revived he must adapt to his new world. The premise has potential. However, the blaxploitation dialogue was lame, characterizations were stereotypical, and the misogynistic treatment of women and minorities was over the to ...more
Rachel Berens-VanHeest
Like everything by Alex that I've read, this was a great story that totally sucked me in (no pun intended!). I only gave it four stars (and considered giving it three) because it has several scenes of sexual violence in it, and that's a complete no-go for me. My only other issue was that I didn't like any of the characters very well (Fauvette was probably my favorite, and maybe Mark, but he was underdeveloped. I wanted to like Danielle but SPOILER then she did such terrible things and had such a ...more
This book started well and the storyline was an interesting idea but it ended up being too full of gratuitous violence and sex for my tastes. There were quite a few scences of sexual violence which are to be expected in vampire novels but I think this book took it too far and the scences did not really enhance the text in anyway. The book also insinuated underage sex on regular occasions which was uncalled for and should not be promoted in my opinion in any litereature, even for pure fantasy. It ...more
This one not so much. Really liked Eddie lacrosse books, this one seemed like an earlier, less polished Bledsoe. It was a good beach read, but not much more than that. Vampire novels generally are getting a little too self aware...everyone has to go through the list (sunlight, garlic, mirrors, heart shot, head shot) and discuss which ones work and which don' gets tedious.There was a lot of potential here, it almost seems like he was cut short.
I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun read, something to pass the time. Its not a book that I would read again though. I really disliked the ending, which is why I gave it 2 stars. The writing was good, and I was hooked to the book. I don't enjoy vampire books, this one was good though. I will definitely check out more books from this author.
I trudged through this book, finding it too full of meaningless smut and not enough plot. I did find some parts amusing, but all the slang was overkill. I think the very ending was what made me give the book another star. Finally we get some nice action, and that last page...well, I didn't expect that. So two stars. It was okay.
Sabrina Selk
Really enjoyed the authors other books, but found this book to be filled with a lot of gratuitous violence that was disturbing and didn't seem to have anything to do with plot development. Not sure what the point was, other than to be as offensive and shocking as possible. Genre fiction should be enjoyable. This story isn't.
Great premise, charismatic characters, terrific world building. But the fifty-year old mom in me couldn't get through the sex/violence and began to have nightmares, so I had to stop reading. That said, I still think Alex Bledsoe is a terrific writer and I encourage others to give this talented author's books a try!
Enka-Candler Library
Vampires in an unusual setting...1974. I liked this one, but I'm sure I can say why. The setting is different, and the vampires are different. Think "The Lost Boys" but in 1974 and rather unaware of what their true powers are. And it certainly didn't end the way one would think.
Well, it's yet another vampire book. It's a bit gory, and a bit graphic. It's also 1975. There's a bit of a older mentor teaching the fledglings who know only what "modern" vampire culture has told them the truth. If you are feminist and are easily offended, you will probably be offended.
I am such a fan of Baron Rudolfo "Rudy" Zginski. He's a sociopath for sure, but he's very amusing and weird. Not quite as amazing as The Girls with Games of Blood, but still original, entertaining, and insane. I love the dark humour in these books, I demand more 1970s vampires!
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I grew up in west Tennessee an hour north of Graceland (home of Elvis) and twenty minutes from Nutbush (home of Tina Turner). I've been a reporter, editor, photographer and door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. I now live in a big yellow house in Wisconsin, write before six in the morning and try to teach my two sons to act like they've been to town before.

My latest Eddie LaCrosse novel, Wake of
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