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Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Vol. 28 (Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #28)
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Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Vol. 28 (Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE #28)

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  1,051 ratings  ·  56 reviews

Syaoran faces off against Fei-Wang Reed, a villain so driven that he is willing to destroy the fabric of all the universes to fulfill his desire! But hidden in Syaoran's and Sakura's past are the keys that may unlock a blessed future - or a hell that will be lived and relived for eternity.
Paperback, 276 pages
Published November 23rd 2010 by Del Rey
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So we've finally reached the Tsubasa series finale with volume 28, and Tsubasa fans had better have been paying attention the last couple volumes, because it's about to get confusing. This volume finally answers the questions we've been waiting for, but nothing is simple in this series. There are alternate Syaoran's and Sakura's from alternate worlds, alternate timelines, and worlds that technically shouldn't exist at all. It gets mighty difficult to keep them all straight. The ending in my opin ...more
At the end I was seriously like WTF IS GOING ON WHAT WHY WHAT????????? WHY????????? (Definitely more like WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I DON'T EVEN.)

So it was amazing at the beginning, but then eventually CLAMP remembered that they're pretty bad at ending their stories, so they decided to ignore the plot holes and make it as convoluted as possible.

I love their art, I adore all the characters to bits, but seriously... this ending.....
Jesus Christ, I'm going to have to come back to this later for a decent review. And by later, I mean 'after my marathon also containing Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHOLiC'. Maybe I'll understand more of it than the 70% (at most) I get now. (It used to be 40%, so there's definitely some improvement!)
That poor translator. He felt he had to apologize for not seeing all the twists coming and thus having errors in his translation work - I don't think anyone actually knew where Tsubasa was headed though,
Another CLAMP title, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE was next on my list of series to read as it has some significant cross-over to xXxHolic's storyline. The publisher says that you don't need to read one to enjoy the other, but that's not entirely true. In order to fully understand both stories, you should read both. So, I did.

Despite both stories merging at various points, Tsubasa has an entirely different feel from its sister-story xXxHolic. The target demographic is not the same (it's geared tow
Actual rating: 4.3 stars. Yes 4.3 stars.
This is probably my rating on the whole volume combined of tsubasa chronicles.
The ending was just....... Idek what clamp was thinking. I did not like the ending.
Not to friggin mention, I felt like the few chapters towards the end were too rush. Like come on, they only found like what 5 feathers out of idk, 1000000 feathers ? I wanted more adventure :-( I wanted to see Sakura and syaoran bond but NO. Clamp just suddenly. jusT SUDDENLY, brought forward all
Some thoughts on the entire series:

The series started off light and fluffy then took a quick turn to the darker things. I was a bit annoyed that CLAMP used the fluffy stuff to bribe me, although cute CLAMP stuff and dark CLAMP stuff are both equally enjoyable, my mind wasn't prepared for the change of tone. Anyway, since I started it, I wanted to finish it.

For me to fully enjoy this series, I marathon(ed) it in parallel with the xxxHolic series, in particular xxxHolic, Vol. 12,xxxHolic, Vol. 14,
Jasmine Rose
This actually tuned out to be a decent series in the end. I dropped it somewhere around the first 1/3 of the series a while back and I probably wouldn't have picked it up again if I didn't feel the need to finish it off. The first 2/3ish of the series is frankly kind of boring. The worlds can be fairly interesting, but it's really just the same thing over and over. Go to a new world, face some trials, Syoran fights some monsters, get Sakura's feather, move on to the next world, and repeat. In a ...more
What an amazing series! It started out as an adventure of the week with a thrown together group of characters who travel across worlds and dimensions and turned into one of the most twisty time-travel, epic love stories that had me at times absolutely baffled, but also totally enthralled. I believe it may actually deserve a second and third reading to truly appreciate all the interconnectedness between characters and places and to really see all the events unfold now that I know the ending AND a ...more
OH. MY. GOSH. I will now go cry because this series is over and I need to replace it with something even more fabulous which is right next to impossible! I love how the story was really elongated, honestly the fact that there are 28 books in the series just made me so excited to work my way to the end and now that it's done I'm just so lost! What a mushy romance yes? No! The battle scenes were so epic and the fluffy romance in the backgrounds were depicted beautifully! The artwork in itself is a ...more
Jody Mena
Beautiful, original, grand in scale and scope, unique settings, unforgettable characters, amazing artwork. It's an epic, dramatic adventure that spans dimensions, and a love story that overcomes time itself. Not to mention all the cameo appearances from all the best CLAMP characters from other series, it's like a walk down memory lane! Alongside xXxHolic, this manga is not to be missed!
I loved this series. This was actually a really wonderful ending. I loved the twists and turns and sometimes mass confusion that it had in it, but it all intertwined to perfect sense in the end. Wonderful. CLAMP still tops the charts in my manga artists/writers book.
De 10 total. Ha sido, es, y será, uno de los mejores mangas que he leído.
El dibujo es genial, me encanta cómo CLAMP detalla todo a la perfección, los vestidos, los escenarios, los accesorios... todo.
Los personajes... qué decir. La mayoría son viejos conocidos de otras series de estas mujeres, pero con aires renovados, y los pocos personajes nuevos están muy a la altura.
Y luego tenemos la historia. Me parece tan triste y tan bonita a la vez... me encanta. Todos los giros espacio-temporales la ha
I'm just gonna review this one as a mixture of the whole 15 volumes I've read today, and WHY, CLAMP, WHY?
Why make us relieve those wonderful childhood memories of Sakura and then give us a mixture between Kingdom Hearts and the ending of Pirates of the Caribbean, but not taking the best of both worlds, to be honest. It's all confusing, at times disturbing (the clones had the original kid? Seriously?) and thank god the original Card Captor series is left more or less untact, which was a major con
What a satisfying series. I don't intend to make this a long review, and there were definitely some parts that I considered confusing/unnecessary (view spoiler), but overall it was a lovely, beautiful manga that brought together nearly all of my favorite CLAMP characters. Sakura and Syaoran are adorable characters, and I can't see anyone reading this series who doesn't r ...more
An amazing story, start to finish, with interesting characters and deep plot twists. The art is beautifully done, with precision in every aspect.
Camila Shimada
No sé cómo pasé casi 8 años sin saber cómo seguía esta historia.
Lo amé y me lo devoré de principio a fin. Es una historia que parte de forma muy bonita, pero aún así es ruda, porque hay peleas y hay sangre y cosas malas pero no dejan de haber personajes hermosos y frases tiernas. Además es increible la cantidad de giros que dio en los ultimos (?) tomos. Osea, desde que se rebeló el principal misterio que empieza a quedar la pura cagá y todo es tristeza para los personajes principales, incluso s
I started reading this series in 2008, so it's cathartic (and a little weird) to finally finish it. I'm pleased that I feel, in the end, that most of the plot makes sense, in an incredibly trippy time-twisting way.

The translator includes a note at the end which is interesting in that it points out how hard it was to translate a long, ongoing series in which many characters are operating on secret agendas, have hidden identities, use double meanings, and later refer back to things they've said in
[Ch. 220-233:]

They made a reference to CCS! (:
In chapter 220 where Clow leaves Yue and Cerberus. I wondered where he went and I guess the mystery is solved now.

Aw,C!Sakura finally told C!Syaoran that she loved him. Finallyyyy. I've been waiting for this since chapter one, although I didn't know they were clones then!

So I guess the Clones were really R!Syaoran's parents. O_O

Wow, so we finally see CCS!Sakura. I guess I was wrong about CCS!Sakura and CCS!Syaoran being R!Syaoran's parents.

The Clones
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Después de un arco tremendamente enrevesado, CLAMP pone fin a es esta serie. Me ha gustado la historia, aunque hubiera elegido otro final. De todos modos, como lo dejan abierto, puedo imaginar cómo termina para mí. Ha sido muy agradable viajar junto a Fye, Kurogane, Xialoang, Mokona y Sakura, y haber conocido mucho más a Yuko, que casi tiene más peso en esta historia que en xxxHOLiC. Todos ellos ya forman parte de mi vida.
Maybe I need to go and read back 1 - 27 as some time has passed but.. I sincerely do not know WTF just happened. I'm used to clamp and their 'wishes and dreams' story lines. I'm used to their twists and turns but.. I honestly have no clue what just happened. I think this one was too far out for even me.
December 2013: 4.5 Stars (shown as 4)
All in all, the plot seems to have been wrapped up nicely. I'd like to know more about where Watanuki comes into this, but I'd probably have to read xxxHoLiC for that.
My favourite part was from pages 38 to 49. Voilà! Syaoran and Sakura's future! Well, not really, but readers will get what I mean. And it's nice to finally see Sakura and Syaoran so affectionate.
I like what the translator mentioned, that "The End" doesn't necessarily mean The End for Clamp works
so i finished the tsubasa series. and i really liked it! i did it mostly because a) a friend sold me her sweet-ass collection for cheap, and b) xxxholic owns my heart, and i wanted to get the side stories from tsubasa that would sometimes show up in xxxholic. my one and only complaint is that sometimes, during the battle scene, the picture is so frickin' huge and there's so much going on that it's almost hard to tell what, exactly, IS going on. but the art is beautiful, the story is captivating, ...more
Tiffany Wang
and at the end...

wot a romantic love story filled with belief and pain and sacrifice and love...

definitely cried a lot..the feels ....oof

a magnificente end to a fascinating story about choices and did get a little confusing as to who we were talking about at a given time but with some effort it can be made sense of....


i think im gonna read it again..

shaoran <3
fai <3
mokona <3
kurogane <3
sakura <3

and all the myriad characters we met along the way......anticipati
Alberta Adji
Sakura and Syaoran should be together in the end, but...they have to wait to be reunited again, as a consequence. Gosh, I really want them to be as one, never to be parted again. Ever.
Well, at least they have expressed their feelings for each other properly this time, even exchanged their true names which are...TSUBASA (both have the exact same true names).
A bitter-sweet but hopeful ending for the series.
Another masterpiece from CLAMP.
The last part of the series. It was pretty good and there were so many things explained, no wonder this volume was much longer than the previous ones. We found out who Shaolan and Sakura and Shaolan 2.0 and Sakura 2.0 and Watanuki actually were and what happened to them. The ending was slightly open-ended; the main story found its end but it wasn't entirely happy and it opened so many new possibilities. Though I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see some of the characters they had met ...more
Love the art and writing style of Clamp. Must read for manga and fantasy lovers.
Jessica Hollo
Good final book in the series, providing some closure, while still allowing our minds to continue to roam beyond with the characters and hope they live again. By far the thickest book in the series, but needed, as it covers so much ground so very fast. So much so, that it gets confusing and I regret picking this one up after I was so long away. You NEED the background info for this one and you also really needed to have read the crossover XXXHolic to appreciate the ending I think.
But pretty happ
Convoluted as all hell, but I loved every second.
La obra que atrae a una gran cantidad de personajes de las historias de Clamp, terminó por mostrar los mismos vicios de la mayoría de los crossovers, un arremolinamiento de cuanto héroe se pueda, un villano insípido y un final poco corto, dejando de lado tramas secundarias que daban atisbos de ser algo más.

Al final, la sensación de "villano que sabe la trama" y todo lo tengo planeado, deja cierto sinsabor en la boca.

Hubo buenas peleas, tal vez lo más rescatable, y pensado en definitiva para aqu
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Ookawa Nanase 大川七瀬
[born: 2 May 1967; bloodtype: A]

Mokona Apapa もこなあぱぱ
[born: 16 Jun 1968, Oosaka-metropolis, Kyouto; bloodtype: A]

Nekoi Mick 猫井みっく
[born: 21 Jan 1969, Oosaka-metropolis, Kyouto; bloodtype: O]

Igarashi Satsuki 五十嵐さつき
[born: 8 Feb 1969, Oosaka-metropolis, Kyouto; bloodtype: A]

CLAMP originally began in 1989 as a twelve-member dōjinshi circle, but by 1990, the circle had diminished from
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