The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Movie Novelization
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The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Movie Novelization

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Read the official novelization to get the full story of this terrifying movie!

From Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Drew Goddard, writer of the monster movie phenomenon Cloverfield, comes the horror film to end all horror films!

The details of the plot are a closely guarded secret, though Joss himself has described it as “a straight-up, balls-out,...more
Paperback, 272 pages
Published April 17th 2012 by Titan Books (first published February 5th 2011)
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Darren Hayes
Cabin In the Woods

I recently took the time to read the movie novelization of the same tilted film which was written by best selling author Tim Lebbon. Of course as a movie this was advertised as something new and something fresh. The book also takes this approach with little detail of what the book is about on the rear cover. Which is always refreshing to see something want to do something different especially when this item has something to do with the one and only Joss Whedon.

This novel sta...more
It's an all-too-familiar story: five friends - the jock, the slut, the nice girl, the brain, and the clown - go for vacation to a cabin in the Middle of Nowhere, and then...well, you know. Only in this case, you don't. This one's different. Really. No, I can't tell you why. Only that there's much more beneath the surface.

I don't normally read movie novelizations but this one's by Tim Lebbon, one of the current greats, and though I've been very excited to see the film I don't know when I'll get t...more
The best horror novel I've read in forever!

I've been looking forward to this movie for way over a year now and when I heard there was a novelization, I knew I just had to read it. And I was not disappointed. At first when I heard about The Cabin in the Woods I thought, yeah, okay. Teens going into the woods and getting hacked up by some killer. I'm sure that's what a lot of people thought. But fuck, everyone was far from the truth!

This is one of the most fucked up and crazy books I've read! I th...more
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B.G.M. Hall
A tough book to review: on the one hand, I enjoyed reading it; on the other, I can't think of anyone I'd recommend it to.
Writers of novelizations have a tough job: they need to be faithful to the film, not skip too much or add too much that isn't needed, while accepting that there's a limited market for horrow novelizations [I still own a copy of the combined noveliztion of "A Nightmare On Elm Street Parts 4 & 5" - I suspect few others do].
The movie of Cabin in the Woods seemed to divide aud...more
4 stars out of 5
I loved this movie, it is in fact one of my all time favorites. So instead of delving into the sheer genius of the movie, I will stick to the book. I knew the second I saw it at B&N that I had to read it. The novelization is true to the movie as you'd expect, reflecting its success. I was hoping for a closer look at the monsters, but instead was surprised by getting to know each character intimately. The book is brutal. I found myself unnerved by the violence, not because it...more

1/4 - First book of April! Yay! I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thinking "A Joss Whedon horror movie? I HAVE to see this?" Of course I never got around to it while it was at the cinemas and it has since slipped my mind (I'm going to see if I can find it playing on Foxtel tomorrow morning). 55 pages in and I can definitely hear Whedon's voice in the dialogue; the Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse episodes he wrote were always the funniest with the snappiest one-liners....more
I loved the movie and was looking for the chance to "see" the story again and also maybe get a little further into the characters. There are no big surprises, but there's a bit more character development and a little bit more philosophy. One disappointment is that the cellar scene wasn't explored in any greater detail - I wished I would've learned more about what items linked to what horrors!
Shawn Edrei
As it turns out, "The Cabin in the Woods" is not the sort of movie that can benefit from translation into a different medium. The novelization doesn't add anything substantial to the story or characters beyond what the film already established, and much of the visceral horror is lost in Lebbon's prose.

I'd much rather see the movie again.
pretty good until the horrible ending. never really explains what the purpose was in detail and then the end is just weird.
Five college age friends embark on a sexy booze filled weekend trip to a remote cabin expecting to have the time of their lives. They don’t know it yet, but there’s a team of mysterious officials ready to make sure that weekend holds the last moments of their lives. The night quickly turns from funny to horrific as strange creatures begin attacking the cabin, and the friends find themselves turned into unwilling participants in the game they have no idea they are the pawns of.

I’ve never been one...more
Hm. Kind of confused about how to rate and review this. Obviously, it is a movie, but I really didn't want to see the movie because I don't do scary movies. I don't even do the commercials for scary stories.

This wasn't even bad. Gorey, very much so. But scary? There was only one point where I needed to be in broad daylight to read, and that was near the beginning.

But, it died blow my expectations out of the water. We all know how the scary stories go, and the writers use that to their advantage....more
Leslie Lee Sanders
I finished reading this horror tale with a twist in two days, completely absorbed in it. Immediately upon finishing it I had hubby take me to see the movie, which I enjoyed as well. The book is very much like the movie, some dialogue changes here and there. You know, minor differences. But overall, enjoyable.

This is how I describe the plot: A teenagers weekend getaway to a creepy cabin in the woods with some amazing twists and surprises not like other stories in this genre. Very unique!

The only...more
Jenn Tested
I saw the movie on Sunday and dove right into the movie novelization!

Now I know what you are thinking. Not another story about a group of teens that go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and one by one get killed. Well, actually this is exactly that...but with a twist! Take the very beginning of Cabin in the Woods for instance. Cabin in the Woods opens with two elderly guys talking about other countries failing to get the job done. Then we cut to five college students packing up and heading to...more
Joe Hempel
This review courtesy of

Movie Tie-ins have to do two things. One, they have to keep the reader interested with more than just the plot, and Two, they have to add something that the movie or game counterparts are unable to portray, so does New York Times bestselling author, Tim Lebbon do a good job of this?

I started to read this book BEFORE watching the movie. I had always been interested in it, but just never had the time to sit and watch. So this review is going to be bas...more
Boy, I loved this movie. That was a big surprise; I normally don't get much out of slasher movies. Of course this was a lot MORE than a slasher movie, but I even got a nice chill at the over-the-top hack-and-slash scenes, and the movie as a whole was just so creepy and addictive and bizarrely FUN that I had to give the movie novelization a try.

I can understand the allure of movie novelizations; I actually wrote one for an X-Files episode and one for the 1980's Transformers movie when I was a tee...more
I feel a bit bad about giving this one only two stars, because it wasn't horrible and I might even reread it again someday... but I think maybe I wasn't the proper audience for it. I picked up the book mostly because I wasn't sure I wanted to see the movie (I'm not a fan of gore) but I also didn't want to get too spoiled for it... reading the novelization seemed like a good compromise. The book is well-written, the story is for the most part engaging, there's enough mystery to the motivations of...more
Casey Crocker
After reading this book, I'm undeceive on how to rate this novelization. When I first saw the previews to this movie, I was uninterested, however, I stumbled upon the book. I had nothing else to read at the time, so I thought to myself, "Why not? The cover looks interesting itself."
Now, when I started out, I got pretty into it. It caught my attention pretty fast, nevertheless, left me with a lot of questions unanswered. It wasn't until, oh I don't know, when I was three-fourths of the way done,...more
Erica Patricia
This is one of those books where the movie is better! I didn't have the imagination to picture all the crazy horror character and creatures.
The details are good and the book does keep you wondering what is actually going on here?

Lot's of deaths, carnage, murder, blood, fighting and gore. Not bad but the movie is better.
While this is a faithful adaptation of the film and provided us with some additional insight into some of the characters, overall it was disappointing. The pacing is much too slow with the result that much of the humor & horror of the screen doesn't translate to the page. It's also (at least the nook edition) riddled with typos and poorly attributed dialogue that threw me right out of the story. The final straw for me was when "Judah" suddenly became "Jonah." There's no excuse for that lack...more
Casey Lauger
This was ok. The story was good and I enjoyed how the author took it in a new direction. However I could totally tell the author was from Wales and several of the things the American characters said didn't sound American. I should know I'm a 25 year old American. It was like he was trying way to hard to make them sound American especially in the beginning with lots of slang. Sometimes I had to stop and re read and figure out what is he trying to say. Example" Oh, he means Cooler!" towards the en...more
Way better tr han I expected! I had seen the previews & was a little intrigued but still haven't seen the movie. I never would have picked the book on my own but my mom gave it to me & I decided to read it since I couldn't get to the library for a new book. It seems like a typical horror movie at first; 5 college kids, a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods, booze, drugs, sex, rock n roll... But it's so much more than that! I do feel like there's more to the story that isn't told here...more
Five friends go to stay in the cabin in the woods. Sound familiar? Well, this version is truly original. I can honestly say that I've never read anything like it.

My favourite character was Marty, the laid-back pot-head. He seemed like the most genuine of the friends and I was rooting for him to survive.
My least-favourite character was Dana. I don't think I'd like her if I met her in real life. (view spoiler)...more
Kyle Mclaughlin
If you saw the movie, then you know what happens.
I'm not really sure what you could argue this novelization added to The Cabin in the Woods. When they make a movie out of a novel, at least you get new and hopefully awesome visuals. When they make a novel out of a movie, I'm not really sure what's gained from it. In this case, it certainly seemed to muck with some of the pacing. Much of the visual humor was lost as well, leaving the book feeling more sad then funny. The movie, to me, had equal parts of both.
But hey, it's The Cabin in the Woods....more
Luke Garner
The movie was wonderful, but this book only proved to me that, after reading another book by Tim Lebbon, the author has no writing ability what-so-ever. Lebbon writes like a high-schooler discovering the joys of writing for the first time. His writing is amateur. Poor sentence structure, cliched lines, over-describing everything, etc. He simply destroyed what the movie presented by offering a boring and uninspired rendition of the film. Do not read this book. Watch the movie instead.
In this case, the movie was better, but then, it was Joss Whedon who made the movie and this is a novelisation. That said, the book format allowed Lebbon to delve deeper into that which you don't see in the movie and explored character motivations more. A few things didn't quite line up or could have been explored further, but overall, this made a decent read and was a great way to relive the movie without actually rewatching the movie.
I actually really enjoyed the movie, which is surprising, because I don't typically enjoy slasher-type movies. I enjoy being scared while watching a movie, but not horrified. I don't like gore very much. But this movie was pretty damn entertaining - it was scary but I also laughed my ass off at one point (Curt's death) and I loved Marty. So because I enjoyed the movie so much I'm looking forward to reading this book. :)
Shereen Rayle
I loved the movie so much that I was thrilled to find there was a novelization. Even though you know what's going to happen what twists are coming, you find yourself on the edge of your seat while reading, just to see what happens next! I would recommend the movie before the book and not the other way around, but only because the book content is more involved and rich and is a great addition to the film.
Love the movie and now love the book too. Enjoyed reading more details about the characters, the relationships and their back stories, which is limited in a standard length movie.
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I was born in London in 1969, lived in Devon until I was eight, and the next twenty years were spent in Newport. My wife Tracey and I then did a Good Thing and moved back to the country, and we now live in the little village of Goytre in Monmouthshire with our kids Ellie and Daniel. It’s a lovely place – pub, shop, chip shop, school – and we’re very happy here. Two minutes’ walk in any direction a...more
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