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My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses
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My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses

3.54  ·  Rating Details ·  3,087 Ratings  ·  242 Reviews
From Steven Adler, the original drummer for Guns N’ Roses, comes My Appetite for Destruction, the inside story of GNR. Offering a different perspective from the bestselling Slash, Adler chronicles his life with the band, and own intense struggle with addiction, as seen on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.
Hardcover, 286 pages
Published July 27th 2010 by It Books
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Jul 21, 2014 Laesar rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: no one
From the first chapter I hated this man. He is completely self-centered, nothing is ever his fault, every woman that has ever existed apparently is in love with him and he has no remorse whatsoever. This book is a glorification of drugs. It is obvious he is going to relapse as he quite evidently loves being off his face more than virtually everything else on the planet. I think the only thing he loves more than being high is himself.

It was quite evident to me that this book was written by two p
Tadashi Hamada
The great thing about Steven's book was that he wrote about some things from the band’s history that Duff nor Slash didn’t write about. Like that part about Ritz ‘88 which was actually one of their best performances ever. Did you know they performed 30 minutes late because Axl refused to come on because he couldn’t find a friggin’ bandanna? Or about how they shot the video for Patience? What about that time they shot a cameo for The Dead Pool, and on the day they were going to film the second ...more
Melissa Bond
Jan 16, 2011 Melissa Bond rated it it was ok
Steven Adler certainly has experienced a rough life of the cliche world of sex, drugs and rock & roll. The question that I have to ask is why write a book about it? Not a single event in his life was without remarking about the glory of finding a fix, or retelling in crude detail his sexual exploits with women along the way. Not only was his stories quite juvenile, but there was a conflict between the two Adler's, one a drug addict, the other sober but reliving the days of getting high as ...more
Jul 22, 2012 Jack rated it did not like it
As a huge Guns and Roses fan, I was really looking forward to this book. Having read other rock memoirs, such as Nikki Sixx's Herion Diaries, I wasn't expecting much, but I did expect some good stories and some understanding of exactly what lead to the breakup of Guns and Roses.

I really got neither. I stuck through to the end but I kept looking for an excuse to stop. There was just enough history sprinkled throughout that I kept looking for more, but now that I'm done, most of what I learned co
Oct 19, 2010 Gina rated it liked it
I've got to admit when I saw this book offered on my library's e-book list I jumped at the chance to download it. Not because I was a big Guns N Roses fan growing up, I barely listened to the band and if I did it was only to hear their most famous songs at the time. No, the reason I wanted to read it was because I watched Steven Adler's struggle with addiction on Celebrity Rehab. While I wanted this to be one of those books I just devour (no pun intended) I was suprised at how apathetic I was to ...more
Sep 25, 2013 Kathy rated it it was ok
I was never a fan of GNR but was attracted to the seemingly genuine person Steven Adler could be when he wasn't high on the Celebrity Rehab show. He was always there for his mates and seemed to care deeply about their sobriety. He has relapsed several times....addiction is a life long illness....and he has lost his health, sanity, career (which he is hard at work resurrecting..a talented drummer!) and has a beautiful wife that must have went through hell and back with him. I thought his book was ...more
It’s a good while since I’ve read a rock autobiography and, upon reflection, this book gave me what I pretty much expected from it. It’s not War and Peace and it’s by no way a collection of nursery rhymes. Put simply, this book is a fairly hard-core account of sex, drugs and rock and roll. From this standpoint, it may have a fairly limited appeal being niched to a particular target audience.

Although opinion is divided on them, I’ve always been a fan of Guns and Roses and find that most of their
Nov 10, 2011 Rachel rated it it was ok
I’m a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses, so I’ve read my fair share of biographies about them. After reading the band’s ex-guitarist, Slash’s autobiography, I was more than a bit dubious about picking up ex-drummer Steven Adler’s book. After all, he is the one that has the severest drug problems, and probably has the worst memory of all the band members. However, although I was far from blown away by this autobiography, I did end up enjoying it more than I thought I was going to.

Alder starts the story a
May 26, 2011 Shelly rated it it was amazing
Never realized Steven had been thru so much with GNR. He has a great heart and holds no grudges, more of the world could take lessons from Steven. Good read.
May 27, 2013 Andrea rated it did not like it
I had no opinion of Steven Adler before reading this book. Now that I've read it, I think he's a self-centered, misogynistic asshole who feels sorry for himself.
Jan 12, 2016 Foo rated it liked it
A fascinating read, however Steve Adler does appear to be a giant douche bag.
East Bay J
Dec 25, 2013 East Bay J rated it really liked it
Shelves: music-bios
Oh, Steven. Steven, Steven, Steven. It's so nice to see this guy doing well. I was a Guns 'N' Roses fan in a big way after hearing Appetite For Destruction. Such a breath of fresh air. It was a rock 'n' roll record in a great big sea of not rock 'n' roll. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that is thee rock 'n' roll record of my generation. I mean, most of my favorite LP's came out in the 70's, for the most part. Aerosmith, AC/DC, Zeppelin and so on. When Appetite came out, nobody was playing that ...more
Jan 17, 2016 Jason rated it it was ok
I am torn on this one. Just like Steven Adler, I too have a horrible addiction. I am addicted to trashy rock star biographies. There, it is out in the open. I almost always give them horrible reviews, but what do I expect? I hardly ever read them for their Pulitzer prose. I always feel horrible and dirty after I read it, (like Purell on my eyeballs dirty) But, I will always pick one up when I see one. It is my own fault.
The lesson? Steven Adler is a horrible person. I have to give him an extra
Aug 25, 2011 James rated it liked it
Okay, so I only read this book because I couldn't get my hands on a copy of Slash's book, and then I started to read Nikki Sixx's new book but I couldn't take more than a chapter or so at a time and I still wanted a rock memoir. And Steven Adler is actually the only original member of Guns N' Roses that I wasn't particularly interested in reading a memoir by (interesting number paradox, anyone?) but what the hell.

And it's really not bad. It's definitely not well-written, which is a shame, since
Josh S
Jan 26, 2012 Josh S rated it liked it
Former Guns and Roses drummer Steven Adlers' memoir begins like a carbon copy of all other rock star biographies. Born in the mid-west - Check. Troubled child hood - check. Moving out to LA based on happenstance - check. Famous folks drifting in and out of their lives - check. Wild groupies - Check and finally success. It's when success hits that Adlers tale take a decidedly more sinister turn.

Unlike Adlers' 80s metal contemporary Nikki Sixx in Adler never has a break. His near death experiences
Mar 22, 2016 Rae rated it did not like it
This is the only book I have read that has been given one star. I received this as a gift and after having read Slash and Watch You Bleed I thought it would be interesting to get another perspective on Guns N' Roses. However, I was quite disappointed with this book. Although being co-written, the writing seemed almost juvenile and dumbed down. Perhaps it was true to Steven Adler's voice but it did not seem very well written.

Having gotten clean before taking on this project I would have thought
Oct 31, 2013 patty rated it it was ok
I wanted to like this book, I loved GNR as a kid and loved The Dirt by Motley Crue, but I HATED the style in which this was written.

I agree with lots of reviews that say he looks at women as things but really feel that's because that is how he was treated at a very young age. He glosses over it but was sexually abused a LOT as a child by men and older women. My son is 7 and I just kept thinking if mothers and women in their 20's and 30's were having sex with my don in 4 years time, I would KILL
Nov 13, 2011 Ben rated it did not like it
I've read enough rock bios to know that when you've truly embraced a sober lifestyle, you stop blaming other people for your problems and you stop making excuses for your past. I'd like to read the sequel if Adler can ever find that place of peace, because there is no excuse for this piece of garbage.
If there's anyone who is a worse writer than Adler, it's his ghost writer, who couldn't find a way to make this dribble tolerable.
Apr 15, 2012 Alexis rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2012
This is better than Scott Weiland's bio, but it's definitely the weakest of any of the G and R bios. Adler tries to redeem himself, when he doesn't really have any redeeming or particularly interesting qualities. Quick read, but read Slash's bio and Duff's bio first and don't bother with this one unless you're really bored or a super fan.
Jan 02, 2016 Bert rated it did not like it
Complete waste of time as was Steven Adler's life apparently.

This book taught me nothing and generated ZERO sympathy for the way Steven left the band.

A book of whining and WHY ME? Seriously? Had it made and pissed it away being stupid..

If less than one star were available..
Apr 14, 2015 Lolanta rated it it was ok
Shelves: own, 2015
Jan 01, 2016 Aethyr rated it it was ok
Feels like it was written by a drunk 11 year old.
Nov 16, 2013 Sakura rated it liked it
As it appears on The Accidental Reader: My Appetite for Destruction by Steven Adler book review

I have a really bad feeling that the synopsis of the book will be longer than my review and I feel bad for that.

I am sure by now that you all know that I am a huge GNR fan and that I read all the three biographies (Slash , It's So Easy and Other Lies). I liked the other ones so much especially Duff's but I am a little disappointed with this one if not completely.

Ok so like every autobiography book Stev
Jan 10, 2012 Chip'sBookBinge rated it it was ok
I honestly don't know what to make of My Appetite For Destruction. It started off pretty good, but the more I read the book, the more suspect I became of who actually wrote this book. Early in the book there really was no frame of reference to compare to as it was just one voice. But the further you get into the book, the more obvious it becomes in that there are two different "Steven Adler's" telling the story. I'm not being mean here when I say that it's clear which part is the real Adler (the ...more
Jen Green
Aug 03, 2014 Jen Green rated it liked it
As a person who grew up with Guns N' Roses (to the extent where, according to my mother, I was able to quote most of 'You Could Be Mine' by the age of four), I naturally wanted to read every band member's account of the band once branded the 'most dangerous band in the world'. I could be biased having read both Duff McKagan's 'It's So Easy and Other Lies' and Slash's own self-titled autobiography (both brilliant) but, putting it bluntly, Adler's account was consistently grim, and completely self ...more
Nov 11, 2015 Rebecca rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
It's not that often a book is just so bad I have to stop reading it. Adler is a fantastic drummer & was a part of the creation of some of my favorite music of all time. However, despite having a co-writer, the writing is immature & clearly Adler is more than a bit delusional. All that I could handle, but glazing over the subject of child pornography (chapter 7) as well as rape (chapter 4) in his reminiscences is where I drew the line in this book & had to put it down. Obviously what ...more
Dec 12, 2013 Anthony rated it liked it
Shelves: rock-star-bios
Steven Adler is obviously full of crap. Some of his stories are so obviously embellished, at the least. Nothing was ever his fault, he was either justified or the drugs excuse him. People would mysteriously treat him awfully or get mad at him and he has no idea why. I wish him well in getting sober, but I fear it's a lost cause if he doesn't take some accountability for his actions. Also, once again, I wish that he had spent less time talking about drugs and skanky chicks, and more time talking ...more
Jun 17, 2015 Mcclane rated it it was ok
Shelves: music
My Appetite for Destruction has all the elements of the genre: sex, drugs and, in this particular case, just a little bit of rock n roll. I was expecting more space dedicated to music and perhaps a little bit of the creative process behind some of my favorite songs, but there is little of that. Most of the book is about drug-fueled drama and sex stories. Music is an afterthought.

You get what you see with Steven Adler. Other reviewers mentioned there's no path to transformation as you progress wi
Dec 01, 2011 manatee rated it liked it
Well, talk about unreliable narrators! This guy is the ultimate example of that. He manages to alienate everyone. Interestingly, the book does discuss Mr. Adler's relationship with his mom. Mother-Son relationships are not often discussed in pop culture. A fast read. If you have ever seen the old VH1 show Behind the Music, you already know what happens.

I finished it. Mr. Adler and his co-author do create a memorable voice and style. It is tough reading this book at times because Mr. Adler is a m
Marcel Schot
Sep 16, 2012 Marcel Schot rated it liked it
What starts out as an interesting insight into who Steven Adler is and what made him into who he became, things took a sharp turn towards the end of the GNR days. Having read several auto biographies of GNR members it strikes me that their stories are consistent and Adler's drug infested brain has remembered things quite differently. Time after time Adler presents himself as the victim who was the only one trying to keep the band together.

Not sure whether that's his actual memory or him trying
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