Beat the Band (Swim the Fly, #2)
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Beat the Band (Swim the Fly #2)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  697 ratings  ·  160 reviews
Cooper Redmond has only one thing on his mind: tagging as many bases as possible by the end of sophomore year. He’s already picked out a prime target: the divine Prudence Nash, whose sexy serpent tattoo haunts his dreams. But when Coop is paired with the infamous “Hot Dog” Helen for a semester-long Health project on safe sex, his hopes of making it to the Majors are sudden...more
MP3 CD, Library Edition, 8 pages
Published September 14th 2010 by Brilliance Audio (first published September 5th 2010)
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Oh yeah!! My first comedy turned out to be way funnier than I expected. I am so glad that I have GR friends because I don’t have to read synopsis after synopsis trying to figure out what I might like. Shout out to DaemonBlack(bookfreak) for an awesome recommendation.(22 yo girl in case you think this is just a guys book)

The story is about Sean, Coop, and Matt, three high school boys. Unfortunately *looks right* *looks left* it is told in a voice that high school boys actually think and act. I wo...more
Beat the Band is an excellent sequel to Swim the Fly. The characters seem to come alive even more as we see them through a second crazy plan. Initially, I found Cooper to be a hard narrator to support. His views, particularly of the girls in his class, really started to get under my skin. I realize part of that is that the reader is brought inside the mind of a teenage boy, but I initially found Cooper more irritating in that regard.

But I was so glad at the end that I stuck with it because Coope...more
After achieving their goal of seeing a real, live woman au natural in the summer between their freshman and sophomore years, Matt, Sean and Coop are back with a new goal--to see if they can make it to the elusive third base. Told from Coop's point of view, Beat the Band is a follow-up to one of my favorite books in recent memory Swim the Fly.

But maybe Fly set my expectations bar way too high because while I liked Beat the Band, I didn't love it. Part of that could be that Coop is a bit rougher...more
Just like it's predecessor, Swim the Fly, this book had me in tears from laughing so hard. Cooper Redmond decides that for their sophomore year goal, he and buds Matt and Sean will get to all the bases with, he hopes, the four hottest girls of the class. Yes, he crude and objectifies girls, especially when he's daydreaming of foursomes. Most teenage boys also hope for a girl to ask for a co-ed shower. What's funny is he doesn't stand a chance at any at scoring at these things, let alone first ba...more
“You won’t be sorry; I promise… this is going to be epic!” –Cooper Redmond… Famous last words, yes? Maybe, but that all depends on how you look at it. Even when you lose, sometimes you win something much better.

Although in the same vein of funny as SWIM THE FLY with most of the same cast, BEAT THE BAND (Swim The Fly #2) is a completely different story. To be honest the fact that this second book is written from Cooper’s pov had me going in a bit weary from the start. Coop’s brazen and often over...more
Don Calame has a great sense of humor. I enjoyed reading Swim the Fly but my experience with the sequel Beat the Band was even better. Cooper makes for a hilarious and sympathetic protagonist. Like many high school students, Cooper is obsessed with his reputation. He desperately wants to cover all the bases with a hot girl and be cool with all the guys (and the popular girls) in school. However, the already shaky foundation upon which his reputation sits is about to crumble when he is paired up...more
Ok, this book had me laughing right from the start. Coop is such a skuz it is unbelieveable, but he has a good heart, and you can't really dislike him.

His Health teacher teams him with a totally unpopular girl for a whole semester for a presentation on contraception, so Coop HAS to do something to redeem his own reputation at school. His first choice is to help the clique of hot girls who are making his partner's life even more miserable. His second thought is to revive the band he had formed wi...more
Jul 19, 2010 Jacer3000 rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Teenage boys
Recommended to Jacer3000 by: Myself
Shelves: amazing
Woooo, ah, I love this series. But as I said, it's not for everyone. In fact, it probably only appeals to teenage guys about my age... Heh.
But I was laughing out loud for half the book, and the other half was devoted to a surprising amount of drama and romance. This book is exactly like the first book, except if anything, funnier and with a good bit less romanticism.

The first book, (Swim the Fly) was written from the perspective of Matt, the calm dude. And this book tells a new story from the pe...more
Not quite as funny as the first book, Swim the Fly, this book still sucked me in. I found a lot of the character's behavior to be reprehensible, but there was a good ending that made me happy, without being completely unbelievable.
Cooper is an asshole--I kind of thought that in the first book, too--but he manages to be so likeable anyway.

And I still love Nick Podehl as a narrator.
Beat the Band is the sequel to the hilarious Swim the Fly. You can read my review of the first novel HERE.

This novel is another comical, daft teenage drama. Told from Coop’s point of view, the story follows the three guys through their first semester of the new school year. After an epic summer, Coop, Matt and Sean are back to reality. Matt is still hopelessly devoted to the lovely Valerie. Sean is still loopy. Coop is the guy who ropes them into all kinds of trouble.

Cooper is a really funny vie...more
I really need to stop reading these kinds of books at night--I laugh through them and that doesn't make me sleepy!
The sequel to "Swim the Fly," this book switches to the point of view of Cooper Redmond. Coop, and his "Swim the Fly" buds Matt and Sean, are in their sophomore year. Their project in health class is to take a topic assigned by the teacher and present a full class period on it. Matt and Sean are drawn as partners but Coop is paired with Helen Harriwick--or Hot Dog Helen as she has be...more
I started this and was immediately bothered by Cooper's language and his Dad's attitude. I was kind of disgusted to be honest, and didn't expect to enjoy the book, since I wasn't a big fan of Cooper's character. As the story went on, however, I found myself getting sucked in.

Cooper and his two friends start tenth grade with high expectations of getting with some hot girls. Cooper's plans are quickly derailed when he gets assigned to work with Hot Dog Helen on a health project. To add insult to...more
Cooper Redmond thinks his garage band, Arnold Murphy's Bologna Dare, has what it takes to win his high school's Battle of Bands and make him uber-popular and attract the hottest girls in school. His band mates, Sean and Matt, don't quite agree. When Cooper is paired with the school joke, Helen, for a semester-long health class project, he is sure that no matter how well his band does, being seen with Helen will ruin his chances to become big man on campus. When it's discovered that Helen has a k...more
Moeez Qamar
I now finished this book and it's really funny but definetely not as funny as Swim The Fly. This book is now from the perspective of Coop as Swim The Fly was from Matt's perspective and since Coop is the funniest from the three, it's funnier to sense his point of view. Basically, this book iS about Coop having only one goal: to gain social status in his sophomore year so he can be popular. But he fails at doing so in the beginning as he is paired up with the least popular girl in the whole schoo...more
This is easily one of the funniest books I've ever read. I actually picked this one up before I read Swim the Fly. Surprisingly, I wasn't hopelessly confused without the guidance of the first book. Beat the Band could easily be a stand-alone novel.

Cooper, the main character, is absolutely hilarious. I actually laughed out loud many times throughout the pages of this book. The plans he goes through just to accomplish his goal simply adds to the humor. It's actually quite realistic in this sense:...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for

In the author note for BEAT THE BAND, Don Calame states, "It was hard saying good-bye to the characters in SWIM THE FLY. And then I realized I didn't have to. I just needed to find a way to get them back into trouble again."

This reader is extremely pleased that Calame missed his characters enough to give them another chance in BEAT THE BAND. I found them even more engaging and entertaining this second time around.

It is sophomore yea...more
I really enjoyed this follow up to Swim the Fly. This time the story is told from the perspective of Coop, who was kind of the insensitive jerk of the trio of friends (Matt, Sean & Coop) from the first book. The story picks up during their sophomore year. Coop has a goal to hit all the bases with a girl, specifically with one of the 'hot', popular ones. But his tactics are not well-received (let's just say his lines are pretty lewd, but also goofy). His plans take a turn for the worse when h...more
This book is hilarious, riveting and fun involving characters I will never forget. I am definitely going to be looking out for the prequel, Swim the Fly, which I have heard is ten times funnier!

Beat the Band revolves around the three trouble-causing teenagers: Coop, Sean and Matt. When Coop gets paired up with the most repulsive social outcast, 'Hot Dog' Helen, he has to do something to keep his reputation (or what he has of it). Rumours are getting worse and worse, so he must act fast.

From the...more
An outstanding sequel to Swim the Fly! Like the Harry Potter characters, I loved reconnecting with these fellows and their exploits. Nick Podehl's narration is outstanding and those character voices will be forever ingrained in my head. Should there be another in this series, Nick Podehl better do the narration.

Swim the Fly was written from the perspective of Matt, who is one of the three boys whose exploits we hilariously follow. It is in this character's voice that the author/narrator tells...more
Bri  Ahearn
The boys from Swim the Fly by Don Calame are back! Beat the Band isn’t exactly a sequel to Swim the Fly, but it does have the same characters. Once I heard about Calame’s second book I had to have it. While the first book by Calame was narrated by Matt, Beat the Band has Coop’s tale to tell. It isn’t essential to read Swim the Fly, but after reading Beat the Band, you’ll want to. Both books are hilarious.

It’s tenth grade and the boys are upping the ante on their juvenile bets. For the summer, it...more
Mrs. Tongate
Great boy book. Funny, 10th grade boys, romance, peer pressure, mean girls, and Battle of the Bands. (Chapter 18 is hilarious!)

Sequel to Swim The Fly. STF is my favorite but this is still a great read that boys will love. Coop is in 10th grade and was assigned to do a Health project on birth control with the one girl they call, "Hot Dog" Helen. He tries every stunt to get out of this project. Ends up, Helen is not that bad at the books and the looks!! Helen also can sing!! Is Coop falling in lo...more
Okay, I loved this book. I laughed outlound several times - late at night, reading until 2am to finish it! Cooper and his Dad are crase and inappropriate but hilariously funny. My favorite parts are: the gassy library (no kidding), shopping for contraceptives, and "sprucing up their image". As an 80's music fan, I enjoyed Dad revisiting his high school band days and the images it conjured up. I also appreciated the use of song titles as chapter titles - clever Mr. Calame, very clever. I can't wa...more
Michele C.
3.5-4 stars.I received this ARC from a Goodreads giveaway. I had already read "Swim the Fly", the 1st book of this series, and loved it. While the 1st book was in Matt's POV, this one is in Cooper's. Cooper is the instigator/trouble- maker of the 3 friend, and his thoughts are sometimes crude, but mostly hilarious. This book would definitely appeal to boys, as well as girls who'd like a peek into a boy's head. This was a quick, fun read. While I enjoyed "Swim the Fly" a bit more, I still liked t...more
You know, I do not like Judd Apatow movies, and Homer Simpson truly drives me crazy. So, I knew this book was not written for me. I just really do not like bathroom humor. Other than that, but that is a big that in this book, the story was sort of sweet, and well written,too. Sort of like Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, but with boys. But please YA authors, you can be funny without being vulgar.
HHAHAHAHAHA! A three chapter long hilarious fart joke? HAHAHAHAHA! Ridiculously silly crude sex jokes? HAHAHAHAHA! Plus, characters who learn lessons? I love it!

Here is an example of the humor, in case you want to share it with your "guys"

Andy grits his teeth and pushes me away. "Watch your back, Corn Dog. Cause you'll never know when I'll be coming."

"On my back? Dude, no thanks!"

Sooooo funny! Maybe even better than the first (SWIM THE FLY). Coop makes a hysterical narrator. Nearly as hilarious as the first book but with even better character development. Loved it. Hope there is going to be a third one!
3.5 stars

Quickie Review- On a rather ironic note, I'm going to start my review of a very funny, light book with a serious, rant-y comment. Prior to reading Beat the Band, I was skimming through some reviews of the book to get a general idea of what people thought about it. You know, like any regular Goodreads folk do. I was appalled to come across major spoilers that caught me off guard. There was no warning before these spoilers- no "SPOILER ALERT" or "beware of spoilers below". Many people ref...more
Sarah (YA Love)
Thoroughly entertaining. More "bathroom" humor than Swim the Fly. Not quite as good as Swim the Fly, but I still really enjoyed it and ended up really liking Coop's character. Lots of character growth.
Michael Burhans
I have become an huge fan of Don Calame. This is my second book of his after Swim the Fly, and it is every bit as good as the first. This author is so very much in touch with his inner adolescent boy. These stories could have been the stories of my friends and myself, and they ring so true. The stupid things we did, and these boys do, are exactly what almost all boys did or do. I'm glad I grew out of these ages, but looking back they make you laugh.
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Don Calame the author of SWIM THE FLY and BEAT THE BAND. He is also a professional screenwriter whose film projects include EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH and HOUNDED. Of his many prior occupations, he says his most satisfying was teaching elementary school for four years in Los Angeles, where he received the LAUSD District Intern Golden Apple Award and a Los Angeles Education Partnership Grant. He lives i...more
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