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Lord of the White Hell (Lord of the White Hell, #1)
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Lord of the White Hell (Lord of the White Hell #1)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  1,677 ratings  ·  148 reviews

Kiram Kir-Zaki may be considered a mechanist prodigy among his own people, but when he becomes the first Haldiim ever admitted to the prestigious Sagrada Academy, he is thrown into a world where power, superstition and swordplay outweigh even the most scholarly of achievements.

But when the intimidation from his Cadeleonian classmates turns bloody, Kiram unexpectedly finds

Paperback, 353 pages
Published August 15th 2010 by Blind Eye Books
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Sala Bim
This one started out great for me and I enjoyed it a lot UNTIL the scene in the brothel. POSSIBLE SPOILER: I keep seeing this happening in so many gay romance stories (and I always hate it) where a character has sex with a woman just to prove something, but this one was so disgusting to me, doing it in front of your partner and then being like "What did I do wrong? Why are you mad?... You'll beg me before I come back to you". I was so turned off by all this that the enjoyment I had had thus far...more
Beautifully written, Ginn Hales’ novel Lord of the White Hell was difficult to put down. There was almost a bitter sweetness in finishing that last page and knowing I’m going to have to be less of an impatient pants, that I normally am, in the wait for the next book.

The scene is deftly set by the author. The world building around this renaissance fantasy is rich with crisp, clear detailing. As a new student at the Sagrada Academy, Kiram initially struggles to find his way through the upper crust...more
There aren't many books I consider to be epic masterpieces. When an author writes a book that will be labeled as such, and knowing that have achieved a deep emotional response from a reader, that is where they deserve a major pat on the back. This is where a reader will finish reading the last page and finally release a deep breath they have been holding inside because they have been on the edge of their seat the entire time. And, they will most likely go back and re-read it all over again.

An a...more
I particularly like the blend of mystery, romance, and fantasy here. I think Hale does some of the best world building I've come across -- in this case a combination of Middle Eastern and Castilian -- and so much of it lies in the small details. And yet for all the complex world-building, the focus of the story remains intimate and vividly personal (which is sometimes a complaint of mine in fantasy -- too often the story goes so big scale it's off the page). Really well done. I finished it and w...more
My quest to find quality gay fantasy novels leads me to suffer through a lot of small-publisher dreck, rife with awkward, overwritten prose, cliched characters, terrible covers, amateurish typesetting, and many, many typos. While Lord of the White Hell has terrible cover art and its share of typos, it's actually quite well-written, with a strong novelistic voice, complicated, interesting characterizations, and a strong sense of setting and sensual detail.
The book follows the basic trope of the...more
Book one of Ginn Hale’s new fantasy novel is a classic epic fantasy story. Here the thick, intricate world building is infused in every page, every detail of the story so that the writing and pace can sometimes be dense, but fantasy fans will be thrilled with the total immersion in a fabulous, exciting, and innovative new world. The characters and story come to life with an interesting and pretty complicated plot filled with intrigue, drama, mystery, and a touch of hopeful romance. This is the t...more
Perhaps a little slow to start but a very good to excellent fantasy-M/M romance novel. The plot and characters are slowly uncovered piece by piece, keeping the reader enthralled while simultaneously creating a story thick with tension. So many bits of knowledge discovered ended up being something entirely different from what one first thought, creating conspiracy on conspiracies. A truly intriguing story - but with one problem I really should mention - it ends almost in a cliffhanger, as the rea...more
From the first page I was totally absorbed with this book and couldn't put it down. I really could have done with another few hundred pages or so as I didn't want it to end and had to slow down to delay the inevitable.

I loved the developing, intense relationship between Kiram and Javier and also thought there was a good balance between the characters and the world building, which was new and exciting.

Well done Ginn Hale and thanks for such a great read !!!

Emanuela ~plastic duck~
I loved it, really. I must confess I wasn’t sure I would like it. The school theme seemed too Harry-Potterish and lately I prefer older protagonists, but this love story was just… lovely! How many times have I said that?

The story is based upon characters with different backgrounds falling in love in a world that frowns upon their relationship. Well, it’s a world that frowns upon everything, really. So, Kiram is the first student of the Haldiim to be admitted into the prestigious Sagrada Academy,...more
One of those books I wish I could read again for the first time.
Kaje Harper
This is a beautifully crafted fantasy. Books 1 and 2 are really the two halves of one story - you can't read just one. The world-building is seamless, the action is riveting and unpredictable, and the romance develops slowly with appropriate ups and downs that fit the young characters and the forces arrayed against them. This is appropriate for older YA too - there is one episode of more explicit sex in the second book but it was not erotic, and most of the sex is off-page or lightly described....more
Really enjoyed this m/m epic fantasy adventure. Kirim, a Haldiim, suffers from racial prejudice when he first comes to the Sagrada Academy. He comes under the protection of the dashing Javier, Lord of the White Hell and his companions, the Hellions. Kirim and Javier are attracted to each other despite the impossibility of a gay relationship in Cadeleonia.
'Nestor shot Kiram a puzzled look as if he was reassessing Kiram's intelligence. "He's terribly fond of you. Haven't you noticed?"

I don't know why I waited so long, I'm so glad I read this book! :))
It's all there: interesting, detailed world with its own nations and history, gripping story, lovable characters, a bad guy behind the scenes, fabulous writing and storytelling, just everything I want in a fantasy novel.

Why "only" 4.5 stars? IMHO the cut off of part one came in strange place. Gladly, I've already purchased part two and can read on. :)
Think A Stranger to Command, but with mystery, violence, and gay sex.
Probably my 3rd or 4th reread!

I've read this last year just before the first semester started and I really loved the book and I've read the book again for the 3rd or 4th time (I lost track)just as the second semester is nearing to end.

This will always be one of my best MM Young Adult read. EVER. The world and the characters the author created is just purely awesome. I loved every word of this book.

The writing is great. Witty and Funny. I really laughed hard reading this to the point where eve...more
A wonderful fantasy romance with very well-developed characters and rich world-building. A true and honest pleasure to read, and I almost wish I could go back to my pre-Lord of the White Hell self so I can go through it for the first time again. (I’m sure rereading will be just as fantastic, but I still remember my feelings of excited awe as I turned the pages, not knowing what would happen next.)

This is the first “long” work I’ve read by Hale, but I’ve been really impressed with her novella con...more
This is really about a 3.5 star book for me, but I'm feeling generous tonight so I'll go with the 4 stars for now.

First off, this book has a lousy title and a lousy cover. Sad, but true. Second off, this really isn't a complete book -- as any reader can easily tell upon reaching the "end". "Book One" and "Book Two" are obviously constructed as a single story, even more so than a typical duology or trilogy. So be forewarned -- don't plan on getting a satisfying, completed story arc if you just re...more
I have to say, I quite enjoyed this.

My one criticism is that it's overly drawn out and too detail-heavy in a lot of places, so it can be a bit slow at times, but the plot/conflicts, the characters, and the world-building were all great.

Like her book Wicked Gentlemen , there is not really much by way of hot physical action, but it's not really a YA, either, despite the ages of the MCs.

I'm also not sure I can see a great solution to the problems of a relationship forming between the two MCs, but...more
Nov 27, 2011 Kathleen rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Kathleen by: Fehu
Shelves: first-time, au, paranormal
This book has a wonderfully built world, rich with detail. Javier and Kiram are beautifully wounded and are perfect for each other. However, this was not Book 1. It is like the first half of a book. The end did not resolve anything and left off on a huge cliffhanger (not that I have a problem with that as I have purchased Book 2 and plan to read it very soon). Although, I had one major issue. (view spoiler)...more
Lord of the White Hell: Book One had the same strengths that made me enjoy Ginn Hale's earlier work, Wicked Gentlemen - compelling characters facing a clash caused by belonging to two very different social groups. In Wicked Gentlemen, there was a dissonance between Belimai's demon ancestry and life in Hells Below and Harper's role as a part of the Inquisition. Lord of the White Hell features a pair of young men who come from completely different cultures.

Full Review
I have read many fantasy series in my lifetime. From the immense epics like Wheel of Time to the modern classics like Game of Thrones, with so many others in between, I have been bathed in the waters of the fantasy world. After finishing this series, I feel reborn.

In the prestigious Sagrada Academy, an accommodation problem is solved when techno-genius Kiram, a new student hailing from the heathen Haldiim who don't believe in demons and hell, is put in the room and care of Cadeleonian noble Javi...more
This will probably be the third reread for me, LOL.
Before I even get into my review, here’s a ‘community service announcement’:

Don’t make the same mistake as me and start this one without having the next book on hand, because I guarantee you will regret it.

It’s not so much that this one ends on a cliffhanger per se, but the whole “Book one” and “Book two” designation is a little misleading. Lord of the White Hell is ONE book, that has been broken down into two parts, so you’re only getting half the story in this one.

And while I’m on that trail o...more
I could not put this book down. Such an interesting world with distinguished customs and themes of religion.
I love the description and prose. It conveys the story, actions, and characters really well. I love the main character, Kiram, and can really relate to him. The other characters are also well noted; Nestor is easy to love, Atreau and Elezar grew on me, I hate Ignacio but you're supposed to hate him, I wish there was more of Blasio, and Javier is arrogantly sexy. I particularly find Fedele...more
Lord of the White Hell is one of those stories that you end up cursing yourself for waiting so long to read, and utterly sad now that it’s finished! Before beginning, I read a review that compared this favorably to Mercedes Lackey’s “Last Herald Mage.” And I do see a similarity in tone and feel, and some minor details. However, this is a wholly original fantasy with well-drawn characters and rich world-building that stands on its own. Absolutely superb.

Kiram is the first full-blooded Haldiim to...more
SlashReaders: So I've read a couple of other things by Ginn Hale in the past and found her work worth taking another look at. If you're interested her first work is Wicked Gentleman and the review for it can be found here. More recently than that she also had a novella length piece in one of the recent anthologies that I read, edited by Nicole Kimberling, Tangle: Fiction with a Twist the review of which can be found here.

Most of the time when I read things author's tend to go on one of three lis...more
I enjoyed this book, but I'm quite frustrated by the way it ended. I know it's part one and there's another book that follows, but even though there is a larger story arc to a series, there should still be a smaller story arc within each individual book, one that reaches a conclusion of some kind. This felt like it just ended, as if book two is just meant to be the next chapter to this last chapter. It would have easily earned 4 stars if not for the ending.

That said, I enjoyed the rich world bui...more
After the Potter series any fantasy claiming an academy as a setting is bound to see its originality questioned and possibly tarnished by the not necessarily splendid but surely hugely known fictional antecedent.

Now, Ms Hale may have taken some inspiration from that series but her world-building is so rich as to dispel any further charge as ridiculous. Her setting is complex and multi-faceted, so rich in fact that it is surprising she is willing to abandon it after only a two-volume series which...more
I thought this was a really good book. The world was pretty nicely created and made sense, though I had a few questions about some of the history, etc.

The romance was built up nicely, and I thought the conflict that the two characters faced in their relationship made so much sense based on the society they both lived in and the personality of the characters. So when they did something...I was not scratching my head trying to understand. They were well developed and their motivations made sense.

There was something very basically wrong with this book. I mean beyond it's incredibly weak ending. I felt like I was reading something in fictionpress. It was more than it was a slash story, it was in the way that the characters were written the social dynamics were written, and the plot was structured. Everything about it felt like a fanfictions writer's move from fanfiction to writing their own story. It is set in a school where the social dynamics are more juvenile than the author seems to t...more
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